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Death of the Neoreactionary

A while ago a guy named Mencius Moldbug read some old books. He compared these books to the modern world and realised something did not add up. He wrote about his findings on this cool new invention, ‘the internet’, where everyone in the world could read what he wrote. And what did Moldbug write? Well, he wrote a lot, because Moldbug liked the sound of his own keyboard. But mostly he wrote that the enlightenment was never the start of the age of reason, but the start of a new viral religion. Enlightenment thinkers were not philosophers but priests, the radicalised offspring of Protestants. Throughout the decades their religion kept mutating and today we know the current incarnation of the enlightenment as Progressivism, a thoroughly stupid and suicidal religion, like Mao communism.

As people realised what Moldbug was saying, their natural instinct was to do something about the situation. Moldbug had some ideas himself as to what to do, including but not limited to bringing back the Stuarts, starting an anti-university (the Antiversity) and wearing some kind of code garment on friday to signal insurgency (a yellow tweed necktie or something). Also the USA should be broken up in compartments and ruled like companies.

People hip with Moldbug called themselves neoreactionary (#NRx) and summarised the problem and solution as follows: The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.

This is theoretically all correct. Unfortunately you can’t backwards engineer power. As it turns out, ‘being in charge’ is not an open position you can leisurely fill up. LOTS of people want to be in charge. Man has tried to be at the top of other men since the dawn of mankind. Welcome to the game of power. Get in line.

This is why NRx strategies of ‘being passive’ have never really caught on. They were a bit silly; you live, therefore you play the game of power. You can not not play the game of power, except by suicide, and if you read this blog I prefer you not commit suicide (you have good taste, you are an awesome person, thank you very much).

In the end NRx is just one of many factions vying for power and NRx is not a particularly strong faction: spergy intellectuals tend to sound better on the internet than they do in real life. The Alt-Right, to throw around a name, is a much stronger faction fighting a similar fight.

The neoreactionary, unfortunately, will not catch on. Not in its current form. But the egg it has laid – the Dark Enlightenment – will. So there’s that.

Merry Christmas, for what it’s worth

I’m really not a miser when christmas is concerned, I promise. Christmas is fun and jolly and a great time of the year to spend with your family. Evolutionary speaking festivities at the start of winter make sense. Winter is cold and nasty and humans, like all animals,  prepare for it in advance. But humans have learned how to nail winter preparations so effectively that when the icy winds hit we are curled up in front of a crispy fireside drinking hot coco while the stereo plays uplifting songs. Simpler animals fear Father Winter, but us humans have little to fear. This is quite deservingly worth of celebration.

But while the underlying principle of successful winter preparation stays the same, the cultural significance of Christmas has changed. Mainly expressed through religion. Used to be pagan celebrations, now it’s birth of baby Jesus. Except it really isn’t anymore. No one cares about Jesus. People complain it’s all about materialistic stuff but I never find that to be true (except the material necessities for surviving winter which have always been a prerequisite for successful christmas celebrations). No, modernist christmas is all about about our current feelgood religion: progressivism. Christmas tagline: While you are opening presents around the christmas tree, millions of refugee children are starving! Let’s care for them. But people don’t really care about refugees, they care about status signalling. Thus while Christmas as always brings out the happy spiritual feelings in everyone, spirituality is screwed, ergo the image of Christmas as imagining all the people living life in peace is as narcissistic and empty as John Lennon was.

So I guess that puts me in Spandrell’s camp. To fix Christmas we need a new religion. I am not too sure about this Jordan Peterson guy, he uses too much psychological scripture for my taste but perhaps that is a post for a different time. At any rate, merry christmas everyone, may you spend the days in good health and with people you love.

All terrain will conform to the map



h/t Nick B Steves. Nice map. All I’m really missing is the manosphere.

edit: for outsiders, X-axis refers to the relation with females (from feminism on the left to good old sexism to the right):

Y-axis AFAIK refers to a Star Trek episode where captain Picard is captured by alien bad guy and brainwashed to say that 4 lights equal 5 lights in the same way Winston had to proclaim that 2 + 2 = 5 in 1984. Of course in retrospect Star Trek was mostly a collection of progressive propaganda so it turns out there were 5 lights after all.

Neoreaction, Alt-Right and Politics


I can not lie: I am really enjoying the convergence of Trump, mainstream media and the Alt-Right. Trump signing up with Breitbart is the final confirmation. Dutchies had never heard of Breitbart before a week ago and do not understand what is going on. I have known Breitbart since a year or so because of Milo, the homosexual journalist with fabulous hair. Back then he was touring around the US on his dangerous fag tour, trolling people with alt-right memes and generally being a funny flamboyant gay. Recently he got banned from twitter when he gave the Ghostbusters remake a deserved thumbs down.

Now Hillary Clinton will apparently give a speech on thursday explicitly addressing alt-right. The final final confirmation. Oh boy.

Who expected it to go this fast? Not me. At the same time I’m not surprised. The internet is by large a free speech zone which means memes flow freely and the best memes are allowed to float to the top. The Alt-Right has the best memes and the coolest memers. You might not like it but Pepe the frog has been confiscated by the Alt-Right. Young rightist memers are cooler than young leftist memers. Meme critical mass has been reached.

Vox Day writes that now is a good time for bloggers to define the Alt-Right. Sure. I have no quarrels with his points. I’ll add some neoreactionary and personal thoughts.

The most important political realisation of the 21st-century in the West is that leftists are in charge everywhere. Mencius Moldbug was the first to realise and write about this, and his theories on progressivism are what is generally accepted as neoreactionary theory. Moldbug diagnosed the USA as a communist country, run by English priests who settled in Cambrige, Massachusetts, where they founded a university you perhaps heard of: Harvard. Of course Harvard in practice is not as much a university as it is a church, and its priests are destined to become the most powerful people on earth. Widely read journalists, respected academic professors and big shot politicians all hail from Harvard or pay ritualistic respect to Harvard. We are talking about the New York Times, the Richard Dawkins and the Barack Obamas. The important people. Moldbug ominously referred to this huge collective of leftist power as the Cathedral. The problem with the Cathedral is similar to the problem with communism: it is biological parasitism which feeds on peace and order and produces chaos. We’re talking a pretty big parasite, e.g. one which Moldbug compared with Lovecraft’s mythical monster of Ctulhu.

Ctulhu always moves left

So that is dr. Moldbug’s diagnosis of the West: a persistent case of religious leftism. Now, what do we do with this knowledge? This is where opinions diverge, most prominently between neoreactionaries and the Alt-Right.

Moldbug/neoreaction advocates passivism, which argues that the system is so completely infected with leftism that it is futile to try to save it. Democracy by nature is flawed. Instead of building a kitchen in a burning house you are better off building a new house.

The Alt-Right advocates activism, which argues that you can not make a change in the system without fighting for it. To do so you need to work within the system. In the US it turns out that the supposedly right-wing republican party is in actuality controlled opposition for the leftists. The conservatives are in this sense ‘cucked’ by leftists. Hence the beloved Alt-Right meme: cuckservatives. Jeb Bush was an obvious cathedral puppet cuckservative. With the opportunity of non-cathedral president Donald Trump the Alt-Right is now attacking the cathedral head on in whatever way they can. Since they have the truth on their side, they have the memes on their side. Twitter in particular is amazing in terms of battling leftist lies with glorious memes. A personal favourite is God Emperor Trump. Were he to crown himself king, I daresay Moldbug would approve.


Alt-Righters have a point when they attack reactionaries for being pussies. Politics do not happen in a vacuum and it is silly to assume the cathedral will let you build parallel institutions in peace if you’re really quiet about it. If Trump were a passivist reactionary would he be running for president?

At the same time the righteousness of the Alt-Right feels temporary. I can’t help but notice that pretty much the entire Alt-Right hype centers around the election. Elections are bad for your soul. There’s a couple of alt-righters who seem like respectable people, but any group that defines itself by the idiom ‘no enemies to the right’ is bound to pick up lots of crazies. As long as there is a clear commander (Trump), a clear enemy (Hillary) and a clear objective (winning the election) the Alt-Right will do amazing things. After that, I am not so sure.

So ending on a personal note: I enjoy the Alt-Right but associate myself more with neoreaction. Generally though I see myself in a position where politics slowly ceases to be my #1 topic of blogging. Politics is always interesting, it is just not something on which I have a lot of new stuff to say.

The Riddle of Reactionary Future

“Have you heard of this guy? Moldbug’s acolyte, who claims everyone misinterprets the original prophet. Only the acolyte himself knows what the wise ones were truly saying.”

A männerbund’s strength is tested once it receives a couple of blows. Reaction has plenty of natural dissenters, ergo the reaction blogosphere is a good place to deliver and receive some blows. Reactionary Future is good at delivering blows. Let’s return some blows.

RF’s main thesis is that the combined works of Moldbug + de Jouvenel is a complete explanation for the way in which power works. I disagree and I see 2 main problems.

The first problem is that the synthesis between Moldbug & de Jouvenel is forced. Moldbug is the San Franciscan intellectual father of modern reaction, de Jouvenel was a French liberal who was realistic about the nature of power. There is some overlap but no definite synchronization of these 2 thinkers. RF forces a connection and by doing so de facto creates a 3-way connection in which he himself becomes the 3rd name in the Brahmin-triangle. In doing so he assumes moral high-ground which allows him to chastise others for not being True reactionaries. Or, well, yeah, they are reactionaries but since reaction has nothing to do with Moldbug it doesn’t matter anyway. Denoting holy status to important works is good and all, but the claim to holiness here is obvious. The power of difficult scripture usually does not lie in the scripture itself but with the person interpreting the scripture.

The second and more pressing problem is that ‘Moldbug + de Jouvenel’ creates a closed system: ‘these works contain all there is to know about power, so study them.’ This amounts to a Brahmin re-education program which I believe to be unnecessary. I find myself in Jim’s camp: we have been led for too long by priests who have failed us. Now is not the time for brahmins to devise new post-progressivism cathedrals. Now is the time for warriors to overthrow the current cathedral and rule like kings. Brahmin signaling should be directed towards advising Vaisyas: Brahmin advice should be practical and useful. RF is barking up the wrong tree by giving Brahmins advice in what holy books they should read instead of giving Vaisyas advice in how to rule. People will read whatever books they will and remember whatever theories they will remember. Repeating the works of smarter thinkers is fair game but putting a lid on it and exclaiming ‘there it’s done now!’ achieves little. It is simply not the way in which Schelling points work.

So in conclusion Reactionary Future over-expanded his intellectual territory. The initial message impresses, but the grandeur is too vapid. Also I disliked that he did not approve a comment I left on his blog. That is all I have to say about that.

Hestia society needs a prophet

“The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.”

Hestia Society de facto is neoreaction*, because civilization is the only morality. Hestia society is a lot like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. Both groups anticipate civilizational disaster and prepare for it. In Asimov’s version the Foundation turns out to do all kinds of awesome stuff. In real life’s version it is pretty much impossible to say what Hestia society will accomplish.

On a long enough time scale all science turns into stories turns into myths. The Schelling point for neoreactionary wisdom must therefore be easily memorable yet very effective. For the human brain it is ultimately (male) prophets that are best at fulfilling the function of such a Schelling point. Hence the success of Jesus Christ and Karl Marx. Hence also the initial success of the Foundation which was led by the brilliant Hari Seldon; “a mathematician and psychologist, [who] has developed psychohistory, a new field of science and psychology that equates all possibilities in large societies to mathematics, allowing for the prediction of future events. Using psychohistory, Seldon mathematically determines what he calls The Seldon Plan—a plan to determine the right time and place to set up a new society, one that would replace the collapsing Galactic Empire by sheer force of social pressure, but over only a thousand-year time span, rather than the ten-to-thirty-thousand-year time span that would normally have been required, and thus reduce the human suffering from living in a time of barbarism.” 

Wow, what a guy. I mean I know some psychology, but being able to predict the black swan events of the entire universe over the course of 100+ years? Someone wants to live forever. Lead your people, perform miracles, die for a greater cause and make millions cry when they think of you. Be a prophet.

No wonder the Foundation got off to a flying start. So the formula for neoreaction is simple: Hestia Society + Jesus 2.0 = successful neoreaction.

Of course the problem is that you can not backwards engineer a religion. Hestia Society can only influence Hestia Society. ‘Jesus 2.0’ remains the undefined variable**. Any prophet must first show his worth by conquering Hestia Society much like how Genghis Khan first conquered Mongolia. Who in real life is the reactionary prophet? Who is the leader? So far I hear no one making an outright claim to the throne, which I infer by the fact that Hestia Society’s website does not name a leader. This makes sense – as long as a prophet is not standing up that means that the people sitting around the table are no prophets. Which is good to know. Clarity of communication and all.

The only real serious nomination so far is Moldbug, who has declined the offer. Same for me [there say like it matters]. I’m a smart guy but I am no prophet. I am satisfied being a guy who prophecizes about the coming of a prophet.


* or heroic reaction.
**ReactionaryFuture defines Jesus 2.0 -or at least the necessary intellectual framework for such a prophet- as the works of Moldbug + de Jouvenel. These works probably do include all the information necessary for Hestia Society to succeed. Is the Schelling point effective enough? Perhaps. Right now I prefer Jim’s Schelling point.

Random rants / Je pad

I realize I don’t HAVE to follow blog protocol. It is good to know blog protocol but there is no mandate of heaven forcing you to always stick to blog protocol. You learn the numbers so that you may forget the numbers (h/t Josh Waltzkin). So I will rant for a bit.

Nrx is fascinating. I take Nrx to be a synonym for God. A definition  few will probably share, but it is what it is (h/t Buddha lol). Anyways. The reactosphere per definition attracts the smartest men in the world. That sentence is as much me dick-riding other Nrx bloggers as it is a giant feather in my own ass. No doubt there are many types of intelligence. Nrx for the most part is political intelligence. I guess I respect political intelligence.

At a certain point the neoreactionary ideology falls apart because it’s just too god damn vague. People end up with a different definition of what it means to be right. right! Spandrell is historically speaking right. ReactionaryFuture is quite possibly very right. Nick Land reminds me too much of a friend I used to argue with so I don’t think he’s right. Jim is always right. But they will always disagree over something. Human nature and all. It is not that Nrx provides a coherent ideology, more that it withdraws the curtain to reveal modernity to be an r-selected religion that will inevitably implode (h/t Moldbug paraphrasing loosely). Being in on a widespread lie only takes a group so far.

Ergo, religion. Religion religion religion.

I just realize that I am pretending to be all cool and edgy but that my style kind of resembles Peppermint’s style. So I’m really just learning new protocol. Eh whatever. The biggest respect is paid in imitation. I am also not him. Anyway. I’ll stop name dropping now.

I enjoy talking about myself a lot. Well maybe not talk so much about myself as think/write so much about myself. So I’m talking less.


Ik stap langzaam over op doen. Maar ik houd van denken. Balans is sleutel. De gouden balans, je weet zelf (h/t Aristoteles). Iedere keer als ik ‘je weet zelf’ zeg voel ik conflict omdat ik taal van buitenlanders overneem. Maar ik vind je weet zelf relaxed om te zeggen. Nu heb ik het opgezocht en blijkt dat de term geassocieerd wordt met Antilianen. Ik mag Antilianen dus weg is mijn conflict. Och man de trubbels in het leven van een racistische klootzak…

Hier dát is nou een typisch voorbeeld van de spitsvondige gedachte die ik niet kan maken in middelstroom samenleving.

Wat is mijn purpose? Wat is een goede vertaling voor your purpose? je missie? Je zingeving? Ik weet het niet. Het punt is dat ik INTJ ben en dat regel 1 voor INTJ is dat je stopt met lol hebben. Ok dat zeg ik zwart-wit maar regel 3 van INTJ zijn is dat je altijd zwart-wit praat. Regel 2 is dat je stopt met lol hebben.

Ik houd ervan om te leren, te bouwen en te leiden. Ja en te neuken. Maar dat klinkt zo plat. Zucht. Ik moet alles in hokjes stoppen. Ik vind dat logisch. Je moet toch ook handelen op een oordeel? Liever een denkfout dan eeuwig onwetend. Dat is toch ook logisch? Nee dat is niet logisch. Een vis weet niet wat water is (h/t het internet). Ik verontschuldig mij voor de wateren waarin ik zwem. Maar met die bekentenis verandert niks. Water is nog steeds water, of ik het nou benoemd heb of niet. Wat prima is. Echt ik ben geen narcist. Hoewel een narcist dat ook wel zo zou kunnen zeggen. Misschien schrijf ik nog eens een post over INTJs en narcisme. Maar dat heeft youtube ook al gedaan. Bleh, kunst. Kunst kunst kunst.

On the Value of Shock

“To shock or not to shock?”

This Social Matter article got me thinking about shock, or more specifically: the value of shock. In the article Mark Christensen argues against being politically-incorrect on the ground that anti-PC is not an actual identity: it only exists in juxtaposition to the reigning power, a.k.a. that which is PC. Basically he makes the very relevant point that the anti-PC frame is the same frame employed by an angry teenager who rails against his oppressive parents. The teenager may think he is all wise and independent but he is in fact in a codependent-narcissistic relationship with his parents. He gets a kick by speaking truth to power but he is in actuality completely dependent on the response of his parents upon which he feeds. He NEEDS their PC so he can calibrate his anti-PC.

So don’t be that teenager. Create your own path. I agree with that message. But I have some extra thoughts on the subject since I struggle with this myself.

Shocking is not without merit. Firstly, there is the emotional clarity of communication a good provocative statement brings to the table. As the word implies, to be ‘shocked’ by something is to be temporary jolted, perhaps into a clearer frame of mind. It can be good to jolt people – negative emotions are a powerful motivator, if not the most powerful motivators. Clarity works. Long articles stay unread and book suggestions are forgotten. Radish has 0 mainstream appeal. A single picture conveying a similar message however…

2015-11-23 11_56_07-Donald J. Trump on Twitter_ __@SeanSean252_ @WayneDupreeShow @Rockprincess818 @C.png

Clear meme, clear communication. Whether or not you personally believe the facts presented in the picture is irrelevant – the message got to you in exactly the opposite way Radish did not get to you. Good memes work. Ask Goebbels.

Secondly concise shock-statements help to clear one’s mind. In a world filled with post-modern confabulations nothing is as refreshing as a couple of good anti-PC memes that get straight to the point. What goes through for intellectual debate is often a lot of words to describe very little content, despite everybody nodding their heads in consent. Concise memes cut through this mind-wank like a knife through butter. It makes you put skin in the game. I’ve done this before but just to re-affirm:

  • Women are snakes with tits who seek demon lovers without patriarchy’s firm guiding hand.
  • Blacks are more violent and have lower time-preference when compared to whites. The races do not mix well.
  • Islam is an evil and destructive religion of war.
  • Jews are intelligent yet inherently subversive.
  • White heterosexual men built the best civilization.
  • Progressivism/Marxism is the devil.
  • Theology > philosophy

Thirdly and finally, do it for the lulz. Lulz are fun. It’s good to have a fun time.

That is what I have to say in favor of shock. But to quickly counterbalance each pro-shocking argument:

  1. Emotional clarity argument — speaking emotional truth is scarily effective in terms of breaking other people’s reality. But is it productive? I find myself agreeing with the NRx sentiment that NRx is per definition never a mass movement, so I think not. Today your shiny might convince someone, tomorrow another shiny will do the opposite.
  2. Clearing one’s mind argument — There is truth in this one. Yet at what point have you made up your mind and are you just being an polarizing asshole for the sake of being a polarizing asshole?
  3. the Lulz argument — Lulz are nice, but so is strategic thinking. If you like playing with fire don’t be surprised if you burn yourself.

So I conclude that it is better to curb my tongue more often and try a subtler approach. I will however publicly proclaim my love of Murdoch Murdoch. So good!

Nrx Overload


It is at times implied that the internet is a magical place of freedom and anonimity – the mere term ‘second life’ implies the possibility of a parallel life lived on the internet, completely separated from your supposedly ‘first life’. I find myself disagreeing. The internet is but a digital representation of yourself, and digital life resembles real life in all aspects. The internet has two advantages, which are the speed of information dispersion and the immense universe of information available. But this is nothing revolutionary – a telephone and a library provide similar services.

Nrx is one of the many obscure corners of the internet, yet it is the part of the internet which makes an incredible amount of sense. This place has converted me from a sort-of-progressive into a convinced neoreactionary (whatever that may be). Yet implicit in its knowledge is the fact that the internet will not save you, for only your thede may save you. Internet thedes are intellectually mind-blowing, yet practically speaking weak-sauce. They do not help much in real life. I could even argue the opposite: Nrx messes up your real life, for you increasingly feel disconnected with everything around you. Modernity is crap. Media is crap. Equality is crap. Contemporary art is crap. Everyone’s opinions are crap. Some part of my personality has always felt this, which is probably why I am in this obscure part of the internet in the first place. But I feel alone. Whenever I discuss anything of marginally intellectual level with people I inescapably feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

I find myself discussing the most basal concepts which people forget within the week. People are sheeple. Progressives wallow in their power. Atheists swallow everything the media tells them. Protestants are in favor of gay marriage. Catholics warn for macho behavior of men. There truly are very few sane people left and the cynic in me wonders if there ever were many in the first place.

People don’t want to think truth about gays, jews, progressivism, religion, women, power and whatnot. It hurts their heads. They want to think happy thoughts. They want to enjoy modernity, which admittedly is still functioning fairly well in the Netherlands. Rumblings at the horizon are to be ignored and the same goes for messengers of bad news such as myself.

I prefer to have a well-functioning real life, which means I need to get along with the people in my real life. Not sure what conclusion I’m drawing here. Show but don’t tell, I guess. Or: the internet is not your friend. Or: make knowledge work for you, not against you. Whatever. Grumble grumble.

Alles wat je als Nederlander over Donald Trump moet weten


NRx is verreweg de meest accurate bril om op te zetten wanneer we naar het huidige politieke wereldtoneel kijken. Het gros van de mensen denkt liberaal, de ‘edgy’ mensen denken libertair, maar het zijn de neoreactionairen die daadwerkelijk hun tijd vooruit zijn.   Zie bijvoorbeeld de huidige immigratiecrisis welke ineens een hot topic is in Nederland. Nrx heeft dit al jaren voorspeld. Dezelfde vlieger gaat op met Donald Trump, de toupet-dragende zakenman die in de VS furore maakt als onverwachts populaire presidentskandidaat. Wat moet je over Trump weten?

De belangrijkste punten:

  1. In een gezond functionerend politiek stelsel zou Trump geen politiek leider zijn.
  2. Trump is alfa. Een democratie leidt onvermijdelijk tot de aanstelling van een Trump.
  3. De media verspreidt consequent leugens over Trump.
  4. Neoreactionairen houden van Trump zoals Batman fanboys van de Joker houden.

Laten we ze stap voor stap afgaan.

1. Trump is een zakenman, geen politiek leider
Over één ding kunnen we het allemaal eens zijn: Trump is geen man die in het Witte Huis thuishoort. Hij is een zakenman, een bouwer van een financieel empirium, geen politiek leider die de mensen inspireert. Hij is de baas voor wie je je in het zweet werkt omdat je niet ontslagen wilt worden. Hij is de keiharde jury in tv-programmas, nooit bang om zijn bek open te trekken. Hij is in ieder geval niet de visionair die de VS naar een nieuw era van welvaart en vrede zal leiden. Maar goed, Trump leidt in alle Republikeinse peilingen, dus blijkbaar denken veel Amerikanen er anders over. Wat is er nou aan de hand?

2. Trump heeft Game.
Een centraal thema in Nrx is dat democratie niet werkt. Een belangrijke reden dat democratie niet werkt is omdat de massa kut is. Kiezers kiezen niet wat het beste voor het land is, ze kiezen de persoon die het beste op hun gevoelens inspeelt. Kiezers houden van winnaars. Kiezers willen verleid worden door winnaars. Trump is niet alleen een winnaar, hij is ook een ijzersterke verleider: Trump heeft keiharde game. Charisma, sterk frame, masculiniteit, alfa… Noem het wat je wilt, Trump hééft het. De man is een lopende bevestiging van alle game-principes en de kiezer smult er van.

Is Trump een populist? Ja. Verbuigt hij de waarheid als het hem uitkomt? Ja. Is hij daarin ook maar een haar anders dan de presidenten voor hem? Nee. Van Bill ‘I-did-not-have-sexual-relationship-with-that-women’ Clinton tot George ‘Mission-accomplished’ Bush tot Barack ‘Drone-Warfare’ Obama, iedereen liegt glashard als het hem uitkomt. Ook de huidige democratische presidentskandidate Hillary Clinton is een notoire leugenaar en het email-schandaal is daar slechts de zoveelste bevestiging van. Democratie selecteert op gladde praatjesmakers en Trump is de regel, niet de uitzondering. Maar als dat waar is, waarom vinden we Obama dan allemaal zo’n baas terwijl de zo uitgebreid haten op Trump?

3. De media liegt over Trump
Het volgende Nrx stokpaardje: het Media/Academia/Politieke complex is in de afgelopen 100 jaar consequent naar links verschoven. Dit is vooral waar voor de VS, maar Nederland als brave  VS-satellietstaat doet hier net zo hard aan mee. Academici spelen handjeklap met journalisten, journalisten spelen handjeklap met politici en politici spelen handjeklap met academici. Het is win-win voor iedereen. Behalve voor de waarheid, want die zou de status quo verstoren. Niemand houdt van het jongetje dat hardop zegt dat de keizer geen kleren aanheeft. Zeg de ongemakkelijke waarheid en zie hoe snel de media zich tegen je keert. Trump is ondanks z’n strategische leugens een bron van verfrissende directheid. Bijvoorbeeld:

  • Het gaat slecht met ons land! (Het gaat inderdaad slecht met Amerika)
  • Het immigratieproces faalt! (De rassenrelatie is inderdaad slecht in Amerika)
  • Islam is een gevaarlijke religie! (Islam is inderdaad een gevaarlijke religie)
  • We worden internationaal niet meer serieus geworden! (De VS verliest inderdaad aan respect op het wereldtoneel)

Al deze verwijten zijn klodders spuug in het gezicht van de linkse elite en diens gehele medianetwerk. Dus is frontaal de aanval op Trump geopend en wordt hij voor alles tussen hier en Satan uitgemaakt: racist, sexist, elitair, dom, populist, Hitler, whatever. Maar het werkt niet. Het briljante van Trump is dat hij al deze aandacht in zijn voordeel gebruikt. Zie punt 2: Trump past elke truuk uit het game-boek toe: agree & amplify, re-frame, ignore, ramble and plow etcetera etcetera. Trump is alfa, aka he does not give a fuck. Elke vorm van aandacht is winst voor hem. Hij breekt op deze manier letterlijk het systeem en de media weet zich er geen raad mee. Het is werkelijk schitterend om te zien. Dit is waarom de reactosphere overweldigend fan is van Der Trumpenführer: we wisten allang dat het systeem tot in de wortel verrot is en Trump laat de rot aan de hele wereld zien.

4. Trump is the hero we deserve, not the hero we need
Ondanks het feit dat Trump de man is heb ik geen illusie dat hij daadwerkelijk iets gaat veranderen. De rot is al te ver ingezet. Dit schip valt niet meer bij te sturen, het zal op de ijsberg crashen en zinken. Weet Trump dit? Snapt hij zijn rol in de toekomstige geschiedenis van VS? Geeft hij er een fuck om? Dit zijn vragen waar we waarschijnlijk nooit antwoord op zullen krijgen. Het maakt ook niet uit. Dit politieke stelsel is niet meer te redden. Hedendaagse politiek is popcorn entertainment, meer niet. Trump is top-notch popcorn entertainment, maar meer ook niet. Stem op wie je wilt, het maakt niet uit. We shall all drown and no one will save us.