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Confessions of an ex-leftist

When I was a kid I was a leftist. This was not because I knew the differences between left and right and made a rational decision. It was because I was semi-politically minded and I liked the attention of being holier than those around me, especially my father. Of course I told myself I just wanted to change the world for the better. I wanted to end poverty, stop natural disasters, that kind of thing. I wanted to be on the right side of history.

When I became a teenager my focus shifted away from abstract thinking towards not being bullied at high-school. I was strange. It took me a couple of years before I fit in (it would take me many more years before I discovered that I did not give a shit about fitting in). I learned that bullying is a way to establish hierarchy within tribes. That such a hierarchy existed was my first lesson.

When I grew older, well into my late-teens, I wanted to get laid. However I was not very successful. Since I had learned to stop being bullied and make friends, I figured I could do the exact same thing with getting laid. So I learned game. This took me longer because social relations are fairly easy to fake but having sex with hot girls is a tougher test of character.

I devoured books, internet blogs, podcasts and I approached a ton of chicks. I learned the hard way that I had to be an uncaring charismatic jerkboy. That was my second lesson. Eventually I got laid often. But I was also confused. Everything that worked went against what I thought was right as a kid. It turned out women did not give a rat’s ass about being on the right side of history, and neither did men.

So I read some more, mostly dark enlightenment stuff. And eventually it dawned on me.

Life is complex, but life is also pretty straightforward. In life there is leftism and rightism. Leftism is lying, rightism is speaking truth. Most people lie, because it is in the interest of most people to lie. Therefore most people are leftists. Few people speak the truth, because it is in the interest of few people to speak the truth. Therefore few people are rightist.

Truth is its own validity. You can’t talk away what I can observe with my own eyes. That is all it means to be a rightist.

The cold hard truth

“Because people are just empty vessels, looking for a kick.”
– Spandrell

The problem with Plato is that, just like Nietzsche, he snuck theological assertions into his philosophy. Plato’s cave tells us the story of people sitting in a cave watching shadows and mistaking shadows for the real life. The true philosopher, says Plato, is one who sees that the shadows are what others want you to believe, and that in fact real truth is only to be found outside the cave. Cast off your shackles, step out of the cave and bathe in the sunlight!

This ascendance Plato refers to has a lot of copycats in the world of prophets. Buddha sat below a tree and meditated until he was enlightened. Eckhart Tolle sat on a bench in a park for one year and then bam, he was enlightened. Ken Wilber talks about basic bitch tier 1 thinking and enlightened tier 2 thinking. Jesus’ disciples had the Holy Spirit descend upon them during Pentecost. Mohammed was visited by the angel Gabriel and henceforth became a prophet. Goku got so super pissed when Frieza killed his friend Krillin that he ascended to Super Saiyan. Neo became the One when he found true love. You see where I’m going with this?

In real life there never is an escape from the cave. Break free from one cave and you will end up in another cave. Understand the concepts of caves well enough and you may end up building your own cave like Plato did, who in retrospect was not selling us truth, just his own cave. Shit.

We are the all-seeing dirt of the world, the apex of earthly evolution. We are clever enough to reason the existence of God, but we are not clever enough to find a direct line to God. Schizophrenics are Gnon’s way of imitating lines to God, but I think it is safe to conclude that the voices prophets talk of are always a) inside their head or b) made up entirely.

I am not the only one coming to this conclusion. It is clear that the West is slowly learning about the absence of God. Used to be so that the rising of the sun was all that was needed to prove God’s existence, but no longer is it so. Our organising principles don’t hold up. A rule of thumb is that your principle has to stand up against gamma scrutiny. All modern gammas will gleefully tell you that God is stupid and that Jesus was just a kike on a stick. We seem to have passed the phase where magic is a valid way to explain life.

Nietzsche tried to solve the problem by pointing to man’s own responsibility. Nietzsche did not sell ascendance as in ‘seeing the lines’, but ascendance as in ‘Work Hard and Live Life to the Max’. Which sounded good on paper but in real life turned out to be too much to ask. People are lazy. They do what has to be done and that is all. Why care about being an übermensch? Imma watch me some youtube and then jerk off to some porn.

So we are in quite the pickle. On the one hand we crave a meaningful existence, on the other hand we reject the meanings given to us. We need a new religion, but we can not forge it in the same magical way old religions were forged. Mormonism for example requires its believers to pretend very hard that Joseph Smith was a wise prophet and not the scammer he in fact was, which is why I have a hard time believing Mormonism is the religion we’re looking for.