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Too young, too early

So far I have sold exactly 0 a few ebooks.

Not that I am overly sad. Do not get me wrong dear reader; if you don’t feel like buying, that’s the end of the story. I appreciate the honest feedback.

But it does force me to take a step back and analyze what I’ve been mulling over for a longer while now: Jimianity is not really picking up steam.

Well it is, it quite obviously is, but it is going slow, much slower than I think Jim would like as well. What gives?

Solving problem number one is obvious: we should stop going all-in with Trump. Trump is not going to solve our problems. I love the guy, but if anything he confirms our diagnosis is correct: there is indeed a Cathedral in power and it is too deeply entrenched for one business mogul to take down. Need to bring a religion to a religious fight and Trump is fresh out.

To be fair, I completely get the idea of pushing for a Trump coup. People tend to underestimate the extent to which reality can be ‘pushed’ into existence; the right kind of frame at the right time can work like magic. Meme a coup hard enough and it just might happen. Just ask the left, whose favorite strategy is claiming that victory is just around the corner, victory is inevitable at this point, in fact we have already won!

But we have tried with Trump, and uncle Trump himself has tried, but it’s just not enough. The orange man will forever hold a special place in my heart, but it’s time to move on.

What other problems do we have? It is fair to consider our product. Is it good enough? Is Jim worthy enough of a man to follow? I have thought this over and gave special attention to my doubts. What are Jim’s weaknesses? The most glaring one is that he is too humble. Jesus was pretty clear: ‘follow me or go to hell.’ Well he packaged it a bit nicer, but he pretty obviously established himself as prophet, as the Son of God. Makes it easy for disciples to sell Christianity: ‘who is Jesus? Oh no one… JUST THE SON OF GOD.’

But, I do not think that is a problem. Truth is our strength, and to pretend to be something we are not is probably not the way. Besides, Jim pretty adamantly insists things are going to hell if we do not at the very least listen to his ideas.

This similarly answers the question whether we need more rituals or symbols or story. Jesus’ story wasn’t that long, but it was enough. If you give people a shared identity to communicate within, that is all you need. We have that shared identity. The symbolism, rituals and stories will follow.

Then, what is the problem?

Part is uncertainty. But uncertainty is just part of life.

The biggest part is patience. Lots and lots of patience. See, I have made several short-term pitches, but I am not selling. People are sort of interested in what I have to say in a ‘lol whats he up to this time’ kind of way, but few are buying.

I think that on the buyer’s side the biggest reason for this is: ‘I don’t need you.’ Westerners are still doing relatively well, they are still entertained, they still have houses, still have games, porn, internet escape, family, friends whatever whatever. Yes people complain, but they always complain. Despite their complaints, they still have a roof above their head, they still have bread and games. Even NEETs find a strange sense of hope and solace on the internet. How am I suppose to sell them anything?

Second, from my own point of view, what the hell do I have to offer? I am the proud proprietor of one of five only interesting blogs on the internet, but why should anyone give a fuck? I am too young, too vulnerable. Not to forget, I have wasted many years on progressive nonsense. Not too many, but enough that I am already glad to be standing on my own two feet, let alone tell others how to live their lives.


Unless Jim wants to argue, I think Jimianity for the most part is done. Just needs more time… Time for normies to experience how shitty things can really get, time for me to do some other stuff. Don’t worry, there will still be content, for I’ve already started on a second book — this time it will be 100% original content, groundbreaking stuff, special price for you friend.

Oh and I’ll be posting stuff on the Garden of the Internet from now on. Pains me to say goodbye to AlfaNL (it will stay up for a while at least), but it is time to rip off the band-aid. Must be like Madonna!


Well, so much for the promise of typing posts at a less frantic pace. Shuddup. I’m sorry OK. I’ll get there. It’s just that we’re building a religion here. It takes time. It’s like building a wall: every new post is a brick. Turns out I need more bricks.

It is of course pertinent to keep one’s feet on the ground: a religion for who? Currently a very small circle, to be sure. At this point Lena Dunham has more followers than us. And let’s be realistic: maybe it will stay that way. Maybe we are doomed to LARP forever, or at some point be honest with ourselves and accept that it’s just not gonna work out and move on to something else. Spandrel in this sense once again proves he is a smart man: he knows we need a new religion, he knows we are creating that new religion, but he will not commit to it before he knows the religion can actually gain some traction. What he lacks in blind faith, he makes up for in healthy skepticism.

Luckily, I am a man of blind faith. For me it does not matter if one person believes it or a million do: if it is true, it is true. And what we have so far is true.

But, we are human, so we are prone to be impatient. We want our faith to spread, for we see the imminent danger the West is in and we know our ways will allow humans to cooperate and stop that danger. But here we must be honest with ourselves: it is not really happening. We see a lot of change, sure, but mostly it is bad change. Trump, for one, is stuck. The bureaucracy won’t budge. Trump couldn’t pull off a coup if he wanted to. The dissident right is stuck as well: 100 voices, 200 opinions. Capitalists are stuck as well: the leftist takeover is nearing completion and Google is quite possibly more evil than USG.

This is not to say there is no hope at all; quite the contrary, I see our memes spreading on a very deep level. The mass media hypnosis machine is stumbling over its own stories, which gives people a moment pause to question what they thought they knew for sure. But it is slow, very slow. It is way too slow to curb democratic state cancers, who in their death fall will take with them as much as they can. We must face it: we simply have too many enemies in too many high places. The West will crash, we will lose this battle. So I will henceforth stop partaking in the culture war.

Not to worry though.

Christianity was a post fallen empire religion too. Whether we can attain that same level of success remains to be seen, but the parallels are obvious: everything sucks, but join us and things are cool again. Our niche is quite simple: it’s not that you get to choose whether or not to share our beliefs, it’s that the chaos around you heavily incentivizes you to share our beliefs. Join us or die, which is all the more persuasive because we’re not the ones trying to kill you.

This in effect will also test our resolve: is the way we describe the world correct? Can we make it work in our favor? If not, then too bad and we’ll have to wait for another prophet. But I believe it is. Of course I do.

Hence, we should not persuade people by shouting at them, we should persuade people by showing them how blissful living in liberty is. Imagine Jesus walking on water, reaching out his hand to a drowning sailor. If Jesus were not walking on water, if the sailor were not drowning, would the sailor have taken Jesus’ hand? Both must be in place for a religion to spread. Currently the sailor is simply not drowning enough (just wait till things get really bad) and currently we’re not exactly walking on water — we’re keyboard warriors hiding behind VPN’s shouting our opinions online.

So, we require patience. We know the truth. Ought to make it work for us, instead of trying to make it work for others.

Accepting blindness

I’ll give you improved eyes, all I ask for is your legs…
– The devil, yesterday

A problem in the information age is the information. There is too much of it. Or rather, it’s overly available in overly stimulating ways. I bet that if you’d do a brain scan of someone surfing the internet, similar areas will light up as when someone is doing drugs. It’s just pleasurable.

Thing is, we can’t do without information. It is useful. Even traditionalist Wrath of Gnon is on Twitter. But, in the correct dose.

Currently we are overloaded on electronic stimuli. It is very understandable: it is really recent, like only, what, since 15 years ago, that you can actually observe an amazingly large part of the world from your own room. Well people sort of did that with cable tv earlier, but I mean, c’mon. There’s no comparison to high-speed internet, no comparison to immersive games. Computers can get you your fix, however niche it is.

But again, I don’t think the Amish solution of complete blindness is a good long-term strategy. Need electronics. But, in moderation. Just like any drug.

So, need a return to some amounts of willful blindness. Shut off the screen, shut out the electric world and realize: it’s just you in a room.

Killing your heroes

Part of growing up is killing your heroes; a child after all processes adult behavior through a magical lens, and a good portion of that magic is bound to be incorrect.

At the same time, the sense of youth should not be lost. The point of killing your heroes is not to create conflict; it is to create conflict in order to heal, to grow.

Heroes are human, they have flaws. That’s just human nature. At the same time, hero stories spread best when they seem almost or completely supernatural. Jesus in his time struck a very good balance between displaying humanity and being God’ literal son.

My original heroes are the Manosphere guys. That doesn’t just include a few bloggers, it included a community of men. A very interesting community. The Manosphere internet red-pilled me.

But, need to kill some manosphere heroes.

Uncle Roosh – is uncle Roosh. Good guy. I dislike his choice to remain a bachelor, but otherwise uncle Roosh is a shining beacon of intellectual honesty.

Rollo Tomassi – smart man. His book The Rational Male remains one of the best on female behavior. Rollo is good at what he does: excellent branding, selling a specific product (male/female dynamics) and reaching a large audience of men without triggering too many alarm bells. I do think his work has become stale. That’s the risk of sticking to one specific product. Gotta be like Madonna and keep reinventing yourself. The idea of the feminine imperative acting as a collective consciousness is great, but gets worn-out: yes, women share some sort of sisterhood based on a shared interpretation of the world, but at the same time they are at war with one another. Observe chaste women vs sluts, pretty vs ugly women, old vs young women. Women bitch about women all the time. In truth the feminine imperative is co-opted by the political establishment, the bioleninist coalition, which is what makes it really bad. It is a political thing. But Rollo won’t touch that. For which, honestly, one cannot blame the man too much. But needs to be said.

Heartiste – already covered that ground.

Nick Krauser – same bachelor comment as with Roosh, but knowing Krauser was burned pretty hard by the blue pill I have more sympathy. I actually have no bad things to say about him. Thought he was cool back in the day, still think he is cool now. He did like Madonna.

Life’s Game is now for sale


Well that took about as long as expected, which is to say, I expected it to take longer than expected and that turned out to be the case.

But, it is done! Life’s Game is now for sale as an e-book in .epub, .azw3 (for kindle) and .pdf. Very satisfied with the results. In the end went with a basic cover. Special thanks to commenter Kenny for his excellent proofreading.

Anyway. If you want to learn about girls, my Dutch early blog writing, or just plain read a good book, you may head over here to make your purchase. I have determined the price at 0.0025 BTC, but for the first month I had added a 40% new book discount. Who says I suck at marketing?

You also may notice that the purchase link directs you to an entirely new site: the Garden of the Internet. I have been working on that for a while now. For now, it will serve purely as my book selling platform, but I think that in time I will move my blogging there too.

Not the capitalists.

This has been quite a hot topic of debate lately.

While we wait for The Holy One to give us His verdict on His Three Lettered Domain (Praise Be Upon The Three Letters), I will give my take.

There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. Same goes for the free market. The free market exists, to claim otherwise is Marxist nonsense.

When I cannot fix a leak myself, I call a plumber. The plumber comes and fixes the problem, and I pay him. I hire the plumber because I freely choose to do so. That is the free market.

The way the free market operates from the plumber’s perspective is best described by Nassim Taleb in Antifragility. He talks about cab drivers; he says, a cab driver lives everyday in uncertainty, for he does not know when he will have customers. But, because he delivers a service people want and are free to purchase, he turns profit. He thrives in chaos, despite not knowing who his customers will be in a year from now. That is the free market. It works just the same for the owner of a cab as it does for the CEO of a cab company, for the CEO equally does not know who his customers will be in a year.

This positive uncertainty is what makes it impossible for capitalists to collectively obstruct the free market, for each capitalist wants the market to be free.

Of course, the free market can be gamed, and we will talk about that now, but just because it can be gamed does not mean it is not real. It is like saying cuttlefish don’t have aggressive mating rituals because some cuttlefish disguise themselves as females and so bypass the fighting. No, the fighting rituals are real, and the MtF-trans cuttlefish is a scammer.

In the not-so-free markets, it is similarly obvious when people are scamming. By far the biggest scammer of them all is the state, which simultaneously acts as our church. It’s simplest tactic is its most effective: force you to buy their services. Don’t want health insurance? Tough luck, mandatory. Don’t want to pay the new, even higher taxes? Not gonna fly buddy. You don’t have a choice, and if you think their services are crap, which I’m pretty sure you think, tough luck. You’re gonna pay for them and you’re gonna be grateful.

That behavior, that thuggish stationary bandit behavior, is very typical of our states.

So it is not capitalists pozzing the nation, it is a religiously motivated state that is pozzing the nation, and holding a gun to the head of capitalists to participate in the pozzing.

To claim otherwise, to say that the Bourgeoisie are still oppressing the Proletariat, well, it is Marxist. Was Marxist 100 years ago, is still Marxist today.

Then, to dislike capitalists is a slightly different story. I get the anonymity, the hate. Just because they’re rich does not mean they’re good people. Often, they seem like assholes with money. No one likes an asshole with money.

But, it’s like, everyone has shortcomings. Just because I dislike soybois does not mean I will take away their soy food. Why would I??

People envy the rich and want to take their money. That’s fair, but be honest about what motivates you: envy. Nothing wrong with envy, it’s a very basic human emotion, but don’t turn it into more than it is.

Incidentally we’ve seemed to have finally lost Heartiste on this matter as well. Heartiste says that Cortez’ idea to tax the rich 70% is worth stealing. It is not. It is the classic Boromir mistake: ‘the Ring is too powerful a weapon, we must use it for ourselves!’

Honestly, if I made good money, and I’d get to keep only $300.000 of every $1.000.000 I made, I’d be pissed. That’d be unfair, like an annual robbery.

Even if a billionaire spends all his money funding evil, it will completely pale in comparison to the evil a religious state can achieve with just a fracture of that money. That’s why leftists love socialism: it harms, creates chaos. Such measures always end in more knocked-over apple carts. To think one can use such chaos for good is the Boromir mistake.

I guess, in conclusion, that the capitalists, if anything, are actually pretty fragile. Consider Bezos’ divorce: does it really look like he is in control?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Is looking to be the future for leftism. Brown Bernie.

I wanted to say Ocasio-Cortez is a dumb broad, but she’s not. She’s not exceedingly intelligent, but she’s not dumb. She is however extremely try-hard. She’s that new co-worker at the office who really wants everyone to like her and acts obnoxiously dramatic to make sure you know just how fun she is to hang with.

Usually it is a matter of weeks before such a girl learns her place, stops being try-hard and partakes in the girl gossip mill. So far not the case with Cortez.

Instead of people telling her she’s try-hard, they tell her she’s awesome amazing grrrrl power. This feedback loop makes her a walking cringefest. High on her own supply.

Of course, such things do not last. Obama aged 16 years during his presidency and he took it relatively well. Cortez, once she stops being able to yell whatever she feels like without consequence, will take it even harder. Women in politics tend to take things harder.

I don’t personally hate the women in politics. I have a soft spot for Angela Merkel. I feel like I could talk with her. But man does she look tired. Big bags under her eyes, likely crying more often than she should… Every time I see her, I just want to hug her and tell her it’s okay, that I know she did what she thought was right. It’s just that, sometimes, doing what you think is right does not turn out to be right. I hope she retreats from politics and lives her old age in peace.

Even Hillary I have some empathy for, if the littlest, because if one woman looks like she’d carve up a man’s balls while whispering in his ears how much she loves him it’s Hillary. But a woman’s a woman; she is Bill’s, and Bill, funny man he may be, brought out the worst in her, and she in return brought out the worst in him.

Bottomline is, females make terrible leaders. Notable exceptions are when they are owned by a good man, as for instance Margaret Thatcher. But even then, why not cut out the middle man and put the good man himself in charge?

As for Ocasio-Cortez, she is undoubtedly turned on by Donald Trump, as all female politicians are. Perhaps we will be lucky and she will be seduced by a shitlord who turns her Trumpist overnight. But more likely, she will keep spouting socialist clichés and do hipster social media stuff until she wins the presidential run in 2024, triggering the 21st century American version of the French guillotine revolution.

Yes sir, the sun revolves around the earth sir

I hate beating a dead horse and I feel like we’ve shown the problem often enough, but here’s one that caught my eye:

Nobel prize winner James Watson stripped of titles after suggesting genes make black people less intelligent

Purged from academia. He spent a decade apologizing for his heretic remarks. No use.

Religious oppression is increasing, and the speed of the increase is increasing as well. That’s oppression by the ruling religion; just as the story goes that Galileo had to apologize for suggesting the earth revolves around the sun, so Watson had to apologize for suggesting genes make black people less intelligent. But in either case, once a heretic, always a heretic. Nassim Taleb at least got the memo.

Miss Alf returns!

As I was sipping on my pipe in front of a crackling hearth, overthinking the complex problems of life, my girl came close and poured me some tea. She told me she had written another post for my blog and that she hoped I’d publish it. Naturally, I slapped her across the face, for a woman should not speak unless spoken to. But, as I returned to my pipe sipping and complex thinking, I surmised that even for a woman, at select times, self-expression has beneficial effects.

… I kid, I kid! Except for the new miss Alf post, whom we’ll call Mai from now on. It is quite a special post, and she has quite the news to share, news which I was not sure when or how to share, but I think this is as good a time as any.  Take it away Mai…




pregnancy, motherhood and socks

I guess it has been half a year since my last blog, and a lot has changed. First things first, I am pregnant. I hate saying that, but I love being it. It sounds like you have some kind of illness. I think there’s such a negative connotation around pregnancy. People act like if your good life will come to an end and will have to make place for a restrained life with sleepless nights because you cannot even poo without a slamming child on the bathroom door. They say you have to do everything before you have children, like travelling the world and having a career.

When I wander the internet, all articles about pregnancy I come across are most of the time negative and the comments are always the same: ‘Why fuck up your body if you can have cats.’ Those commenters actually believe that a delivery is a case of living and dying and your body will forever be like a deadly, incontinent car accident. They literally compare children to dirt and vermin and will get very angry if a loving mom comments something like: ‘A delivery is not that bad, I love my children even though they can be a burden’. I am not even exaggerating. However, I feel great both physically and mentally (despite the hormonal stuff). I still work-out, my boobs are amazing and I’m fat, but the pretty kind of fat.

I think it’s the beginning of a new chapter, and I want nothing more for my baby to be proud of me. My business is developing, however not yet booming, but it will be by time (my boyfriend says so, and he says he is always right and I can’t disagree because he ís annoyingly often right). At first I found it very hard, but lately I am realizing that I have to persevere to make my business a success for my new family. I want to be successful for them, and that needs a successfully and happy me.

You do not fill a void by having a child, you do not start a new awful life by having a child: I believe it’s just natural. It’s just life. You love somebody, you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her, and you want to have babies. There’s a reason why most women want to have babies, because they are made to have babies.

I mean:

Women have periods. Women have a womb. Womb grows baby.
Women have boobs. Boobs produce milk. Babies love milk.

And it’s not like women only are baby-factories, it’s because it’s fucking beautiful.

I’m not saying being pregnant and having children is all about feeling like you’re on that last tiny bit of ecstasy and like you are exploding of love, but it really sometimes does.

It’s not like I never argue with my boyfriend anymore. I mean, his socks still lie on the ground through the whole house like he’s expecting them to magically disappear in the laundry basket. I’m also not saying it’s not going to be hard and that I am not scared at all. Of course it’s going to be hard. Of course we will have fights and sleepless nights. But what does it matter? I love my boyfriend everyday a bit more and I can’t wait to see him as a daddy to our boy.

Get your shit together team

I didn’t plan on doing this, but I guess I have to.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re not exactly sure if your team is on the same page, but the others are like: ‘eeeh don’t worry ’bout it we got this’ and you figure ‘I guess they might got it’ but then it turns out they totally don’t got it? Yeah that happened to me.

Where to start? Let’s start here:

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-13 om 16.59.06.png

Scientism makes an excellent point: we do need theory. Without theory you get a bunch of loudmouths shouting for whatever free stuff they can grab, and lo and  behold, that is exactly what is happening in France. That BAP, of all people, does not get this, for me was one of those facepalm moments.

You NEED theory. Of course, I will meet BAP in that you need the right theory: if you’ve got everybody theorizing, everybody’s going to theorize that their theories are holier than the person next to them and you end up with a load of nonsense, i.e. all of Western philosophy since Nietzsche.

So, you need to attain the right theory from the right guys. Well waddyaknow, we have that theory: it is called Neoreaction, Reaction, the Dark Enlightenment or whatever you want to call it. It’s there, most importantly: it’s done. Well, the most important parts, the parts that we need right now anyway. For an excellent summary, please check Jim’s blog. IT’S ALL THERE.

Way too many guys on the right are re-inventing the wheel: instead of saying ‘hey this guy is pretty good at theorizing, perhaps I should copy his theories and focus on what I’m good at’ they go: ‘hey this guy is getting attention for his theories, I want attention for my theories!’ It is stupid and greedy. If an ally of mine is better at cooking up theories than I am, I say that out loud and I cooperate with him to strengthen his theories instead of stealing his stuff and passing it off as a failed version of my own. THIS IS COOPERATION 101.

If you don’t have the right theory, you’ll find that you have to re-invent your politics everyday, because you have no theory. Consequently, you’ll find entryists and leftists at every corner, sucking up to you, imitating your language and inserting Marxist ideas in your movement. Don’t like Marxist ideas? Well too bad because you refused to listen to the guys who could keep the Marxists out.

Essentially, BAP is saying: ‘a car? I don’t need a car! I prefer über, I like the spontaneity.’ Good luck with quality control: you will, mysteriously yet inevitably find yourself being übered by people who pretend to like you but in actuality hate your guts.

I’m saying you need a car. In fact, I’m saying you need the best car around: a Ferrari? BMW? Lambhorgini? You name it, we’ll have it delivered. We deal in the best cars. So you can focus on the stuff you’re good at, without having to hike a fucking ride every day.

Delegation frees up energy and allows for specialization according to people’s talents. Jim has the best theory: listen to him.

Of course this problem is not confined to just BAP. Very smart intellectuals suffer from the similar problem, where their ego does not allow them to admit that someone else’s ideas are sufficient for our situation, sufficient to fight our enemies and beat them. For instance, when intellectuals debate the future direction of the right, they are amazing at coming up with the most long-winded, beautifully complex ideas. We need border control! Ethnicity! Re-define conservatism! Populism! God-Emperor! Etc etc etc.

If your theory cannot be summarized in 1 word, it is a bad theory, and if that 1 word does not cut reality at the joints, it is an even worse theory because it will be hijacked by entryists. Conservatism, thus, is a dead word, for it has been hijacked by entryists like Ben Shapiro who pretend to espouse it but in fact are controlled opposition. So what we need is a new idea, a new theory that is summarized in 1 word, and that that word cuts reality at the joints. That word is Jim, Jimism, or Jimianity.

This is really not the first time in history that the ideas of one man shaped a society. Perhaps you can think of some examples in the past? Maybe some Jewish guy, some 2000 years ago, perhaps? Maybe dozens of others? The formula works.

If you say you are a Jimian, there is absolutely no mistake on what your ideas are, on what you stand for and what you fight for. It cuts through the crap. It puts a stop to the entire twitter diarrhea, which often boils down to one intellectual saying to the other: ‘I think I am more important than you.’ No, what counts is the best idea, and we already have the best ideas. Get your ass in line, stop reinventing the wheel.

So I guess I also have a bone to pick with Hestia, who stopped linking Jim. I was blinded for liking Nick B Steves, but I’ll rectify that now. See, Hestia’s given reason for not linking Jim is that he is a ‘dangerous man’ and that they would rather not risk getting into trouble for linking him. NO SHIT. You want to topple the deep state, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? ‘yeah guys we’re writing samizdat, we’re being edgy, but not so edgy that we could lose our jobs!’ Really??

I mean, I get it, I do. Not everyone has to be a hero. But have some goddamn balls. We need heroes, we need those people to be leaders, we need them to set an example for others, to inspire others. If everyone is pussying out, how the hell do you expect to accomplish anything? You are setting yourself up for failure before the fight has even started. Look for people who are not scared to lose their jobs.

Look. I’m not saying put on a white robe and go to Times Square preaching the gospel of Jim. What I’m saying is, stop leaving your flanks open to enemy theory attack. When political theory stuff comes up, ask yourself: ‘what has Jim said on this subject?’ for you may bet he has said something on it and you may bet that it is sufficient to deal with the conversation. What I am saying is: delegate the responsibility of theorycrafting to Jim, so that you can get on with stuff you are good at.

That’s all. I’m not even gonna proofread this one.