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Lying works.

The aspiration of every man is to have at least a moderate amount of fuck-you money. As a young and spoiled brahmin I have long denied this, but as I get older I have to admit it is undeniably true. Money marks territory and allows safe exchange between territory. Money keeps peace between men.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. I came to write more about leftism.

Isn’t leftism interesting? Barely 30 years ago we saw it as a viable political ideology, nowadays we see it almost as a pathology. I’d say it isn’t, because pathologies are maladaptive, like homosexuality and transgenderism, while leftism, though destructive, is pretty adaptive.

The best explanation of leftism remains cuttlefish. Male cuttlefish fight each other in ritualized battles for the right to mate with female cuttlefish. Ah, the ritual fight! How honorable! How righteous! What an honest system to select for the strongest specimen of cuttlefish! Only, some cuttlefish figure that fighting is for suckers, disguise themselves as females, swim right past the fights and pork the ladies. To add insult to injury I gladly add that females are as enthusiastically porked by these cheater, leftist fish as they are by the honorable, righteous fish.

Gnon likes a cheater. That, in a nutshell, is the explanation for the existence of leftism. The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that lying — for the lack of a better word, is good. Lying works. Lying clarifies, cuts through, and captures essence of the evolutionary spirit.

But, lying does not scale so well online. Too many anonymous people watching and judging. Every lie is unique, but every truth is similar. This is why leftists are losing the internet wars — they can’t get their lies straight, whereas rightists by pure individual logic arrive at similar conclusions.

Arjen Lubach, or: how to kiss the ass of Power

Arjen Lubach is a non-Jewish leftist entertainer who dreams of being the Dutch Jon Stewart. In fact, he already pretty much is the Dutch Jon Stewart. Congratulations Arjen!

The above video is a very recent hit. Which is to say, a huge viral hit according to the media, but with less than 2 million views it is barely half the views of a daily Jake Paul video. To be fair though, Lubach’s first viral video on Trump got 25 million views, but that was a funnier video.

The authorities tell us a story about poor li’l Lubach, just tinkering in his garage with his under-appreciated content, who through sheer talent and perseverance is slowly recognised as the beacon of funny truth that he is. “America Hates His Rifle-Skeptical Guts But Damnit If He Doesn’t Speak Truth!”


If you hadn’t heard yet: countryside Americans have lost on all major issues: they’ve lost marriage, healthcare, abortion and even the right to assemble. And let us not forget the statue storm destroying conservative statues as we speak. Guns are pretty much the last thing they have left.

City Americans love Lubach, which is to say: those in power in America love Lubach. Why? Because Lubach perfectly parrots the party line, just as Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert perfectly parrot the party line. They are messenger boys. It is only as long as Lubach’s message is in line with the powers that be that Lubach is lauded as great content creator.

This is why I didn’t even have to watch the video to know what Lubach was going to say. It’s about Trump? It will be hating on Trump. It’s about guns? Yeah it’ll be about restricting gun control.

And I hear you asking: ‘isn’t Lubach making good points?’ No, he isn’t. Controlled for race, Americans murder at about the same rate as people in countries with strict gun control. Gun control seems to play a negligible role in homicide rates. See the 2015 Paris massacre. See Jim. It is the opinion of this blog that every Dutch male with a house and a wife be given a government-issued Desert Eagle with 10 clips magazines and a laser pointer.

So why are leftists so adamant about gun control if it isn’t about saving lives? Because leftists are the priests, and the priests hate it when warriors have power in the form of guns. What is really at stake is just another struggle for power.

So no, Lubach is not speaking truth to power. He is kissing the ass of power. Which is probably the smart thing to do. Just, not so interesting.

The Berkeley riots: Moldbug versus Aaronson

On abstract topics high IQ leftism creates convincing smokescreens. See the success of the enlightenment thinkers, who were really a bunch of charismatic French con-artists. More currently, see global warming.

However, on down-to-earth topics even high IQ leftism struggles, because it is hard to lie about what our own eyes observe. See the conversation between Moldbug and Aaronson on the Berkeley university riots.


Aaronson: “For those marinated in alternative facts from right-wing news sites, maybe it’s worth stressing: there was a peaceful protest by Berkeley students, also those students’ right. Then violent protesters, apparently not Berkeley students, came from elsewhere and shut the talk down. I think the violent protest was both deplorable and stupid, but we should be clear that this wasn’t Berkeley’s fault.

Moldbug: “If just as a case study in epistemology: where exactly does this neat disjunction between “peaceful student protesters” and “non-peaceful non-student rioters” come from? What is the source of this decidedly nontrivial information?

I cannot even imagine how you or anyone could know that there are/were no Berkeley students in the Black Bloc. In fact, I’ll spare you a link to the dox, but the man who punched a Milo guest and left him flat appears to have been a Berkeley *employee*.

Did you miss the part where *the police did nothing to protect the victims*, and *no one was arrested*, and *the mayor praised the rioters*? And so did, let’s not forget, three-quarters of the *noble, independent-minded and civic-spirited American press*? I have never seen the Washington Post use the word “intense” so many times in one article.

If you reverse the polarity, you see how ridiculous it is. Imagine Amy Schumer has booked a speech at Berkeley, but the Aryan Brotherhood led by Mike Cernovich and Matt Forney is trying to shut her down, by doing their best to burn down the student life center with Roman candles, not to mention beating the guests with clubs and dousing them with bear spray. 

But David Duke is Governor of California and Richard Spencer is the chancellor of Berkeley. Joke’s on you, libs! Later, the skinhead mob goes cruising down Shattuck, looking for Jewish-owned banks… In what world, even remotely like ours, could this happen?”

(emphasis added)


The left is flexible

Was reading this piece by Ryan Landy/28Sherman. Per usual good stuff. As counterweight  I would like to stress the left’s main source of power, its flexibility.

Ad nauseam, leftism is defection by lies. The left only reveals itself as anti-white when really pressed into a corner, when you unexpectedly shine a flashlight in the darkness and see a shrieking monster. Leftists don’t like the light Trump shines on them so they retreat and plot in the dark. If old lies don’t work, invent new lies. 2 leftists walk into a bar and discuss meme stock: Black Lives Matter was so 2016, let’s go with global warming instead. Yeah global warming is totally the next big thing. Hey what about free speech, we’ve always been in favor of that, right? Yes and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Gnon smiles upon r-selection too much for the left to be completely defeated. The weak want a voice and the elite has enough defectors who can use that voice. If leftism in its current progressive form falls a new leftism will rise. New lies, same results. Which is not to say it is useless to fight leftists, just that if Ryan wants to lead a movement he has to find peace with the cynic’s perspective.

Leftism is the mindkiller

Politics is not really the mindkiller, leftism is the mindkiller.

We define leftism as defection through lying. Naturally this is a definition that ticks off leftists to no end. Watch them rise in indignant anger: ‘what about the environment! What about caring for refugees! What about dictators!’ Well, in order: 1) you don’t really care about the environment, you just care about telling people how much you care about the environment and want to make them pay you money for the fact that you care about the environment. 2) you don’t really care about refugees, you care about telling people that you care about refugees and make them import strangers from faraway lands you can use in your leftist alliance. 3) you don’t care about the actual ramifications of a strong leader, you care about maintaining your own status in leftist conspiracies.

Of course the leftist will read this and in his mind has already come up with 13 counter-arguments. I get it, you’re a good talker. But I’m really not talking to leftists here, I’m addressing rightists, for the observation that leftism is defection through lying will do very little to change the behaviour of a leftist. Gnon has simply made it so that lying is too effective to give up. Truth is hard, lying is easy. You can make up a useful lie on the spot while it takes effort, care and energy to discover truth. Also consumes more energy to disprove a lie than to come up with a lie. So leftists will keep lying.

Social Justice Warriors a.ka. leftists always lie. Vox Day is exactly right on this point. Take Jesse Klaver, Dutch leftist party leader who wants to be like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. Klaver flagrantly lied about his education, about catholic hate against him and, quite stupidly, he lied about how rough his neighbourhood was. Lying is the leftist’s evolutionary strategy for attaining power: Jesse Klaver is just being a greedy leftist.

Currently we are drowning in greedy leftists. The media is infested with them. I’ve always been baffled by how many words journalists can pour into articles that convey no useful information whatsoever. On my blog an average post is about 500 words, but these people pump out daily articles of 5000+ words like their life depends on it. Why? The answer is that they enjoy typing bullshit. They have been evolutionary programmed to do so: the more popular your bullshit, the better you feel about yourself.

I am leafing through NRC handelsblad, the Dutch New York Times. Its journalists are without exception lying through their teeth. Some excerpts:

  • ‘Trump has close ties with Russia.’ No he does not. There is more evidence for Pizzagate than there is for the Trump is Putin’s puppet theory. The whole Russia thing is fear mongering. It has about as much credibility as chemtrails. It is a lie.
  • The Republicans are bravely fighting the tyranny of Trump.’ They are not brave, they are puppets of the left as predicted by Moldbug and as proved during the election. The cuckservatives have no credibility left whatsoever. Calling them brave is a lie.
  • ‘James Dean, witness in the Watergate scandal, calls Trump more corrupt than Nixon.’ This is an interesting lie that is carried through history. Nixon wasn’t so bad after all – he actually tried to address mess in Washington and consequentially was taken out by the deep staterepresented by people like James Dean and ‘brave’ journalists. Trump is not corrupt, quite the opposite: he is fighting corruption. Another lie.

And so it continues page on page on page. Lies lies lies. All of these lies take energy to decisively dispel yet they are easy to conjure. Exposed for a lie? Deny, evade and publish more lies the next day. Calling the people exposing you liars is always a good one. Fake media!

Leftism will never go away. Lying is too lucrative. But speaking personally, having to deal with liars all the time becomes repetitive. Leftists think they are edgy and creative, but all they do is regurgitate old lies in new clothes. It becomes boring.

Unfortunately the left is the institutions and the institutions are still in power. So all current-day political discourse will be lefty memes vs fashy countermemes. Some people are good at this and these people are gaining momentum, so let us watch them and enjoy the fact that sometimes liars are exposed for all to see.

Leftism destroys families

Theoretically leftist conspiracies could go on gaslighting naive rightists for eternity but in practice this never happens. In practice leftism always collapses.

So a lot comes down to loyalty versus defection. Do I defect on Richard Spencer or do I defect on leftist pressure to defect on Spencer? Asking me if I am loyal to Spencer really is reframing the question in such a way that Spencer is the Führer of the Alt-Right whereas in reality he is just one of the players and in fact he is a player I know very little of. Perhaps a reason leftism is so amazingly successful is that they instinctively know very well that a little bit of loyalty or lack of defection in the right places goes a long way.

But leftist loyalty is a fickle thing. It is centred around a common lie, based on defection against truth. Well what truth? you ask. One answer is: the truth of natural law in families. Natural law follows natural hierarchies — the hierarchies of families. The father relative to the son, the husband relative to the wife, the elder brother relative to the younger brother, the grandfather relative to the grandchild… All these relations have a natural feel to them, a genetic behavioural code imprinted in our DNA that tells us the significance of these relations and our role in them. Leftism subverts this hierarchy for the purpose of attaining power over family members. The leftist sees his father and says to himself: silly old man, your morals are hopelessly backwards. Clearly I am more pious and deserving of respect. Of course by acting in such manner he sets a precedent for his own sons who see their father and think to themselves: Father you tried your best but clearly you were but a product of your time. We are the new generation and our morality is clearly superior and more deserving of respect. 

Competition with family members for status points is a very natural thing to do. However by doing so in leftist manner one essentially conspires with society against one’s own family. Moral superiority is attained arbitrarily by glancing at the cathedral and copying its Current Opinion. Of course being cathedral opinions they inevitably destroy a family in the long run. But in the short run they grant you status points in the eyes of society. No family member listens to the other except if they believe they can use that information for extra status points. The bible had instructions concerning the natural order of families, but if men decide they no longer need to take such instructions serious then no attention is paid to the natural order. It is a sad state of affairs.

Seeking replacement for John Oliver…

Leftism is defection by lies which means the most popular leftist is the de facto biggest liar. John Oliver, who was replacement for Jon Stewart, was a popular leftist, therefore also a big liar.

The interesting thing about leftist lies is that no leftist really minds your lies as long as your lies are to his advantage – we are in this together right? So when a leftist watches John Oliver’s show he thinks to himself: ‘is what this guy says part of the conspiracy I want to be part of?’ The more the left is winning the more powerful leftist conspiracies become the more egregious popular leftists will lie in order to maintain holiness. Mr Oliver spearheaded the liberal hipster media, hence we can conclude he lied a lot and he lied with ease.

Which of course was no problem, until reality catched up with his lies: “Trump Will Never Be Elected President” became “Shit Trump Is Elected President.” If Trump lost Oliver could have continued his hypnosis because his lies were covered up by the grander Clinton lies. Unfortunately for him truth broke through in a rather unexpected manner and it requires him and the left as a whole to re-adapt. What used to be the most effective conspiracies are no longer the most effective conspiracies and the left needs time to refind its balance. The Clintons are thrown under the bus – their conspiracy was the biggest and it crashed hardest. What about John Oliver? Well lets see what a trusthworthy leftist has to say about him:

We know Jeff Holiday is a trustworthy leftist because he sends all the right signals: dreadlocks, nose-piercing and alternative clothing. He represents ‘dirt’ in a cool way which is pretty much what the left boils down to. I would represent Holiday’s argument as follows: ‘John Oliver lies too much for me to associate myself with his conspiracy any longer.’ This is of course juicy clickbait for leftists of all stripes and banners: does John Oliver lie too much for people to take him seriously? Even professional youtube leftist Sargon of Akkad gives his opinion in the comment section.

The takeaway is that leftists will experience zero worldly insight following Trump’s victory, except what the realignment of the left following Trump’s victory forces them to acknowledge.