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The RedWhite pill

black white chick

We sell the RedWhite pill.

We live the Red pill life, meaning we see women as they are, not as others tell us what they are, or what our cowardice makes us pretend they are. We laugh or feel sorry for blue pill men such as Ben Shapiro, who try their utmost best to treat women like men and are baffled when these women don’t give them the time of day. We, meanwhile, know: nice guys finish last, a bit of assholery goes a long way. The red pill gets you laid.

We are wary of purple pill merchants, such as Jordan Peterson: men who pretend to know the red pill secrets of women, but actually sell blue pills coated with some red paint. They loudly proclaim to know how to interact with women, but when push comes to shove, you will observe their women treating them with the disrespect they deserve.

Only the red pill makes women blossom into the beautiful creatures they can be. Whenever you hear a woman singing a love song from the heart, rest assured: she sings it for a red pill man.

So we are greatly fond of the red pill. But, we do not think all red pills are equal. We prefer our red pill mixed with a white one: the white pill standing for optimism, hope and happiness.

Too often red pill men turn to the black pill: nihilism and detached cynicism. It is an understandable step, for if you have been lied to about women, what other lies have you been told? What hope is there for a world that has so much evil? How can women be so goddamn cruel?

But giving in to such dark temptations is not our way. When the red pill is fully digested, it makes you love women for the same traits you previously hated. I interact with a fair deal of women in my daily life, and I enjoy pleasant relations with all of them. I am dominant and demanding, but also fair and understanding. Because of the red pill, I understand what makes women happy and I give it to them. In return, they treat me like a high-status man and act to please me. It is a happy balance, one I could have never made without the red and white pill.

The RedWhite pill eventually leads a man to monogamy: to own one woman and build a family with her. That is the way things should be, what our brains have been optimally wired for. There are many different ways to go about life, but deviations from your role as family patriarch are taken at your own risk, and are deviations for a reason.

There is no such thing as enjoying the decline by poolside. It is a rationalization a man tells himself when he has swallowed too many black pills. The decline sucks. End of story. But to build something within that decline, something that defies that decline… Now that is enjoyment. And to build such a thing with a woman: that is the RedWhite pill.

How to git gud wit women

‘Life’s Game’ will soon be for sale. As I’m putting on the last touches I realize there is still some extra content to write. This is some of that content.

As time goes by, my charisma with women increases. Part is that women like older men, part is me racking up experience with my girl. Then again, plenty of men age with girlfriends, yet their charisma only decreases over time.

Often there’s things outside interacting with women that may increase men’s charisma, like increasing their happiness, strength or testosterone. But, if you want to be a good golfer, your main focus should be to practice golf. So it is with women.

There’s 2 big secrets to gittin gud wit women.

The first is, quite stupidly, to look at women with nonjudgmental eyes. Observe women as they are, not as you think they are. This is the number 1 mistake men make: they have an idealized image of how a women should be and never change this, instead forcing women to fit their image. CRIMESTOP plays an important role in this. For instance, I have long accepted that women purposely misbehave and yearn to be corrected, if need be with open palm. Similarly, I have accepted that women need love from unapologetic men, love for which no permission is asked, which is given without explanation because you sense it makes women happy.

CRIMESTOP prevents men from accepting these simple truths; they will tell themselves all kinds of nonsense such as ‘my girl is not like that’ or ‘only damaged women are like that’, which is opposite from the truth because their girl is like that and they are damaging their girl by wanting her to be someone she is not. Of course, with open eyes truth can always be steadily observed and so we see these men are inevitably rewarded with unhappy women and no sex.

CRIMESTOP indoctrinates men to think it is normal and healthy when their women is away for 50-hour workweeks, just as CRIMESTOP indoctrinates their women to think babies will kill them, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In order to git gud wit women, must drop the CRIMESTOP filter, must trust your own eyes and learn to see what is in front of you.

Second is passing shit-tests. Wait I had a meme for this…

there it is

Women are wired to cause trouble. It’s just what they do. But the beautiful thing is that women cause trouble because they want you to solve it, and indeed will love you if you solve it. They are causing trouble to test you. Hence, shit-tests.

There is no quick guide to mastering shit-tests. Passing them is a matter of open eyes and practice; shit-tests are valuable lessons about life. The best secret I can give about shit-tests is that they are the easiest to pass if you follow the Fight Club rule: only when you are prepared to let everything go, are you free to do anything.

Women are experts in designing shit-tests, as well as in hiding the nature of their shit-tests. Even I am sometimes still surprised by a sneaky shit-test. But, with practice, the majority of shit-tests can easily be recognized.  Markers tend to be:

  • she suddenly changes her opinion (several times)
    • you fail the test if you change your opinion every time she changes hers. Stick to your guns and you will pass.
  • her mood suddenly changes (e.g. she is angry out of nowhere)
    • you fail the test if you try to appease her. Ask yourself: is there a good reason for her mood change, or is she acting like a child? If she is acting like a child, which she is apt to do, tell her so, and you will pass. 
  • she makes a decision she knows is yours to make, not hers
    • you fail the test if you go along and say ‘of course honey’, especially if the decision is different from what you originally wanted to do. If you decide differently, do so and tell her. She will cause a ruckus (women love the occasional fight, give it to them) but stick to your guns and in the end you will pass. 

That kind of stuff. It’s really all around us. It’s of course also the main reason women in the work office tend to be insufferable, for they will set up shit-tests that are impossible to pass: in your house you are the biggest alpha, in the office there is always a bigger alpha she’ll run to. But, in your house you can be the biggest alpha.

Every playa knows the easiest way to seduce a woman is to solicit her shit-tests and pass them. Hence peacocking: attract attention, attract shit-tests. Pass the shit-tests, observe legs opening. It’s a simple, effective formula. That’s why loud and obnoxious guys tend to do well with women: they attract shit-tests.

Of course the shit-testing doesn’t stop after seduction. Your woman will test you ’til death do you apart. I think of it as my girl’s way to keep me sharp.

The 3rd wave of game

Used to be that men learned how to handle women naturally by observing brothers, fathers, friends and naturals and copying their behavior. Since it is now illegal for a man to treat a woman in the way that makes her love him, we have fewer and fewer role models. This is why young men today have a hard time getting laid, and old men live in constant fear of their wives kicking them out of bed.

Luckily, men improvise, adapt, overcome. Enter game.

The 1st wave of game, the PUA wave, was Jews figuring out that if you pretended you were alpha, you would get laid. Gentiles caught on, and soon a budding community of young men were pretending to be alpha. And while you may argue with the method, you couldn’t argue with the results: men once again got laid.

But, as PUA godfather Erik ‘Mystery’ von Markovich demonstrated in his bouts of suicidal self-doubt, pretending to be alpha is a bad longterm plan. For a man to pretend to be something he is not, eventually leaves him horribly broken. Also, impossible to have any longterm relation with a girl, because women shit-test pretenders until they break, and while it is doable to pretend to be unbreakable until sex, it is impossible to keep up when you live together. So, time for a change.

Enter the 2nd wave of game: call it the Inner Game wave. I include 2 big schools of thought in this wave: Real Social Dynamics (RSD) and the Manosphere. RSD is a company founded by Owen ‘Tyler Durden’ Cook, an ex-pupil of Mystery. RSD did very well, in big part thanks to Tyler having learned from Mystery’s mistakes and making the in retrospect obvious connection that pretending to be alpha sucks, and that it is much more effective to be a cool guy that is at peace with himself.

The 2nd wave of game found that in order to bang women and be happy, have to reconnect with lost masculinity. Why pretend to be alpha, when the mindstate of alpha has been inside of you always? Lift, raise testosterone, raise your voice, make an effort to seduce women, and boom: happy sex life, relations become feasible.

Now, in the end RSD was just a company looking to make a buck so when push came to shove and the media accused RSD of being racist misogeny Hitler, Tyler’s #1 Julian groveled like a little bitch in front of CNN, thus proving he was still sort of pretending to be a cool guy that is at peace with himself. Tyler met a similar fate.

This is why the Manosphere is cooler than RSD, since when Roosh was confronted by the media he held his ground. But, in philosophy the Manosphere is not as different from RSD as they’d like to be, since the Manosphere’s answer, just like RSD, was to reconnect with masculinity. Turns out that defining what it is to be a man is pretty hard. Basically the manosphere’s answer to masculinity is to hang out in male groups (männerbunds), work out and smoke cigars while sharing a hearty laughter about the silliness of women.

The problem is that that is not exactly what men do. It is close, but not exactly. It is hard to get right, not sure if I will get it right, but it is something more like this.

Men are not by nature friends with one another. Men are wolves to other men. Even among brothers, who share half their genes, competition is fierce, so fierce that brothers might break all contact and never speak to each other again. If two brothers so easily act like wolves to each other, what does that say for unrelated men? The Manosphere ideal of a männerbund is that men bond by doing stuff together and they are loyal to the group because ‘tribal instincts loyalty HONOR’. That is not how it works. Men are constantly looking for ways to game the game, for ways to subtly screw over other men as to gain status for themselves. Any natural männerbund is constantly in a state of shifting alliances, as males constantly test and re-assess positions within the group, and if the group falls apart, no biggie, on to the next one, and if the next one fails, well there is always the männerbund I can join in the comfort of my house, by turning on the TV/YouTube.

Now, there is a reason why we are attracted to männerbunds; they allow for amazing feats of cooperation, the kind of cooperation that crowns kings and conquers nations. Naturally, such cooperation requires strict in-group loyalty: the stakes are too high to allow dissent. That is the kind of cooperation Manosphereans dream of when they talk ‘tribal instincts loyalty HONOR’. But, in the absence of a feasible goal for said cooperation, there is no use for members of the männerbund to organize in such hierarchical loyalty. If me taking your shit does not directly raise my status, why would I take your shit? Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me. That is natural law.

Truth is that social groups formed at work outweigh männerbunds, because work pays the mortgage, männerbunds do not.

Truth also seems to be that männerbunds for the sake of männerbunds have gay undertones, which seem to be a recurring theme in the Manosphere. This is why gays are a signaling hazard, but it is also a warning that there is a reason you don’t want to drop the soap in male prison, if you follow my drift.

So the Manosphere fell apart in bickering, gossiping, and internet posing, just like any männerbund without singular purpose.

To recap: the 1st wave of game was to learn how to get laid, the 2nd wave of game was learning how to keep a girl around. But, we were still looking for the purpose of keeping a girl around. Enter the 3rd wave.

The 3rd wave is about ‘clicking’ game back into society; to repackage it in such a way that, once again, men naturally learn game by observing brothers, fathers, friends, naturals and copying their behavior. To come full circle.

The purpose of game is to own a woman, to start a family and to enjoy what is best in life.

What the 3rd wave of game does is reconnect masculinity with spirituality, religion, God. It attempts to get males to cooperate on a mass scale, not because cooperation sounds nice, but because in order for males to flourish and not have their women fucked by drug dealers who steal their cars, have to conquer society. The 3rd wave accepts that men are wolves to other men, will always be wolves to other men, but that they may also display amazing feats of cooperation, and the trick is to set the stage for such cooperation within the framework of natural law.

The 1st wave had something sleazy, the 2nd wave something overcompensatory. The idea of the 3rd wave is to get it right, to judge any man by his ability to keep his house in order, that if someone’s girl is acting up, his friends may strongly hint to him: dude, fix that shit, and in doing so cooperate in a manner in which wolves can also cooperate.

The demand for our product is obviously there: increasingly we see men who are sick of divorce, sick of being spat out by women, sick of dating ugly tatted slutty bitchy women who aborted her child because scared for her career, scared that Jeremy Meeks would cross her off his booty call list. The 2nd wave of game offers these men rationalisations to exit the gene pool. The 3rd wave of game however promises a life of joy, adventure, and descendants.

How to deal with woman, the pitch.

We’ve discussed human’s place in the evolutionary arms race. Genes confine us. Then we discussed how, while genes confine us, genes leave room for wiggling space. Reality has its own pace, but once you pace reality, you can push reality. Which we call: our new religion.

The trick is to get the sales pitch just right. Which of course includes not calling it a sales pitch, even though that is exactly what it is. Jesus didn’t try to sell us anything, he was just being a Good Guy! Nope, Jesus was an excellent salesman, had no problem faking a miracle here and there to increase demand for his product. Which I don’t blame him for, in fact I think it was very clever. Hence I am borrowing his style of thinking and ask the pertinent question: how do we sell our product?

To whom do we sell our product? We sell it to heterosexual white men, which is to say we do not exclude non-heteros, non-whites and non-males, just that our product appeals to heterosexual white males best.

What is our product? Our product is the next Great Civilisation! Cooperation! Pretty girls! Wealth! Integrity! Pride! A motherf*cking Great Life with Friends and Family! The Ushering in of a New Era of Science!

Of course, we are the Dark Enlightenment, not the Happy Enlightenment, so all the above promises go with a pinch of Dark Salt: we are decisively not bringing heaven into this world. Such utopia talk is the domain of leftists.

But if we control for unrealistically high expectations, we are left with plenty of realistically high expectations. Religion can do amazing things.

So, for now, let’s turn to our singular best-selling product: how to deal with women. In a nutshell our pitch is as follows:

We know exactly how to deal with women, and if you are interested, we can show you how to deal with women yourself.

Truly a great product in this age of soyboys and feminists.

Now, there are competing salesmen for this product, but naturally our product is better. Heartiste is too bropulist, Roosh too bitter, Dalrock too soft, Jordan Peterson too purple pill¹. What makes our product better? Not only does our product get you laid like a champ, it gets you your own family with you as its patriarchal leader champ.

You get to decide what’s for dinner, you get to decide whether or not you feel like visiting your in-laws, you decide what the family will be watching on tv. Your wife shall dress pretty, because she wants to be pretty for you. She’ll also stop being fat and put on pretty make-up. Also, she won’t disturb you if you want to be left alone. The secret ingredient is that she now wants to please you! Sounds pretty amazing huh!

See, we’ve all heard the stories: the wifey becomes grumpy, gets ‘headaches’, kicks the man out of the bed, divorces the man takes all his money and kids, the man becomes a shadow of his former proud self… A true modern horror story! Life shouldn’t be like that.

And with our product, life no longer is like that. Our how to deal with woman program is designed to stop your woman from being a crazy bitch, so you (and her!) can get back to doing the things you love, including but not limited to enjoying your life together.

But wait, there’s more!

Being a happy-go-lucky patriarch is proven to increase testosterone, raise self-esteem and increase general wellbeing. Watch your body language correcting for years of brainwashing propaganda as you develop pride in yourself. Feel illnesses you once thought were serious disappear like snow in the sun. And notice the same effect for your woman: see how happy and feminine she can be when handled properly. Be amazed as she suddenly stops ‘having a headache’. Enjoy as she stops embarrassing you around other people and instead supports you in your endeavors as much as she can.

Since I want to be honest with you, I have to tell you about this one disadvantage…

If you use our product, you will be so happy that people will notice the change in you, while you will notice that many people are unhappy. Unhappy people resent happy people and will try to drag you back down into a life of prozac and apathetic sadness.

It is a sad truth that our product only works for those who want to use it, so try not to feel too bad when encountering jealousy, prejudice and hatred. Being happy is a choice, and unfortunately many people choose to be unhappy! Don’t make that mistake! Be happy! Call +31 J-I-M-I-A-N-I-T-Y right now and order our #1 best-selling product, how to deal with women.

Don’t wait, order now!



¹ Rollo Tomassi is a notable exception. His books on women are superb, also very normie-friendly.

Love 3

Concluding thoughts…

Thanks to happenstance my girl actually read the last two posts. She loved them and found them very touching.

Her first reaction to the ‘hitting women’ part was indignation: why didn’t I say that she hits me as well? I lol’d because it’s true. Women have no moral problem whatsoever hitting guys; 9 times out of 10 it’s playful, 1 times out of 10 it’s serious. Of course, I hit a lot harder. We tried to remember the reason I hit her that one time. We couldn’t remember.

She laughed at the image of a man slapping a woman on her knees. She also laughed at the abduction part. Overall she was very flattered and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

We used to have some arguments concerning my… ahem… Counter-societal opinions. I remember one fight in particular, I don’t know what we argued about, but I know Jim was involved. She really didn’t like him, even more than she disliked Heartiste’s Dating Market Value Test for Women. That was a while ago though.

Nowadays, we never argue over this stuff. As a woman learns that she has nothing to gain from a particular shit-test, she stops that particular shit-test. Or, in her own words: she just doesn’t care as much about this stuff as she used to think. Instead, she is supportive, and we share the occasional laugh about her ex-friends who intern at clichè NGOs and alternately post on Facebook how incredibly morally superior they are for saving the world and how depressed they are with their shitty work, shitty debt and shitty pay.

Love 2

It is worth mentioning that when I met my girl, like many women, she was in therapy. Lucky for her, she was not honest with her therapist, or she would have been branded with a truckload of psychiatric disorders entirely in accordance with DSM standards.

Back then she was still studying. She hated it, but being a good girl, tried really hard to enjoy it, as she was told she was supposed to. Predictably, she’d hate herself even more for failing to enjoy it. I remember her crying almost daily. She would not quit though; she’d say she needed the degree, that she had to pay off her student debt, that all her friends studied, etc etc.

The most alpha thing I ever did was to force her to stop attending college and move in with me. Well not exactly force her, I just made it clear that were she to continue studying I would not help her and our future would be unclear. She cried, but promptly quit her studies and moved in with me. It is the closest I have come to legally abducting a girl.

To this day she loves me for that. It was of course, in retrospect, a gigantic shit-test, the question at stake being: who is her alpha, you or the university?

Nowadays she rarely cries. She stopped visiting therapists, since all the symptoms that made her visit a therapist have entirely disappeared. The change is profound: from chronically stressed and anxious to genuinely happy. All because I made a decision for her. This for me has been the decisive proof that only the darkly enlightened can truly understand love.


A long time ago I used to love a girl. We hooked up and were together for some time. Then one day she told me she wasn’t sure if she still loved me, and she wanted to discover herself. She dumped me and hooked up with some Mexican guy.

So, I learned game. I binge-read everything I could find on psychology, game and women. I dated and tried to have sex with many women. I have jotted down every conquest. 34. Painstakingly I learned how to win a woman’s heart.

I have been together with my current girl for some years. She loves me with her whole heart and I love her more than I loved the girl that dumped me.

Few things in life are better than having a girl that wholly, completely, and fully loves you. Female love is much more passionate, much fiercer than the love of men. Men love on the side, women love with their entire being. I used to think that being with a girl demanded extra attention, that it was a burden on your life. But my experience has been the opposite — a woman in love adds much more to your life than she takes away. When I first met my girl she could not cook raw pasta, now I’d rather eat her meals than those of an average restaurant. She cleans, does the laundry, helps me straighten my thoughts, rests in my lap while I play video games, encourages me to be a manly man, gives me love and kisses, corrects me when I do stupid lazy men stuff and much much more.

Some might say that you can not call a man happy until he is dead. Of course I do not know what the future holds. But I know what the present holds, and if the past is any indication, which it usually is, am pretty confident that whatever problems I will have in the future, a bitch ain’t one.

Naturally it is not all rainbows and sunshine. Women bitch and shit-test. It is what they do, and some days it just gets to you. But that is just the way women are. Women are a proxy for the world: if you can’t pass your woman’s shit-tests, how will you pass the world’s shit-tests? Way I see it, handling woman’s bitching is an art.

Sometimes I ignore her bitching and she stops bitching. Sometimes she has a good reason to bitch and I address that which she bitches about. Sometimes I realize she is bitching for absolutely no reason, I grow angry and she stops bitching. Sometimes, if her bitching gets really bad, I keep open the option of hitting her, having already noticed how it works wonders for a relationship.

Of course, for all my tough talk about hitting women, I have only hit my girl once in all the time we’ve been together. I do not mind hitting her again, it is just that she has never bitched so badly I thought she deserved to be hit. The one time I hit her, she apologized profusely for the excessive bitching that made me hit her. We had great sex immediately afterwards.

I do believe that maintaining the option of hitting her is key. If you back down from that, you fail the most primal shit-test, the kind of failure ends in #metoo and societal collapse.

There is also the matter of sexual gratification. Women are as horny as men, though it is a different kind of horny. A woman has strong sexual needs, and the shortest route to keeping her heart is to fulfill those needs. There is no way to win her heart that does not include making her cum on regular basis. Sustained sexual attraction over the years is key to a good relationship. Jim’s ‘wife goggles’ if you will. (Hence why I have drastically cut on porn consumption).

Anyway. I believe that my girl is an extension of myself. I see further with her than without her. The cheesy thing is to say that she completes me, the calculated thing is to say that my girl and I are in cooperation/cooperation mode. And that is all because she loves me, and that is all thanks to the internet.

How do you make a woman love you?

Love is a solvable mathematical equation.

Love is polarity: the biological magnetism between natural dominance and natural submission. Shit-tests and game is how that magnetism is felt.

Love is war: show too much weakness and your girl will press on it like she were rubbing salt on an open wound. But show no weakness at all and she will think you are unreal.

Love is her being the wind, howling around you, while you remain steadfast as a rock.

I have an image in my mind of a woman on her knees, looking up at a man. The man raises his hand and slaps her across the face. That is love.

Finally, there is of course the question of how serious you, my dear reader, should take all this talk of love. Experience tells me that my attitude towards women is rarely copied completely. It takes a strange kind of man to boast about the kind of love I boast about, even if anonymous on the internet.

But experience also tells me that, as time goes by, men always agree more with me, never less. Especially now. #metoo is rapidly becoming the symbol of a generation of men completely unable to reason with women. All around me I am seeing wreckages of failed marriages, broken families, divorces… Rampant depression, abuse of pills, suicides, anxieties… It’s so incredibly stupid, so senseless. It’s a complete breakdown of cooperation between the sexes. I refuse to live like that. And if you, dear reader, agree with me even in the slightest, then perhaps we have some common ground after all.

Enforced monogamy

A champagne socialist from the New York Times observes that enforced monogamy suspiciously resembles the kind of redistribution of goods rightists supposedly oppose. As always, it is good to take leftist venom with a grain of salt, but this point is worth addressing.

First, I’m no libertarian. I like capitalism because it creates wealth and prosperity, but I also like using the market to help my allies, hurt my enemies. Hence I oppose the redistribution of my goods and tax money through the government, as the government tends to be my enemy, as tends to be custom with socialism, but I have no big problem with Trump’s steel tariff, as Trump is my ally.

As Giovanni argues, socialist wealth redistribution makes perfect sense on the side of socialists: it is the victors handing out the spoils, in this case leftists helping their allies, hurting their enemies. I don’t want wealth redistribution because I believe that, generally, the nature of the free market is such that it helps my allies, hurts my enemies.

Women are goods that, when left free on the sexual market, are monopolized by my enemies, e.g. asshole men who would rather pick a fight with me than tell me the time of day. I know this, because when I was single acted exactly the same in order to get laid. You can’t trust single men.

The nature of free pussy is such that it hurts my allies and helps my enemies, for women cheat on the beta males that build and maintain the society I live in, and have sex with the asshole drug dealers that steal my bike.

Women are not meant to roam free; they are meant to be divided among the winning tribe, they expect to be divided among the winning tribe. To the victor goes the spoils.

That many white males have trouble with women tells us that white males are not the winning tribe. Once they become the winning tribe, best to divide the loot fair and square: obvious enforced monogamy is obvious.

Heartiste’s 1 pretty lie

Some are not going to enjoy hearing this, but needs to be said.

It is not that Heartiste outright lies. I have previously heralded Heartiste as the greatest shitlord of our age. Which I still stand behind. But he is not fully honest.

Heartiste lies by omission. What is the omission, you ask? The omission is that 80% of Heartiste’s male readers are born a beta, will die a beta. Heartiste does not tell them this, in fact, Heartiste tells them the opposite: most men are too stupid and low-T to get this, but you too can be an asshole with a shit-eating grin drowning in pussy! Here’s how to get nudes and bang that hot chick in the bar! Stay tuned with Heartiste, the Trumpocalypse is on its way!

Heartiste sells the fantasy of blog-canned alpha. He makes his readers feel like badboys by association, but never acknowledges that the majority of his readers are not badboys, will never be badboys.

He is making a sales pitch. And judging from the many comments he gets, a pretty effective sales pitch. But not the right one. What is the right pitch?

We may cut a knife between NRx and the Alt-Right, and say Heartiste is on the Alt-Right, I am on NRx. Which I think is fairly accurate. But we can do slightly better.

The best use of the knife is to cut between Jim & Heartiste. Heartiste says you too can be shitlord, Jim says society must be realigned so you too can pretend to be a shitlord. The difference is crucial.

In Jim’s view, ordinary men will never be arrogant, violent and murderous enough to wet women’s panties. Women’s view of male status is simply too harsh, like the view of a child living among cannibals. Women want a man who commands other men, who shoots death-rays out his eyes and who will knife someone for giving him a wrong glance. In short: women want to fuck men who routinely kick puppies out of boredom.

This is the crucial difference between Jim and Heartiste: Heartiste says men can learn to enjoy kicking puppies to get laid. Jim says men are dancing monkeys pretending to enjoy kicking puppies because they want to get laid. Jim is right, Heartiste is wrong.

Thus, Jim’s solution is better than Heartiste. Heartiste’s solution is to enjoy a poolside view of the decline with beautiful women while fanboys cheer him on. Jim’s solution is to make those fanboys high status: reintroduce patriarchy, make women soft property (first to their father, then their husbands) and ban careers for women until after marriage & children.

If that pitch sounds too abstract, imagine it like this: you are in charge of your house, your wife and your children. Your friends, your colleagues, your family and your in-laws all agree with you that you, not your girl, are in charge.

In this world, women suddenly feel attracted to all men, not just the Heartiste-types, because we have realigned societal incentives as to make all males high status.

Heartiste gives you tools to get laid in the age of thots.
Jim gives you tools to end of the age of thots.

I’d like to live in a society that is not dying, so I prefer Jim.

On 10-year old girls

Every so often you come across a title you instantly like. I’m not sure this is one of them.

Truth follows canon. The canon goes from Jesus to [Enlightenment thinkers] to Nietzsche to Moldbug to Jim. Why Enlightenment thinkers? Because in hindsight their shtick was such an obvious lie that it told a deeper truth: ‘I want power, fuck you.’ Marx repeats this.

If truth is what you are after, have to submit to Jim’s ideas. Not because he is infallible or super-human, just ‘cos he’s right.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 22.16.49

The point that raises most emotions is usually an important point. Jim tells us that 10-year old girls lust for older men and aggressively pursue sex with them, if need by entering their room at night and mounting them in bed. Therefore, need to control 10-year old girls. Jim ‘nuances’ this by adding that not all 10-year olds are sexually aggressive, yet a non-insignificant minority are, and a smaller minority of girls is sexually aggressive at the age of 8.

Needless to say this bounces off the brains for most men. Does not compute. I get this response. But I believe the evidence supports Jim’s position.

Woman’s life revolves around sex, or as she prefers to call it: love. Woman lives life defined by her male counterpart. As Roosh said, she is like water. As Byron said: Man’s love is of man’s life a part; it is a woman’s whole existence. Hence why a woman has trouble figuring out objects: she is apt to shit-test objects like she shit-tests men and is inevitably frustrated when objects don’t respond to her shit-tests. Similarly, why women love cats: cats respond very well to shit-tests, are hardwired to pass them. Similarly, why women dislike dogs, because dogs are low IQ betas that eagerly fall into every trap, though I guess even cunnilingus by a low IQ beta is better than no cunnilingus (C’mon man get to your point).

Young girls obsess over high-status men. Watch an old Justin Bieber concert. How old are the thousands of fangirls, screaming their lungs out, crying ITS HIM, holding up their phone repeating ohmygodohmygodohmygod, fainting? 11? 12? If we have extensive evidence that a young girl’s entire physiology is shaken up by meeting a sufficiently high-status man, is it so hard to imagine that the same young girl might aggressively pursue sex with said man?

No, it is not. In fact it makes it completely obvious as to why males aim to control females: because female sex drive is anti-civilizational. By saying the opposite, that females are chaste and innocent at age 10, fathers are made to give up control of their daughters. And if she is innocent at age 10, why not innocent at age 11, or 12, or 16…? Before you know it females are holy creatures and it is misogenystic misogynistic to speak out against her coming home with boyfriend #14 (homeless drugsdealer). It is exactly this foot in the door technique that Jim counters by going in the opposite direction: you thought girls are nymphomaniac at age 9? You should see them at age 8!

In a cooperation/cooperation-society men control their women’s sexuality. If women are not controlled, cooperation (by males)/defection (by females) ensues, which eventually leads to defect/defect when men discover only criminal badboys get laid. To get back to cooperation/cooperation, need to reinstate control of daughters and wives. To successfully reinstate control of daughters and wives, need to make it perfectly clear from what age women’s volcanic sexual urges need controlling. Which is probably around age 7, if not earlier.