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Baudet dealing like a champ

Too early to say too much on the issue, but since the Henk ‘Judas’ Otten interview the following has happened:

– Baudet was  unaware of the interview. Henk Otten spoke with the enemy media behind his back.

– Baudet was not happy. He tweeted that Otten was no longer a member of the lower chamber, although he would keep his position in the upper chamber. Otten made a statement that this decision was made without his consent.

– Theo Hiddema, Baudet’s real #2, made an appearance on Pauw, which is the Dutch Stephen Colbert, but more leftist Dutch, which is to say: a talkshow that has the pretense of intellectualism but is mostly snarky leftism. Theo had fire applied to his feet, but he held his ground like a madman; among others explaining that, of course, Henk Otten had to give up his position in the lower chamber, that this was decided long ago, that everybody knew about this, and that it was silly to make a fuss of it. Theo Hiddema was so charismatic that he made it sound like absolutely nothing was going on. Great stuff.

Theo did let it shine through that Baudet was not charmed with Otten’s performance. Great. Henk Otten, previously a member of Pim Fortuyn’s party, is an opportunist. Now, there is nothing wrong with opportunists, you’re going to attract them one way or the other, but the moment they stick a knife in your back like Henk ‘praise Donna Zuckerberg’ Otten, they got to go. Baudet has two years to go until the next big election cycle; I hope he gets his back office in order before then.


During the elections I told myself that once Trump was elected I’d take I break from internet to focus on real life stuff. Of course that turned out to be complete crap, with Trump in office I’ve only been glued to my screen even stronger. So much stuff going on in the world! Which actually is all the more reason to take a break and detox. AlfaNL will be back in say 2 weeks, in the meanwhile I recommend this post by Roosh.

I’d also like to address a pet peeve. I get likes from bloggers that smell fake. Likely some algorithm that auto-likes random wordpress posts in order to drive up traffic to their own site. Offenders include:

  • Sparkonit from Sparkonit
  • Chris Nicolas from the Renegade Press
  • Cristian Mihai from Christian Mihai
  • BJ from kingdomscollide

Maybe you guys really read my blog. If so, please leave a comment below.


  1. I’ve finished writing my first short story, started writing the second one. They’re about Trump. All I’ll say for now is that one is for men, the other is for women. Stories are in Dutch, unfortunately for you American readers! But hey, at least AlfaNL will always be free. Likely I will cut Old Truth’s umbilical cord once I publish the first story.
  2. I’ve wrote some stuff at Old Truth. My best so far is Rutte’s Open Letter, where I rip apart Cuckservative prime minister Rutte’s open letter, who literally pleads the people not to vote Wilders because Rutte will have a strong word with these trouble-causing foreigners. It’s ridiculous. I want to share this in Dutch alt-right circles, but so far I have not really found them. But we’ll see.
  3. The left communicates through image. Image is everything. This is why showmen like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are so important: they convey the most current leftism. Their genius is that they push new leftist lies as if they are the most normal and accepted thing in the world. The Dutch version of Colbert has recently gotten the video below to go viral. This is leftist communication. It tells:
    a) Dutch leftists how to think of Trump
    b) International leftists how Dutch leftists think of Trump
    So it is not harmless entertainment. It is the way leftist follow political fashion. (from 0:38 onwards)

Twitter cuts (#666)

Little girls are powerful indeed but you need a village or so of them to maximise their power-level, which is probably why Hillary has taken a number of villages.