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Wrath of the incels

So I hear Alek Minassian, the Toronto driver killing 10 people, was an incel (= involuntary celibate). This greatly puzzles normies. How can a 25-year old man have so much hatred just because he doesn’t get laid?

It is important to note that this is not the first time such a thing has happened. Four years ago Elliot Rodger went on a similar rampage, although not before he uploaded a final message to the internet:

Now you might say: ‘holy shit Alf, mountains of skulls and rivers of blood? He was in a pretty dark place.’ Yes he was. But in between his blood rage revenge fantasy he makes a valid point: it isn’t fair.

Men who receive positive female attention don’t realize how hard it is to be an utter reject. Sex is a big deal. If you are not getting any, not even a kiss, if woman scold you, ignore you, laugh at you, hell yes you are going to be bitter! Especially if you see those same woman slutting themselves out to assholes. It isn’t fair.

At which point the normie interjects: ‘well, life isn’t fair! I never got anything handed to me either! Better just shape up, face it like a man.’ With which I agree, up to a point. Indeed, if an incel doesn’t lift iron at least 2 times a week, he isn’t really trying.

But the incel isn’t really saying that life is unfair. The incel is saying: it’s not just unfair, it is made to be unfair.

The difference is important. Take a game of soccer. Real Madrid (good club) versus Roda JC (bad club). Real Madrid wins 16 – 0. The normie says: ‘of course Real Madrid wins, they have the better players!’ But that’s not what the incel is saying. The incel is saying: ‘perhaps, but the referee is constantly whistling in favor of Real Madrid!’

Similarly, the deck is stacked against low status men. Following emancipation, women have free sexual choice, and with great joy use that freedom to completely ignore loser men. The men on the low end of the sexual market are literally invisible to women and the moment they dare say something of it, women sternly put them back in their place.

Such continual rejection hits a man right in his balls. It’s a soul-crushing rejection: you are not man enough for society. And society encourages this behavior. Society says: it is deeply empowering of girls to reject loser incels, also it is deeply disturbing that incels think they are entitled to sex.

Normies, being as egotistical as anyone, have trouble wrapping their minds around this point. In their minds society is an innocent bystander. Nonsense. Society determines male status, and if society lowers male status, the males already on the lower end of the ladder feel it the heaviest. Spandrell argued that this is why Islam is so successful: Islam raises the status of men. The downgrade in status that drives Muslim males to terrorism in the West is the same that drove Alek Minassian to kill pedestrians, that 4 years ago drove Elliot Rodger to kill 6 people.

It used to be more fair, in that the referee whistled equally for Real as for Roda. Used to be so that it was not done for a teenage girl to slut around, used to be so her dad would make her date a decent guy, they’d secretly have sex before marriage, openly have sex after marriage. Christian enforced monogamy meant every guy had a shot at getting a girl.

Not so much anymore. Nowadays the sexual market is a war zone. If you’re not a 6 foot tall obnoxious brute with veiny muscles, a neck tattoo and a feather on your hat you’re already 3 points behind¹. There’s a few winners that take it all, but there’s many more losers that take little or nothing.

Elliot asks: ‘why are women not attracted to me?’ Besides lifting iron and taking care of your appearance, there is one thing that greatly increases your chances to get laid: game. But guys like Elliot and Alek always respond the same to game:

I guess that makes me a very bad person. Why do we seem like very bad people?

The problem is that while incels reject certain parts of modern society, they do not reject fundamental myths of modern society such as the myth that women are virtuous and angelic. Elliot Rodger simultaneously saw women as angels and whores. He couldn’t reconcile those positions because listening to men who know the secrets of women attacked the notion that women are angels and Elliot did not want to let that myth go.

I empathize with that. It is very difficult to get to the heart of women because you need to ignore what almost everyone around you says. Swallowing the red pill is tough, because from a blue pill mindset it so closely resembles a black pill. When I started out with game, though not as an incel, friends and family told me I was just being hateful towards women. Then, when I started having success, these people told me I was only banging easy sluts. Then, when I started dating pretty virgin girls these people said more hateful stuff, although I do not know what they said exactly because by this point I had cut them out of my life.

What I’m saying is, it’s hard to swallow the red pill if everyone around you tells you the red pill is evil. Much, much easier to make society as a whole swallow the red pill, so that pretty girls are no longer considered angels when they bang Jeremy Meeks, so that Alek Minassian would have been set-up with a nice woman from his neighborhood. As was custom for thousands of years.

The wrath of the incels is the entirely predictable consequence of the destruction of patriarchy.



¹ Soccer points of course.