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C’mon man, write something…

I like to watch Youtube. I wished I still liked reading books as much as I used to, but I find I rarely have the patience. Books have too much ego; why read 80.000 words on a subject if I can find the same information online, condensed in a 10 minute clip, or a 500 word blog post.

The internet has saved me, in that without the internet I would never be the man I was today, in the situation I was today. Without the internet, chances are I would have ended a bitter man. Instead I feel blessed for where I am today.

The trick about the internet is to integrate it with your life. Being an anonymous blogger makes this harder, because you are always filtering what to say and what not to say, although it is not an insurmountable obstacle. I was watching a video on Casey Neistat in which he said that the purpose of his vlogs was never to give people full insight into his life, merely to provide good content. I get that.

It’s funny how the internet allowed abstract thinkers to piece together the forgotten laws of the natural world. Once you have pieced something together, those pieces cannot be broken again without you knowing they are being broken. For me, those pieces are abstract, like fractals. But different people work in different ways, so the function of the internet differs accordingly. Yet the principle of that which has been seen, cannot be unseen, remains.

Hence the reason Youtube content leans right even if Youtube organization is left; what you see happening in front of your own eyes is much harder to deny than what you never see. For instance, in the offline world, I might say that Sub-Saharan Africans are primitive, feral. Which would freak out a random leftist. An argument would ensue, including statistics, counter-statistics, arguments, counter-arguments, and without audience little possibility of mutual understanding. Lots of energy involved for minor gain.

For instance, I might say: ‘have you seen the Ugandan parliament brawls?’, implying that its participants act like monkeys. Yes, says the equalist, but the exact same thing happens in Ukraine, implying whites do the same.

But if I then link the video of an Ugandan brawl and link the video to the Ukrainian brawl, it is obvious that they are nothing alike. In the former, members of parliament shout on tables, throw chairs across the room and hit other members with a microphone stand. In the latter I count 6, maybe 10 guys actively participating in the brawl, with the remainder of members calming them down, breaking up the fight. It is an entirely different matter of conduct, and it is obvious to any viewer. It makes the point damn effectively.

So I guess the next big breakthrough for leftism will be technology to create fake videos.

It is infinitely true that the right generally just wants to be left alone. Personally I would like to be left alone and do my own thing. But retreat is unwise, weak. Need to be strong, build strong borders.

The fighting itself often gives no direct positive feedback, which can weigh on one, but sometimes you suddenly find yourself in a very favorable position, without notice, without anyone telling you so, but like it was always so. Funny how that works.

Pewdiepie also fights in his Pewnews videos, videos which are better than any official news channel, since in every video he stresses that ‘he is not supposed to give his opinion’ but continues to do so anyway.

I wish I had more to say, but this is all I have.


The internet as a religious superorganism

The role of the internet is still not entirely clear to me. But let’s do some aloud thinking.

The Chinese government controls Chinese internet. I imagine there is a dark Chinese internet, but your average Li has no choice but to surf the internet as if he were sitting in an office space shared with 3 colleagues.

The West has free, anynomous internet. Not for the lack of trying by the government, sure, but look at their attempt to ban DailyStormer. It’s back. It’s Googable! If the deep state can’t even censor loud and self-proclaimed nazis, what are they going to do about sane rightists?

The problem with bioleninism is that while the weak are always willing to play game and suck up to the strong, a significant portion of the strong has to be bamboozled for the plan to work. It is a religious game after all. Experts, journalists, academics and politicians hand out sacraments to the masses, and their privileged role in handing out the sacraments to the masses reaffirms their position as moral authority. It’s a positive feedback loop.

But the internet cuts the loop short.

Imagine that in the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, the kid gets banned by one of the emperor’s mods. But, suddenly, another kid with a frog mask materializes behind the emperor and repeats what the first kid said. Then, another kid with a V for Vendetta mask shouts from the rooftop. And another with a troll face, and another, and another.

The priests of the old order see their status crumble before their eyes. Of course beyond the age of 30, 40, men’s brains are generally too crystallized to change religion, so currently the priests are retreating to the safe bunkers of their 40+ audience. But make no mistake: the left is losing the youthful strong and it is driving them nuts.

The only answer to internet blasphemy is to shut it down. Censorship works. People blab about the Streisand effect, but the Streisand effect is as fictional as the notion of guerrilla warfare. Per Jim, if the rebels are hidden by the villagers, you kill the villagers. Simple as that. The only way you lose is if you are not allowed to kill the villagers, but this has nothing to do with guerrilla warfare. Similarly, if you as an outsider are reliant on the judicial system to suppress photographs of your villa, you aren’t allowed to win. What you are supposed to do, is send the military to occupy Digg Headquarters, track down some 4chan trolls and publicly execute them to send a message.

But how could the deep state have known that Barbara Streisand would be the turning point in the meme wars?

The Streisand effect did not show that censorship fails, because we know censorship works. Instead, the Streisand effect showed the inability of the deep state to effectively censor the internet.

They are trying, and maybe one day they’ll be effective. In the Netherlands, the secret services are pushing a ‘drag net’ law to legally install spyware and hack into all computer devices. Chinafy the internet.

But for the priests of the old order it seems like it is too late. Too many kids making fun of the emperor, and the emperor depends on not being made fun of. Isn’t the internet fun.

YouTube wars

Lately there has been drama going on at YouTube. For one, YouTube HQ is cracking down on advertiser-unfriendly content by demonetizing videos that contain sexism, misogyny, bullying, hatespeech, cussing and other equally vague terms. Also Basically free speech on YouTube is now an unprincipled exception and as Jim reasons, unprincipled exceptions seldom last. Unsurprisingly youtube HQ has already banned many videos.

Simultaneously something is happening among youtube celebrities: they’re fighting! What started the fights is as unclear as what started world war I since each youtuber is shouting his own narrative from the rooftop, but here at The Dark Enlightenment(c) we know we can explain both the HQ crackdown and the youtuber wars in a single blog post.

Politics is power. Power is life. Life is everywhere ergo politics is everywhere. Youtube is a very successful company, one might call it the media platform of the future. Old and senile people watch tv, kids and cool people watch youtube. Status, fame and money is involved and we may confidently state that people will fight over power as natural as day follows night.

So about YouTube HQ turning into Gestapo HQ — any organisation that is not explicitly right-wing will turn left-wing sooner or later because entropy demands it (‘what goes up must come down’). YouTube like so many other companies is being taken over by Social Justice Warriors because leftists are in power.

So about youtubers turning on each other. Who is actually waging war upon whom? What is the narrative, the story? Well the only ones that really understand what is going on are the youtubers involved in the war, so as a spectator there is a lot of stuff you’re missing. But the patterns of warfare are always the same and it is no different with youtubers. Let us pretend you’re cheering for a football team. Do you care about the behind-the-scenes drama? Not really, as long as your team wins when they play. Similarly youtuber wars only make sense in the context of their function: collecting views. May the most views win.

That being said I will offer one bit of narrative. Leafy receives a fair amount of hate. My AlfaNL analysis is as follows: conflict is a natural law of life which means that those who are good at handling conflict prosper and become defacto alphas. Leafy is a natural at conflict engaging. He essentially is the youtube alpha gorilla in the playground, speaking out his mind unfiltered about all the other weird kids. Alpha is as alpha does. It leads to other guys roleplaying that they are going to kill him and it leads to girls roleplaying that they want to be fucked by him.

Of course such a power grab will not go unopposed. How to handle the playground bully? Defect against him, naturally. Posture yourself to be holier than him. Tell people you will not stand for this vile behaviour, that not just you are better than that, but surely everyone is better than that! Of course every time you rant against your enemy you are engaging in the exact same thing you are accusing your opponent of but that is exactly what leftist evolutionary tactics boil down to. You give yourself moral permission to be a hypocrite because you can not honourably defect without being a hypocrite. So while I may personally dislike H3h3 for being a hypocrite in the end my opinion does not matter. What matters is whether the defection works.

To anon or not to anon

They won’t imprison you or kill you (yet) but they will deny you the ability to make money to feed your family.
– Ryan Landry

The cathedral is real and it is cracking down on dissidents. It works slow and lazy, but its tentacles drop heavy on those who it perceives to be its enemies. In a way it is refreshing to see accounts on Twitter being shut down live – here’s a bunch of guys who have been calling out that the emperor has no clothes, let us see how the emperor reacts! Well the emperor is appalled and shocked. He calls his advisers – what to do? This enemy has too many heads, they can not all be droned to death! Fret not, the advisers tell him that he has other means of warfare. After all they own this town and this town includes Google, Facebook and Twitter. Thus dissenters are banned including even Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert.

Scott Adams has pointed out that his only speaking engagement has been cancelled and that leftists have tried sabotage the sale of his books. I wager he has become a persona non grata in politically correct circles.

A test to show loyalty to the cathedral is simple. They present you with 2 paintings, one red and one blue. They ask you: are these paintings not exactly the same? And you answer: yes, they are exactly the same and that is wonderful, after which you will be showered with praise.

The central defection lie that ‘different = the same’ has made it so that truth has become hatespeech and hatespeech is forbidden and punishable. Talking truth is samizdat and if you are reckless you and your loved ones will be targeted and shut-out. The cathedral is by no means as effective a killing machine as the USSR, but that is due to its inherent madness, not its lack of hatred.

In short; there is a price to pay by openly speaking out. Scott Adams like other bigger names in the Alt-Right has paid that price, perhaps even found a way to thrive in antifragility. I have considered breaking anonymity but decided against it.  I am not sure to what extent reactionaries can stay under the radar (is WordPress even safe?). I think I leave too many traces to stay hidden if someone really goes looking. But methinks there is no reason to unnecessarily prod the cathedral by shouting out my name.