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Finetuning NRx


A bit overdue perhaps, but my apologies to Nick Land. I once wrote that I probably would not get along well with him based on his tendency to load up every sentence on his blog with 5-syllable words unknown to me. In retrospect this was a typical case of jumping to internet conclusions. Nick Land does not use fancy words to sound smarter than he is, he uses fancy words to sound exactly as smart as he is.

The reason I bring this up is that I have been thinking about the patchwork plan, a.k.a. Moldbug’s suggestion to split the US into feudalistic city states run by a CEO-emperor.

To recap. Any superorganism is run by a warrior class and a priest class. The warriors ensure everything works, the priests ensure everyone agrees that everything should work. The misery of modernity is that neither class does what they are supposed to do: our priests preach that everything that works is evil and our warriors are either selling out or jacking off to anime porn while being replaced by women and trannies. Not even mentioning slow replacement by immigrants with a fertility rate well above 1.4.

So there’s 2 parts to the equation.

Moldbug’s patchwork plan addresses the warrior-part: install an emperor, give him secure power, run the country like a company with city states, get everything to work again. Simple plan. Of course the usual political philosopher’s disclaimers apply; we do not expect an emperor to rule his empire in exactly the way Moldbug intended. But the spirit of the plan is clear, and it is a good plan. We had city states & feudalism in Europe before and they worked just fine. So, end democracy. For America: install emperor Trump, could be Donald, could be Barron. For Europe: dismantle the European Union until an emperor reconquers Europe by force. For the Netherlands: install Thierry Baudet as Stadtholder. All Problems solved.

This leaves priest-part of the equation. How do we convince people that it is just that everything works?

The crux of our current conundrum is that the right wants to be left in peace and expects everyone else to play fair while the left wants to win no matter the cost. Over the past 200 years, massive jumps in technology have been great assets in helping the left to assert power: used to be so that 1 voice could reach at best a village, now it can reach an entire world. Leftist priests thus hijacked religion to great succes.

So to counter this we need to reconquer religion. Or as Spandrell is fond of saying, start a new religion. I think this is not as hard as it looks.

The nature of religion has changed slightly, for the upper percentile of human consciousness has evolved beyond supernatural thinking. The masses still require supernatural beliefs and in fact so does the upper echelon, but the bell curve as a whole has shifted away from preferring religion as the sole explanation for reality. Mankind has become critical. The Dutch are overwhelmingly atheist because many aspects of Jesus’ life are obviously made up. He never cured blindness, he never walked over water, he never actually came back from the dead. People were willing to believe this 1000 years ago, but today our brains no longer accept this story as truth. And those who do believe obvious falsehoods such as the Mormons are rightfully ridiculed for it.

Yet we still crave to be part of something bigger than ourselves and are willing to believe lies for it. Quite obviously we believe a lot of lies told to us by the leftist church: we believe that women are the same as men, that blacks are the same as whites, that a gay marriage is the same as a heterosexual marriage. In this sense we are only slightly less religious than our ancestors.

Our religious instincts can be explained in biological, evolutionary terms: there is safety in shared myths. We just don’t want our myths to be silly.

So Nietzsche was almost right: it is not God who is dead but our connection with God that is dead. We are lonely in a cold and dark universe. This allows us to understand how Nietzsche’s plan to ascend our need for religion was flawed; we are no supermen, we’re just men. Sometimes we do great stuff, other times we get high and masturbate. Never do we transcend the need for religion.

So it seems we are back to square one of inventing a new religion. But I don’t think we are. The thing about religion is, it comes very natural to us. We are built for it. Consider: the Old Testament counts about 640.000 words, the New Testament about 140.000. I don’t know about the OT, but the NT gave us about 1700 years of quality religion. That’s only 82 words a year!

So we don’t need that many words to point us in the right direction. All we need is some scripture that explains our current predicament, separates good from evil, and tells us in modern language why it is just when everything works. Jim’s blog has that scripture. Thus, the solution for our new religion is staring right at us: Christians should reconquer their churches from the demons that inhabit it and every Sunday morning have their priests tell the congregation a story from the Blog of Jim.

“Welcome everybody. Today I will read an excerpt from the Blog of Jim, August 8th, 2017. ‘Field Report on a Trans.’ I was with a girl in a bar…” 

This should solve the priest-part of the equation and prevent further holiness spiralling for a few centuries or so. It should also appeal to those Alt-Rightists weary of (((Moldbug))), for Moldbug’s plan only relates to the warrior-equation, not the priest-equation.

No such thing as independent institutions

A progressive lie that has annoyed me recently is the idea of independent institutions. No institution is independent. Life chooses sides, has to choose sides, otherwise said life will be gobbled up by other life that chooses to side against said life. No easier enemy to defeat than the enemy that refuses to fight you.

So in practice all institutions choose sides sooner or later. And whenever interference by rightists in an institution is name-called by leftists as an ‘attack on its independence’ you may wager money that said independence is in fact dependence upon leftists. Is there any one who genuinely believes that Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into Trump’s connections with Russia is independent? It’s nonsense.

Similarly, Google has also chosen its side, or has perhaps been overtaken by Social Justice Warriors who force Google to be ‘on the right side of history’:

auto-fill for “Islam is” in Dutch Google:

  • beautiful
  • peace
  • peace
  • a religion of peace

Auto-fill for “Islam is” in Dutch Bing:

  • a lie
  • bad
  • shrinking
  • beautiful

Censorship does not get more obvious than that.

As a bonus, Christianity auto-fill.

The Politburo of the West

Various theories on the nature of the Cathedral are doing the rounds.

There is the idea that the Cathedral is a loose collection of leftists playing holiness game without any central hub.

There is the idea that a couple of conspiracies at the top fight for the alternating spot of head honcho.

And then Jim has the idea that in fact one conspiracy rules all others.

Previously I thought the 2nd idea was closest to truth – a couple of conspiracies vying for power. But perhaps Jim is right once again. The routine media synchronisation speaks for his case. International headlines, including the big Dutch newspapers, are a 1-on-1 match with American headlines. It’s not just the general vibe, it is the actual words used:

This stuff is happening all the time. I don’t know about you, I find it eery. Per Jim, if it sounds like 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers, perhaps there really is 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers.

There is also the argument of the nature of power. Rightist tend to misunderstand leftists, viewing them as flawed, misguided, or hypocritical. “Aww, the leftist pretends to care about the environment, that’s so cute.” But there is nothing cute about it — it is a power play, nothing more and nothing less. And the leftist knows this, or perhaps does not know it consciously, but acts in all manner consistent as if he had always known. It is about power, has always been about power.  Leftists play by the rules of power and the rules of power demand one ring to rule them all, for Gnon abhors a vacuum.

So, like the USSR, America and the EU have their own actual up-and-running politburo, with the EU politburo likely answering to the American politburo.

Power is its own justification



It weren’t the Sith that were evil; it were the Jedi all along.
It wasn’t Voldemort that was evil; it was Harry Potter all along.

A beautiful aspect of NRx is that it is inherently realistic about power. Power! It is so breathtakingly fresh to talk honestly about power! It is the one thing people obsess over yet never talk about out loud. Likely even more so today due to the denial of power by those who are actually in power: power = privilege = EVIL. Thus trails along the narrative of equalism.

In the end all biological dynamics are explained by power. Gnon talks only the language of power. I had a discussion with AntiDem recently on Social Matter in which we came to the same conclusion even in our disagreement. All communication is an exchange information to gain power. If I were supreme leader of Social Matter I might have banned AntiDem for a week to prove my point. If he subsequently turns his NRx thedes against me he will again prove my point. If I ultimately were supreme leader of the world I might execute him to ultimately prove my point. Power is all.

This does not mean one should obsess over power, even if I understand the temptation to do so very well. Power = power, whether you deny it or fetishize it. Gnon will do as Gnon does whether you care about it or not.

This also does not mean that all discussions concerning ‘what is right?’ are moot points. But they are impossible without:
a) the admission that theology > philosophy
b) the admission that in the end the gun is always right