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King, high priest, prophet


So I’ve hit a ceiling concerning the Jimianity meme. I have been thinking it over.

If you want to start a new religion, as I have been attempting, you need a prophet. What is a prophet? Someone who goes all-in, someone who, if you want to be melodramatic, sacrifices his life for the greater good. The prophet is beholden by no one. He says, through me is the path to God, which in monkey terms translate to: follow me!

But being a prophet is dangerous business. It’s not something you can backwards engineer, even though backwards engineering is often very effective. To be a prophet demands a balance between supreme self-confidence and excellent perception of reality. This is difficult. Propheteering is risky business.

That’s why history tends to find balance between kings and high priests; the high priest is a bit like the prophet in that he has the role of sage, but his role is not to outrank the king, his role is to support the king. Of course a prophet might also support the king, but a prophet might not do so; this unpredictability is what makes the prophet a liability, the high priest a trusted advisor.

The high priest guides for decades, the prophet guides for millennia. But, the high priest lives a good life, the prophet a tumultuous one. High risk high reward.

Currently the De Facto prophet for the West is either Jesus Christ or Karl Marx, which is to say, all rightist priests are pro-Christianity, all leftist priests are pro-Marxism.

So, rightist priests, in the reactionary sense, are followers of Christ, because that’s basically all we have in terms of grand civilization vision. Yes there’s some others, but none compare.

Now, up till this moment I have always sold Jimianity as a post-Christian religion, meaning it builds upon Christianity, meaning I think Jim is as much the son of God as Jesus. But Jim, while open for new ideas, has not yet jumped aboard. Jim seems to go with the route of high priest, e.g. seeking to cooperate with kings, as he has attempted to cooperate with Trump.

I believe the time has arrived for a post-Christian religion; that we need a new religion, the next big thing. I believe this requires a prophet, not a high priest.

BUT, who am I to decide who is prophet and who is not? History decides in retrospect. So while the theoretical groundwork is there, the practical side is that if Jim does not want to be teacher, who am I to demand him to be one.

And who knows, perhaps I will be proven wrong, perhaps a king and a high priest are enough to fix the West. One should not let the Perfect get in the way of the Good Enough.