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Slavoj Zizek, a second time

OK, I lied. Zizek is interesting enough to merit a round two.

What makes Zizek interesting is that, besides the fact that he is easy on the ears, he is a pretty honest commie, insofar an honest commie is of course not an internal contradiction.

The left has a narrative problem. In the twentieth century, all narratives were leftist, as all dominant religions were leftist – progressivism, fascism, communism. In the twenty-first century, it has become obvious that every single one of these religions has spiraled out of control; killing lots of people, bringing chaos to its normie adherents. So, mass faith dwindles. It is in this faith vacuum that we operate: we offer an alternative faith. A pretty good one. Our biggest weapon is that we are cool, which of course is mostly best left unsaid. But of course this is a market with heavy competition, and the left will not move aside without putting up a good fight. Zizek is one of those fighters, he is sort of cool, and he offers a coherent leftist narrative. Let us take a look at three of his videos to see what he has to offer.

I think this gets to the core of Zizek’s ideas. Notice how he is exactly on the same line with Carlylean Restorationist in his anti-capitalism. He talks about ‘early critics of capitalism’ – what is early? Well, ‘a few decades before the French Revolution.’ Zizek thus assumes capitalism is recent, while we are pretty sure capitalism is ancient, demonstrated among many by the capitalist Phoenician ship industry some 3000 years ago.

Nine of out ten times, when a leftist thinker talks about the world, he is really talking about himself, because that is his only point of reference. Observe that when Zizek argues that capitalism is a religion, he is really saying communism is a religion. Zizek argues that capitalists were 18th century priests that took the power, are still in power today. Capitalists were never in power, never took power. Zizek applies his own priest mindset and projects it onto entrepreneurs, willingly blind to the fact that entrepreneurs don’t think like him at all. When Zizek says ‘a capitalist is someone who is willing to stake his life to ensure production grows’, again projects a false script on capitalists. He imagines capitalists act like priests, as he acts like a priest, while in reality capitalists just like to create stuff and earn a buck. While a capitalist might care mighty much about a business he built with his own sweat blood and tears, not a single capitalist will ‘stake his life’ for production growth the way a commie will stake his life for a chance to kill the peasant with two cows. There’s no holy aspect involved in the entrepreneurial life, hence the inability of capitalists to band together into a church, which, if I can readily observe, if Alinsky can readily observe, Zizek can also readily observe, hence Zizek is a liar.

What Zizek is really saying is this: ‘don’t you hate the peasant with two cows? I sure hate the peasant with two cows. We should do something about it. In fact, it is our moral imperative to kill him and take away his cows! But, in the twentieth century we killed too many people, took away too many cows and for some reason people got upset with that. So, let us think harder about how we are going to kill the peasant and take away his cows without too many people getting upset about it.’

Thus, when righties like Zizek for how he mocks other leftists, bear in mind: he might mock them, but whenever their disagreements run too wide, Zizek will always play his Joker card: ‘yes, well, we might disagree on this, but at least we both hate the peasant with two cows’, which is the central reason he is on the payroll of the left.

Video number two: Zizek on women.

Zizek is blue-pilled on women, which is to say, he is the kind of guy who will steal your stuff and murder you -and you can’t help but still sort-of like him while he does it- but he will not rape your wife. On women, he shows weakness – ‘in principle we should support #metoo’ he says, but of course, ‘it is not really about the working class appropriated by the bourgouisie and so on and so on.’ He criticizes Metoo from the left. Makes perfect sense, it’s the easy answer, but: women hate it. Women much prefer the man who calls them out for their bullshit, not the man who encourages them to create even more bullshit. So here he is weak.

Final video: ten Zizek jokes. Some of them are good. I especially like the first one by a young Zizek.

The joke about the dusty balls is a good way to convey his edginess: he knows he is on the payroll of the power left, but he is always looking for opportunities to eat the power left. Such is the relation of the lefter left to the central left.

The joke about Jesus Christ is telling. Perhaps I am looking too much into it, but it is true that Jesus was weak on the women question, and a good case can be made that it was the women question that eventually undid Christianity. So the joke is a useful meme: it is funny, but it also conveys information on the enemy’s weakness.

All in all, while Zizek is a dirty-cool intellectual, he says nothing we have not heard before, nothing we cannot handle. His memes are stale, in that at their core they are boilerplate Marxism, and we are in the last stages of having fully refuted boilerplate Marxism. Put Zizek up against a purple pill man such as Jordan Peterson, and Zizek will take him down, for Zizek is a holier leftist than Peterson, but pit Zizek against one of us and he will lose, for we will call him out for what he is actually doing. This is good news for the Dark Enlightenment.

Slavoj Zizek, first and last time

Occasionally I hear about reportedly rebellious intellectuals with good platforms. Of course, always turns out that the reason these rebellious intellectuals have good platforms is that they are given these good platforms by power, e.g., they are on the left’s payroll. Observe what happened to Milo, who refused to be on the left’s payroll, while Jordan Peterson happily accepted fat cheques signed by the left.

So, all these intellectuals and philosophers are, without exception, cookie-cutter leftists. They all sell the same leftism, merely in slightly different flavors.

I was wondering what flavor Zizek was selling. This video seems pretty representative.

OK, ok. Zizek is a cocaine commie. That was easy.

When Zizek says ‘this is not communist propaganda’ he means: ‘this is communist propaganda’. He is pretty obvious about it. His entire point on communist leaders clapping along with their own ovation is, after all, that fascist leaders are egomaniacs, while communist leaders are part of a greater cause. Ergo, communism is better.

Nonsense. Both fascism and communism are nuts.

What is important during an ovation of any leader is not whether the leader claps along, it is that the leader receives an ovation. That ritual is the showcase of power, and Zizek’s claim that the leader clapping along with his own ovation somehow negates the hierarchy of power is nonsense. In fact, pretty sure that if someone did not clap along during an ovation of Stalin, much more likely to be executed than someone not clapping along during an ovation of Hitler. Zizek is selling us that the murderers in the 10/10 no pressure video are actually genuinely interested in protecting the environment, not at all in murdering people.

He then goes on to defend communism by saying that ‘prisoners in communism are allowed to totally objectively pass judgment on their own betrayal.’ I first thought he was being sarcastic, but he continues: ‘this is a consequence of dialectic enlightenment‘. What? When he calls the system of communism ‘universal reason‘ I am officially out. Slavoj Zizek is a murderous liar.

There is no dialectic enlightenment in Marxism, only insofar the French enlightenment was a total lie, for the so-called revolution of the proletariat and the assumed recent rise of capitalism are lies and nonsense the commie uses to convince the peasant with one cow to murder the peasant with two cows, after which the commie will murder the peasant with one cow. The commie is aware of his lies, as Zizek is aware of his lies, demonstrated in the ease with which he switches from ‘I am not defending communism’ to ‘communism is the language of universal reason’.

Now, you don’t need to be a rightist geek such as myself to figure out that communism is thoroughly evil, but when a slobbering man claims that communism is dialectical enlightenment, you can be pretty sure he is out to murder you. Add to that the fact that he is relatively high on the left’s payroll and you would be correct to conclude that the left is out to murder you.