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Everyone’s feeling it now

The mood on YouTube:

“Even on Fiverr you can get banned nowadays. I guess Fiverr is owned by the same people that own everything else” *raises eyebrows at camera.*

I remember seeing things 15 years ago that were completely opposite to what everyone told me I saw. I distinctly remember concluding, approximately 5 years ago, that if either the world was crazy or I was, I guess it had to be the world because I did not want to lose my sanity. Then I found NRx and it turned out the world was a little crazy after all. Then, and I remember this moment very distinctly, immigration suddenly became a mass normie issue — something NRx had exactly predicted would happen suddenly had happened. I felt an immense wave of vindication at the time: holy shit, I’m really not crazy, the world is.

Fast forward to today and it is hardly a secret anymore that the world has gone crazy. It’s everywhere now: you tried to not be interested in politics, but politics has become interested in you. They’re everywhere: at your work, on your internet, in your hobbies, in your family, in your money… There is no escaping it. Which again, we predicted would happen: as chaos escalates, repressive terror escalates with it, which escalates chaos, which escalates repressive terror, etcetera… The leftist singularity approaches.

Now you might say: alf, cool story bro, love how you were into dissident rightism before anyone else, you fucking hipster, but why dwell on it?

I dwell on it because I like doing my told-you-so-dance, thank you very much.

But I also dwell on it, because the combination of accurate prediction -which is hard- and mass dissatisfaction turns into momentum, which means an important thing: we will have a window of opportunity.

That’s right, we will have our chance. I am convinced of this, because where I used to think the elite had their hands on the ropes too strongly, I now think they have lost control. The holiness spirals have become too much, to the point where they can’t even keep the population doped with games (which they can’t help but ruin) and entertainment (which they can’t help but ruin). It is like with the French revolution: no one can say it was a ploy by the elite to amass more power, because near the end of the revolution the elite had its head guillotined off.

We are heading (heh) towards the same point, which inevitably means that at some time someone will step in and says: enough is enough, for which the population will be eternally grateful. So, we have a window of opportunity.

Of course, the question is, who is this ‘we’? My political allegiance is pretty obvious: I’m on team Jim first, team NRx second, team Alt-Right third. Which is to say, if we want to get it exactly right, must go with Jimianity. But you have to be practical, so might be necessary to expand to NRx, but you have to be even more practical, so might be necessary to expand to Alt-Right, but you might have to be even more practical and expand to the boomer right but at some point you’re going to have lost what you were aiming for in the first place and at that point I’m out. So in practice it is always tougher and messier than in theory.

But I do believe the window of opportunity does not exclude me prematurely. I used to think Jim was too optimistic on Trump’s coup, and he probably was, but I get the need to push for a coup. We must prepare for the worst case scenario, which is hundreds of years of darkness following the end of democracy, but we must also fight for the best case scenario, which is a coup within our lifetime followed by the first American king, be it Trump or someone else.

While this political corner of the internet has always been small, it has been growing relatively explosively. And while we have many enemies, I notice we have many friends, even if they are observing us in silence, disinclined to speak in fear of revealing their hand. I believe there is a silent majority on our side, if not a literal majority in bodies, a majority in capable men. I hope we can put it to use.



In war, propaganda is prioritized over truth

Recently there have been two attacks: A man named Cesar Sayoc was arrested for sending fluke bombs to prominent democrats, and a man named Robert Bowers was arrested for killing 11 people in a synagogue during a shooting spree.

Are these attacks real, or are they staged?

Truth is, to paraphrase my favorite female politician: it does not matter so much. We are way past the point of individual actions leading to outcomes undesired by either side. In war, every man bite dog moment by necessity is used as a means of propaganda. There is too little time to get to the bottom of everything, too many snitches and plants and fakes messing up route of information. Much more important is to maintain frame, maintain morale, maintain momentum, maintain productive energy.

For instance, even though I am not 100% sure know whether David Duke and Richard Spencer are shills, the laws of war demand that I out-group them preventively because they give me enough reason to suspect they are shills. I do not have the luxury of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Similarly, Sayoc and Bowers; if I do not call them out as plants, leftists will point at them and say ‘look they are so evil, we must purge Gab’, which they promptly did anyway.

The natural Schelling point of either side becomes to assume bad intent at all times. That is war. If want to win a war, must prioritize propaganda over truth.

‘But alf, what if the propaganda is obviously fake?’ This has never stopped leftists, in fact lies are the driving force behind all their propaganda. And for good reason. Propaganda works, even if obviously fake, because the winning party decides what is true and what is false, and propaganda helps to win. Consider Baghdad Bob, who was ridiculed during the Iraqi war for his insistence that American soldiers were kept at bay and committing mass suicide. He was of course only ridiculed because his side lost, for when Hussein’s department was saying those exact same things 15 years earlier about Kuwaiti soldiers, no one laughed, instead many Iraqis nodded along, because at that time they were still winning.

There is a Dutch way to say this which I can only sort-of translate: in war, it is more important to be given right than to be right (in oorlog is het belangrijker gelijk te krijgen dan gelijk te hebben).

Personally, I do not know 100% certain whether Sayoc and Bowers are real or fake. As war escalates, reliable information is harder to find. Seems to me that Sayoc is fake and Bowers is real, though Bowers was probably encouraged to do violence by feds. But again; my judgement is not 100% certain, more like 75% certain.

Again, does not matter too much: when uncle Roosh tweets that Bowers is a fake, I will like and retweet him just as much, because if I am too truthful my enemies will memory-hole Sayoc and scream Bowers over and over. If I don’t propagandize, my enemies will.

There is no civil debate on the shutting down of Gab, not even the pretense of it. When Stormfront was shut down, there was the tiniest veneer of pretense that it was only to target neonazis, a pretense I never believed, but a pretense nonetheless. With Gab, it is obvious that their primary target is not neonazis, it is rightists. With Stormfront I had no affiliation, but on Gab, I had an account. War has come another degree closer. Who is next? It might very well be Heartiste. After that, it might very well be me.

We are at war. I have said before that war is upon us, and it has started. It is not the kind of war where men in military uniforms shoot bullets and kill peple, although that is part of it, at the edges of the West. It is mostly 4th generation kind of warfare, where the lines between civilians, combatants, politicians and internet trolls is blurred.

In many places, the right is doing great, in fact absolutely amazing to what we thought possible 10 years ago. Trump keeps on winning. Bolsanero is now president of Brazil. While the left holy spirals further out of control, the wave of right-wing populism keeps on rising.

But the left has decades of experience with ruling. They have institutions. They are coming to realize that a major, if not the biggest part of their sudden switch in fortune, is the free internet. Thanks to the internet every civilian at some level knows what is going on. The leftist priestly class relied on media brainwashing to instill its religion among the people, but this has been bypassed by the internet. The memes are on our side. Thanks to the internet every youngster now knows: the left is not cool, the right is.

Now we see the left responding; first slow, testing the waters, getting their shit together. But, judging from the speed with which Gab was attacked from all sides; by their payment company, their hosting company and their domain company, the left is getting better at it. Now, for all the #winning the right has been doing so far, the question remains: can we still win if the left wins complete control over the internet?

Heartiste, a final time

I have written about Heartiste twice already, once in praise, once critical. It is time for the final verdict.

Obviously Heartiste, or the guys behind Heartiste, are cool guys, and I’m pretty sure that if I met them in the real life I’d like them. But are they on our side? Not really, I am sad to conclude. Thread below.

I was looking for an opening to describe what irks me about Heartiste, and I think this article suffices as a springboard. In it, Heartiste theorizes that the reason women tend to support open borders is because it raises their sexiness relative to the increasing ugliness around them.

Well yes, sort of, but it’s more of a collateral effect. It does not get to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter, Per Jim, is that women in absence of an owner import new owners. That is all. It is not about feeling pretty, it is about feeling owned, from which feeling pretty naturally flows.

So I figured I’d post a comment in response. Interestingly, it did not pass moderation. Banned from Heartiste, who’da thunk.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-23 om 15.52.33

So, how does this tie in to my bigger issue with Heartiste?

The theory is as follows: the world is divided into warriors and priests, ‘doers’ and ‘thinkers’ if you will. The warriors rule, the priests judge. They tend to dislike one another; the warriors think the priests squishy nerds, the priests think the warriors unsophisticated rednecks. However, Per Jim, the best arrangement is when they cooperate, when warriors are in charge and their rule is given the mandate from heaven by the priests. This way the warriors give priests protection from violence and the priests give warriors protection from holiness spirals.

Heartiste is an obvious warrior. He is the playground bully, the loud asshole. What he is not, is a priest. He makes mistakes in his thinking that a priest does not make, the above article being one such obvious mistake.

Which of course isn’t a bad thing, as his strength is not in thinking but in acting. What however is a bad thing is when he pretends he is also a priest who does not need actual priests. A) he is not a priest, and B) he does need actual priests.

When people say that adult life is just a repeated simulation of high school, this underestimates the power of priests. In highschool, priests get beaten up by the warriors. In adult life, priests route around warriors by denouncing them as evil and elevating themselves as good. A priest plays games with morality, and a warrior does not really know how to play this game (you can’t kick morality’s ass like you would a 1st grader), which is why priests are so evolutionary persistent.

Currently we are in a situation where the priestly class has effectively overpowered the warrior class by exactly those means; hence why the US military can no longer win any wars. Of course, these priests are bugmen and I hate their guts. Just as there’s many shades of warriors, there’s many shades of priests.

Once again, the winner combo is warriors and priests cooperating. The warriors rule and the priests bless their rule. It is a very effective arrangement; the warriors get to act out their best strength, which is cooperating with a group of men, while the priests get to act out their best strength, which is guarding for people who think themselves holier than the king.

From the priest’s side, the arrangement demands that the king has the last word, for the king rules.

But, from the king’s side, the arrangement demands that the priest is right. That, after all, is the priest’s task: to be right. Does not mean the king has to agree with everything the priest says, but does mean the king acknowledges it is the priest’s task to be right, and that the priest is pretty good at this.

Heartiste does not give us this acknowledgement. He represents the warrior side of the Dark Enlightenment, yet refuses to acknowledge the priest side of the Dark Enlightenment, refuses to cooperate with us. And defection begets defection. Obviously if he thinks he does not need us, a post from yours truly will do little to persuade him otherwise. But, being the priest I am, it at least feels good to be correct in my analysis. Also it is of course his loss, because in absence of solid priests he will attract fake priests who will loudly proclaim their undying love of Trump while keeping Paul Ryan’s number on quick dial, just in case.

So, for the moment we are stuck in defect/defect equilibrium. Too bad.

Lukewarm war

In the wake of Charlottesville, the premeditated murder of Dailystormer and the takedown of historic statues have been the starting shot for the next phase of war: a lukewarm war. While your average normie still hopes for the best, the politically aware, either leftist or rightist, prepares for the worst. Both sides agree: democracy as a belief system is over. Perhaps we will have a couple of election cycles, but they will increasingly obviously be a farce.

Might makes right and might demands that the masses be shepherded; both sides intuitively understand this. Centrists are the mindless masses of meat, spoils to the victor of war. Naturally, a leftist despises the masses like he despises a child with Down syndrome, while a rightist likes the masses the way he likes other people’s children. Not that the masses care much either way. More entertainment and good times please!

Yes, you shall have more entertainment – after all, you work for your money and we live in prosperous times. You can have games, porn, tv, Netflix, drugs, soap operas, YouTube, the internet and so much more. Entertainment rains down upon us! But do not for a second imagine there is such a thing as free entertainment. The masses are by necessity shepherded and we know the left is the shepherd.

Freud said that man has as much a desire to create as to destroy. This is incorrect. Man has, on average, a greater desire to create than to destroy. Hence, civilisation. But a non-insignificant minority has an immense desire to destroy and right now, these people have a disproportionately immense impact.

In biology you have the concept of safety barriers. A safety barrier is ‘hidden power’ meant to cope with deviation from the mean. For example, your average heart pumps around 6 liters of blood every minute. This is sufficient for our average needs. But if the need arises, your heart has the ability to increase pumpage up to 25 liters of blood per minute. The difference between the average and the maximum load is a safety barrier. Because of the safety barrier you will not notice heart failure at first; if your heart is only able to pump 10 liters of blood a minute at maximum, you are perfectly fine as long as you do not exert yourself. It is only when the heart muscle is so weak that it can not even pump 6 liters of blood around that people start to panic.

Rightists like to increase safety barriers as much as possible. Power is strength. Hence, rightists’ love for fitness.

Leftists are the exact opposite — maintaining a safety barrier requires work and often it is needless work. It is the old complaint about buying a ticket for short rides on public transport: ‘why should I buy a ticket if a conductor does not check it anyway? It’s not like the public transport will go broke if I dodge fare. In fact I will use the money to buy healthy food which will make me a more productive member of society, so in fact they should thank me for not paying.’ (The leftist then goes on to buy a pack of cigarettes).

This principle of abusing safety barriers for personal gain is the same principle by which the left is leading the West. Immigrants? Welfare? Regulations? Taxes? More of everything! We have plenty! Abuse those safety nets like an alcoholic stepdad abuses his daughter! Burn motherfucker, burn.


So there is no such thing as a free meal, there is no such thing as free entertainment. While Brave New World accurately depicted man’s sedation by entertainment, it inaccurately depicted political stability behind the scenes. You sedate while you rob, otherwise you’d have no need for sedation in the first place.

The Netherlands is pretty sedated. But then, West Europe is sedated. Take Pewdiepie, whom rightists such as Sam Hyde and Murdoch Murdoch have reached out to.  Pewdiepie refuses the call. He is a natural rightist, sure, but why would he risk skin and hair when you have The Good Life? Pewds is happy to be a self-professed Swedecuck drawing the occasional edgy meme.

Americans are only slightly less sedated —, the rightist version of Twitter is very happy receiving 1 million dollars in investments, but this is still chump-change compared to, say, the 120 million dollars the Juicero received. Similarly it has become clear that Trump did not seek office to stop the coming dark age; all he wanted was to live out the American dream to the fullest. Truly a man of the 50’s.

Political upheaval  is violent, chaotic and unpredictable. Those in power want to avoid it, which is why even an extreme-left site like Indymedia might receive a slap on the wrist after they shout for the killing of one too many cop, burn one too many car, terrorise one too many train track. But Indymedia’s response to the government is pretty clear; ‘you have no moral right to rule here’, which is akin to Darth Vader telling emperor Palpatin to watch his step.

So this is where we’re at; leftists shouting IMPACT, rightists shouting FREEDOM, centrists genuinely asking why we all can’t be friends and a lukewarm war warming up.

Put the left back in its natural place

An old NRx meme says that Gnon, God of nature, is always to the right. This translates pretty well to a Dutch saying: truth last longest. Yet we live in an age of lies. Something does not add up.

A superorganism¹ has its strong and its weak. The left is the natural politics of the weak: it is the politics of envy, hatred, covetousness, lying. It is not something for which you can blame the weak, for while the strong take what they will and the weak endure what they must, that does not mean the weak are obliged to enjoy enduring what they must. If you are poor you want to be rich. All life seeks power and the weak seeking power keeps the strong on their feet. It is one of life’s natural equilibria.

Per Jim, a superorganism also has a warrior class and a priest class. By warriors I mean soldiers, the police. By priests I mean priests, professors, judges, and newsmen. In the West politicians used to be warriors, are overwhelmingly priests now. Our priests have gone mad with power.

Warriors fight for the territory, guard the borders. Priests traditionally provide the asabiyyah for people to understand their place within those borders. Used to be so that priests provided solace to the weak: ‘yes, you may be weak, but that does not mean God does not have a special plan for you, does not mean your life is without meaning.’ But greed and arrogance made it so that priests started telling the weak: ‘you are not weak, you are just as strong as anyone else. Fuck the strong!’ Thus priests manufactured the age of lies, harnessing the politics of the weak to overthrow the strong. Thus came democracy, emancipation and immigration, and the strong indeed were fucked. And thus today we all endure the tyranny of the weak.

While the weak love being told how strong they are, they have in fact always pulled on the shortest string. The strong stay the strong — it was merely strong priests using the weak to overthrow the old order and place themselves on the throne.

Thus at the top we do not have people who actually care about the weak, we have psychopathic priests who milk the weak to further their own greedy ends. If anyone strong dares challenge their rule, these psychopaths do not skip a beat in denouncing the challenger. Indeed they despise any mortal who challenges them, for in the age in which God is dead they have crowned themselves Gods. And they will continue to do so until the day they are driven back to their natural place.

Giovanni wrote about striking a deal with alt-leftists in order to overthrow the psychopathic establishment. I am not against considering such deals. But if we are to make marriage legal again, if we are to hold of the coming dark age, to restore the scientific and industrial revolution, if our descendants are to conquer the world, the solar system, the galaxy…. Well, then we have to put the left back in their natural place. As always throughout history, we will have to carry them, kicking and screaming, and in the end they might thank us.


¹ Yes for now I am sticking with that term. I like it.

The Enemy

h/t Heartiste.

Speaker: “Today, you know, I saw a thing that said a lot of men, white men, are committing suicide. I almost thought, ‘yeah, great!'”
Audience laughs.

Yes, suicide rates are going up in the West. In the Netherlands it was 1500 suicides about 15 years ago, now it is up to almost 1900, the highest it has ever been in recorded history (for comparison, traffic death is about 750). More than twice as many men commit suicide than women. The suicide increase in the past years has mainly been an increase in men suicides. Divorce is the single biggest risk factor.

All of this is completely understandable when you observe how our elite, e.g. guys like the speaker in the clip, treat white males. Like they are expendable filth.

So speaking from the heart: fuck this guy, fuck his audience, fuck the fact that guys like him are the priesthood of the West. May he be hit in the face with a crowbar, dipped in tar and feathers and run out of town. Alternatively he could be given a thick rope so that he may practice what he preaches.

Coming to terms with the ongoing Islamic invasion

Wilders has been pushed into a corner by the open-borders globalist coalition. Leader of the globalist coalition, Mark Rutte, tells us that ‘closing the Dutch border’ is a simplistic, divisive solution that will not solve anything. ‘Just be normal’ is his go-to solution. Last week two Dutch homosexuals had their front teeth knocked out by a group of Moroccan immigrants with a crowbar. Will Rutte personally tell these Moroccans to act normal? ‘Oh yes sir, we’re deeply sorry sir. What were we thinking swinging a fucking crowbar in the face of these infidel fags ehh good-meaning equal citizens! It won’t happen again, we promise!’ Rutte patronisingly shakes his head, his hands on his hips. Boys will be boys, he thinks to himself. He wags another finger, but no doubt the nation will sleep soundly knowing that Just Being Normal has yet again saved the day.

The Dutch Alt-Right now turns to Thierry Baudet, the intellectual version of Wilders’ lower class anti-Islam. Wilders eats herring with onions at the local fish seller’s stand, Baudet sips on an expensive wine while playing Mozart on his grand piano. In his first parliamentary speech Baudet stylishly spoke his first words in Latin: Quousque tandem factionem cartellum et officiorum machina patientia nostra abutitur, dum navis pretoria ressurectionis ad proficiscendum parata est. 

It is all very entertaining. The problem is of course that Baudet’s antiques are child’s play compared with the elephant in the room: Kuzu’s Turkish DENK party has more seats than he has. And Kuzu understands the game, knows how to play the cathedral: ‘That’s racist! Why are you being racist? Us, poor Turks, poor foreigners. You should be ashamed for this racism!’ 

So Wilders is countered by Rutte and Baudet is countered by Kuzu. The borders remain open and new hordes of Muslim men screaming for white pussy and infidel blood enter the country every day. What will happen? War? Submission? It is unclear. But an invasion is an invasion. We better find personal peace with it.

The Gears of War are starting to turn

War, most dissident Brahmins agree, is upon us. The peaceful path is prolonged suicide by demographical replacement. The current system offers no solution. America may have found temporary hope in president Donald Trump, but such hope seems faraway for West Europe, whose constitutions firmly assert a system of checks and balances, the intent of which was to make sure those in power don’t abuse their power, the practice of which means no one is allowed to rule. Chronic kinglessness is written into the constitution: no one in is in command of our airplane and no one is allowed to be in command of this airplane even if it is crashing at faster speeds everyday, as we see happening now. The cockpit is empty, save for a bunch of conspiracies that exert power for selfish short-term reasons. Such is the current nature of West European state policy.

When democracy started out in the Netherlands there were only a few parties, all proudly founded on ideological principles. But as time went on these parties discovered the cruel capriciousness of the voter and how solely dependent their power was on this voter base that kept changing its mind. New parties popped up like mushrooms, old parties splintered. No one could hold on to anything. Today there are more parties than you can wag a stick at. And all the old parties have shrunk to a fraction of their old size.

Politicians nowadays publicly whore themselves out for votes. They have no vision, are not allowed a vision except for that eternal catchphrase looping in their head: ‘what will my voter base think of this?’ In fact their voter base couldn’t care less about 99% of what you do, but politicians will always act as if because they never know which 1% will be judged.

After more than 100 years of democratic experiments we have learned with great surprise: voters vote selfishly. The politician’s actual capability is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the amount of FeelGood the voter associates with a politician and his party. This is why in Holland the most successful parties are those that give away free stuff, also called other people’s stuff. If too much free stuff is being given away in too little time we vote on parties that slow down the rate at which more free stuff is given away and we pat ourselves on the back for our prudence.

Problem is you eventually run out of free stuff to give away. The industrial revolution has given us lots of free stuff to give away, but eventually we will still run out. Even worse: the belief that we could give away free stuff for ever is equivalent to a perpetuum mobile scam or, more down to earth, to a pyramid scam, which is why our entire political system has been selecting for scammers, salesmen that promise you to get rid of your bald spot for only 12 monthly instalments of $99,99. See for instance how politicians discovered that the problem of an inconsistent voter base can be solved easily by importing a new voter base from a foreign country. It might be rough if that populace takes with them a religion that demands the beheading of infidels, but that is exactly the kind of long-term problem politicians have learned to ignore: we need to take votes away from our opposition now!

Of course when we point out that the whole thing is a scam the politicians will point to our constitution and indignantly cry that they are acting fully within its spirit! This is true and part of the reason why we are in such deep shit. There is no constitutional solution to our problem. Our constitutions have specifically been designed to ensure chronic kinglessness. West Europe has painted itself in a corner it can not get out of peacefully.

In the United States, the people are gearing up for war. Mind you, we are still far from a full-blown civil war and I have faith that Trump will squelch violent uprisings while president. But the fire is rising all right.

In West Europe, the people are spiritually depleted. The revolution against God has spiralled further and further out of control and now we have reached the point where everyone is holier than Jesus, smarter than Nietzsche and better than God. We do not listen to our friends or to our family members because we all believe that The Holy Me, the individual, knows best, which is a frame our material decadence allows us to uphold our entire life. We say we listen to one another but we simply don’t. Reality has ceased to pull at our feet and consequently we cease to listen to anything that does not flatter our ego. Hence the tendency to listen more intently to the media than your own family: your family might offend your ego, but media will always try to make you feel good about yourself. West Europe has in effect become an echo chamber of egotistic pretentious narcissistic crap.

Honestly I do not see a solution. Ideally we’d have white men rioting. Now that would be a sight. But things will have to deteriorate to much worse before such a thing will happen. Which means we have to grit our teeth and play the waiting game. Perhaps a black swan event will take place. Likely any outcome will be bad. I keep thinking of David Hines’ description of war: Godzilla stamping through your town, arbitrarily killing a few people each day. We are far from that point, but on the current path such an outcome is inevitable.