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Coming to terms with the ongoing Islamic invasion

Wilders has been pushed into a corner by the open-borders globalist coalition. Leader of the globalist coalition, Mark Rutte, tells us that ‘closing the Dutch border’ is a simplistic, divisive solution that will not solve anything. ‘Just be normal’ is his go-to solution. Last week two Dutch homosexuals had their front teeth knocked out by a group of Moroccan immigrants with a crowbar. Will Rutte personally tell these Moroccans to act normal? ‘Oh yes sir, we’re deeply sorry sir. What were we thinking swinging a fucking crowbar in the face of these infidel fags ehh good-meaning equal citizens! It won’t happen again, we promise!’ Rutte patronisingly shakes his head, his hands on his hips. Boys will be boys, he thinks to himself. He wags another finger, but no doubt the nation will sleep soundly knowing that Just Being Normal has yet again saved the day.

The Dutch Alt-Right now turns to Thierry Baudet, the intellectual version of Wilders’ lower class anti-Islam. Wilders eats herring with onions at the local fish seller’s stand, Baudet sips on an expensive wine while playing Mozart on his grand piano. In his first parliamentary speech Baudet stylishly spoke his first words in Latin: Quousque tandem factionem cartellum et officiorum machina patientia nostra abutitur, dum navis pretoria ressurectionis ad proficiscendum parata est. 

It is all very entertaining. The problem is of course that Baudet’s antiques are child’s play compared with the elephant in the room: Kuzu’s Turkish DENK party has more seats than he has. And Kuzu understands the game, knows how to play the cathedral: ‘That’s racist! Why are you being racist? Us, poor Turks, poor foreigners. You should be ashamed for this racism!’ 

So Wilders is countered by Rutte and Baudet is countered by Kuzu. The borders remain open and new hordes of Muslim men screaming for white pussy and infidel blood enter the country every day. What will happen? War? Submission? It is unclear. But an invasion is an invasion. We better find personal peace with it.


Post match analysis


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 12.09.24

PVV and VVD went head-to-head in the polls, but the absence of Wilders and the strong presence of Rutte resulted in a win for VVD. But compare with 4 years ago and VVD lost 8 seats, PVV won 5, so Wilders has nothing to complain about. Dissident brahmins predict Islamic immigration to be a civilisational ending problem, but as long as vaisyas do not see it happening directly around them they will stick with the official narrative. Still it is good to see the majority of the Dutch voting right.

Big big loser is PvdA. Leftism for blue collars is not the greatest sale in a post-progressive world. 4 years ago they were still the 2nd biggest party, but now the party has crashed like Clinton. Democracy is a fickle mistress.

The leftist parties have splintered as progressivism has splintered. Almost all of them have picked up a few votes, none of them stand out. The relatively big winner is GreenLeft, solely thanks to the Justin Trudeauness of Jesse Klaver.

The Christians have done decently. CDA leader Sybrand Buma has the right mix of naivety for leftists to feel superior to and trustworthiness for Christians to vote on. Even if God has left the Christian churches, rural Christians still make up a decent size of the demography.

Notable newcomer is Thierry Baudet of the FvD, a right wing intellectual who rails against Europe and the media/party cartels. He also doesn’t like islam. Wilders’ proleness is low status for right-wing brahmins, but Baudet’s snobbishness is not. Keep an eye on him.

The success of new Turkish party DENK is of course the big warning sign. How strange that the Netherlands would have a party in its parliament that in no way represents Dutch values. When reporters asked DENK’s leader Kuzu if he agreed with Erdogan that the Dutch are nazis and fascist, Kuzu shrugged his shoulders. And why should he care? It’s not like his fanbase cares.

Furthermore worth noting is that voting attendance is pretty good; 80% of the Dutch cast their vote. And in the category ‘no such thing as an honest democracy’: in Nijmegen the voting bureaus stayed open up till 3 hours after they were supposed to close. Nijmegen is prog territory. 🤔

As for the possible coalitions: a few crazy combinations are possible, but the most likely one is VVD, CDA, D66 and and CU. Which means cuckservative business as usual. Europe will limp on, the Netherlands will limp on. See you in 4 years!

The clown fiesta that is the 2017 Dutch election

Spandrell wrote a post on Dunbar feminism. The idea is applicable to many aspects of life, like politics. Dunbar politics. People are wired to care first and foremost about themselves and their tribal social environment. All politics is identity politics. So in a democracy all votes become identity votes.

This helps us understand the Wacky Dutch Election Cirus, 2017 Edition. Silly Americans with your two-party system blocking smaller voices! Our Great Nation has a record amount of 28 parties participating! No winner-takes-all over here, we divide all votes fair and square.

How to describe the atmosphere? The US election was pretty electric and sent waves through the internet. The Dutch atmosphere is smaller, inside a bubble. Less noticeable. Life here is like America in the 50s or 60s or 80s, I dunno. There is little overt political association: no signs, no hats, no bumper stickers. Yes the SJWs occasionally parade around, but no one likes SJWs. What seems to prevail is that there are rumblings of unrest far outside our kingdom but lets just enjoy these good times inside our kingdom. Still we have a ritualistic civil war head count coming up in three weeks, so what do?

Journalists cover the election in the typical ‘producing-an-unaware-and-compliant-citizenry’  style we’ve come to learn and love. Trump is evil, Wilders is evil. Journalists tell us the Good Parties are participating in an orderly transfer of power. Yes, the journalists admit, there might be the occasional mudslinging, but at least it’s not as bad as in America, wink.

Except there is no orderly transfer of power. If I read between the media headlines it is clear to me that the functionality of the power relations in the Hague is slipping away. A chronic case of democracy does that to a nation. Old politicians have slowly been hammered down by scandals and low voter turnout, new politicians are nothing but slick talking salesmen.

Jesse Klaver 1.jpg

See young Jesse Klaver of GreenLeft lying about his education, the Catholic church ànd his upbringing to make himself more likeable. Polls show him at 12%.


See the new 50+ party, founded to address the clusterfuck that is the Dutch pension system. The Dutch elderly find themselves in a South Park skit: This is your pension… Aaaaand its gone. The party’s singular objective is to secure those pensions. 50+ Party leader Henk Krol, being your run-of-the-mill snake oil salesman, is simply shocked and is determined to set things right for these poor old folks. So democracy gives old folks the chance to flip the finger to their children and grandchildren. Polls have Krol at 8%.

But even the vintage parties have gone full sell-out. The left doesn’t have any cool products anymore. The millennials are still sorta enthusiastic but hipsters won’t be cool forever. The left has no believable leader and so it is splintered. Every leftist leader scrambles for attention.


Lodewijk Asscher represents the Party for the Blue-Collars, but the blue-collars have lost trust in the party seeing the amount of jobs going down and the cost of life going up. Polls have Asscher at 12%, down from 25% in 2012.


Then there is Alexander Pechtold of Democrats’66, the party for cool education people. Problem with education is that every leftist party WANTS MOAR EDUCATION so Pechtold has nothing special to offer. In his defence: on a good day he is as charming as Hugh Grant. Polls have him at 15%.


Next we have Sybrand Buma of the Christian Democrats. The Christians have lost, lost, lost. God has left Buma’s party a while ago. Buma’s most notorious tv moment is on a lefty talk show where he enthusiastically jumps on the cathedral bandwagon and decries how horrible it is that four women dare say they were raped by Bill Clinton! How evil of Trump to rattle ex-president Bill Clinton and his lovely wife like this, Bill is just an innocent bystander! …But the US is faraway and Trump is just a story, so most Christian Democrats don’t get the joke. Buma sits on 10%.


Final player on the left is Emile Roemer of the Socialist Party, a real OG lefty. Roemer is a disarming socialist leftist. Socialism never took off in the Netherlands like it did in the USSR and the wave has probably passed. Still, 12%.


On the right Mark Rutte of VVD reaches new heights of cuckoldry previously thought unreachable. Clearly we need more cooperation with the EU. Surely we can trust the EU. In Rutte’s defence he is the only party with a memorable campaign slogan: ‘just be normal.’ How do we solve the immigrant crisis? Just be normal. What about this Jihadist? Just be normal. One can imagine the hooks Rutte uses to lift his mouth into a smile prior to any meeting. Nothing is going on here folks, isn’t life just dandy! Aren’t we having a great time? Apparently so, as his message of lets ignore the world resonates with 19% of the poll vote.


Final major player is Geert Wilders, Holland’s most famous politician. Wilders is making few public appearances after it was discovered a member of his police security was leaking information on Wilders’ whereabouts. The fate of Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn looms. Polls give Wilders 17% of the vote.

There are other new parties on the right, most notably Jan Roos and Thierry Baudet. Both are honest on Islam and are a breeze of fresh air compared to Mark Cuckke. Thierry is clearly the most intelligent politician (left pic) in the circus but intelligence is a tough demographic sell. 1 seat, or 0.7%. Jan Roos uses less fancy words but seems more practical. Roos also has the support of alternative media Geenstijl.apparently not, Geenstijl supports even more niche Jan Dijkgraaf.) 1 seat from the poll.


Finally, lest we forget, Tunahan Kuzu from THINK, the Turkish party. Their campaign for now boils down to That’s Racist! We’re Turks! Good for 2% of the vote.