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Too young, too early

So far I have sold exactly 0 a few ebooks.

Not that I am overly sad. Do not get me wrong dear reader; if you don’t feel like buying, that’s the end of the story. I appreciate the honest feedback.

But it does force me to take a step back and analyze what I’ve been mulling over for a longer while now: Jimianity is not really picking up steam.

Well it is, it quite obviously is, but it is going slow, much slower than I think Jim would like as well. What gives?

Solving problem number one is obvious: we should stop going all-in with Trump. Trump is not going to solve our problems. I love the guy, but if anything he confirms our diagnosis is correct: there is indeed a Cathedral in power and it is too deeply entrenched for one business mogul to take down. Need to bring a religion to a religious fight and Trump is fresh out.

To be fair, I completely get the idea of pushing for a Trump coup. People tend to underestimate the extent to which reality can be ‘pushed’ into existence; the right kind of frame at the right time can work like magic. Meme a coup hard enough and it just might happen. Just ask the left, whose favorite strategy is claiming that victory is just around the corner, victory is inevitable at this point, in fact we have already won!

But we have tried with Trump, and uncle Trump himself has tried, but it’s just not enough. The orange man will forever hold a special place in my heart, but it’s time to move on.

What other problems do we have? It is fair to consider our product. Is it good enough? Is Jim worthy enough of a man to follow? I have thought this over and gave special attention to my doubts. What are Jim’s weaknesses? The most glaring one is that he is too humble. Jesus was pretty clear: ‘follow me or go to hell.’ Well he packaged it a bit nicer, but he pretty obviously established himself as prophet, as the Son of God. Makes it easy for disciples to sell Christianity: ‘who is Jesus? Oh no one… JUST THE SON OF GOD.’

But, I do not think that is a problem. Truth is our strength, and to pretend to be something we are not is probably not the way. Besides, Jim pretty adamantly insists things are going to hell if we do not at the very least listen to his ideas.

This similarly answers the question whether we need more rituals or symbols or story. Jesus’ story wasn’t that long, but it was enough. If you give people a shared identity to communicate within, that is all you need. We have that shared identity. The symbolism, rituals and stories will follow.

Then, what is the problem?

Part is uncertainty. But uncertainty is just part of life.

The biggest part is patience. Lots and lots of patience. See, I have made several short-term pitches, but I am not selling. People are sort of interested in what I have to say in a ‘lol whats he up to this time’ kind of way, but few are buying.

I think that on the buyer’s side the biggest reason for this is: ‘I don’t need you.’ Westerners are still doing relatively well, they are still entertained, they still have houses, still have games, porn, internet escape, family, friends whatever whatever. Yes people complain, but they always complain. Despite their complaints, they still have a roof above their head, they still have bread and games. Even NEETs find a strange sense of hope and solace on the internet. How am I suppose to sell them anything?

Second, from my own point of view, what the hell do I have to offer? I am the proud proprietor of one of five only interesting blogs on the internet, but why should anyone give a fuck? I am too young, too vulnerable. Not to forget, I have wasted many years on progressive nonsense. Not too many, but enough that I am already glad to be standing on my own two feet, let alone tell others how to live their lives.


Unless Jim wants to argue, I think Jimianity for the most part is done. Just needs more time… Time for normies to experience how shitty things can really get, time for me to do some other stuff. Don’t worry, there will still be content, for I’ve already started on a second book — this time it will be 100% original content, groundbreaking stuff, special price for you friend.

Oh and I’ll be posting stuff on the Garden of the Internet from now on. Pains me to say goodbye to AlfaNL (it will stay up for a while at least), but it is time to rip off the band-aid. Must be like Madonna!


Well, so much for the promise of typing posts at a less frantic pace. Shuddup. I’m sorry OK. I’ll get there. It’s just that we’re building a religion here. It takes time. It’s like building a wall: every new post is a brick. Turns out I need more bricks.

It is of course pertinent to keep one’s feet on the ground: a religion for who? Currently a very small circle, to be sure. At this point Lena Dunham has more followers than us. And let’s be realistic: maybe it will stay that way. Maybe we are doomed to LARP forever, or at some point be honest with ourselves and accept that it’s just not gonna work out and move on to something else. Spandrel in this sense once again proves he is a smart man: he knows we need a new religion, he knows we are creating that new religion, but he will not commit to it before he knows the religion can actually gain some traction. What he lacks in blind faith, he makes up for in healthy skepticism.

Luckily, I am a man of blind faith. For me it does not matter if one person believes it or a million do: if it is true, it is true. And what we have so far is true.

But, we are human, so we are prone to be impatient. We want our faith to spread, for we see the imminent danger the West is in and we know our ways will allow humans to cooperate and stop that danger. But here we must be honest with ourselves: it is not really happening. We see a lot of change, sure, but mostly it is bad change. Trump, for one, is stuck. The bureaucracy won’t budge. Trump couldn’t pull off a coup if he wanted to. The dissident right is stuck as well: 100 voices, 200 opinions. Capitalists are stuck as well: the leftist takeover is nearing completion and Google is quite possibly more evil than USG.

This is not to say there is no hope at all; quite the contrary, I see our memes spreading on a very deep level. The mass media hypnosis machine is stumbling over its own stories, which gives people a moment pause to question what they thought they knew for sure. But it is slow, very slow. It is way too slow to curb democratic state cancers, who in their death fall will take with them as much as they can. We must face it: we simply have too many enemies in too many high places. The West will crash, we will lose this battle. So I will henceforth stop partaking in the culture war.

Not to worry though.

Christianity was a post fallen empire religion too. Whether we can attain that same level of success remains to be seen, but the parallels are obvious: everything sucks, but join us and things are cool again. Our niche is quite simple: it’s not that you get to choose whether or not to share our beliefs, it’s that the chaos around you heavily incentivizes you to share our beliefs. Join us or die, which is all the more persuasive because we’re not the ones trying to kill you.

This in effect will also test our resolve: is the way we describe the world correct? Can we make it work in our favor? If not, then too bad and we’ll have to wait for another prophet. But I believe it is. Of course I do.

Hence, we should not persuade people by shouting at them, we should persuade people by showing them how blissful living in liberty is. Imagine Jesus walking on water, reaching out his hand to a drowning sailor. If Jesus were not walking on water, if the sailor were not drowning, would the sailor have taken Jesus’ hand? Both must be in place for a religion to spread. Currently the sailor is simply not drowning enough (just wait till things get really bad) and currently we’re not exactly walking on water — we’re keyboard warriors hiding behind VPN’s shouting our opinions online.

So, we require patience. We know the truth. Ought to make it work for us, instead of trying to make it work for others.

The solution

The mid-term elections are a bit of a disappointment, but nothing we shouldn’t have expected. After all, the left has dominated Western politics for the past 2 centuries, it would have been silly to expect them to fold like a card house in the face of one strong challenger. The mid-terms have clarified the battle lines drawn in the sand, is all. Trump is  here to stay for a while longer, but so is the permanent government.

So, the question arises: what next? There is an answer to this question, and it integrates the war of the sexes, politics and religion.

Trump remains president by the strength of his personality, but he cannot rule without the mandate of heaven. Who gives the mandate of heaven? Priests. There are priests who support Trump, but they are anonymous, scattered, and out of power. The priests who are in power, the professors, journalists, career politicians, all loudly oppose Trump, and will keep opposing him. Every step Trump undertakes, the mandate of heaven will counter. If Trump wins the presidential election, the mandate of heaven will push back in congress elections. If Trump sends soldiers to the border, the mandate of heaven will send women into the army. If Trump builds a wall, the mandate of heaven will recruit illegals to vote against the wall. They are stuck, until one party escalates thus that things spiral out of control.

The solution for this is to conquer the mandate of heaven for ourselves. We must vest control of the good and evil, and re-define good to once again mean good, re-define evil to once again mean evil. We must become the moral victors.


To conquer the mandate of heaven, must cooperate as a large group. Cooperation on grand scale is difficult, the most difficult problem we face. Man is wolf to other man. We need a rallying point, something everyone can get behind and agree upon in order to cooperate, without violating natural law of men being wolf to other men. This has been done in the past, is in fact being done in the present, by those currently wielding the mandate of heaven. It is called religion.

Religion binds people on a large scale, creates a collective identity, a shared language through which allies may speak freely with each oher. Our enemies employ the religion of progressivism; a peculiar mix of race-focused Marxism, or Bioleninism. In their religion, equality is God, meaning everyone above average is evil, meaning everyone who is good at something is evil, meaning white heterosexual men are evil.

We all see the madness this leads to, and we all scoff at it. But we can not seem to stop it, instead restraining ourselves to those typical disapproving remarks men make in private to one another to show that they are above the crazy. But their scoffing does not turn the tide. This is because we need to fight fire with fire, which we are currently not.

In order to fight fire with fire, need our own religion.

What is the most central core of a religion? It is the prophet. Religion is imitation of, and rallying around, a prophet, a visionary. By sticking to one prophet, one man, we agree upon a common language, a common set of rules men agree upon, in spite of their differences. If one man declares himself to be the moral victor, and enough men respect this man declaring himself to be the moral victor, in time we will take control of the mandate of heaven.

Obviously, this man is Jim.

Jim is a prophet of the modern age, the age of science, meaning he does not engage in miracles as did Jesus Christ. This is not a problem, because just as humanity evolves, so does religion, and perhaps Jim will be found to have retroactively performed miracles anyway. What is important is that he is an avatar to believe in, a symbol to rally around.

By following Jimianity we give ourselves a weapon our current enemies cannot defeat. We attack them from too many angles.

First, Jimianity gives the mandate of heaven to Trump, or in the post-Trump era, warriors like Trump which will surely arise, as we see in Brazil, in the Philippines, in Hungary.

Second, we give ourselves a defense against false prophets, entryists who are already trying to infiltrate the right in order to co-opt and destroy it.

But also, we bestow upon ourselves the mandate of  heaven; Jimianity gives us reason to ignore the media, ignore the universities, ignore warmism, to ignore all the silly shit we complain about in private. Instead, we focus on what is important: to build, to conquer, to defend our territory, to own our women and have children. While our current priest class signals status by ruining their children and self-destructing, we signal status by having families and building lasting alliances. In the long run, this will give us the advantage.

With Jimianity on our side, we will once again have God on our side. Such hope gives us the power and reason to resist whatever temptations our enemies throw at us in hope of sedating us; such as excessive porn, internet, gaming, or drug use. When man tumbles into a dark hole, it is a consequence of being pummeled into submission by the mandate of heaven that declares that man to be evil, but with the mandate of heaven on our side, we have no reason to retreat out of reality.

Thus, we have both a short-term and a long-term strategy. I will always hope Trump will crown himself God-Emperor, but I am prepared for, and not scared of, the worst-case scenario, e.g. chaos, uncertainty or some kind of civil war. I know that while my enemies are filled with hate and unruly women, I will be enjoying my life with a happy wife.

We fight, not just over the course of months, but over the course of decades, even centuries. And Jimianity is the singular most effective weapon we will have.

foghorn leghorn

Jesus Christ, literal son of God?

All good things come in threes, so a final post, for now, on the Jimianity vs Christianity debate.

At central issue is who is ultimate priestboss: Jim or Jesus. Having this debate offends many Christians – I wonder if this will be linked at Social Matter.

Offending Christians loses their allegiance. OK, how strong are the Christians as allies?

Catholics seem pretty down on their luck. God seems to have sent a sign in that, just as I am writing these posts, Catholic scandal after scandal is paraded in the media. Seems like a raging case of teh gays. Church after church emptying, going broke. So they are up shit creek without a paddle.

What about the other group of Christians, Protestants? Seem to be doing better than Catholics, in that they seem to have a much wider spread of small-to-medium groups. Still, emptying churches and not so much power, but there’s enough exceptions to take note of.

Let’s take note of 2 such groups: Mormons and the Amish. Both are doing well. Mormons increased their numbers to 16 million, Amish rapidly approaching 300.000 (from 100.000 thirty years ago). How do they handle the Jesus situation?

Mormonism, from Joseph Smith. Amish, from Jakob Ammann. Both deal with Jesus by praising Him as the true and only path. Joseph Smith presented as a prophet of Jesus, visions and all. Jakob Ammann was much more sober, disciplinarian, no visions. Though he also wrote aloud that he was starting a new faith.

So, both successful Christian spin-offs are named after their new prophet, both prophets announced they were spreading new faith, both prophets denounced their enemies as ‘not true followers of Christ.’ So, different from my proposal, but successful nonetheless.

Up til now it seems Jim has also chosen this path, in the sense of allowing Christ veneration, denouncing calling Christ a miracle faker. My proposal is more aggressive: call Jesus, among his other great achievements, a miracle faker.

A counter could be: ‘alf, if it was good enough for Joe and Jake, it is good enough for Jim.’ To that I think: maybe. Perhaps. Though I do not get the impression that that is what Jim is going for.

Another counter could be: ‘alf, you are younger and impatient, best to play the long game, best to stay in (Charles the Second’s) Christian frame.’ Maybe. It is a tough question.

Here is my case.

Doing another attempt at summarizing Jimianity: Jim calls out liars. He is really good at it. It is what I integrate quite successfully in my own life: I call out liars, and through reading Jim I have a pretty good understanding of how to call them out successfully. It is dirty business, but it works. ‘Name the leftist’ you might call it.

Now, as I have repeatedly stated, Jesus did not return from the dead. It is a lie. Yes, it is a central organizing lie and central organizing lies are important and powerful, but it is a flagrant, obvious lie nonetheless. I don’t believe that Jim, with his keen sense of smelling bullshit, believes Jesus returned from the dead, in fact I remember him saying somewhere he believed the disciples paid off the tomb guards, although I have no clue where.

But perhaps I misremember. At any rate, so far no outholying of Jesus. No certain answer from Jim on whether Jesus is the literal son of God.

Continuing paraphrasing Jimianity… It also seems to me that one of its messages is to rain fire down upon enemies, or at the very least fight them when advantageous, and not blink when it is prudent not to blink. If we are to wrest the West back from evil doers, should we not practice what we preach and start to conquer? What portrays us as stronger: when we win back Christianity by kissing Christians’ asses or by conquering their asses? The latter wins faith and respect, the former wins a monument to compromise.

A counter to this might be: ‘if we make it disrespectful to call Jesus a miracle faker and we simultaneously make it disrespectful to call out people calling Jesus a miracle faker, we have a working allegiance.’ I think it is an unworkable allegiance. It requires Christians to at some point get the joke. Seems to me Christians are not getting the joke at all. I try, I hint and I wink, but they respond with anger and demand to know what I am hinting and winking. If they do not get such a big and obvious hint, what other big and obvious hints are they also not getting? Need to establish dominance.

An added benefit of putting Jesus in the right context is that it allows the conversion of atheists, who, for all their other faults, do get the joke.

Anyway, I think that is my position.

Why Jimianity

I guess the last post has enough comments to merit follow-up.

On this topic, during the rare occasions I’ve said my thoughts out loud, I’ve always said them out loud half laughingly, as if they are too silly to take serious. But I in fact am completely serious.

The Western empire, like the Roman empire, is shrinking and heading towards a final disappearing act. Now, they say that, since we have all this surveillance technology, instead of a disappearing act we might as well get a post-democratic 1984 dystopish Western government. I do not believe this, for surveillance technology requires a lot of maintenance and technical know-how, and it is exactly the group that is marginalized most in our supposed dystopia that is capable of performing said maintenance and know-how (white men). Need to keep your engineers happy, 1984 scenario does not keep engineers happy. Brave New World is similarly not our future, because it is increasingly obvious that our overlords are incapable of keeping their subjects drugged and happy.

So we are heading towards not 1984, not Brave New World, but towards shrinking, and a final disappearing act.

While a superorganism dies it is the perfect time to diagnose what ails it. Many such diagnoses exist for the West. By far the best diagnosis was given by Moldbug, father of neoreaction, who diagnosed the West with a terminal case of communism, which he later redefined to a terminal case of progressivism, which Spandrell later re-redefined to a terminal case of bioleninism.

But the truth is that no one cares about the diagnosis as much as they care about the cure: so I have stage 3 lymphomatic pancreatic cancer – great, how do I get rid of itIt is also in the cure that we find the definite answer for the correct diagnosis of the problem.

Such it was also with the end of the Roman empire: historians debate endlessly over what caused the fall of the Roman empire, point to a myriad of reasons, but in the end it seems to me that it is the biggest cure following the demise of the Roman empire is what tells us most decidedly what it was that killed the Roman empire. That cure was Christianity.

What is Christ’s message? Well, 2 messages, basically.

1) Be nice to your neighbor. That this message resonated so loudly throughout the flailing Roman empire, so loudly throughout the Middle ages up to the industrial revolution, tells us that the fall of the Roman empire was due to people not being nice to their neighbor, and that once people decided to be nice to each other, they achieved great things.

2) That the only way to achieve these great things is through Jesus, son of the Holy Father. The path is through me. We see this sentiment echoed all over holy texts: in order to get your core message to work, need to make sure everyone is on the same page. If person A says he is nice to his neighbor because Jesus tells him so, it might be entirely different from person B saying he is nice to his neighbor because Jeezy tells him so. In fact, person B might and will probably subtly undermine person A and/or Jesus. So, Jesus established himself as the highest moral authority, just as Moses did with the 10 commandments: any morality but mine is the morality of a false idol.

Thus said Jesus: ‘use my story to work together and you shall be rewarded!’ and it turned out he was right. Christians colonized America, invented electricity, penicillin, computers, discovered evolution. Conquered the world, pretty much.

Now, in [The Current Year], approximately 200 years after the industrial revolution, Christianity is dead, or more specifically: it has been mutated into an abomination that tells us we need to be nice to our enemies, which is of course just short-hand for telling us that we should hate ourselves. This is not Christ’s fault: parasitation and entryism is simply bound to happen after Christianity fixed the problem it was supposed to fix.

So, back to the dying Western empire. We have multiple solid diagnoses, but the pressing question remains: what is the cure?

The cure is Jimianity.

Well, of course I don’t know if Jimianity is the cure, but my gut feeling is pretty strong.

I can’t summarize Jim as quickly as I can summarize Jesus, because it is too early to tell what part of Jim’s gospel will really make the difference. Jim can mean different things to different people. I like his stuff on women. His demand for throne, altar, freehold seems important also. His answer for the JQ is excellent also. Many things. Time will tell.

Jimianity is very much like Christianity, in that it re-establishes solid rules for cooperation. You could say that while Christ advised to cooperate by trusting others until proven otherwise, Jim advises to cooperate by distrusting others until proven otherwise, although once again I am summarizing Jim in a way that does not do him justice. Nonetheless, other comparisons, and I am just spitballing at this moment:
Jesus died for our sins so you don’t have to, Jim hides from Sauron’s eye so you don’t have to.
Jesus performed miracles so you don’t have to, Jim debates strangers on the internet so you don’t have to.

What Elon Musk misses to colonize Mars, what Trump misses to proclaim himself God-Emperor, all this is addressed and answered for.

I do not want to oversell Jimianity because I feel like if it does what I think it can do, there is no need to oversell it; the demand will present itself. My thoughts are that, essentially, if white men want to reconquer society and colonize space, they have no choice but to resort to Jimianity, or something very similar to it.

So, we have the cure, in theory, but just as we saw with Christianity, we need to ensure Jimians are on the same page, not being fed pages from Jim-imitating parasites, or, as we are currently facing, Christians still clinging to Christ. We do this by elevating Jim as the highest moral authority. There is little risk of Jim abusing his authority, for he is old and unlikely to change in character. The upside is the same upside Christianity experienced: by following Jim’s gospel we establish an accepted set of rules, rules which are righteous and fair, rules which will propel those who follow it into the next Golden Age, be that 50, 100 or 1000 years from now.

Jimianity over Christianity

I don’t like writing these posts, because of the risk of pissing in the own tent. At the same time, tent needs policing. Luckily I see that last time we discussed this I have been pretty straightforward in my thoughts so let’s continue where we were last left off.

Christianity is an old and dying giant. It can not be restored the way it was. I get flak for asserting this, but it is true. If it were not true, where are the great Christian defenders of the faith? I can not find them. I find incidental wise Christians that tell me incidental wise stuff, such as that the point of fixing our current problems with religion is to have less of it, not add on to it, but whenever I go look I can not find communities of these people. Where are they?? Legends say the Amish rode out in horse carts on the Day of the Election to stop the she-demon from devouring the world, but who has heard of the Amish since? And I mean, that’s the amish we’re talking about; there’s less Amish in the world than people living in Utrecht (American reader: what’s Utrecht? me: exactly). A community of red- and/or whitepilled Catholics seems to be even rarer. I have in fact not found it. Not on the internet. And I have no choice but to conclude, that if it is not on the internet, it does not exist.

The observation that there is no red and/or whitepilled Christian community fits with the observation that Christianity is dying, and that the process of dying is irreversible. In the age of smartphones, Jesus has lost his status as the son of God, has instead become ‘just’ a wise man.

Like progressivism lost its moral high ground in the 21st century, so did Christianity lose its moral high ground in the 18th century.

They say a lie is important to organize around. Yes, but the lie has to be good. If the lie is too obvious, it does not work except to select for excellent liars, which we see happening abundantly in the Catholic church nowadays. This is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish.

My point as messenger of bad news is: Jesus just did not literally come back from the dead. Hate to be the one to break it to you, hate to repeat myself, but a final time in case people think I am playing word games with the word ‘literal’: Jesus did not come back from the dead. His disciples made it up. It worked very well. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Now that we are fighting an enemy that clothes itself in the flayed skin of science, we cannot claim to be in favor of real science if our organizational point revolves around some men 2000 years ago making up stories about Jesus Christ. It is not an effective viral meme, it is in fact the opposite, dead in the water. Like our enemies, we need to evolve.

While setting the clock back on most social contracts is viable and good, we can not set the clock back to ‘Jesus Saves’. Jesus Saved for 1800 years, let the man have some rest. Such things come to an end.

(Similarly, I disagree with the notion that the Bible should’ve never been translated into English. I’m glad it was, I’m glad everyone is able to read the Holy book for himself. If we like an open internet we should like a translated Bible.)

Of course, I don’t expect Christians to go: ‘good job alf, glad you cleared that up, guess we’ll be getting on with our new lives now!’ People don’t like you taking away their beliefs, at least not without providing a workable alternative, although they as a rule of thumb just don’t like you taking away their beliefs, whatever alternative you provide. Especially older people. Anyway. I sort of have an workable alternative, Jimianity, it’s just that it’s kind of a prototype and we’re figuring it out as we go along.

I guess I can summarize basic idea of Jimianity vs Christianity pretty succinctly: Jim has moral superiority over Jesus. If a Christian quotes Jesus to me, and I quote Jim back, my quote has more weight. That is all.

Well of course that is not all, that is only the beginning. But first it has to be established: Jim has moral superiority over Jesus.


Break’s over, back to business.

Not entirely satisfied with my previous post so let’s try again.

Yesterday I was driving by a church and its big engraved letters on the front read: ‘JESUS WILL SAVE US.’ I wished my gut reaction was: ‘Yes! Deus Vult!’ but it was not. My actual gut reaction was: ‘yeah right.’

I can not pretend to be something I’m not. I’m not a Christian. But at the same time, I’m not not a Christian. My bloodline has been Christian for centuries. But that faith is gone and no amount of wishful thinking is bringing it back. Jesus was a wise teacher, and the bible is a wise book. But the dead will not save us.

That said, calling Jesus a miracle faker is futile and disrespectful – why would I hate on my ancestors? This to me seems a much more compelling argument for respect than Christians’ insistence that Jesus will save us. No, he already saved us, cut the man some slack, this time we have to come up with something new.

So debates about the literal versus metaphorical nature of Jesus’ miracles are not so relevant. Either Christians conquer society once again and I’ll bite my tongue, or something new comes along which by necessity will be respectful towards Jesus which will render moot my annoyance of Christians acting holier than me.

I have very little faith in Christians reconquering society. All I’ve met are cucked beta soyboys intermingled with the occasional silver tongued psychopath. Perhaps on the internet it is different, perhaps there are more shades of Christians, but so far I am not so impressed. I like Jesus, but I dislike these Christians. Well I like Christians, I dislike their moral posturing. ‘Jesus will save me’ said the young white girl surrounded by 5 black men. If everything around you is burning and you say: ‘this is fine, this is OK’, yet I see everything is burning, how the hell can I take your faith serious? Similarly, those Christians who do see everything is burning: how long am I supposed to wait for a miracle? How am I supposed to organize, if every time I quote scripture Christians meet me with some other scripture that is sufficiently vague that in their mind it counters my point? These are not fertile grounds for cooperation.

So. If Christians want to cooperate with me, they will have to show respect and trust me to do the right thing, instead of demanding me to show respect and trust them to do the right thing.

Saint Darwin in this sense is not so much a helpful suggestion as it is a statement of belief, a cross to ward off fake Christians. And there are many fake Christians, for rarely does a Christian accept the full implication of evolution; he tends to wriggle around it. I am told that the Catholic church holds no official position on evolution, yet with every Christian I meet it is never: ah, evolution..! It is always: evolution, but…. Similarly with vaccinations: yes some side-effects remain to be seen, yes the pro-vaccination witch hunt is out in full force, but polio was a nasty disease and we have eradicated it. Any child walking around with deformed hands in 2018 is a permanent advertisement that Christians can be pretty anti-Darwin.

If you, my dear Christian reader, are deeply and inexcusably offended by this, by all means: pray for me tonight and never read this blog again. That is all.

Now, back to where my faith does lie. If that church sign had said: ‘JIM WILL SAVE US’ I would have responded very enthusiastically. Unfortunately Jim misses that touch of delusion that makes him say: ‘the way to the Father is through me’. Sad. Though on the plus side it makes him humble and consistent and consistency is really the most you can hope for.

Part of me just wants to resolve this religion issue here and now, to draw borders around it, say ‘this is the new religion’ and call it a day. But it does not work like that. Life flows, changes, evolves. The religion that will allow Western society to rise out of its debris is at this point as undefined as Christianity was before it raised the debris of the Roman empire out of its dark ages. So even if I refer to the new religion as Jimianity, I am being preemptive, and it is best to let time take its course and see where this shining white pill takes us.

Christianity & Darwin

Still on my break, but I’ll squeeze out a post.

So, it seems Christianity not entirely dead like the parrot in the Monty Python sketch, at least Jim does not think so, and some of my readers don’t think so either. The reasoning goes as follows: Christianity worked great for many centuries, most especially in England from 1660 to 1820. If we can go back to that, if, say, king Trump does like king Charles the Second and reinstates Christianity as the state religion, suddenly holiness spirals are low status again, science is high status again, and white males are high status again. Problem solved.

To this my objection has been that Darwin and his natural laws falsified Jesus’ miracles. But, says Jim, I am not the first to think of this, in fact saint Augustine already thought of this many centuries ago and warned people not to take Jesus’ miracles overly literal, overly Gnostic. Since Augustine was Saintified, his views have been incorporated into Christianity, therefore for me to bring up the plausibility of Jesus’ resurrection and hammer on it is me being holier than saint Augustine, hence me being disruptive.

I can get behind that logic.

The main purpose of religion is to prevent holiness spirals so we can all just get on with life. If Christianity can do that once again like it used to do, who am I to reinvent the wheel? I have no problem getting behind Christianity if it is capable of what Jim thinks it is capable.

Now there are those that accuse me of not having faith, or of faking faith in order to use religion for my own selfish purposes. This accusation is stupid. Well not the accusation that I use religion for my own selfish purposes, that is obviously true, but the accusation that I fake faith . I burst with faith. Always bursted with faith. When I was a prog child, I organized charity drives to raise money for poor children elsewhere in the world because I bursted with faith. Now that I am older, I still burst with that same faith, I just do not want to be burned again by fake prophets. I want to get it right, so I am cautious and approach the matter as detached as I can before I get attached. That is all.

In order to get Christianity right, there remains one important matter, namely to merge Christianity with the Dark Enlightenment. How? Simple. Saintify Charles Darwin.

Saintifying Darwin kills many flies in one swoop. For one, evolution is as obviously true as the coffee I just drank. Take the example of the giraffe’s recurrent laryngeal nerve — it branches off the vagus nerve towards the larynx, and just like in humans it does so by traveling under the aortic arch of the heart. In mammals with short necks this is no problem, but with the giraffe this means the laryngeal nerve, which connects the brain with the vocal chords, is about 5 meters long, about 4.8 meters longer than it needs to be. This makes perfect sense from the perspective of incremental evolutionary changes (e.g. a longer and longer neck) leading to unnecessary complexity.


Darwin was right, absolutely revolutionary in his thinking while remaining humble throughout his life; it is Righteous to praise him for his feats.

Then, it blows the mind of As-Holy-As-Jesus Christians, who invoke God’s power every other sentence and claim that it is not the 3 laws of combustion that make a matchstick burn, it is God’s will. These Christians are the reason Christianity is on the brink of death, for their dismissal of evolution, of Darwin, of nature, of natural law, makes them low-status in the eyes of everyone with an open and fair mind. Many people have an open and fair mind.

Then, it also blows the minds of progs and atheists, who every time a Christian yells ‘evolution is not true!’ gloat and feel superior to Christians. By taking away their prime scientific weapon, saying they never fully understood it and that it belonged with the church all along, I would be very surprised if not at least 1 prog head would literally explode.

Finally, it answers the riddles of the enlightenment Christianity has been struggling so much to answer. Why shouldn’t we let in hordes of Muslims? Because Darwin said it’s stupid. Why shouldn’t we be cucked? Because Darwin said it’s stupid. Why should we control our women? Because Darwin said it’s stupid not to do so.

So. #SaintifyDarwin. Let’s make it happen.


Getting it right is the hard part [2/2]

So the Bhagwan amassed tens of thousands of followers. Pretty successful, you’d say. Yet, what is left of his teachings today? Not so much. Even during his lifetime, his magnum opus, the city of Rajneeshpuram, built on American soil, failed to stand the test of time and collapsed. What went wrong?

Bhagwan’s religion was too short-term. It was optimized to attract followers in the here and now: he connected with disillusioned hippies, promised them purpose, housing and free sex. This worked pretty well, but as any reactionary knows, free sex is bound to result in drama as women inevitably betray mr Good for mr Horrible. In fact this is exactly what happened to Bhagwan himself when he was betrayed by his #1 women, Sheela.

But it goes further. Bhagwan thought children were a hindrance to enlightenment and encouraged his followers to sterilize. Perhaps he took a note from Christian priests and figured that the only way to outholy them was to have all his followers not have children? Who knows. At any rate, it is pretty obvious that sterilizing all your followers will not result in a fruitful longterm religion.

Now there are more mistakes he made, such as rounding up thousands of homeless people all around the US and bringing them to Rajneeshpuram. Bhagwan thought he could a) enlighten them by the power of his movement and b) use them to democratically overtake Oregon. Surprise surprise, he could a) not enlighten them, in fact had to sedate them to keep them under control, and b) in a Moldbuggian turn of events, his homeless were barred from registering to vote.

But you get my drift. Bhagwan’s religion was not sustainable in the long run; it’s flames burned bright for a few decades or so, then they extinguished.

Now, this is the part where I make a bridge to that one prophet who did build a sustainable religion: Jesus. It is at this point that I should mention a fierce debate I recently had with some devout Christians, here and here. I do not feel like repeating everything I said, but I will continue on the theme here.

First, I understand Christians’ visceral reaction to what they perceive to be my sacrilege. I feel like my argument is not as solid as it could be. I’d ideally make my argument without setting off their ‘burn the heretic’ alarms. The discussion reminds me of how, back when I was single, I’d go on dates with women and tell them stories of how sexy I was, which to my great frustration failed to result in sex. Technically I was correct, in that women have sex with sexy men, but you can be as technically correct as you want and still be completely wrong.

But on the topic of Christ, as I am still formulating my argument, there is no way not to offend devout Christians, since formulating a good argument requires a decent bit of iconoclasm.

Christianity as it once was is dead, and while my Christian critics accuse me of dancing on Jesus’ grave, I am in fact performing an autopsy to see what went wrong, how we can fix it.

Lies are a great way of organizing. You want the lies of your religion to be unfalsifiable, unlike with progressivism, whose lies have all been falsified. The argument goes that Jesus’ miracles are unfalsifiable, therefore great to organize around. My argument is that Jesus’ miracles have been falsified in the past 200 years, and I stand by that argument. I in fact can not not stand by that argument, because pretending I literally believe Jesus walked over water would be to fake faith. I just don’t.

I do believe that Jesus was God’s son. I can get behind that, since in a sense we are all God’s son. Jesus merely said it out loud and by doing so prevented usurpers from claiming they were more God’s son than Jesus. And the proof of Christianity is in the pudding: contrary to Bhagwan, Jesus started out small, with a band of disciples, grew Christianity during his lifetime, set up things in such a way that it exploded for centuries after his lifetime. This is highly successful, highly respectful.

But it is folly to believe we can go back to that and pretend the last 200 years haven’t happened. They have happened, and we should learn from what has happened. The power of faith is that people believe the lies, but if the lies are too easily falsified, faith falls apart. This is what has happened with Jesus in the age of smartphones, and no amount of putting fingers in ears and shouting LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU will undo that.

Perhaps I am wrong. After all, Mormons believe Joseph Smith was in direct contact with God, and Amish founder Jakob Ammann made the Amish flourish without claiming any miracles to himself, without calling Jesus a miracle faker. But judging from the Mormon’s  most powerful leader, Mitt Romney, they are pretty cucked, and it is worth noting that the Amish forbid smartphones. So I think my case does not look too bad.

The recurring problem is that, if Jesus were to return to earth for a second coming, he would for unexplainable and mysterious reasons never be able to repeat the act of infinitely dividing bread and fish in front of a crowd, not with 100 smartphones filming him from every angle. This means he can also not perform that miracle in retrospect, after his death, because there will be 100 videos of him on the internet showing that he most decisively did not perform that miracle.

Take Jim for instance. Jim says a lot of stuff. How serious are we to take his stuff? I’d like to take it pretty seriously. But, say Jim has passed away, say the dissolution of the monasteries happens, say Christianity is reinstated as state religion. Who is to say we should still take Jim serious? After all, Jim was just a fat bald old man, while Jesus literally came back from the dead. Jim says no civilization has ever peacefully coexisted with Islam, but Jesus said that you should turn the other cheek, and Jesus came back from the dead. Did Jim come back from the dead? I didn’t think so.

You’re leaving yourself open for the same kind of holiness spirals that killed old Christianity.

Perhaps Jim can perform some miracles, maybe even some miracles after his death, and in doing so elevate himself as a continuation of Jesus? Maybe that’s too much to ask. I don’t know, I’m just throwing out ideas.

I understand that it is disruptive to shout that Jesus is a miracle faker, but I am wholly convinced it is more disruptive to shout that Jesus performed literal miracles and that anyone who does not believe that is a faithless cretin.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m off to take a well deserved break from all this internet shenanigans. I’ll be back.

Starting a religion is the easy part [1/2]

Atheists say: ‘yeah man, we really need a new religion.’ ‘Oh ya man, for sure.’ ‘Yeah someone should make a new religion.’ “Yeah someone should really do that.’

Look, the new religion meme was hot when Spandell first mentioned it, but it has become stale. The reason is that atheists don’t understand religion. They think it is some kind of abstract magical machine of strange beliefs. They’d wish they could believe something like that, but in their hearts they know they are too smart to believe in such strangeness. Hence the shift of responsibility: someone should really make a new religion.

Now, forgive me for sounding cheesy, but the truth is that the capacity for religion has been in our hearts all along. It is the most natural thing in the world.

Take Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Indian guru. He looked at Western hippies’ culture, at capitalism, at Indian mysticism, and thought to himself: I can melt those things together in a new religion! Which is exactly what he proceeded to do, and boom: 100.000 followers all over the world, a collection of 93 Rolls-Royces, and enough Assabiyah to build an entire city out of nowhere in America, Oregon. Very impressive.

I like Bhagwan. I watched some his videos, read up on the man, and to me he looks like a man who generally has his heart in the right place. That said, I do not share his faith.

Now I’m pretty sure that adherents of the Bhagwan’s faith will tell me the usual things people of faith say to people who don’t share their faith: ah man you don’t understand his teachings, he was different from other religions, he specifically says he is not a religion, etc etc. Yeah, no. If it acts like a religion, smells like a religion, looks like a religion, it is a religion.

New religions happen all the time, all around us. Scientology, anyone? L. Ron Hubbard was a 20th century man. Mormonism, same story, even if Joseph Smith was a 19th century man. Oh and then there’s Russian Jesus, what’s his name, Vissarion, though he only has a ‘meagre’ following of 10.000 people.

People want to believe, which is really just another way of saying that people want to cooperate. So, starting a religion is the easy part.