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On the Death of Pim Fortuyn

I remember where I was when the murder of Pim Fortuyn happened (at a friend’s place).

Fortuyn’s killer was Volkert van der Graaf, a white leftist, whose motivation for the murder was that he ‘wanted to protect the weak in the Netherlands’. Back then this was a surprise — not a brown but a white killer? In retrospect it all makes perfect sense of course.

Hardcore leftists are psychopathic status maximisers. By killing Fortuyn Volkert traded 12 years in Dutch prison for Godlike status among his leftist peers (he has been out of prison since 2014). Sure, there’s people who hate his guts, but no doubt he enjoys great prestige in his preferred social circles. Plus chicks dig a killer. Volkert pulled off a great trade.

Now the question remains: were higher powers aware of Volkert’s plan to kill Fortuyn? Theo van Gogh seemed to think so. In his movie 06/05 he suggests that the AIVD, the Dutch secret service, had infiltrated Volkert’s activist group the Environment Offence. In the movie a journalist uncovers that powerful people plotted to get rid of Pim Fortuyn and secretly assisted Volkert by keeping the police away on the day of the murder. Their motivation? According to van Gogh, approval of the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter program for which the Netherlands was set to invest 1 billion euros. Fortuyn opposed the program, and for this the deep state allowed or perhaps even instigated Volkert to off Fortuyn.

So what’s my take on this? I think it is mainly a question of competency. It is clear Fortuyn was a splinter in the foot of the American/European deep state and not just because of the JSF program. That the deep state wanted to get rid of Fortuyn seems obvious. But how involved were they in his actual murder? It is impossible to say exactly, but my assessment is that Theo van Gogh was onto something. The Dutch are generally competent and the AIVD is more than equally competent. Consider: the AIVD has so far managed to prevent all terrorist attacks in the Netherlands from happening, except for the public murder of Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and Theo van Gogh in 2004. So yes, I judge it more likely than not that the deep state was at some level aware of the danger Pim Fortuyn was in and chose not to interfere while the public media continued to promote his assassination.

In the aftermath of Fortuyn’s death the LPF received a whopping 17% of the vote, an unsurpassed record for a new party. But it did not matter – the party crumbled. To replace Fortuyn the formerly unknown Matt Herben was pushed forward as leader, who completely crashed the party into the ground, although not before voting in favour of the JSF program. And, get this, Herben became a lobbyist for the JSF program after his LPF career ended.

LPF’s last shred of dignity was destroyed when prominent LPF member Hilbrand Nawijn recorded a hilariously crappy music video starring himself:

Thus ended the legacy of Pim Fortuyn: with a fat guy using him and a Dutch dance hype for attention. Sad.

Europe, the Dying

H/t GeenStijl, the Dutch Alt-Lite media outlet.

Anyone I should know? Calling dr. Spandrell…

Douglas Murray seems to be selling purple pill European realism. Like, he sees what we’re seeing, but he processes it in a way that minimises status damage. Which is why he appears on a semi-popular talkshow. Like Jordan Peterson.

It seems the genie is getting out of the bottle. I might misremember that the decline of the Roman empire was little commented upon, but the decline of the West will at least over-extensively be documented.

The interesting thing of unmasking the cathedral like it were a Scooby Doo monster is that we know its limitations. It is the institutions, the EU and the American Democratic Party. It is mortal and it will die, if only by the nature of leftist singularity. Now that society at large is learning this dank meme; ‘Europe, the Dying’, what will happen to the cathedral? Will it die? Reinvent itself? It seems the cabal of the empire is past its prime, although that might be a dangerous thing to say while it is still the strongest cabal.

On The Life of Pim Fortuyn

Commenter ia recently directed my attention towards Theo van Gogh’s movie ’05/06′ on the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the infamous Dutch politician. But before we delve into Pim’s death, let’s discuss his life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 20.01.08

For those unfamiliar with Pim Fortuyn: he was a gay politician who was headed for prime ministership of the Netherlands. I can not overstate his quirky brilliance. For one, Fortuyn was an actual rightist politician who addressed issues of immigration, Islam and cultural destruction… In 2002! We are talking 4 years before Wilders even founded his party! For another, Fortuyn had incredible charisma. Think a more mature Milo who was determined to be minister-president. Like Milo, Fortuyn was openly gay which naturally irked leftists to no end. Wherever Pim went, he turned heads. He had this idiosyncratic debating style which simply grabbed your attention. Great cadence. Also great zingers. Like, he’d tell a woman to ‘just do some cooking instead’ and get away with it. On the topic of immigration and Islam I believe the following monologue by Pim will be well appreciated:

I will not change my opinion, dear people, it is 5 minutes before twelve. Not just here in Holland. but in the whole of Europe. And is that what you want? I take my stand for this country, that which has been build up in the last five or six centuries. Damn it, we have a fifth column… Okay, let me tell you now straight the way it is! A fifth column of people who want to destroy this country! I will not go for that, and I say, “you can stay here, but you must adapt.” I must hear “Allah is great”, that I am a “dirty pig”… you are a “Christian dog”. That is what they say, and you think that is okay… And I have so far been very reserved. I have never repeated that… but you accept being walked over, and I will not let that happen anymore. And that’s where I get all those seats from (in the polls). Because this country is fed up! … C’est ça! That is what I stand for. And if I must express that otherwise, well, fine… but it is about your children, your grandchildren. For what else is this about? Must I explain more here? I can not do it any other way, and will not do it any other way. Then I would rather be finished off. Okay, fine… but the problem sir, will remain. That will remain. People have had more than enough of it. Damn it, in my city, Moroccan boys, Turkish boys… who do not rob the Turks, the Moroccans, but rob you and me and little old ladies. And the police? What they do? Damn it… nothing. They tell you: “If you say that, you discriminate”. And that is what I express from the Dutch people. And I stand for it, I stand for it. Is that not allowed? Okay, I respect that. C’est ça!


For fans of Isaac Asimov’s the Foundation: Fortuyn was an absolute mule, an anomaly in the system. Here we were in throes of the EU, globalisation and further opening of the borders, and suddenly this -popular!- politician shows up and goes against it all. Of course he was demonised by the media and the political establishment, who pretty much called him everything they call Trump nowadays (‘racist’ and ‘extreme-right’ were favorites). He addressed his demonisation just 2 months before his death: “If something happens to me, they are responsible. They may not have literally pulled the trigger, but they created this climate. This demonisation has to stop!’

Then, shortly before the elections, Pim Fortuyn was shot to death by a leftist…

The Alt-Right Aesthetic

If ideas are more powerful than guns and fashion more powerful than ideas it makes sense to pay attention to fashion.

Check out Theo Hiddema, lawyer and currently right-hand man to Thierry Baudet, leader of the Dutch intellectual Alt-Right. I know the clip is in Dutch, but just check out his office and his vibe.

Hiddema is quite the appearance. He dresses well, his office oozes an anachronistic kind of cool and if you understand Dutch you’d notice he is quite the eloquent gentleman. For instance at 1:30, Hiddema describes the painting behind his desk: “what you see here is a man in the highest state of well-being. This is clearly a man, as you can see, who goes to bed early, gets up on time and fulfils his duties. This is a contented man. A beautiful gentleman in my opinion.” To which he adds with a smile: “If only I could reach that, that ultimate zenith of inner peace…!”

Then, at 1:58 he talks about beauty: “I naturally posses what you might call an aesthethic talent to enjoy beauty. On Saturdays I go to Brussels and visit the shops and I am enraptured… Before I realise it I leave the shop with a new big suit. But it is a shame, I have no more space left. Too much stuff. Full is full.” He smirks at the camera and repeats the last sentence, ‘full is full’, likely referencing murdered politician Pim Fortuyn’s favourite statement that ‘the Netherlands is full’.

That is pretty cool. No wonder the younger Baudet looks up to Hiddema.


…. Of course, being a democracy-hating reactionary it is my duty to quickly point out Hiddema’s intellectual weakness, namely that like every mainstream Alt-Right politician he has a pozzed liberal framework of reality. See for instance below where he defends Baudet and himself against allegations of racism thrown at him by journalist Frits Wester:

Now Hiddema slices up Wester with a verbal agility that would make Heartiste jealous, but the problem is that Hiddema accepts the liberal frame that racism is very very bad because all people are created equal. No Theo, not all people are created equal and you as a clear outlier should know that. Stop catering to your enemies. If anything Frits Wester is a racist for hating whites, but between two rational men, insulting someone of being racist holds about as much intellectual weight as insulting someone of being a poopy-meanhead.

In the mind of Scott Alexander

Guided by the Beauty of Our Weapons


Recently a renowned academic concluded that rightists are stupid and do not listen to facts. For instance, we all know Trump is a factually bad person so it makes sense to conclude that his supporters are stupid and do not listen to facts. Similarly, enough facts support global warming so those that ignore it are also stupid and do not listen to facts. The renowned academic therefore concludes that we should not use facts, just propaganda. Clearly this academic is intelligent. I am not surprised: naturally we are better educated, smarter and more intelligent than the right. At the very least you, my readership are, wink.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if rightists are really immune to facts.


Another renowned academic says that because rightists are impervious to truth we have no choice but to resort to violence. He may very well be correct, yet I can’t help but wonder if we really have exhausted all our other options. For instance, I have rightist readers on my blog and their comments indicate that my friendly use of facts is having a positive impact on their lives. Perhaps there is a third way after all!


Sadly, the world is not like my blog. But perhaps it could be. Do you know the story of how a group of scientists were fighting each other over research but in the end made peace and collaborated on an even better research? What if journalists did the same thing? Wow, mind blown.


So one group of leftists says we need propaganda. The other group says we need violence. I say these are the easy way out. Instead we need good conversation with logic and facts. Yes, very few people are persuaded by logic and facts (unlike you, my dear readership) but as history, science and truth are on our side there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we stick to telling the Scientific Truth. After all, both sides may have guns, but only our side has the Scientific Truth!


Many lefties say righties are immune to logic. I say that no one is totally immune to logic. It often takes decades of education before one can even start to understand all the ways in which Trump is a bad person, but this should not dissuade us from talking truth. Take heart my fellow smart leftists, we must be in this for the long run!

The owning of Scott Aaronson

Recently a beautiful exchange took place over at Scott Aaronson’s blog. The conversation between Scott, Moldbug, Jim and others has the length of a small book, so allow me to summarise below.

I am no reader of Scott’s blog and I do not know him too well. A glance at his wiki/infogalactic gives us some information. Scott is a theoretical computer scientist and judging from his blog post quality, a highly intelligent one. Lets say he has at least 20 IQ points on me, probably more.

So Scott is smart. Yet Scott got blown out of the water by Jim and Moldbug. What happened?

Aaronson wrote a post on Trump’s travel ban. Aaronson rightly considers himself part of the vanguard of enlightenment-based scientists, which means that he instinctively and quite predictably compares Trump’s America to Hitler’s Germany. Eloquently he defends his Iranian phd student and throws himself in the path of the bullet: if Trump is deporting anyone, let it be me! Who with a heart could oppose such bravery?

Well, Moldbug of course, who comments: “all Trump is doing is reiterating that we don’t live in the world of John Lennon’s _Imagine_.”  Turns out we don’t live in a fairy tale world, there are bad guys in the world and a willingness to defend your nation state from them is quite sensible. Moldbug goes on to say that there seems to be a mismatch between Aaronson’s scientific view and worldview: “you seem to feel your John Lennon worldview is a sort of natural corollary of the scientific work you do. I’m pretty sure it isn’t. [..] It has nothing to do with science.” 

In other words, Aaronson thinks his scientific mind informs his political mind, while in actuality his political mind informs his scientific mind. The cathedral of course encourages this mindset until it decides that Aaronson’s science is insufficiently progressive. Moldbug keeps his banter friendly in this regard, but Jim pulls no punches:  “You [Scott Aaronson] are in a bubble, and outside the bubble there is a whole raft of indicators, for example the collapse of the family, that the ratchet of human progress is having bad consequences that will shortly lead to far worse consequences.” Jim like Moldbug points out that politics trumps science and that Scott’s political affiliation with leftists is a deal with the devil. It is not Trump Scott should fear, it is liberals he should fear. Jim continues: “we are afraid of liberals because we reasonably believe they are going to kill us all, starting with each other – just as the Khmer Rouge mostly killed Khmer Rouge, “all” includes you.  […] There is ample and overwhelming evidence for our belief, in the physical attacks that are happening daily. It is Trump supporters that are in the position of Jews in early Nazi Germany, not Trump opponents. If we plan to give progressives helicopter rides to the pacific ocean, it is because we see an urgent need to defend ourselves.”

Naturally this is too much for Aaronson, who proceeds to ban Jim for helicopter ride talk and berates Moldbug and Jim for being cynical snobs. “These are people”, Aaronson says,  “who so thoroughly reject the idea of human betterment that they’re eager to make their own lives miserable, just as long as the lives of the know-it-all intellectual snobs become miserable even faster.”

But the point has been made and the damage has been done, praise be upon the internet! Contentwise, Scott Aaronson has been equally if not more pwned than the once great Richard Dawkins. Turns out CRIMESTOP often overrides sensible thinking, as Scott’s CRIMESTOP filter stopped him from sensibly thinking through the issues.

Moldbug ends the discussion friendly as always: come over to the dark side, Scott Aaronson, we have cookies and a library! Personally I think Scott is too wrapped up in his own complex lies to ever taste the delicious dark side chocolate cookies. High IQ is of little help if you refuse to see what is in front of your eyes.

The Problem with Wilders

Spoiler alert: I do not like Wilders that much. Yes yes, iconoclastic, I know. Wilders is a symbol of hope for those of us on the alt-right. The game is rigged against him, how could I not sympathise?

I do sympathise. Wilders on daily basis receives as many death threats as words in this post. Guy has not spend a day without security for over twelve years. The Ottomans sieging Vienna would have retreated in uncontrollable laughter had they known that in 500 years Islamic enclaves would exist in Every West European city. Wilders speaks out against them and in return gets a bullseye painted on his forehead by the unholy alliance of muslims and media.

My main problem with Wilders is that he is not cool. You might think it’s trivial but it’s not. Wilders was not the popular or smart guy in high school: he was the angry kid, the kid who knew stuff better than the others. Often he was right, mostly he was ignored.

This goes for Wilders in politics as well. Wilders is not seducing the voter, he is the angry guy going on stage, saying ‘I hef sed it oftun, Islam is fukking up the Netherlands. You no it, I no it, lets vote PVV’ and then leaving again. Wilders is the grumpy guy raising the middle finger towards the progressive elite. There is no other plan, Wilders is not into completing the system of German idealism. all he knows for sure is that he doesn’t like Islam.

I’d call Wilders a successful if endangered gamma. One gamma to rule them all. Wilders is not the hero we need but the hero we deserve. He is the voice of the righteously angered. Internationally Wilders enjoys popularity for standing up for the West, nationally we have mixed opinions on him because he does not seem like the kind of guy you’d enjoy drinking a beer with, or, as a woman, have sex with.

So I am not jumping on the Wilders bandwagon like I jumped on the Trump bandwagon. My vote will probably still go to him. No doubt it will feel like political masturbation anyway. Democracy is bust.

The left is flexible

Was reading this piece by Ryan Landy/28Sherman. Per usual good stuff. As counterweight  I would like to stress the left’s main source of power, its flexibility.

Ad nauseam, leftism is defection by lies. The left only reveals itself as anti-white when really pressed into a corner, when you unexpectedly shine a flashlight in the darkness and see a shrieking monster. Leftists don’t like the light Trump shines on them so they retreat and plot in the dark. If old lies don’t work, invent new lies. 2 leftists walk into a bar and discuss meme stock: Black Lives Matter was so 2016, let’s go with global warming instead. Yeah global warming is totally the next big thing. Hey what about free speech, we’ve always been in favor of that, right? Yes and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Gnon smiles upon r-selection too much for the left to be completely defeated. The weak want a voice and the elite has enough defectors who can use that voice. If leftism in its current progressive form falls a new leftism will rise. New lies, same results. Which is not to say it is useless to fight leftists, just that if Ryan wants to lead a movement he has to find peace with the cynic’s perspective.

Heartiste, Ultimate Shitlord

I fondly remember this one time I was reading Heartiste, my girl resting her head on my shoulder. She spotted the ‘dating market value test for women’ link and wanted to test herself. I gave her a half-hearted warning that she wouldn’t enjoy it, but we did it anyway. Unsurprisingly, she scored well. Even more unsurprisingly: she hated hated hated the test and was insistent that Heartiste was without a doubt a virgin nerd living in his mom’s basement. Much lulz was had.

Heartiste, who has the reputation of being the minion of Satan, is not really the minion of Satan, for Satan is evil and Heartiste is not really evil. George Soros is more deserving of the label, or if we are sticking to websites, Oglaf is probably most deserving.

Heartiste is not evil, he’s just an asshole. But he is not just any asshole: he is an asshole with purpose. Initially, Heartiste was the popular jock in highschool who enjoyed hitting on women so much that he took his knowledge online in order to teach men. Old Heartiste explained how women worked and specifically what made them wet and spread their legs. He employed no hidden agenda, no sales-man bullshit, just the stonehard facts. Where pretty lies perish. As it turned out Heartiste’s wisdoms were such a breeze of fresh air for so many men that Heartiste, like many in the manosphere, realised something malicious was going on, and through the wonders of the internet stumbled upon the New World Order plot to castrate all high-testosterone men. Thus new Heartiste explains how sexual market dynamics translate to the political arena: how the left that controls the West is in actuality formed by cucks and sexual market rejects (behind every feminist hides a bitter woman) and how the right is in actuality formed by alpha males.

Now you might ask: ‘so the guy is a professional badboy and I should probably keep him away from my daughter, my sister and my girl. Why honour such a man?’ The answer is, quite simply, that Heartiste is the hero the world deserves.

The story of Western civilisation is the story of alpha white males leading beta white males into building lots of nice stuff. The current story of Western civilisation is that alpha white male behaviour is illegalized, which makes white beta males follow the lead of females. This is fucked up for a myriad of reasons, among them that females don’t like taking the lead and long for the open palm of a strong man to slap them off their pedestal. Since alpha white male behaviour is illegal, such a man, as alt-rightists angrily point out, usually has a long beard, a turban and shouts ALLAH AKBAR.

Hence Heartiste: the outlaw alpha white male who does not care what is illegal and what is legal. Fuck hot chicks make fun of losers. A smirk on his face is all that is needed to drive his shiv deeply in the frail egos of cucks, betas, sluts, spinsters, libtards and whatever people Heartiste would make fun of if the world were one big highschool. The guy has a talent for words and insults. Heartiste reminds us why cool people are cool, why bullying works and why game is the one crucial skill needed to survive modernity. In effect he sets the standard for all future internet jocks.

Interestingly, before Heartiste was banned on twitter, he had about 10k followers. Arguably his favourite target to bully, John Scalzi, had about 100k followers. From this I arbitrarily conclude that for every true shitlord there will be 10 libtards, and seeing how nature finds balance in all I stand in awe of the fact that 1 Heartistian shitlord really does equal 10 Scalzi libtards.

Meeting Spandrell

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Spandrell for some drinks. I had been looking forward to this for quite a while and him informing me he would wear a MAGA cap made it all the better.

The first thing that struck me is his speed of conversation. His brain works too fast for his mouth. He was full of interesting facts, stories and anecdotes. Among other topics we discussed blogosphere people, Trump, Europe and Islam.

Spandrell filled me in on the whole polyamory craze of the LessWrong crowd which basically amounted to Low Sexual Market Value men rationalising their wives getting fucked by other men. This set me off thinking how much sexuality impacts people’s sense of politics. The amount of sexual fucked-up-ness in the world never ceases to amaze me, although perhaps it should.

With regard to Trump, we were both drooling fanboys. Naturally the first toast was in the God-Emperor’s honour.

When the discussion turned to Europe Spandrell basically confirmed all my depressing suspicions. The chaos in Europe is not making people sane, it is making them increasingly insane. Europe is in very large part infested with leftists whose answer for all problems is MORE LEFTISM. Perhaps this is legacy of honourable people dying in WWI and WWII?  (Sweden contradicts this theory, h/t Giovanni). Spandrell pointed out that the reactosphere may be the most logical sphere, but politically speaking fascism is where the money is. Reactionaries are hopelessly outnumbered. So the most positive way of change will likely be an anti-islamic white-nationalist kind of change.

Islam of course looms over Europe. I had just come back from a plane flight on which every seat had a small tv-screen on which movies, series and music could be played. I counted  14 Islamic music albums, 6 Quran-inspired series and a couple of Islamic movies. I counted 0 (zero) Christian works of digital handicrafts to peruse.

Spandrell thinks France with its 25% muslim population and rising will be the first to fall, Houllebeq Submission style. None of the other countries are looking great either. The good news is that I don’t expect northerners to convert to islam without a fight. Many Dutch are too calvinistic. The bad news is that bad stuff will happen anyway. The current European systems will only prolong misery. I realise now that alt-righters like Vox Day are full of shit when they uphold Geert Wilders as a beacon of hope. The system is completely rigged against Wilders and Wilders is not the type of guy who can outmanouver a rigged system. No where close to Trump. My guts tell me the same thing goes for other West-European countries (according to Spandrell Farage resigned because he was not even allowed control of his own party). So it seems we are stuck bleeding and waiting for things to deteriorate further. Perhaps the God-Emperor’s radiance will spread across the sea.

In conclusion, very nice meet-up. Somewhere on his blog Spandrell describes himself as a man obsessed. When people say such things I usually take it with a grain of salt, but after meeting the guy in person I can honestly say he is indeed a man with a very focused obsession and as a result of that, full with knowledge.