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Putin, boogeyman


Last year, a prominent Dutch Republican stepped down from his position as minister of foreign affairs, after he claimed that, during a foreign trip, he had overheard Putin say, in a Datsja no less, that Putin was intent on conquering Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Kazakhstan. Now this man, Halbe Zijlstra, had already developed somewhat of a reputation of being a professional liar – he had once claimed to be so close to the Madrid bomb attacks that ‘glass shards flew in his face’. But when it turned out that there was never any meeting in a datsja whatsoever, it became even too much for the Dutch Republicans, and Zijlstra was siphoned away.

Of course, this has not stopped the Dutch Republicans from using Russia as a boogeyman. Zijlstra was merely overenthusiastic, is all! Of course Putin is a threat! A major one, at that!

OK, how strong is this major threat?

Russia’s GNP 2018: 1.7 trillion $.

How does that compare to the countries it is supposedly threatening?

US GNP 2018: 20.4 trillion $

Huh. So the US is twelve times richer than Russia. Surely that makes the US a stronger threat towards Russia than vice versa? How about on the ol’ continent?

EU GNP 2018: 19 trillion $

Huh. It’s almost like the EU is the strong party, Russia the weak. Perhaps its individual countries are weak?

Germany GNP 2018: 4.2 trillion $
France GNP: 3 trillion $

So even the individual states of Europe are two, three times richer than Russia.

If Putin is really such a threat to the West, how come Russia is a glamorized gas station? Combined, the EU and America outproduce Russia by a factor of twenty-four. But supposedly, Putin is on the verge of invading Europe, hacking our internets and installing a sock-puppet government in the US.


War costs money. Putin does not have money, nowhere near enough money to wage a sustained fifth-generation war effort against an enemy twenty-four times as rich as he is. Simple economics tells us Russia is no where near as threatening as the cuck right tells us, for the strong take what they will, the weak endure what they must. It is the permanent government of the West that is the strong, Russia the weak, which is why the permanent government of the West has conquered the whole of Ukraine, Russia merely the Krim.

This war of Western aggression in Eastern Europe, like all wars, has led to casualties. One of these casualties is the shooting of MH-17, a plane which flew over a war zone in which West-sponsored fighters were battling Russia-sponsored fighters, killing 193 Dutch citizens. In an entirely predictable turn of events, the Dutch cuck right has ceaselessly blamed Russia for these deaths for the past five years, conveniently forgetting its own involvement in supporting the Western aggression that has led to the war in the first place.

If Putin had allowed the Western government to seize the Krim, he would have been pushed out of the Black sea. Putin’s actions are not those of the aggressor, they are of the team on defense. Mind you, Putin looks like he could be a conqueror in another life, but that is simply not the role he is playing as leader of Russia, which fact is confirmed by a simple comparison of economies.

Then, the issue of hacking. Supposedly, everyday, thousands of hack-attacks are executed by the Kremlin. What are they hacking? We don’t know, you don’t know! We never know where hackers come from, they are everywhere and no where at the same time!

Now, I am no hacking expert, but I think most of this meme lends power from the fact that few really know how hacking works.

Hacking as in infiltration, espionage, or even hostile takeover from the outside is difficult. When your enemy control his own software and hardware and secures it, it is mighty difficult to break into. The reason Hillary’s emails were hacked was because she had taken absolutely terrible security measures. Trump, learning from this, insisted on solid security measures, and so hasn’t been hacked.

So, to break into a solid secured system of which you control neither the hardware or the software, you need insiders. That’s what Mueller was looking for, but what he could not find, no matter how hard he tried.

Pretty sure there’s plenty of cold hackers, but they can be repelled just fine. Anecdotally, I recall that the best method of success for hackers is always some form of social engineering: get someone on the inside, some secretary or something, to spill the passwords. To cold hack from a thousand miles away into a system that is well secured; it is just not cost-efficient. Hence, to say that the the Kremlin executes thousands of hack-attacks a day, it is a conspiracy theory.

Now, if you dò have access to software and hardware, well suddenly a lot becomes possible. Which is why Huawei is being kicked off of Google, for if we walk around with Chinese hardware, hell yeah we can be hacked by the Chinese, and naturally the Americans rather have us being hacked only by the Americans.

But no Russian hardware, no Russian software, so no Russian hack attacks. Which is why no one can ever give a concrete example of Russian hacking in the West, except for the very few occasions where Russian spies try to physically break into the hardware, which of course they don’t do because of nefarious collusion schemes, but because of a plain old double-agent assassination investigation. Spooks gonna spook.