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Life’s Game is now for sale


Well that took about as long as expected, which is to say, I expected it to take longer than expected and that turned out to be the case.

But, it is done! Life’s Game is now for sale as an e-book in .epub, .azw3 (for kindle) and .pdf. Very satisfied with the results. In the end went with a basic cover. Special thanks to commenter Kenny for his excellent proofreading.

Anyway. If you want to learn about girls, my Dutch early blog writing, or just plain read a good book, you may head over here to make your purchase. I have determined the price at 0.0025 BTC, but for the first month I had added a 40% new book discount. Who says I suck at marketing?

You also may notice that the purchase link directs you to an entirely new site: the Garden of the Internet. I have been working on that for a while now. For now, it will serve purely as my book selling platform, but I think that in time I will move my blogging there too.

Book update — it’s coming!

Short book update: it takes a bit longer than expected…

The book itself is done, from cover to conclusion. BUT, the editing takes longer than expected. I want to sell in pdf, epub and mobi format, each of which requires lots of editing, html code and error fixing. I am now halfway through the epub version. But, it’s coming!

Unveiling the secret project

Time to unveil the project I’ve been beavering on for a while now…

I have assembled an e-book! Yes, alf will turn into an e-book merchant.

Blogging has been awesome at sorting out thoughts, but at this point I’ve sorted out most of them. We figured we needed a new religion, I’ve done my part in creating that religion, and that’s about it.

So, I want to try different things. For one I need money. Since I like writing and I like my alf identity, selling e-books is the next logical step. I’m still figuring out how to do it with anonymity and all. I’d love to sell real books but that’s something for later. Also, I’ll probably start selling my e-book with cryptocurrency only, maybe that also changes later, dunno.

What’s the book about you ask?

Well, let me show you the first draft of the cover:

cover life's game

Too busy maybe? Dunno. I love the idea of a meme book cover. I have a 992 MB meme collection so these are by no means the final memes.

As for its content, it’s a selection and director’s cut of my old blog posts on the topics of women, self-development and men. It is titled ‘Life’s Game’. I’m currently sitting on about 60.000 words. A third of that is comprised of Dutch posts (everything in the first 2 years on this blog I wrote in my native language) which I’ve faithfully translated to English. Another third is English posts you might have already read. The final third is my commentary on both older and recent posts, including incidental comments from the comment section.

If anyone wants to proofread the version I am currently sitting on, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you what I have.

Aging gracefully

I had already written this post a week ago. Swear I saved it as a concept, can’t find the concept. Hate it when that happens. F*ck it, we’ll do it live.

The at times feverish pitch of this blog is coming to an end.

Thousand of Alf fangirls, in unison: ‘noooooo senpai don’t leave us!!’

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving forever. I enjoy writing too much. For the nearby future, the blog is here to stay, for the longterm future I’m sure I’ll be writing somewhere. But I am writing towards some kind of closure of this blog in its current form.

This has always been a special place to me, a place where I could think freely and explore whatever thoughts I wanted to explore, and see what the internet has to say about them. This blog, as well as everything vaguely connected to it, has been an exciting journey.

I feel like part of that journey is coming to an end. I do not like repeating myself, and I am slowly nearing a point where I have said the most pertinent of what I wanted to say. I’m sure there’s more to say and I’m sure I’ll say it, but in terms of the bigger picture, in terms of what I wanted to say through this blog, I feel like I’m nearing the limits.

Life’s an adventure, this blog has been an adventure. But, there’s more adventures to be had, outside of here. Good adventures, I’m sure, but they are separate from my identity on this blog, or they have outgrown this blog.

I am working on a last AlfaNL project. Too early to drop any teasers, but I will announce in due time.

I still have some posts I need to write off, so the content river will not dry up immediately. We’ll see how it goes.

I started this blog searching for an answer. I believe I have found my answer. All that remains, is to age gracefully.

Thank you for reading.