Nature boils down to a few simple concepts.

Haters will point out that I oversimplify. The haters are wrong. I am good at saying a lot with few words. Nature indeed boils down to a few simple concepts.

In life, you can either cooperate or defect.

Used to be that defection was the dominant strategy, say in the time when the Roman empire started to crumble. Everybody complained about everybody and in the end nothing got done. Then came Jesus, who told people to be loving and cooperative, and boom: 1800 years later we get the industrial revolution.

Because of Jesus we now find ourselves in a situation where cooperation is the dominant strategy. A normie engages in a ton of cooperation: with the tax collector who wants more and more of his money, with schools who want more and more of his kid’s time, with media who wants him to repeat more and more party lines, with the Zeitgeist of the Collective Spirit of the People’s Progress Towards a New Utopia. Essentially, our normie is cooperating himself into a crumbling Western empire.

Turns out that if everyone blindly cooperates, parasites sprout up like weeds until defection once again becomes the standard.

The point of a post-Christian religion is to once again create conditions for the kind of cooperation that led to the industrial revolution. This necessitates throwing out undead Christianity: you do not blindly cooperate. You cooperate with people that cooperate with you, you defect on people that defect on you. Christianity mixed with Darwinism. God and Gnon meet.

This also means we re-establish spiritual hierarchy, which, like regular hierarchy, is a prerequisite for cooperation. It is this hierarchical cooperation that turns a household into a force to be reckoned with, that allows a group of men to unite as a front against their enemies, that allows a tribe to conquer the world. Remember: Scientology bullied the Cathedral’s tax department into submission.

With a functioning hierarchy, men still gossip, lie and scheme, but they will do so in whispers behind closed doors. In your face they cooperate and contribute to the group’s wellbeing because incentives are thus that contributing to group wellbeing heightens status.

Without a functioning hierarchy, men gossip, lie and scheme, but they do so in your face, and they tell you that you are positively deluded for accusing them of gossiping, lying and scheming. Seeds will not sprout in such ground.

Spiritual dominance is established in the same way any sort of dominance is established: fought for, taken. But the fight is ritualistic. You can’t force spiritual dominance if no one listens, or if you are silenced the ritual is not allowed to happen.

If one of our priests is forbidden from establishing spiritual dominance, that is a sure sign an enemy priest is in better control and has vested interest in preventing you from establishing spiritual dominance..

They defect on you, you defect on them. Let them suffer the consequences of enemy priesthood, among others characterized by the annoying tendency that very little is said with very many words.


So. Who challenges Jim?

Already not liking this post. Sounding too much like a Jim fanboy. But the content mill needs to keep churning, so I’ll say stuff that I need to say. Also Jim needs just a little bit more attention.

There is no intellectual elite. No one in power knows what’s going on, a fact we can now confirm thanks to the Free ‘n Wild internet. Western intellectual output is just a bunch of windbags and yes-nodders enjoying the smell of their own farts.

But, we need an idea of knowing what’s going on, especially if we are not to partake in this collective suicide. So we try, and we come up with stuff like morals, ethics, virtue and God, which in nature’s terms is just a means of gene- and tribe optimization, or inter-tribe optimization if you’re into globalism.

Which is hard. All philosophers agree that no philosophers agree. But who needs Marxist professors smacking your heads with books on Mill and Rawls when you have teh internetz! For the first time in history all men worldwide get to push their ideas to all other men worldwide. Naturally, 99% of said ideas are men being obnoxious assholes, because what else are men gonna do, but the 1% remainder is pretty insightful.

Eh I’m underselling it. It’s amazingly insightful.

How insightful though? How smart are we really? How can we be sure it is not just another Scott Alexander calling Scott Aaronson a shining beacon of intellectual integrity circle jerk?

Personally, I’m at 129 IQ. Annoying because 1 point shy of being 2 standard deviations above the mean, so strictly speaking 2,5% of the population is smarter than me. Chances are, you are smarter than me. But the fact that people are supposedly smarter than me has never stopped me from judging, so I’ll give my opinion anyway.

Seems to me we’re pretty smart. Seems to me we have a pretty decent understanding of human nature and civilization. Nothing Godlike, mind you, more like we have reconnected with the Classics and the Old Religions, and we have combined it with science and evolution. It’s a pretty potent combination.

Jim says it best. Apologies if I sound like a broken record fanboy, but you gotta respect the king. Which does not mean no one else can take aim at the king and take his place, but so far, no one. His model is the best around, and might be summarized as ‘throne, altar, household, swing your dick around with pride, be good to your friends, be fire upon your enemies.’

It is not so complicated after all. You just got to get through the 99% obnoxious assholery.

The best content on the internet…

… Is right here, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations for finding it!

Wish I had more to offer than just the random thoughts popping into my head. Well, beats no thoughts at all eh?

Haven’t been writing as much as I’d like. Busy. With Stuff. Don’t worry dear reader, there is neither lack of inspiration or motivation. Writing on this here blog is my brahmin bread and butter. I even catch myself thinking in blogform English. Writer’s tick.

Blogging is among purest forms of idea-testing. Writing allows you to think over every word; blogging forces you to sell your ideas instead of your personality. And the internet being the internet, you get immediate and straightforward feedback from readers, forcing you to double-check all your assumptions.

Of course the problem with a blog is that growth necessitates the ability to scale, and blogging scales bad. Need something to sell and blogging is a crappy platform to sell products. Not that I won’t try to sell something in the future. We’ll see.

But enough complaining about how I deserve more attention and money. Let’s talk about hypnosis.

I wanted to write a post on hypnosis for a while. I guess now is as good a time as any.

A long time ago I attended a hypnosis show. I was blown away by the things people did under hypnosis, in front of a crowd. I saw a hypnotized father forget his own daughter’s name. Another guy was told he was on the highway, driving a Ferrari. When asked how he’d greet other cars driving by, he grinned widely and stuck up his middle finger.

The thing to realize is that hypnosis is not a once-in-a-lifetime state of mind confined to a show. We constantly enter different kind of trances; reading, doing sports, any activity you are particularly good at… This is natural flow.

Now, while hypnosis is always flow, flow is not always hypnosis. Specifically: hypnosis is flow dictated by someone else. There is a very clear follower / leader split. Which is why hypnosis works so well: no man is an island, and in order to survive we need to latch onto superorganisms which are led by men in higher positions. It makes perfect sense for us to evolve thus that we enjoy surrendering ourselves to the flow of others. This is why hypnosis is so powerful. Recall how Germans described attending Hitler’s speeches: ‘magnetic, hypnotic, as if he looked me straight in the eyes.’

Cold truth is that every interaction is a microcosmic war. A frame battle, so to say. Alpha males will stare you down, beta males will look away, and women will defiantly return your gaze hoping that you do not back down. Gnon is addicted to ever-shifting hierarchies. Every interaction ends in a draw, win or loss, and the trick is to engage in these battles as if they were dances, for we are dancing monkeys after all.

Personally I never had the courage to consistently look people in the eyes. Used to blame my introversion for that. But there is no escaping the daily frame game. Establish dominance, look people in the eyes while maintaining distance and thinking Panzram thoughts. Works wonders for me.

The internet as a religious superorganism

The role of the internet is still not entirely clear to me. But let’s do some aloud thinking.

The Chinese government controls Chinese internet. I imagine there is a dark Chinese internet, but your average Li has no choice but to surf the internet as if he were sitting in an office space shared with 3 colleagues.

The West has free, anynomous internet. Not for the lack of trying by the government, sure, but look at their attempt to ban DailyStormer. It’s back. It’s Googable! If the deep state can’t even censor loud and self-proclaimed nazis, what are they going to do about sane rightists?

The problem with bioleninism is that while the weak are always willing to play game and suck up to the strong, a significant portion of the strong has to be bamboozled for the plan to work. It is a religious game after all. Experts, journalists, academics and politicians hand out sacraments to the masses, and their privileged role in handing out the sacraments to the masses reaffirms their position as moral authority. It’s a positive feedback loop.

But the internet cuts the loop short.

Imagine that in the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, the kid gets banned by one of the emperor’s mods. But, suddenly, another kid with a frog mask materializes behind the emperor and repeats what the first kid said. Then, another kid with a V for Vendetta mask shouts from the rooftop. And another with a troll face, and another, and another.

The priests of the old order see their status crumble before their eyes. Of course beyond the age of 30, 40, men’s brains are generally too crystallized to change religion, so currently the priests are retreating to the safe bunkers of their 40+ audience. But make no mistake: the left is losing the youthful strong and it is driving them nuts.

The only answer to internet blasphemy is to shut it down. Censorship works. People blab about the Streisand effect, but the Streisand effect is as fictional as the notion of guerrilla warfare. Per Jim, if the rebels are hidden by the villagers, you kill the villagers. Simple as that. The only way you lose is if you are not allowed to kill the villagers, but this has nothing to do with guerrilla warfare. Similarly, if you as an outsider are reliant on the judicial system to suppress photographs of your villa, you aren’t allowed to win. What you are supposed to do, is send the military to occupy Digg Headquarters, track down some 4chan trolls and publicly execute them to send a message.

But how could the deep state have known that Barbara Streisand would be the turning point in the meme wars?

The Streisand effect did not show that censorship fails, because we know censorship works. Instead, the Streisand effect showed the inability of the deep state to effectively censor the internet.

They are trying, and maybe one day they’ll be effective. In the Netherlands, the secret services are pushing a ‘drag net’ law to legally install spyware and hack into all computer devices. Chinafy the internet.

But for the priests of the old order it seems like it is too late. Too many kids making fun of the emperor, and the emperor depends on not being made fun of. Isn’t the internet fun.

A dying society

Ours is a dying culture.

This seems to be the most important insight.

We thought we rid ourselves of ‘religion’ (said with contempt, like how Marx would say ‘bourgeoisie’) but instead we’ve replaced a functional religion with a dysfunctional religion.

Society is made up of warriors and priests, because men need to specialize. The warriors provide the what, the priests provide the why. If the why is blind hatred of white males, both the why and the what become festering swamps of hypocrisy.

The Western modern empire has peaked. Our values are now covetousness, self-pity and hedonism. Our women are leaving us while downing anti-depressants and birth control pills like chocolates. Our men are escaping into video games, porn and drugs. This democracy and its culture will collapse.

Democracy is an irreversible failure, exactly the kind of disaster you’d expect if you’d force 200 people to live together and make all decisions by vote.

Culture is horrific. Architecture, books, movies, tv… Everything good is old, everything new is… tainted. It is not just that it is pretentious and vapid. It is the sound of a dying animal. Even YouTube, I have concluded, can not help sounding like a dying animal, despite some of its content creator’s best intentions.

Culture from the elite is pretending collective suicide is high status, culture from the fringes is escapism or silent protest, although mostly escapism — sells better.

Economic feedback loops are breaking down. I no longer expect companies to deliver me good products and service, I just hope they don’t screw me over too hard.

Technological advances can not mask currency abuses much longer. Inflation is creeping up like The Nothing in the Neverending Story. When I told my grandma what I paid for rent, she did not believe me at first.

Who will save our dying society?

Christianity in its current form can not be revived. Christians are too cucked. Christ does not offer them enough tools to uncuck.

Trump (praise be upon him) can not save us, because even if Trump understands and prepares for war, he is only one man, and I do not believe he prepares for war.

Alt-rightists dream of avoiding the collapse, but their frustration with the flaying brandname Alt-Right betrays their inability to stop the collapse. + alt-right thots lol.

Rational, normal men will not save us, because their testosterone is too low and their thirst for entertainment is too high.

Jordan Peterson will not save us, because he tells men to grow up without telling men society is rigged to stop you from growing up.

Scott Alexander will not save us, even if he is a luminous beacon of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and OK lmao couldn’t get through that with a straight face.

Pewdiepie will not save us, because Pewdiepie won’t say it is OK to hit your women, only sarcastically insinuate that you must Respect Wahmen.

Roosh will not save us, because need fathers.

Nope, it is neoreactionaries, in the broadest sense of the word, with all Spandrellian linguistic notes attached, who are on the money. Neoreactionaries head for the exit, rightly so.

We are at the forefront because we have the right diagnosis. Other doctors are quacks, not us. So, we morally elevate ourselves as the priests of the New Religion. It is not a matter of arrogance, it is a matter of necessity.

Lying works.

The aspiration of every man is to have at least a moderate amount of fuck-you money. As a young and spoiled brahmin I have long denied this, but as I get older I have to admit it is undeniably true. Money marks territory and allows safe exchange between territory. Money keeps peace between men.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. I came to write more about leftism.

Isn’t leftism interesting? Barely 30 years ago we saw it as a viable political ideology, nowadays we see it almost as a pathology. I’d say it isn’t, because pathologies are maladaptive, like homosexuality and transgenderism, while leftism, though destructive, is pretty adaptive.

The best explanation of leftism remains cuttlefish. Male cuttlefish fight each other in ritualized battles for the right to mate with female cuttlefish. Ah, the ritual fight! How honorable! How righteous! What an honest system to select for the strongest specimen of cuttlefish! Only, some cuttlefish figure that fighting is for suckers, disguise themselves as females, swim right past the fights and pork the ladies. To add insult to injury I gladly add that females are as enthusiastically porked by these cheater, leftist fish as they are by the honorable, righteous fish.

Gnon likes a cheater. That, in a nutshell, is the explanation for the existence of leftism. The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that lying — for the lack of a better word, is good. Lying works. Lying clarifies, cuts through, and captures essence of the evolutionary spirit.

But, lying does not scale so well online. Too many anonymous people watching and judging. Every lie is unique, but every truth is similar. This is why leftists are losing the internet wars — they can’t get their lies straight, whereas rightists by pure individual logic arrive at similar conclusions.

Jordan Peterson, YouTube prophet

Props to Spandrell for noticing Jordan Peterson well before he was fashionable. RT on an interview between Moldbug and Peterson.

I found this interview with Russell Brand quite enjoyable.

First things first: Russell Brand is communist. Not saying that in a hateful way, just a statement of facts. Observe his creative nonsense ramblings, his dirty looks (skinny, pale, tattoos), his Rasputin-like gaze. He’s not hiding it at all. Personally I like an honest charismatic commie. They lie so brazenly obviously in the face of so many people that the fact that people believe them at all is a testament to the evolutionary effectiveness of leftism.

So how will Jordan Peterson fair against a commie? As it turns out, pretty good.

First half an hour is them warming up to each other. Peterson obviously has the frame, likely because he has all the momentum while I’m guessing Brand has lost a lot of his. As Brand later on says: Peterson has loyal fanbase, Brand does not.

30:00 ‘That’s what artists do.’ I tip my hat to your flattery skills, mr Peterson.

41:30 ‘It seems you care about truth, that you search for truth.’

42:00 Great little bit on how Brand confesses many people for whatever strange reason don’t like his commie interference and Peterson pats him on the back.

52:00 Jordan says what I said 2 posts ago.

1:01:00 ‘the right doesn’t care, the left fails to do what it tries to do.’ Yeah, no. Peterson is a centrist. Peterson later describes himself as high on openness to new experience which helps explain his centrism. But, similar to how agreeableness is cooked in favor of pretending agreeable people go along with good behavior while they in fact go along with bad behavior just as easy, openness to new experience is cooked in favor of pretending open people going along with good exotic behavior, while open people go along with bad exotic behavior just as easy. Which Peterson demonstrates by repeatedly flattering Brand.

1:10:30 Brand vocalizing both his hatred and admiration of the right in typical leftist fashion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: while Jordan Peterson is an exceedingly intelligent man, his primary interest is not truth. Truth is sort of high on his list, yes, but spreading the gospel of Peterson is higher on his list. Quite understandably so, I might add. Truth is shouting against a storm, effectively spreading your gospel is like riding a storm.

Peterson’s story is quite good, quite solid. But he has quite some flaws in thinking, e.g. on Islam (on which he, like Pilate, washes his hands), on women (needs more Jim) and on individualism (indiloldualism). If I had more motivation I’d take more time explaining why Peterson has these flaws and why it is unlikely he will correct them, but whatevs. Moldbug has Peterson’s number.

OK I’ll leave you with one more observation. If I were to talk with Russell Brand, I’d tell him with a grin: ‘Russell, I rarely come across men who speak complete nonsense as eloquently as you.’ Naturally, he’d be irritated. But it would be completely true. If Peterson always speaks the truth, if Peterson always strives to find the truth, how come he has not said anything of the sort in the entire 90 minutes of conversation?

Answering Imperial Energy

OK I’ll take the quiz and throw out some answers.

Can USG be restructured? [Sure but it’s a coup-complete problem.]

1: What is your single, most important, goal or goals? [to secure the existence of my people and a future for my children.]

2: Are the goals practically realisable? [yes.]

3: How are these goals to be realised? [by doing what all procreating men before us have done.]

4: How many men do you need? How much money? What materials do you need, how many and how much will it cost? [a männerbund helps a bunch. Enough to take care of self, wife and kids. Money and property. Enough to take care of self, wife and kids.]

5: Who do you proximately and ultimately need to convince/ persuade in order to obtain the goals? [convincing a männerbund helps, but no need to convince or persuade anyone besides your girl, who wants to be convinced anyway. It’s more that you need to know how to be a dancing monkey.] 

6: What obstacles are in the way? What obstacles could exist in the future? [the black pill. Leftist singularity and/or death.]

7: What is plan A? What is plan B? What is plan C? [Plan A: see above. Plan B: kill someone and bang groupies in jail without condom. No plan C.]

8: Who is or who could be the “receiver”? [?]

9: What are the possible ways that the system could be “rebooted”? [Coup.]

10: Is the new design – the New Structure – likely to be permanent? What potential problems could affect the stability and transition of power from the first generation to the second? [No. Stuff like getting the most competent man in power, generational decline, aristocratic decadence.] 

11: If you need to build a “machine” in order to achieve the reboot, how do you turn off this “machine” once a re-structuring has been accomplished? [you can’t, that’s the point. Damn brahmins always want to control all the variables.]

12: How might the machine be corrupted or taken over by actors with goals contrary to the formal purpose? [same manner leftism has always done. Can’t control all the variables.]

Leftism brings balance to the force

Leftism is the battle of the weak vs the strong, which inevitably ends in the strong using the weak against the strong, but what else are the weak going to do.

I keep running into the problem of money creating more money. Principles of rent and interest, which I believe are more Gnon’s principles than just the Jews’ principles, make it so. The rich get richer, the poor stay poor. From what I see I’d agree with the proposition that income inequality naturally grows.

Is this a problem? Not so in the sense that an aristocracy ensuring its own interests is preferable to a leftist clique slowly destroying its host society. But like the Ancien régime any unchallenged elite will eventually succumb to decadence and corruption which in turn will lead to a tipping point where destruction is inevitable.

Hence the evolutionary niche for a natural enemy. Hence leftism. Hens hens.

Baudet’s trials

In case you were wondering who the top right figure in the above banner was, wonder no more: it is the intelligent and charming Thierry Baudet. Who? Thierry Baudet. An upcoming Dutch politician who is making waves by promoting Nexit, denouncing traditional Dutch parties as a cartel, tweeting that global warming is a scam and stating that border protection is a hallmark of a healthy nation. He is, in short, the intellectual Geert Wilders.

Lately the attacks towards Baudet have taken on a nastier tone. The media- & party cartel are intensifying efforts to ruin Baudet’s reputation: supposedly he is horrible horrible person. That they are unable to show any evidence showing Baudet is a horrible horrible person, that no such evidence exists and that the accusation is entirely fabricated, does not deter them. It is a battle of frame.

Baudet displays admirable composure under the pressure and will find that if he maintains frame, like Jordan Peterson, the Dutch will sway to his side. The Hague is a cesspool of radical leftism — a lot of Dutch are silently on the side of Baudet. Observe how the overwhelming majority of the Dutch are in favor of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet, observe how everyone laughed when Rene van der Gijp put on a wig and jokingly became Renate van der Gijp. The momentum of the radical left is over. The cartel knows this, feels this, and therefore launches an offense that is reminiscent of the demonization of Pim Fortuyn. The cartel’s plan, in no particular order, is to isolate Baudet, intimidate Baudet, infiltrate Baudet’s party, get Baudet to lose his cool, get a radical leftist to kill Baudet, make it seem like no one likes Baudet.

Truth is, no one likes Sylvana Simons, everyone likes Rene van der Gijp.

It is becoming perfectly obvious to many rightist and centrist Dutch voters that the EU is very bad news for the Netherlands, that there is both a media- and party cartel, that warmism is a tax scam, and that border protection is the hallmark of a healthy nation. This is why the following election will not be about economy or healthcare or whatever, it will be about whether you are in favor or against the party cartel. The campaign slogans almost write themselves.