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Man’s limitations

We are defined by our biology. Our biology is defined by our genetic blueprint. Our genetic blueprint is adaptable through nurture, but it can never transcend its programming. Maximizing its programming is transcendence. Or, stated differently: an orang-utan can not build a space shuttle and it is stupid and insulting to expect an orang-utan to build a space shuttle.

Similarly, biology means differences between the sexes.

Woman creates and nurtures life. Man builds, conquers and protects the environment in which woman can create and nurture life. Naturally there is some overlap: some women are more masculine, some men are more feminine. But the way the previous sentence is worded tells you the basic principle holds.

Because of these different roles it is clear that women want to be owned by men. Women fight other women to be owned by the highest-status men. Similarly, men want to own women and fight other men over ownership of women.

Owning one or multiple women is not like owning a table. It is also not like owning a dog, although it is more similar to owning a dog than to owning a table. But a woman is neither a dog nor a table; she is a woman. Thus different rules of ownership apply, rules which are hard yet not impossible to explain.

As white men, we have lost ownership over our women. Unfortunately, this is entirely our own fault, for we are our own worst enemy. It was white men who pushed progressivism, white men who pushed feminism, white men who pushed women into the workplace. Emancipation was a tactic for some white men to gain the upper hand over other white men. It was very successful. And women didn’t protest too much, for it is in woman’s nature to shit-test men, and boy, has feminism given women a lot of opportunity to shit-test men.

The white men who illegalized female ownership effectively set small fires to white society in order to more effectively plunder it. Being a cold-hearted logic machine, I can appreciate the effectiveness of this strategy.

Nonetheless these fires are growing into infernos that consume us. Most white men would like to not have a society that is falling apart, thus the desire to stop the inferno. The problem is that for the foreseeable future we are, well, fucked. I realistically expect continued deterioration until the day I die. (This seems to be where reactionary blogosphere diverges from the dissident-right blogosphere: Audacious Epigone points towards Generation Zyklon being a woke beacon of hope. I am skeptical, for I do not see them talking much about reinstating ownership of women, in fact I’m pretty sure they would find it horribly sexist and misogynistic of me to talk like that.)

The problem is that men are limited. We do not think in terms of society, we think in terms of direct proximity. A man can have about 150 meaningful social relations and the only way to scale his status beyond that is to improve the status of those he chooses to have a meaningful relation with, if necessary by switching the people within his Dunbar. Dunbar Dunbar Dunbar. (of course there is variance: introverts have a small Dunbar, extroverts a big Dunbar.) So beyond our Dunbar we are not communicating with each other; we are jockeying for status, showing off our Dunbar.

For instance, take this revealing phrase from a recent Scott Aaronson post:
how can a person read Gower’s blog, or Slate Star Codex, without seeing what I see, which is basically luminous beacons of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and sparkling prose and charity to dissenting views, shining out far across the darkness of online discourse?’

Regarding the charity-to-dissenting-views part: I do believe Jim is banned from both Slate Star Codex and Scott Aaronson’s blog, while neither Scott is banned from Jim’s blog. So that is a bit hypocritical.

As for the rest: Scott makes a valid point. Which is to say, as far as he is concerned, his part of the blogosphere is a luminous beacon of intellectual honesty. He is simply optimizing his status within that circle. What he says may be cringy, but it is no doubt well-received by Gower and Scott Alexander, who both fit Aaronson’s Dunbar preferences and have a –for blogosphere terms– large fan base. I do the same thing when I flatter Spandrell or Jim. We are all trying to scale our Dunbar. White men in particular are very proficient at this.

This dynamic shows up everywhere.

Movies: Oh you had dinner with Shia Lebeuf? Well I was invited to Leonardo Dicaprio’s yacht. Yeah I used to have an occasional lunch with Weinstein, but that was before all this came out. Never really liked the guy anyway.

TV: Yeah that Jimmy Kimmel man, he really is a funny guy. Oh you do golf with Conan O’ Brian? We should hang out some time.

Politics: You know I had dinner with Podesta and we did some really interesting things. Yeah he and Mark Zuckerberg shoot each other mails, he told me all about it.

YouTube: Man did you check out Idubbbz’s video on Ricegum? Dude even Pewdiepie was in it! Ricegum’s career is over.

Music: wow this collab between Pharell, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris is lit!

Alt-Right: yoo did you check out the beef between Vox and Andrew Anglin? No? Well lemme tell you it was crazy!

Cross-overs: so Justin Bieber invited Adam Sandler and David Spade over for lunch. Guess he wants to be an actor. Well he’s got some competition from Logan Paul — he made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel!

I could go on and on but I think the point is clear. Dunbars rule the world. So, if you want to save (and in effect, rule) Western civilization you can only do it with a Dunbar that is sufficiently high in status. Not all Dunbars are created equal. In fact, they are horribly unequal. Thus the reactionary assertion that the masses are not so important as they naturally prefer to align themselves with the highest status Dunbars. So if you want power, you want to scale your Dunbar into the ruling elite.

The problem with this is that, as Moldbug hypothesized and Jim asserts, our ruling elite for the largest part is crazy and becoming crazier every day. Observing how even Trump is unable to build sufficiently high-status Dunbars within the ruling elite, this seems true.

So, you need to build a new Dunbar to challenge the existing highest-status Dunbars. Which is hard, very hard. If Trump can’t do it, I doubt you can. Which leaves the next best thing: scale as effectively as you can and wait for the existing highest-status Dunbars to collapse or grow sufficiently weak so that you may usurp them. Which in fact is what everyone already is doing. Good luck.


Fuck the babyboomers

This post has been a long time in the making, about time I actually write it.

Fuck the babyboomers. I am not the first to make this observation, nor will I be the last, but the observation has to be made: fuck ’em.

Babyboomers are top contenders for the most self-absorbed smug spoiled generation in the history of the West. It is not just that boomers are spoiled brats, which is semi-understandable if you are born in a society where your presence is needed and welcomed, it is also that they are completely conceited about their accomplishments.

In a babyboomer’s mind, history ended after World War 2. Everything after is just the good guys enjoying the good life. No need to plan ahead, no need to think about the future. Just do whatever you feel like, whether it is having lots of sex in the 70s, lots of coke in the 80s or lots of immigrants in, well, every decade since the 50s.

I know one babyboomer who spent 20 years in half-assed military service and through some loophole retired early with a comfortable pension for life. He is in his sixties now, thus having lived off other people’s money a lot longer than he has actually worked for his own money. Naturally he believes he deserves every cent, or rather he does not care where his money comes from, as long as it comes.

And now all the boomers are retiring, handing over the world to their children. Of course as every boomer media outlet confirms, boomers are to their great shock discovering that their children are a bunch of good-for-nothing ungrateful smartphone-addicts! To which my answer is: fuck you. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Let us list your sins. You glued us to screens in an effort to stop us from pestering you for attention. You told us to invest all our time and money in educational systems that get us nowhere but deep into debt. You told us to trust authorities that we can see fuck us over. You made us and our children minorities in our own land. You sold the dignity of your sons and the chastity of your daughters for a few shekels. And now you expect us to accept your kingdom of dirt and be grateful for it? Fuck off.

Of course the sad thing is that we are the children of our parents, part of a dying culture whether we like it or not. We will repeat the same mistakes as our parents, are in fact already repeating the same mistakes, just that we will actually punished for those mistakes within our lifetime while the boomer may die in a fat house with a fat pension with but a mere flicker of wonder as to why his children seem so distant.

As you might surmise, my relation with my father is not exactly the bees’ knees. Ah well, at least I am in decent company.

Burn the Bureaucracy

Let us take a look at the latest controversy in Dutchlandia: underpaid elementary school teachers. It is a repeat of the age-old story of democracy:
1. [insert government workers] are underpaid and overworked
2. politicians promise mountains of gold
3. politicians are elected
4. mountains are watered down to mole hills
5. [insert government workers] strike for a couple of days
6. little changes.

So are elementary school teachers underpaid? Yes, I believe they are, that they are treated like crap compared to the amount of work that is required of them. Yet I am reminded of the Moldbug quote: seems to me patient has died a while ago, yet here we are trying to arrange a liver transplant.

Elementary school, in its most basic essence, is a glorified day care center taking care for children aged 4 – 12. The education-part is vastly overrated. As if most kids learn anything from books. As if teachers are inspirational role models. Lol. “take care of my kid, deliver him back happy and don’t get caught up in any holiness spiral”, asks every father. Yeah so much for that. In our modern wave of holiness spiralling, education has become an uncontrollable monstrosity.

We need only to look at the festering bureaucracy. Most of the teachers’ time goes into administration. Every urinal visit, fart and burp of every child in the classroom has to be recorded. Today little Timmy pulled Jessica’s hair. Clearly this has to be reported to the teacher’s committee, Timmy’s parents, the school counselor and perhaps it is prudent to alert a psychologist? Bureaucracy is the time-killer.

Bureaucracy is also a fuck you to its employees. To elementary school teachers it basically says this: we do not trust you. We do not trust your ability to do your job. We want you to be self-conscious all the time, we want you to justify and doubt your decisions every single day, we want you to live in the ever present fear of social stigmatisation. We do not trust you.

The reason for this is that the purpose of bureaucracy is not efficiency (it is in fact exceedingly inefficient), it is compensating a lack of trust. Evolutionistx wrote a nice post related to this. She compares the American constitution (8000 words) with the Affordable Care Act (360.000 words) and attributes the explosion of words to the collapse of small, organic communities. I agree with this. Lifelong friends need only a few words to understand one another. Lifelong strangers demand a multi-thousand word contract be set-up so they can’t be screwed over. This exact same problem is what defines modern bureaucracy. Because there is no trust we demand excessive accountability.

But without trust there can be no flow, no amused mastery. Those who are best at their work are those who are shortest in their administration, exactly because they understand the superfluousness of said administration.

I mean, is 30.000 words of teacher reports on little Timmy’s restless behaviour in class actually helping Timmy? Yes, the teacher says, for the psychiatrist can use it to diagnose ADD and prescribe medicine. But in actuality it did not help, because the psychiatrist has no time to read 30.000 word reports and besides, he has his own 50.000 word report on little Timmy to write! And neither is the psychiatrist’s report helping Timmy in any way, for the document is merely a 50.000-word rationalisation on why the psychiatrist is correct in prescribing medication (spoiler: it is because Timmy can not sit still for 8 hours a day). We are not using the administration to help kids, we are using it to cover our ass, are forced to cover our ass.

Truth is, the best things we do often go untold. Implicit code generally works better than explicit code. Language is an imitation of reality, not the other way around. Once reports take precedence over reality it is a sure sign of decay, for people are no longer incentivised to do what is right, instead they are incentivised to make sure the report makes them look right.

Breaking away from demons

The problem with blogging is that you start with 10 subjects in your head and end up writing none of them. But let us try anyway.

Jim is always right, even when he is wrong. This is because truth is only necessary up to a certain point; it merely has to be good enough. Good enough for what? Good enough to achieve its function. Which in this case is to live a pleasant and fulfilling life.

The main enemy preventing us from living like this is leftism. Leftism is as old as humanity itself and used to be referred to as evil. Of course nowadays it is illegal to refer to leftism as evil, which goes to show the success of said evil. The best trick the devil pulled was to convince humanity he didn’t exist. Well, technically not his best trick, just his most important one, for without the first feat of deceit none of the others may follow.

Because leftism is legitimised in our society, evil is legitimised in society. Say you want to drive a car. But you have to share the car with a demon. You start bargaining: ‘demon, I want this car to bring us both to our destination.’ ‘Yes of course’, replies the demon, ‘you can even drive if you want to. I just don’t want the car to have any brakes.’
‘Say what?’
-‘No brakes.’
‘No brakes?’
– ‘No. Brakes are bad for one’s Sense of Traffic. Scientists have done research and found that driving with brakes disrupts flow and increases accidents.’
‘You’re kidding.’
– ‘I am not, I am dead serious.’
‘I’m not going to drive a car without brakes!’
– ‘Well, then you better find another car. Asshole.’

Of course he and you both know all official cars have a mandatory demon, and every demon cares greatly about Sense of Traffic. In effect: no cars for you! Not that you’re allowed to say that out loud. If you say out loud that demons are sabotaging you, they will respond that this is your own fault for being so uncooperative, or what they dismissively call an ‘Unsense of Traffic’.

The challenge of free men in the 21st century is to realign modern technology with ancient knowledge. We are screwed over by demons because we have no sense of comparison, no way of knowing what is good car-usage. What is good regarding mass immigration? Regarding man-made climate change? Regarding emancipation?

Jim provides us with the clearest answers. Emancipation is evil, like unleashing Chucky is evil. Mass immigration is evil, like opening the gates for your enemies is evil. Warmism is evil, like a demon insisting on Sense of Traffic is evil.

Turn around emancipation; women yearn to be coveted property, men yearn to own women (raise testosteron!). Father owns daughter until she is married, then her husband owns her. A woman is free to do what she wants if it pleases her husband. Whenever a woman cries out for anything, the first response is that she is shit-testing.

Turn around mass immigration; a stranger from a faraway land is not a friend waiting to happen, he is an invader waiting to rape your women and pillage your land. When we watch nature documentaries we are not surprised when nature’s recurring motto is EAT OR BE EATEN. We should not be surprised that we turn out to be part of nature.

Turn around warmism; when a city is so filled up with smog that its inhabitants wear masks, the ruling class has good reason to address that issue. However, when temperature supposedly has risen, then has dropped, then has merely changed, then has not changed at all, there is no reason whatsoever to address that issue, for you can be sure that the only issue is demons insisting you take the brakes out of the car.

All of this, quite depressingly, will not change in the foreseeable future. Leftism is too legitimised. Too many demons, too many cucks. As the Dutch say: the well is only filled after the calve drowned. This calve will drown.

So, we build our own institutions, our own religions, our own sense of aesthetics and culture. We enjoy building because we know that it is pleasant and fulfilling and it is our own.

What we do

A human society is a colony of ants, in that it acts in all manners as if it has a hivemind. Like an ant colony, like a rainforest, a human society is a superorganism.

You strive to fit into your superorganism, are proud of this fact, as one imagines an ant be proud that he fulfils his daily duties towards the colony.

The authority of the superorganism is not to be called into question. It leads to existential misery. You want your life to be lived, not badgered to death with nihilism. ‘I am here, it is a given’, you say, ‘please let my life be a good story.’

So you act out your life as you were on Shakespeare’s stage, in the unspoken presupposition that the stage is set up so to encourage your life to be a good story.

But the stage is not set-up in order to help you. Our superorganism is flailing, sick and perverted. It rewards lies, destruction and defection. It punishes co-operation, initiative and common sense. It steers towards civilisational suicide. But the superorganism is our unspoken authority, our hivemind, and as long as it is functional you do not question it.

But a few are naturally critical of the hivemind.

This is what we do.

We don’t care about social conventions, about fitting in and about parroting the party line in an obedient yet friendly manner. We care about what is true.

‘Natural dissenters!’, some will say. ‘Natural guardians of superorganisms’ I say, for our dissent serves to protect those we love and kill those that wish to see us dead.

We are trailblazers.

We talk truth to power, not power to truth.

This is why our memes are the dankest of dank. They are forged in fires of cognitive freedom, free from restrictions of thoughtcrime and free from oh dear what might the neighbours think. Our memes are pure-hearted.

The Chinese are said to have little notion of what is cool and what not, hence their continuing difficulties to brand Mao Zedong as uncool and get on with their lives. Whites have a slightly better notion of what is cool and what not, and since the cathedral is decidedly uncool (losers, not monsters), perhaps there is a sliver of hope for the West after all.

Less inspiration

I have less inspiration lately. This blog is mainly me expressing thoughts the way they arise. Part of a blog’s power lays in its separation from daily meatspace life, meaning I am free to express myself here in ways that might be considered heretic in real life. ‘Might be’ being key. You don’t know until you try. Some stuff you can pull off, some stuff you can’t. Mostly you can’t — it seems our elite is dead-set on the current path and the current path is ‘nope, you can’t’. The elite controls most stuff, therefore most stuff you can’t do. But they don’t control everything. In fact, the better a system functions, the less control they exert. So we’ve got that going, which is nice. Still it’s an overall shitty picture and we don’t like to hear about shitty stuff. We like possibilities.

NRx, the Dark Enlightenment and the Alt-Right are brimming with possibilities. That’s why some people love them, are obsessed by them. You may imprison my body but you can’t imprison my mind, proclaims the believer. And he is right. George Orwell may have written about authoritarian systems brainwashing dissenters into mindless obedience, but for such a system to work all the incentives have to line up perfectly and in the West they don’t line up. There is not enough property deprivation. Sure they try to take away your money, your property, your freedom and whatnot, but they operate mostly through manufactured emotional outrage and bureaucratic byzantism, not through systematic oppression. We live not in 1984’s Oceania but in a 1984’s failing Oceania.

So yeah, we can keep our ideas. It is too late to take them away; the theses have been nailed to the internet. We searched for truth and now we have found it, whatever it’s worth. Read Jim’s blog if you don’t believe me, although it is most likely that you will only read Jim’s blog if you already believe me.


De hoogste staat van menselijk functioneren is flow.

Binnen de zelf-ontwikkelings wereld is ‘flow’ (of zoals RSD het vaak noemt: state) een magisch concept. Flow is een breinstaat waarin het leven natuurlijk van het ene moment naar het andere overvloeit. Dat klinkt wazig maar dat is het niet. Sporters ervaren constant flow – een surfer die een goede golf pakt zal je met enthousiaste ogen vertellen hoe zijn perceptie van tijd verandert op zo’n moment. En surfen is slechts één van de duizenden voorbeelden: voetballers, schakers, coureurs, vechtsporters, allemaal ervaren ze state. Overkoepelend kan je zeggen dat meesters in hun gemeesterde discipline flow ervaren. Een schrijver kan flow ervaren tijdens het schrijven. Een filosoof kan state ervaren tijdens het denken. Een monteur tijdens het monteren. Een chirurg tijdens het opereren.

Ook op sociaal vlak ervaart men flow – tijdens een gezellige nacht stappen kan je in een sociale zone komen waarbij alles wat je doet GOUD is. Op zo’n moment twijfel je niet aan wat je tegen dat leuke meisje aan de bar moet zeggen, je WEET wat je moet zeggen. Het klopt allemaal, het vloeit natuurlijk over van het ene  moment naar het andere. Deze versie van flow is voor verkopers en players in spé vanzelfsprekend de heilige graal, met als paradoxaal effect dat mensen zo gaan obsederen over hun state dat ze er nooit in komen.

Een goede manier om naar flow te kijken is het te zien als de natuurlijkste manier om betekenis te geven aan je leven. Mens is een biologische machine die gebouwd is om te overleven en te reproduceren en flow is de biologische expressie van die machine om ons feedback te geven. Tijdens momenten van flow zegt ons lichaam in feite: ‘JA, dit voelt goed! Dit is waar je voor gebouwd bent!’ Je vervult op zo’n moment optimaal je functie en zoals Aristoteles zei: alles dat goed is is datgene dat zijn functie goed vervult.

Flow in deze zin is dus meer dan een emotioneel piekmoment dat je alleen meemaakt als je een atoombom aan het demonteren bent of iets dergelijks spannends. Flow ervaart men ook in het dagelijkse leven, tijdens de meest simpele klusjes als de afwas doen of het afval buiten zetten. RSD noemt dit het verschil tussen de steekvlam en de gloeiende kool, waarbij de eerste eens in de zoveel tijd opvlamt en de tweede een constant op de achtergrond brandende will to power is. Een goed leven is een leven waarin men deze twee aspecten van flow volledig in zijn/haar leven heeft geïntegreerd.

Nu is dit erg makkelijk gezegd, minder makkelijk gedaan. Een praktische handleiding kan ik je in deze ene post niet geven, ook omdat wat voor mij werkt niet per sé hetzelfde is dat voor jou werkt. Wel nog wat laatste gedachte over het bereiken van een 24/7 flow-des-levens.

Mens wil homeostase bewaren, aka mens wilt niet veranderen. Dat wil niet zeggen dat het onmogelijk is, verre van. Je hebt nodig: 1) de juiste breinstaat en 2) de juiste gewoontes. Werk daar lang genoeg aan en je rekt je comfort zone zover op dat die uiteindelijk mee beweegt. Erg weinig mensen kunnen dat, maar tegelijkertijd kan iedereen dat.

  • De juiste breinstaat = de staat van flow en alle psychologische mechanismen die daarbij komen kijken. Zo moet man onder andere over zijn resentiment heenkomen, zijn haat van alles dat beter is dan zijzelf. Ook moet men de eigen fouten onder ogen zien en accepteren dat deze gemaakt worden. Men kan immers niet langer achter het zelf-handicap principe schuilen: beter dan dit gaat het niet worden. Tenslotte moet men gewend raken aan de hoge mentale snelheid van flow, daar het zeker in het begin vaak lijkt alsof je van 0 naar 100 km/u bent geacceleerd. Instinctief wil je dan op de rem trappen. Nee, gewoon doorgaan.
  • De juiste gewoontes = doen wat je moet doen ongeacht je breinstaat. Soms (vaak) houdt je lichaam je voor de gek en schreeuwt het tegen je: ‘ik wil niet ik wil niet ik wil niet!’ De juiste gewoontes hebben houdt in dat je dat stemmetje een bitchslap verkoopt en doet wat je moet doen. Als Consistentie en Herhaling sex hebben dan heet de baby ‘de sleutel tot succes’.