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The Politburo of the West

Various theories on the nature of the Cathedral are doing the rounds.

There is the idea that the Cathedral is a loose collection of leftists playing holiness game without any central hub.

There is the idea that a couple of conspiracies at the top fight for the alternating spot of head honcho.

And then Jim has the idea that in fact one conspiracy rules all others.

Previously I thought the 2nd idea was closest to truth – a couple of conspiracies vying for power. But perhaps Jim is right once again. The routine media synchronisation speaks for his case. International headlines, including the big Dutch newspapers, are a 1-on-1 match with American headlines. It’s not just the general vibe, it is the actual words used:

This stuff is happening all the time. I don’t know about you, I find it eery. Per Jim, if it sounds like 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers, perhaps there really is 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers.

There is also the argument of the nature of power. Rightist tend to misunderstand leftists, viewing them as flawed, misguided, or hypocritical. “Aww, the leftist pretends to care about the environment, that’s so cute.” But there is nothing cute about it — it is a power play, nothing more and nothing less. And the leftist knows this, or perhaps does not know it consciously, but acts in all manner consistent as if he had always known. It is about power, has always been about power.  Leftists play by the rules of power and the rules of power demand one ring to rule them all, for Gnon abhors a vacuum.

So, like the USSR, America and the EU have their own actual up-and-running politburo, with the EU politburo likely answering to the American politburo.

Power is its own justification



It weren’t the Sith that were evil; it were the Jedi all along.
It wasn’t Voldemort that was evil; it was Harry Potter all along.

A beautiful aspect of NRx is that it is inherently realistic about power. Power! It is so breathtakingly fresh to talk honestly about power! It is the one thing people obsess over yet never talk about out loud. Likely even more so today due to the denial of power by those who are actually in power: power = privilege = EVIL. Thus trails along the narrative of equalism.

In the end all biological dynamics are explained by power. Gnon talks only the language of power. I had a discussion with AntiDem recently on Social Matter in which we came to the same conclusion even in our disagreement. All communication is an exchange information to gain power. If I were supreme leader of Social Matter I might have banned AntiDem for a week to prove my point. If he subsequently turns his NRx thedes against me he will again prove my point. If I ultimately were supreme leader of the world I might execute him to ultimately prove my point. Power is all.

This does not mean one should obsess over power, even if I understand the temptation to do so very well. Power = power, whether you deny it or fetishize it. Gnon will do as Gnon does whether you care about it or not.

This also does not mean that all discussions concerning ‘what is right?’ are moot points. But they are impossible without:
a) the admission that theology > philosophy
b) the admission that in the end the gun is always right