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Using Jim as a Schelling point for reality

What is this blog’s tagline? ‘Truth in a world of lies’. I like to hammer on the truth part. Truth is seldom found, because truth is unconditional cooperation — risky. It can not be refunded, taken back.

What I mean is that if I tell you the code of my banking account, I have extended my arm so far that the only thing I can hope for is that you won’t break it. Since the odds are against me I had thus better change my code asap.

This is why all this talk about ‘speak the TRUTH!’ and ‘be TRUTHful!’ is, generally speaking, such nonsense. Rarely, rarely do men speak unadulterated truth. Most often you get an interpreted version of truth, e.g. a position that from a certain vantage point might be framed as truthful but really is more of a hedging bet based on current emotional state. The Nash equilibrium is to say only that which raises your status. Even Jordan Peterson won’t address the Jewish Question.

It is self-defeating to blame men for their reluctance to speak truth. Cooperation is risky. When in doubt, better to lie. But here at this blog our diagnosis is that the democratic West will soon be dead because of lack of cooperation, so we try to kickstart new cooperation, starting by extending our hand by speaking truth.

Obviously, speaking truth by itself is not my main goal. My main goal is the creation of cooperation. If my main goal were to speak only and only truth, I’d just be setting myself up to be ‘exposed’ by leftists using my own rules against my. I reserve the right to lie. To do otherwise is stupid.

The reason I am telling you this is that this explains why I have been referencing Jim in every other post I write. Every content creator out there is out for his own gain and every content creator competes with other content creator for views, so the Nash equilibrium for bloggers is to defect on other bloggers. What I am doing in repeatedly upholding Jim as luminous beacon of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and sparkling prose and charity to dissenting views, shining out far across the darkness of online discourse, is because we need to cooperate. Well, we don’t need to cooperate, you’re free to do whatever you want, but it is right to cooperate. We are built for cooperation.

But it is hard to get cooperation right. Need some autism. So, in order to get it right, must emphasize Jim, must get the foundations right.

What enlightenment is

People say Vox Day’s classification system of men is gay, but personally I like it. Of course Vox is an incorrigible LARP’er who takes himself much more serious than he should, but see a gamma, recognize a gamma.

Which is not to say Vox invented the wheel. In fact all he did was rebrand the wheel and sell it as a Dark Legion Army Exclusive Only My True Minions May Understand ™. This is what any good salesman does.

Good words are those that cut reality at the joints, so a good salesman is always on the lookout for fancy new words that do exactly that (Spandrell’s Bioleninism comes to mind). Of course it is much more often that a word already existed for the thing the salesman wants to sell. Being ‘enlightened’ for instance. The state of enlightenment is an actual thing, while the word enlightenment is just that, a word. Hence only a matter of time before the idea of a mass Enlightenment was co-opted by liars; see the 18th century.

Real enlightenment dances around 2 core concepts: dark and light, awake and asleep, lower consciousness and higher consciousness, tier 1 and tier 2. Many different ways to describe it, all point towards the same core principle.

How woke are you?

The thing about enlightenment is that, just with the concept of God, it is hard to describe exactly right. Humanity predates language, so language tends to be too rough around the edges to get it exactly right.

Enlightenment is not superhumanity, although it must seem like superhumanity from the unenlightened perspective. Biological hierarchy necessitates it; accepted truth is that the masses are unenlightened and few are enlightened, so if I am enlightened but everything I do seems to you to be easy to copy, how enlightened am I really? Therefore, enlightenment necessarily has an element of magic.

Of course when we draw back the curtains we see that there is never any metaphysical magic involved; it’s all humans doing human stuff. But a human in peak performance is indistinguishable from magic, and that it where we find enlightenment.

So. Who challenges Jim?

Already not liking this post. Sounding too much like a Jim fanboy. But the content mill needs to keep churning, so I’ll say stuff that I need to say. Also Jim needs just a little bit more attention.

There is no intellectual elite. No one in power knows what’s going on, a fact we can now confirm thanks to the Free ‘n Wild internet. Western intellectual output is just a bunch of windbags and yes-nodders enjoying the smell of their own farts.

But, we need an idea of knowing what’s going on, especially if we are not to partake in this collective suicide. So we try, and we come up with stuff like morals, ethics, virtue and God, which in nature’s terms is just a means of gene- and tribe optimization, or inter-tribe optimization if you’re into globalism.

Which is hard. All philosophers agree that no philosophers agree. But who needs Marxist professors smacking your heads with books on Mill and Rawls when you have teh internetz! For the first time in history all men worldwide get to push their ideas to all other men worldwide. Naturally, 99% of said ideas are men being obnoxious assholes, because what else are men gonna do, but the 1% remainder is pretty insightful.

Eh I’m underselling it. It’s amazingly insightful.

How insightful though? How smart are we really? How can we be sure it is not just another Scott Alexander calling Scott Aaronson a shining beacon of intellectual integrity circle jerk?

Personally, I’m at 129 IQ. Annoying because 1 point shy of being 2 standard deviations above the mean, so strictly speaking 2,5% of the population is smarter than me. Chances are, you are smarter than me. But the fact that people are supposedly smarter than me has never stopped me from judging, so I’ll give my opinion anyway.

Seems to me we’re pretty smart. Seems to me we have a pretty decent understanding of human nature and civilization. Nothing Godlike, mind you, more like we have reconnected with the Classics and the Old Religions, and we have combined it with science and evolution. It’s a pretty potent combination.

Jim says it best. Apologies if I sound like a broken record fanboy, but you gotta respect the king. Which does not mean no one else can take aim at the king and take his place, but so far, no one. His model is the best around, and might be summarized as ‘throne, altar, household, swing your dick around with pride, be good to your friends, be fire upon your enemies.’

It is not so complicated after all. You just got to get through the 99% obnoxious assholery.

A dying society

Ours is a dying culture.

This seems to be the most important insight.

We thought we rid ourselves of ‘religion’ (said with contempt, like how Marx would say ‘bourgeoisie’) but instead we’ve replaced a functional religion with a dysfunctional religion.

Society is made up of warriors and priests, because men need to specialize. The warriors provide the what, the priests provide the why. If the why is blind hatred of white males, both the why and the what become festering swamps of hypocrisy.

The Western modern empire has peaked. Our values are now covetousness, self-pity and hedonism. Our women are leaving us while downing anti-depressants and birth control pills like chocolates. Our men are escaping into video games, porn and drugs. This democracy and its culture will collapse.

Democracy is an irreversible failure, exactly the kind of disaster you’d expect if you’d force 200 people to live together and make all decisions by vote.

Culture is horrific. Architecture, books, movies, tv… Everything good is old, everything new is… tainted. It is not just that it is pretentious and vapid. It is the sound of a dying animal. Even YouTube, I have concluded, can not help sounding like a dying animal, despite some of its content creator’s best intentions.

Culture from the elite is pretending collective suicide is high status, culture from the fringes is escapism or silent protest, although mostly escapism — sells better.

Economic feedback loops are breaking down. I no longer expect companies to deliver me good products and service, I just hope they don’t screw me over too hard.

Technological advances can not mask currency abuses much longer. Inflation is creeping up like The Nothing in the Neverending Story. When I told my grandma what I paid for rent, she did not believe me at first.

Who will save our dying society?

Christianity in its current form can not be revived. Christians are too cucked. Christ does not offer them enough tools to uncuck.

Trump (praise be upon him) can not save us, because even if Trump understands and prepares for war, he is only one man, and I do not believe he prepares for war.

Alt-rightists dream of avoiding the collapse, but their frustration with the flaying brandname Alt-Right betrays their inability to stop the collapse. + alt-right thots lol.

Rational, normal men will not save us, because their testosterone is too low and their thirst for entertainment is too high.

Jordan Peterson will not save us, because he tells men to grow up without telling men society is rigged to stop you from growing up.

Scott Alexander will not save us, even if he is a luminous beacon of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and OK lmao couldn’t get through that with a straight face.

Pewdiepie will not save us, because Pewdiepie won’t say it is OK to hit your women, only sarcastically insinuate that you must Respect Wahmen.

Roosh will not save us, because need fathers.

Nope, it is neoreactionaries, in the broadest sense of the word, with all Spandrellian linguistic notes attached, who are on the money. Neoreactionaries head for the exit, rightly so.

We are at the forefront because we have the right diagnosis. Other doctors are quacks, not us. So, we morally elevate ourselves as the priests of the New Religion. It is not a matter of arrogance, it is a matter of necessity.

Lying works.

The aspiration of every man is to have at least a moderate amount of fuck-you money. As a young and spoiled brahmin I have long denied this, but as I get older I have to admit it is undeniably true. Money marks territory and allows safe exchange between territory. Money keeps peace between men.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. I came to write more about leftism.

Isn’t leftism interesting? Barely 30 years ago we saw it as a viable political ideology, nowadays we see it almost as a pathology. I’d say it isn’t, because pathologies are maladaptive, like homosexuality and transgenderism, while leftism, though destructive, is pretty adaptive.

The best explanation of leftism remains cuttlefish. Male cuttlefish fight each other in ritualized battles for the right to mate with female cuttlefish. Ah, the ritual fight! How honorable! How righteous! What an honest system to select for the strongest specimen of cuttlefish! Only, some cuttlefish figure that fighting is for suckers, disguise themselves as females, swim right past the fights and pork the ladies. To add insult to injury I gladly add that females are as enthusiastically porked by these cheater, leftist fish as they are by the honorable, righteous fish.

Gnon likes a cheater. That, in a nutshell, is the explanation for the existence of leftism. The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that lying — for the lack of a better word, is good. Lying works. Lying clarifies, cuts through, and captures essence of the evolutionary spirit.

But, lying does not scale so well online. Too many anonymous people watching and judging. Every lie is unique, but every truth is similar. This is why leftists are losing the internet wars — they can’t get their lies straight, whereas rightists by pure individual logic arrive at similar conclusions.

Answering Imperial Energy

OK I’ll take the quiz and throw out some answers.

Can USG be restructured? [Sure but it’s a coup-complete problem.]

1: What is your single, most important, goal or goals? [to secure the existence of my people and a future for my children.]

2: Are the goals practically realisable? [yes.]

3: How are these goals to be realised? [by doing what all procreating men before us have done.]

4: How many men do you need? How much money? What materials do you need, how many and how much will it cost? [a männerbund helps a bunch. Enough to take care of self, wife and kids. Money and property. Enough to take care of self, wife and kids.]

5: Who do you proximately and ultimately need to convince/ persuade in order to obtain the goals? [convincing a männerbund helps, but no need to convince or persuade anyone besides your girl, who wants to be convinced anyway. It’s more that you need to know how to be a dancing monkey.] 

6: What obstacles are in the way? What obstacles could exist in the future? [the black pill. Leftist singularity and/or death.]

7: What is plan A? What is plan B? What is plan C? [Plan A: see above. Plan B: kill someone and bang groupies in jail without condom. No plan C.]

8: Who is or who could be the “receiver”? [?]

9: What are the possible ways that the system could be “rebooted”? [Coup.]

10: Is the new design – the New Structure – likely to be permanent? What potential problems could affect the stability and transition of power from the first generation to the second? [No. Stuff like getting the most competent man in power, generational decline, aristocratic decadence.] 

11: If you need to build a “machine” in order to achieve the reboot, how do you turn off this “machine” once a re-structuring has been accomplished? [you can’t, that’s the point. Damn brahmins always want to control all the variables.]

12: How might the machine be corrupted or taken over by actors with goals contrary to the formal purpose? [same manner leftism has always done. Can’t control all the variables.]

What really grinds my gears

Is the appropriation of genuine connection by mindless corporations.

Friendly chatter heartwarming stories

Which is not to say corporations are evil. Unchecked leftists are evil. Unchecked mindless corporations merely latch onto that evil for profit. They don’t care, they just want to make a buck. And what makes a buck? Warm fuzzy feelings. What causes warm fuzzy feelings? Why, laughing with your grandma, having a blast with your friends, you know, everything that’s illegal nowadays.

So when I flick through an expensive-looking magazine and I see some ad of a father giving his father’s watch to his son, it annoys me, because patriarchal love is illegal outside those make-belief ads. Similarly, tv commercials of happy families having dinner. Having mom cook family dinner for children past the age of 12 is illegal in 1st world countries, hadn’t you heard?

We are bombarded on a daily base with horrible fakeness.

The problem with the modern world is that in absence of a genuine sense of belonging it turns out we prefer a fake sense of belonging to no sense of belonging. Our brains adapt surprisingly well to the latter, or at least try their utmost best. People rather belong to a tribe that is make-belief than face the realisation that they don’t belong to any tribe at all.

Thus, when most people watch a commercial they want to feel like they are the actress, as opposed to the actress being a complete stranger having nothing whatsoever in common with you. The same goes for really any semi-famous person you watch on tv.

We roleplay above all else, of course while telling ourselves the exact opposite. We are invested in our roleplaying, which gives us a sense of identity, which gives us a sense of belonging. We are dancing monkeys in denial of our nature because truth is cold, rotten and lonely. We are by necessity egotistical as fuck.

So we learn that man but a collection of buttons wired to brain and muscle. Press the right buttons and the right brain centres flare up. Input, output, stimulation, reward. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both right, but Huxley was more right than Orwell. Sedation works better than force.

Perhaps also because we live in the era of sedation. We live in the technological zenith of addictive FeelsGood. Gaming, porn, drugs, tv. It’s everywhere. Every man has his drug¹.

Of course the entire point is that some FeelsGood you are allowed to have, some not. You are allowed FeelsGood that pacifies you long-term. You are not allowed FeelsGood that activates you long-term, at least not without keeping it a secret.

For instance, it is possible to have a FeelsGood longterm relationship, but you better keep it a secret that you consider your girl your property. Similarly, it is possible to have a functioning männerbund, but you better not tell anyone you’re more loyal to your boys than to the state. Everything real, everything genuine has to happen in secret or risk open conflict with the powers that be.

Hence, everything public that makes us feel good is fake, controlled opposition. Take the following ad from Apple:

Two things stand out to me. One, the ad follows the fantasy of the übermensch. The Rock lifts weights, flies a plane, presents his own fashion line, cooks with the best chefs, plays mandolin, flies in space and, I’d almost forget, acts in movies. That a man should be able to do every- and anything, or he is no real man, seems to pretty boilerplate these days. Typical false life script, an abuse of the fact that we admire men with energy in abundance.

The second thing is subtler. Do you notice how Dwayne carries himself, how he treats other males? When he gets in an Uber, the owner changes seats so Dwayne gets to drive the car. When he drops into a cockpit, he not only gets to fly the airplane, he gets to decide where it goes. To say that he is alpha in this ad would be an understatement — he is an emperor.

And this, my friends, is how you know it’s controlled opposition: because men are not allowed to behave as such in real life. Dwayne gets to do it, because Dwayne is part of the system that forbids it. He is granted an unprincipled exception to act like an emperor in an advertisement.

Normal white males have pathologically little chance to boss others around. Your wife bosses you around, otherwise you are sexist. In the workplace you simultaneously have a boss and don’t have a boss, because hierarchy does not shake hands with equality. Division of power is done not by competence, but by victim status. You are outranked by your female colleagues, who in turn are outranked by Sylvana Simons, whom no one likes but no one dares to turn away.

All of which is swept under the rug as Corporation INC promises you Love & Purpose if you just buy this latest car (or lease it, because private property is so 20th century!²).

So, burn it all down. Build a parallel universe y’all.


¹ As do most females, but for females it’s men and spending money.

² ‘Leasing’ is a horrible word. Call it what it is: renting. Soon enough we’ll be forced to rent everything, including girlfriend and kids.

Man’s limitations

We are defined by our biology. Our biology is defined by our genetic blueprint. Our genetic blueprint is adaptable through nurture, but it can never transcend its programming. Maximizing its programming is transcendence. Or, stated differently: an orang-utan can not build a space shuttle and it is stupid and insulting to expect an orang-utan to build a space shuttle.

Similarly, biology means differences between the sexes.

Woman creates and nurtures life. Man builds, conquers and protects the environment in which woman can create and nurture life. Naturally there is some overlap: some women are more masculine, some men are more feminine. But the way the previous sentence is worded tells you the basic principle holds.

Because of these different roles it is clear that women want to be owned by men. Women fight other women to be owned by the highest-status men. Similarly, men want to own women and fight other men over ownership of women.

Owning one or multiple women is not like owning a table. It is also not like owning a dog, although it is more similar to owning a dog than to owning a table. But a woman is neither a dog nor a table; she is a woman. Thus different rules of ownership apply, rules which are hard yet not impossible to explain.

As white men, we have lost ownership over our women. Unfortunately, this is entirely our own fault, for we are our own worst enemy. It was white men who pushed progressivism, white men who pushed feminism, white men who pushed women into the workplace. Emancipation was a tactic for some white men to gain the upper hand over other white men. It was very successful. And women didn’t protest too much, for it is in woman’s nature to shit-test men, and boy, has feminism given women a lot of opportunity to shit-test men.

The white men who illegalized female ownership effectively set small fires to white society in order to more effectively plunder it. Being a cold-hearted logic machine, I can appreciate the effectiveness of this strategy.

Nonetheless these fires are growing into infernos that consume us. Most white men would like to not have a society that is falling apart, thus the desire to stop the inferno. The problem is that for the foreseeable future we are, well, fucked. I realistically expect continued deterioration until the day I die. (This seems to be where reactionary blogosphere diverges from the dissident-right blogosphere: Audacious Epigone points towards Generation Zyklon being a woke beacon of hope. I am skeptical, for I do not see them talking much about reinstating ownership of women, in fact I’m pretty sure they would find it horribly sexist and misogynistic of me to talk like that.)

The problem is that men are limited. We do not think in terms of society, we think in terms of direct proximity. A man can have about 150 meaningful social relations and the only way to scale his status beyond that is to improve the status of those he chooses to have a meaningful relation with, if necessary by switching the people within his Dunbar. Dunbar Dunbar Dunbar. (of course there is variance: introverts have a small Dunbar, extroverts a big Dunbar.) So beyond our Dunbar we are not communicating with each other; we are jockeying for status, showing off our Dunbar.

For instance, take this revealing phrase from a recent Scott Aaronson post:
how can a person read Gower’s blog, or Slate Star Codex, without seeing what I see, which is basically luminous beacons of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and sparkling prose and charity to dissenting views, shining out far across the darkness of online discourse?’

Regarding the charity-to-dissenting-views part: I do believe Jim is banned from both Slate Star Codex and Scott Aaronson’s blog, while neither Scott is banned from Jim’s blog. So that is a bit hypocritical.

As for the rest: Scott makes a valid point. Which is to say, as far as he is concerned, his part of the blogosphere is a luminous beacon of intellectual honesty. He is simply optimizing his status within that circle. What he says may be cringy, but it is no doubt well-received by Gower and Scott Alexander, who both fit Aaronson’s Dunbar preferences and have a –for blogosphere terms– large fan base. I do the same thing when I flatter Spandrell or Jim. We are all trying to scale our Dunbar. White men in particular are very proficient at this.

This dynamic shows up everywhere.

Movies: Oh you had dinner with Shia Lebeuf? Well I was invited to Leonardo Dicaprio’s yacht. Yeah I used to have an occasional lunch with Weinstein, but that was before all this came out. Never really liked the guy anyway.

TV: Yeah that Jimmy Kimmel man, he really is a funny guy. Oh you do golf with Conan O’ Brian? We should hang out some time.

Politics: You know I had dinner with Podesta and we did some really interesting things. Yeah he and Mark Zuckerberg shoot each other mails, he told me all about it.

YouTube: Man did you check out Idubbbz’s video on Ricegum? Dude even Pewdiepie was in it! Ricegum’s career is over.

Music: wow this collab between Pharell, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris is lit!

Alt-Right: yoo did you check out the beef between Vox and Andrew Anglin? No? Well lemme tell you it was crazy!

Cross-overs: so Justin Bieber invited Adam Sandler and David Spade over for lunch. Guess he wants to be an actor. Well he’s got some competition from Logan Paul — he made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel!

I could go on and on but I think the point is clear. Dunbars rule the world. So, if you want to save (and in effect, rule) Western civilization you can only do it with a Dunbar that is sufficiently high in status. Not all Dunbars are created equal. In fact, they are horribly unequal. Thus the reactionary assertion that the masses are not so important as they naturally prefer to align themselves with the highest status Dunbars. So if you want power, you want to scale your Dunbar into the ruling elite.

The problem with this is that, as Moldbug hypothesized and Jim asserts, our ruling elite for the largest part is crazy and becoming crazier every day. Observing how even Trump is unable to build sufficiently high-status Dunbars within the ruling elite, this seems true.

So, you need to build a new Dunbar to challenge the existing highest-status Dunbars. Which is hard, very hard. If Trump can’t do it, I doubt you can. Which leaves the next best thing: scale as effectively as you can and wait for the existing highest-status Dunbars to collapse or grow sufficiently weak so that you may usurp them. Which in fact is what everyone already is doing. Good luck.

Fuck the babyboomers

This post has been a long time in the making, about time I actually write it.

Fuck the babyboomers. I am not the first to make this observation, nor will I be the last, but the observation has to be made: fuck ’em.

Babyboomers are top contenders for the most self-absorbed smug spoiled generation in the history of the West. It is not just that boomers are spoiled brats, which is semi-understandable if you are born in a society where your presence is needed and welcomed, it is also that they are completely conceited about their accomplishments.

In a babyboomer’s mind, history ended after World War 2. Everything after is just the good guys enjoying the good life. No need to plan ahead, no need to think about the future. Just do whatever you feel like, whether it is having lots of sex in the 70s, lots of coke in the 80s or lots of immigrants in, well, every decade since the 50s.

I know one babyboomer who spent 20 years in half-assed military service and through some loophole retired early with a comfortable pension for life. He is in his sixties now, thus having lived off other people’s money a lot longer than he has actually worked for his own money. Naturally he believes he deserves every cent, or rather he does not care where his money comes from, as long as it comes.

And now all the boomers are retiring, handing over the world to their children. Of course as every boomer media outlet confirms, boomers are to their great shock discovering that their children are a bunch of good-for-nothing ungrateful smartphone-addicts! To which my answer is: fuck you. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Let us list your sins. You glued us to screens in an effort to stop us from pestering you for attention. You told us to invest all our time and money in educational systems that get us nowhere but deep into debt. You told us to trust authorities that we can see fuck us over. You made us and our children minorities in our own land. You sold the dignity of your sons and the chastity of your daughters for a few shekels. And now you expect us to accept your kingdom of dirt and be grateful for it? Fuck off.

Of course the sad thing is that we are the children of our parents, part of a dying culture whether we like it or not. We will repeat the same mistakes as our parents, are in fact already repeating the same mistakes, just that we will actually punished for those mistakes within our lifetime while the boomer may die in a fat house with a fat pension with but a mere flicker of wonder as to why his children seem so distant.

As you might surmise, my relation with my father is not exactly the bees’ knees. Ah well, at least I am in decent company.

Burn the Bureaucracy

Let us take a look at the latest controversy in Dutchlandia: underpaid elementary school teachers. It is a repeat of the age-old story of democracy:
1. [insert government workers] are underpaid and overworked
2. politicians promise mountains of gold
3. politicians are elected
4. mountains are watered down to mole hills
5. [insert government workers] strike for a couple of days
6. little changes.

So are elementary school teachers underpaid? Yes, I believe they are, that they are treated like crap compared to the amount of work that is required of them. Yet I am reminded of the Moldbug quote: seems to me patient has died a while ago, yet here we are trying to arrange a liver transplant.

Elementary school, in its most basic essence, is a glorified day care center taking care for children aged 4 – 12. The education-part is vastly overrated. As if most kids learn anything from books. As if teachers are inspirational role models. Lol. “take care of my kid, deliver him back happy and don’t get caught up in any holiness spiral”, asks every father. Yeah so much for that. In our modern wave of holiness spiralling, education has become an uncontrollable monstrosity.

We need only to look at the festering bureaucracy. Most of the teachers’ time goes into administration. Every urinal visit, fart and burp of every child in the classroom has to be recorded. Today little Timmy pulled Jessica’s hair. Clearly this has to be reported to the teacher’s committee, Timmy’s parents, the school counselor and perhaps it is prudent to alert a psychologist? Bureaucracy is the time-killer.

Bureaucracy is also a fuck you to its employees. To elementary school teachers it basically says this: we do not trust you. We do not trust your ability to do your job. We want you to be self-conscious all the time, we want you to justify and doubt your decisions every single day, we want you to live in the ever present fear of social stigmatisation. We do not trust you.

The reason for this is that the purpose of bureaucracy is not efficiency (it is in fact exceedingly inefficient), it is compensating a lack of trust. Evolutionistx wrote a nice post related to this. She compares the American constitution (8000 words) with the Affordable Care Act (360.000 words) and attributes the explosion of words to the collapse of small, organic communities. I agree with this. Lifelong friends need only a few words to understand one another. Lifelong strangers demand a multi-thousand word contract be set-up so they can’t be screwed over. This exact same problem is what defines modern bureaucracy. Because there is no trust we demand excessive accountability.

But without trust there can be no flow, no amused mastery. Those who are best at their work are those who are shortest in their administration, exactly because they understand the superfluousness of said administration.

I mean, is 30.000 words of teacher reports on little Timmy’s restless behaviour in class actually helping Timmy? Yes, the teacher says, for the psychiatrist can use it to diagnose ADD and prescribe medicine. But in actuality it did not help, because the psychiatrist has no time to read 30.000 word reports and besides, he has his own 50.000 word report on little Timmy to write! And neither is the psychiatrist’s report helping Timmy in any way, for the document is merely a 50.000-word rationalisation on why the psychiatrist is correct in prescribing medication (spoiler: it is because Timmy can not sit still for 8 hours a day). We are not using the administration to help kids, we are using it to cover our ass, are forced to cover our ass.

Truth is, the best things we do often go untold. Implicit code generally works better than explicit code. Language is an imitation of reality, not the other way around. Once reports take precedence over reality it is a sure sign of decay, for people are no longer incentivised to do what is right, instead they are incentivised to make sure the report makes them look right.