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On 10-year old girls

Every so often you come across a title you instantly like. I’m not sure this is one of them.

Truth follows canon. The canon goes from Jesus to [Enlightenment thinkers] to Nietzsche to Moldbug to Jim. Why Enlightenment thinkers? Because in hindsight their shtick was such an obvious lie that it told a deeper truth: ‘I want power, fuck you.’ Marx repeats this.

If truth is what you are after, have to submit to Jim’s ideas. Not because he is infallible or super-human, just ‘cos he’s right.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 22.16.49

The point that raises most emotions is usually an important point. Jim tells us that 10-year old girls lust for older men and aggressively pursue sex with them, if need by entering their room at night and mounting them in bed. Therefore, need to control 10-year old girls. Jim ‘nuances’ this by adding that not all 10-year olds are sexually aggressive, yet a non-insignificant minority are, and a smaller minority of girls is sexually aggressive at the age of 8.

Needless to say this bounces off the brains for most men. Does not compute. I get this response. But I believe the evidence supports Jim’s position.

Woman’s life revolves around sex, or as she prefers to call it: love. Woman lives life defined by her male counterpart. As Roosh said, she is like water. As Byron said: Man’s love is of man’s life a part; it is a woman’s whole existence. Hence why a woman has trouble figuring out objects: she is apt to shit-test objects like she shit-tests men and is inevitably frustrated when objects don’t respond to her shit-tests. Similarly, why women love cats: cats respond very well to shit-tests, are hardwired to pass them. Similarly, why women dislike dogs, because dogs are low IQ betas that eagerly fall into every trap, though I guess even cunnilingus by a low IQ beta is better than no cunnilingus (C’mon man get to your point).

Young girls obsess over high-status men. Watch an old Justin Bieber concert. How old are the thousands of fangirls, screaming their lungs out, crying ITS HIM, holding up their phone repeating ohmygodohmygodohmygod, fainting? 11? 12? If we have extensive evidence that a young girl’s entire physiology is shaken up by meeting a sufficiently high-status man, is it so hard to imagine that the same young girl might aggressively pursue sex with said man?

No, it is not. In fact it makes it completely obvious as to why males aim to control females: because female sex drive is anti-civilizational. By saying the opposite, that females are chaste and innocent at age 10, fathers are made to give up control of their daughters. And if she is innocent at age 10, why not innocent at age 11, or 12, or 16…? Before you know it females are holy creatures and it is misogenystic misogynistic to speak out against her coming home with boyfriend #14 (homeless drugsdealer). It is exactly this foot in the door technique that Jim counters by going in the opposite direction: you thought girls are nymphomaniac at age 9? You should see them at age 8!

In a cooperation/cooperation-society men control their women’s sexuality. If women are not controlled, cooperation (by males)/defection (by females) ensues, which eventually leads to defect/defect when men discover only criminal badboys get laid. To get back to cooperation/cooperation, need to reinstate control of daughters and wives. To successfully reinstate control of daughters and wives, need to make it perfectly clear from what age women’s volcanic sexual urges need controlling. Which is probably around age 7, if not earlier.


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The Purple Dome

This is what I believe to be my best post.


Imagine you step out of a cave into a forest. It is a dense forest with fog obscuring your sight.


You decide to explore this forest. You walk underneath and between the big trees for a while, until you find yourself suddenly swallowed whole by the fog. Everything turns black.


When the fog lifts you find yourself right where you started, in front of the cave you had previously exited. You walk into a different direction, you make some progress until the fog swallows you and transports you back again. Whatever direction you try, you experience the same outcome. It seems like you’re doomed to never get anywhere.

That is until you notice fluorescent arrows on the ground, like emergency lights in airplanes.


When you walk on these lines, the fog does not swallow you whole. You follow the lights for miles on end – it seems like the lines are all interconnected with one another. You start making a map of this strange place. The forest turns out to be ovally shaped, like a dome.




Using this map you travel to what is logically the edge of the forest, expecting to see something befitting the end of your world, something like this:


But instead there is nothing. Just more trees, fog and lines that curve backwards. If you step out of bounds, the fog swallows you once again and teleports you to where you started. What is out there, beyond the edge of what you can reach?

The answer is simple for those of us who know the story: if you were able to look from the outside in, you would see a purple dome floating through space.

dome schilderij


But you can never take a look from outside in – you are stuck inside the forest. The best you can do is reason that a thing such as the purple dome exists and that it always lingers just beyond your reach, containing everything. Mankind has done exactly this for centuries. Only they didn’t call it the purple dome, they called it God.