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Inconspicuous title

I wanted to title this post Jimianity but I thought it too dramatic.

It is finally time for a decent split within neoreaction. Supposedly, all intellectuals on this side of the internet agree on how the world works, but in reality, all intellectuals on this side of the internet are as much in agreement with each other as I am in agreement with Scott Alexander.

So, let us do away with the pretense. I like the NRx community, but I like me better. Man is wolf to other man and LARPing friendship on the internet ain’t gonna change that.

I prefer a clear hierarchy on truth. You speak truth, you are my friend. Truth follows canon, ergo you’ll see truth-seekers following a similar canon.

Jim’s canon is on the edge of truth. It is neoreaction, but it is also a solution to end the war of the sexes. It is the evolution of Christianity, uncucked and red-pilled.

Many neoreactionaries break with Jimianity when women are concerned; be it the idea of treating women as your property (sexist!), treating 10-year old girls as sexually aggressive (horrible!) or the idea that emancipation is the biggest inverse influencer of fertility (simplistic!). Personally I’ve found Jim’s ideas to make perfect sense.

They say no enemies to the right, no reason to pick a fight when no one is looking for a fight, but fuck it, I’ve never been one to shy away from a good fight. Moldbug diagnosed the problem correctly and those who agree with his diagnosis are neoreactionaries. Jim prescribes a solution for the problem and those who agree with his solution are… Jimians? I guess. Points to Jim for having such a memeable name.

They say we need a new religion. I say we stop shoving around the burden of responsibility. We are the new religion.



Nature boils down to a few simple concepts.

Haters will point out that I oversimplify. The haters are wrong. I am good at saying a lot with few words. Nature indeed boils down to a few simple concepts.

In life, you can either cooperate or defect.

Used to be that defection was the dominant strategy, say in the time when the Roman empire started to crumble. Everybody complained about everybody and in the end nothing got done. Then came Jesus, who told people to be loving and cooperative, and boom: 1800 years later we get the industrial revolution.

Because of Jesus we now find ourselves in a situation where cooperation is the dominant strategy. A normie engages in a ton of cooperation: with the tax collector who wants more and more of his money, with schools who want more and more of his kid’s time, with media who wants him to repeat more and more party lines, with the Zeitgeist of the Collective Spirit of the People’s Progress Towards a New Utopia. Essentially, our normie is cooperating himself into a crumbling Western empire.

Turns out that if everyone blindly cooperates, parasites sprout up like weeds until defection once again becomes the standard.

The point of a post-Christian religion is to once again create conditions for the kind of cooperation that led to the industrial revolution. This necessitates throwing out undead Christianity: you do not blindly cooperate. You cooperate with people that cooperate with you, you defect on people that defect on you. Christianity mixed with Darwinism. God and Gnon meet.

This also means we re-establish spiritual hierarchy, which, like regular hierarchy, is a prerequisite for cooperation. It is this hierarchical cooperation that turns a household into a force to be reckoned with, that allows a group of men to unite as a front against their enemies, that allows a tribe to conquer the world. Remember: Scientology bullied the Cathedral’s tax department into submission.

With a functioning hierarchy, men still gossip, lie and scheme, but they will do so in whispers behind closed doors. In your face they cooperate and contribute to the group’s wellbeing because incentives are thus that contributing to group wellbeing heightens status.

Without a functioning hierarchy, men gossip, lie and scheme, but they do so in your face, and they tell you that you are positively deluded for accusing them of gossiping, lying and scheming. Seeds will not sprout in such ground.

Spiritual dominance is established in the same way any sort of dominance is established: fought for, taken. But the fight is ritualistic. You can’t force spiritual dominance if no one listens, or if you are silenced the ritual is not allowed to happen.

If one of our priests is forbidden from establishing spiritual dominance, that is a sure sign an enemy priest is in better control and has vested interest in preventing you from establishing spiritual dominance..

They defect on you, you defect on them. Let them suffer the consequences of enemy priesthood, among others characterized by the annoying tendency that very little is said with very many words.

Watch it fall down

Last week The Passion aired on Dutch tv. The Passion is a yearly Easter tradition, a musical in which Dutch celebrities act and sing their way through Jesus’ life. In vapid modernity trends rarely keep our attention, so The Passion with its 6 years is relatively speaking a big deal for the number 1 privileged group in Holland, middle-aged white women, who are also desperately looking for PC traditions to fill the ever growing void of atomisation, Sinterklaas being far too racist.

Of course Jesus is black. I mean it’s 2017, amirite? And really, how much worse is it than 2016 when an atheist played Jesus? Well, there is perhaps one key move that makes 2017 Jesus the best new king of the progressives, for this year The Passion was sure to remind its audience several times that Jesus could have been a refugee — would YOU be so heartless to refuse refugee Jesus entry to your home?

Naturally, were Jesus to be alive today he would respond to The Passion like he responded to the traders in the temple, or how Moses responded when he saw his people were worshipping golden cows. Out out out! The Passion is no retelling of a story that shaped Western civilisation, it is a religious travesty in which Dutch celebrities jockey for attention and empty status points.

But Jesus is not alive today and neither is Christianity. The post-protestant hijacking has been successful; progressivism is firmly in control as the state religion of the West.

Well, firmly?

Not so firm. For progressivism is a branch of leftism, meaning it is the defection of the weak against the strong, of liars against truth-speakers, of children against parents, of women against men. Gnon rewards defection for he enjoys a good double-cross. But in the long run Gnon rewards adherence to natural law; the future belongs to those who show up. Leftists have won and are in control, but they do not know what to do with power just as children don’t know what to do with power. Well they do something with power but it is always some variation of Lord of the Flies.

Natural law, which affirms itself in relative freedom, is  that the right dominates the left, for the functional dominate the dysfunctional. See for instance the internet, where it is only with excessive censorship that Twitter chokes the dominant voices of the otherwise tiny Alt-Right.

Women shit-test men but it is with the expectation that men put them in their place, thus reaffirming the existence of natural law. Similarly the left shit-tests the right: hey guys, we are going to re-allocate billions of dollars from your pockets to these progressive causes, eeehmmm, you make sure everything still works okay? Since the right is indeed the side that makes sure everything still works you would expect the right to say no and put an end to the left’s silliness.

But the right has been thoroughly, thoroughly owned. Parasitism just proved too lucrative, especially in the post-industrial age. There was so much new stuff to go around! So the right betrayed itself, lured by the false promises of capital P Progress. Wir mussen progressieren!

Naturally there is no such thing as a free meal. The right finds itself in evermore ridiculous positions in which it is clear that the left says ‘squeal like a donkey!’ to which the right responds ‘would you prefer the American mammoth donkey or a provence donkey?’ This makes me conclude that there is no right left in politics, for the true right would never feel the need to squeal like a donkey, instead the true right would simply shrug and say: ‘you are the parasite and the parasite needs the host more than the host needs the parasite.’ That it is now the other way around, that the host needs the parasite, is dependent upon the parasite, is surely a sign of upcoming failure.

Soon we will see the day where attendance of the Passion is not only mandatory but the first viewer to stop clapping will be executed by means of head explosion.

Magic and Miracles

The best lies are those that contain a kernel of truth. The Enlightenment was a great lie because it contained a great kernel of truth, namely the idea that the age of magic was over.

When I read the bible, not a page goes by where the power of God and His people is reaffirmed by some kind of miracle. Split open the seas, turn water into wine, raise people from the dead, it’s all in an average bible day. This feature of religious magic pervades through all religious figures, e.g. Taoist Laozi exiting his mother’s womb as a full-grown man and Islamic Mohammed making trees move on his command. Even Buddha is a magical figure; In Asia you will find Buddhist temples with big murals teaching locals how Buddha could like totally fly and killed a dragon. (to the extent Buddha is not magical people do not really take him serious).

In the old world where God’s influence was thought to be directly observable it makes sense that miracles are real. If your God can’t even magically heal the sick, why should I join your religion?

The post-enlightenment answer to that question is that God never magically healed the sick. You were just being fed comforting lies. Mind you, they were often effective lies; the placebo effect is real. But the placebo effect can be scientifically reproduced, whereas the James Randi one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal has remained untouched for 50 years.

Magic is a cool word for ‘stuff we don’t understand’ and the whole point of religion is making peace with life by finding a way to deal with things you don’t understand (like pretending to understand them). Hell, the more magic your religion incorporates the better: it convinces people! Lets go Jesus, you still gotta run 10 kilometers to cross this lake so you can divide a loaf of bread to feed a crowd and perform magic eye surgery so 5 blind people can see again!

But we in modernity have passed that point, or necessarily have to pass that point if we like to be a space-exploring sci-fi society. Science replaces miracles. And the enlightenment philosophers knew it. ‘Welcome to the Age of Reason!’ they proclaimed as the first trains roared through the countryside and the first planes soared over the oceans. ‘Observe how the planes fly, not through God’s hand but through OUR hands!’ Yes, science dispelled magic. But just like man can not live without emotions, he can not live without religion since the mere existence of life is magic. The 18th century philosophers no doubt ran into this problem when they tried to sell their ideas. It was only by natural selection that they found a way around the problem: repackage the death of magic into a religion and proceed to sell it as the age of reason! You may say that they did not intend for their ‘rational’ thinking to devolve into current day progressive madness, but I say that Locke’s and Rousseau’s observation of human brains being blank slate souls reeks of such magic thinking that, like all leftists, at subconscious level they knew exactly what they were doing.

So I return to my previous post and say: old Christianity was made for a time of magical thinking and we have evolved beyond this. This does not make old Christianity wrong, in fact makes it more right than the enlightenment philosophers, for Old Christianity already provides moral truths consistent with what a few high IQ philosophers understand society needs. But it does explain why the West is losing its Christian faith on such unprecedented scale and why a religion that is ostensibly based on science is beating the crap out of a religion that is based on magic.

Old religion vs New religion

Do we need a new religion? Koanic is of the opinion that the bible contains all the holy scripture we need. Nick Steves is likely of similar opinion, saying that instead of reinventing the wheel it is easier to reinstate a formal Christian church and limit the power of religion instead of inventing a new one.

I say religion changes. Religion, being a vector of human consciousness, changes, must change, as human consciousness changes. With change in environment comes change in religious demand, which is met by prophets. Jesus was a wise prophet even if he overkilled with his holiness which served as fertile ground for today’s protestant-progressive spin-offs in which everyone is holier than Jesus. We no longer have true Christianity, only false idols. What happened to Moses when he came down the mountain has now happened to Jesus, only Jesus is no longer around to correct the mess. So it is up to us. But we are in bad shape.

We may condemn heretics for misinterpreting biblical teachings, but it is an uphill battle, for not only are we fighting heretics like Scott Aaronson, we are also fighting entryists like Dalrock. Like Jewish brahmins, Christian brahmins engage in interpretation fights around ancient texts that are never resolved by wisdom and hence are only resolved by power. He who is darkly enlightened says ‘I have come to bring the sword. Deus Vult!’ But he is neutered by entryist who says ‘No no no turn the other cheek.’

So the bible no longer suffices on its own. It is a book filled with wisdom, but its wisdom falls short in explaining what to do with thousands of Muslim immigrants living in our lands, with an elite that is involved in Satanic rituals, with men who are retreating into solitary mancaves, with women who enjoy more power than ever yet have never been more helpless. To solve this mess, to give people hope after modern society crumbles, we need new scripture. For new scripture, need new prophet. Jim is the Solomon of our time (I’m sorry Jim, as Tolstoy wrote: Napoleon’s army was as much bound by Napoleon as Napoleon was bound by his army).

An upside of modernity is that it has never been easier to create new scripture. Computers + internet = instant scripture. The downside is we have too much information. Need to condense.

As for the question How To Holify? Holifying happens in retrospect, so it is a problem that solves itself. But we can nudge the process forward. The bible tells stories of people’s lives. New scripture should follow the same script, but perhaps it should focus on life on the internet. An internet religion.

The cold hard truth

“Because people are just empty vessels, looking for a kick.”
– Spandrell

The problem with Plato is that, just like Nietzsche, he snuck theological assertions into his philosophy. Plato’s cave tells us the story of people sitting in a cave watching shadows and mistaking shadows for the real life. The true philosopher, says Plato, is one who sees that the shadows are what others want you to believe, and that in fact real truth is only to be found outside the cave. Cast off your shackles, step out of the cave and bathe in the sunlight!

This ascendance Plato refers to has a lot of copycats in the world of prophets. Buddha sat below a tree and meditated until he was enlightened. Eckhart Tolle sat on a bench in a park for one year and then bam, he was enlightened. Ken Wilber talks about basic bitch tier 1 thinking and enlightened tier 2 thinking. Jesus’ disciples had the Holy Spirit descend upon them during Pentecost. Mohammed was visited by the angel Gabriel and henceforth became a prophet. Goku got so super pissed when Frieza killed his friend Krillin that he ascended to Super Saiyan. Neo became the One when he found true love. You see where I’m going with this?

In real life there never is an escape from the cave. Break free from one cave and you will end up in another cave. Understand the concepts of caves well enough and you may end up building your own cave like Plato did, who in retrospect was not selling us truth, just his own cave. Shit.

We are the all-seeing dirt of the world, the apex of earthly evolution. We are clever enough to reason the existence of God, but we are not clever enough to find a direct line to God. Schizophrenics are Gnon’s way of imitating lines to God, but I think it is safe to conclude that the voices prophets talk of are always a) inside their head or b) made up entirely.

I am not the only one coming to this conclusion. It is clear that the West is slowly learning about the absence of God. Used to be so that the rising of the sun was all that was needed to prove God’s existence, but no longer is it so. Our organising principles don’t hold up. A rule of thumb is that your principle has to stand up against gamma scrutiny. All modern gammas will gleefully tell you that God is stupid and that Jesus was just a kike on a stick. We seem to have passed the phase where magic is a valid way to explain life.

Nietzsche tried to solve the problem by pointing to man’s own responsibility. Nietzsche did not sell ascendance as in ‘seeing the lines’, but ascendance as in ‘Work Hard and Live Life to the Max’. Which sounded good on paper but in real life turned out to be too much to ask. People are lazy. They do what has to be done and that is all. Why care about being an übermensch? Imma watch me some youtube and then jerk off to some porn.

So we are in quite the pickle. On the one hand we crave a meaningful existence, on the other hand we reject the meanings given to us. We need a new religion, but we can not forge it in the same magical way old religions were forged. Mormonism for example requires its believers to pretend very hard that Joseph Smith was a wise prophet and not the scammer he in fact was, which is why I have a hard time believing Mormonism is the religion we’re looking for.

Spiritual Exhaustion

So my post on the spiritual state of West Europe hit a nerve even though it’s bad manners to give away what post gets a lot of pageviews since it reveals other posts do shitty and it is best to fake it ’till you make it but then again people tell me autism is our most powerful weapon so I figure I might as well just spew out an autistic stream of consciousness and get it out of my system anyway. Anyway.

Let’s riff on this theme of spiritual exhaustion.

Human life follows rules of nature which is to say we live within the confines of Gnon’s laws. Evolution turns out to play a major role. Now Darwin’s ideas of evolution states that the fittest shall survive. What is the fittest? For mankind the fittest mostly boiled down to the tribe that was best at smashing to pulp the skulls of other tribes. So the ability to outsmart and outsmash your enemy has been heavily selected for.

An crucial feature of this is cooperation. The story of evolution seems to me the story of endless prisoner’s dilemma simulations: to cooperate or not to cooperate, that is the question. From Gnon’s perspective there is no moral reason whatsoever to cooperate, but he does seem to favour cooperation for two main reasons:

  1. A team can accomplish things an individual could have never done alone. 10 monkeys kill 1 monkey no problem.
  2. If you are working together you are not slicing open each others throat which by itself is a net gain.

So the story of mankind’s evolution is the story of the evolution of cooperation. Not because cooperation was morally superior, just because it worked so well. So how exactly did nature instil this sense of automatic cooperation? Religion.

Religion gives a sense of identity, gives a sense of personal belonging within the larger world. I have faith, therefore I am. All societies are religious and the further you go back in time the cruder a society’s religion was. Faith is shared within the tribe, that is the entire point of it. Better to collectively sacrifice a child to the gods than to have no collective rituals at all, for lack of cohesion points to lack of cooperation and lack of cooperation leads to paranoia as to whether your neighbor plans to smash your skull in which means you might just be better of pre-emptively smashing in his skull.

So we are wired for religion, not because of some mysterious supernatural force but because being plugged into the same superorganism gives all the organisms belonging to that superorganism an evolutionary edge. This is why, when viewed from a skyscraper, people function like ant colonies, why people in groups so easily tune into a collective consciousness. Ask anyone who has performed for a large group. Our brains are wired for collective experiences of faith. This is why Moldbug’s cladistic ordering of strands of Christianity makes so much sense: religions evolve in similar patterns to, say, Darwin’s finches.

The problem of course is that evolutionary faith works retroactively: first comes the evolutionary pressure, second comes the religious adaptation. From historical example it seems that a good adaptation (e.g. the teachings of an excellent prophet) may guide a superorganism for several hundred years before the evolutionary pressures have changed in such a way that the prophet’s teachings  have grown obsolete, or worse, counterproductive. For instance, Jesus’ teachings of universal love made the Anglo-Saxon unconditionally altruistic, but modernity’s cheap transport and prog-sponsored mass immigration makes unconditional altruism suicidal. 

Which leads to another important point: modern superorganisms are messy. Like, incredibly messy. Your average modern citizen has to deal with co-workers, family, friends, strangers, fellow countrymen, foreigners, people on tv and the entire internet! Dunbar’s number, fukdat’s number. The fact that a country like the Netherlands or the US even has a functioning sense of identity is testament to the immense strength of our religious wiring. But our faith is strained and sick.

I am cautious with statements such as that last one because it is easy to idealise the past which we do not really know. Perhaps faith has always been strained and sick and is it really just the way things work. But I do not believe that. Sometimes I read old books and I read a sense of serenity and belonging that modernity just lacks.

Socrates said that beauty is an object fulfilling its function. I maintain that the function of religion within a superorganism is to elevate its participating humans to a higher level of functioning, e.g. make it so that total level of functioning is higher than the sum of its individual components. Or, in simpler terms: that attending church adds to the quality of your life. Seems to me that modernity has turned religion into its bitch. Attending the cathedral clearly lowers the quality of your life. But to stop attending the cathedral is to stop cooperating with the grandest superorganism in the history of mankind: the Grand Empire of the West. All our religious instincts tell us abandoning such a powerful superorganism is a very dangerous idea.

This is why Trump, besides being an ironclad leader, is also a timely prophet: he gives the average American permission to dump the worst strands of leftist religion. This is also why West Europe finds itself in deep shit: we have codified leftist religion deeply in our written laws specifically to prevent counter-prophets like Trump from rising to power. We take our ‘checks and balances’ very serious. So we have invested too much skin in the game to come to our senses, at least not until things deteriorate to the arbitrary point where your average West European no longer dares to travel by public transport (or to travel at all).

I just don’t really care about Jesus

Sometimes I talk to old ladies, the friendly kind that make you tea and stuff you full with cookies until you blurt out mwoh moh cwookies pls. Usually talk is light, sometimes talk is heavier, like religion. Many happy older women turn out to be devoted Christians. I get along with these people pretty well, because unlike most millenials I do not secretly despise religion so I praise the bible without sounding condescending. But inevitably we reach a point where I distance myself ever so slightly from the devoted Christian and that is where the friendly old lady starts to praise Jesus.

“The path to the Lord is through me” Jesus said. Faithful Christians take this very serious when they ask me if I have accepted Jesus into my heart yet. I realise I do not and likely never will. So far I have avoided saying this out loud to any old lady and I hope I will be able to do so, but it is the simple truth. When I look into glazing old lady eyes I see true faith; the conviction that Jesus cares for all of us, that God sent his only son to die for our sins and that we shall all be judged fairly in the afterlife and be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. I do not share this faith. Which, coincidentally, is how religions die.

The core problem is that Jesus just doesn’t really do much for me. I read the new testament and I admire Jesus the man (even if the miracles were a bit fishy). But what teachings does Jesus provide that actually help me out? I liked it when Jesus said he came not to bring peace but the sword, but it’s a line I never ever hear anyone say. Quite the opposite actually: A good Christian turns the other cheek, helps strangers, gets beaten to a pulp while feeling morally superior to the ones beating him to a pulp. So I live in an era where my people are being displaced with people from a hostile religion, where my elite hates me, where my people’s soberness has mutated into unbridled narcissism, but I guess I should just love everyone and all will be OK? It does not compute.

A religion has to be in tune with Gnon’s theology in order to thrive among the people. Jesus’ message of love was very effective when people lived in closed communities and cared for their neighbours. But modern transportation methods makes us all potential neighbours and some neighbours just don’t go together very well. Jesus telling you you should love your neighbour is in this sense not a strength but a weakness to be exploited by those who wish harm upon you. Which is exactly what is happening.

In short: Jesus had a 1800-yearish good run, but now he’s been cucked and I just don’t believe the path to the Father is through him.