Defecting from the right

A problem escaping the matrix is that in your search for fellow escapees, nine times out of ten, you find defect from the left, as in, they defect by being lefter than society, e.g. being holier than everyone else. Defecting from the left is easy, it is even encouraged: ‘oh man, the planet is going to shit man.’ +1 moral point to you. Or: ‘uh its only about the greens man, they dun care bout nothing but the greens.’ +2 for your eternal selflessness! Of course, the problem with defecting from the left is that it is defecting on bullshit by spouting even more bullshit. Consider: both of the above statements are lies. I have steadily observed the weather for the past years, and my observations tell me the weather is doing just fine. Whenever someone gives me photo evidence of the opposite, upon finer inspection the evidence always turns out to be bad or fabricated, such as comparing an image of the arctic in winter with an image of the arctic in summer.

Similarly, my eyes tell me clearly that money is not our elite’s prime concern, for if it was, we’d have occupied Venezuela, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, pumped its oil and mined its gold, instead of meekly occupying Iraq and Afghanistan in order to teach seven year old girls how to put condoms on bananas.

If making money was holy, I would encounter diminished taxing as I move up socioeconomically, while in truth my taxes increase progressively. The peasant with ten cows may sacrifice two cows to his team of lawyers and accountants in order to stay clear for now, but the peasant with two cows is pretty screwed already. It is obvious that our ruling elite’s prime concern is not money, it is humiliating whitey while at the same time failing in trying to stop themselves from humiliating whitey.

So, I defect. Mind you, not as hardcore as some, I have yet to purchase my first fake passport, but in spirit I have checked out.

A remaining debate between reactionaries is how bad things have to go to shit before we can start to fix them. My gut tells me things have to go to shit still pretty badly before we can start to fix them.

If Trump stays president beyond two terms, and Baudet becomes the first Dutch Stadholder since 1795,ย  we can start to fix things. But in the meantime, I defect.

So what is this blog about then? Well, as long as it is not banned like Heartiste (rest in peace), we shall, quite simply, be exploring how to defect from the right.

For instance, take the women issue. What I have long suspected and heard is what I now experience directly: the state hates families. I have been pestered with intrusive government tentacles that want to monitor my baby until adulthood, intrusive healthcare tentacles which demand three vials of blood for every protocol violation my girl makes, and intrusive economic tentacles that demands my girl be a a worker instead of a mother. Dealing with this is not impossible, but it is not easy. You get paranoid. Before nurses helped to take care of the newborn during his first week, as is customary in the Netherlands, my girl read the protocol to me. It said that the baby’s temperature needs to be measured three times a day. Rectally. At this point I interjected angrily: ‘we are NOT sticking objects in our son’s ass. These people are NOT turning my son gay.’

Was I paranoid? I dunno. I did vocalize my objection to the nurses, of course a tad more diplomatic. They were great.

See, the thing is this. Because I am a hundred percent Jimian in my relation, I have established peace in the war of the sexes. But, because I am at peace with my woman, I am at war with the state, because everything I do in order to establish peace with my woman enrages the state. You see the inverse with men who dรณ follow the state’s prescriptions. A friend of a darkly enlightened friend summarized it as thus: “Everybody I know who has kids is in exactly this situation. No time, energy or mood for sex because if we happen to have a little time to ourselves we will go out for a dinner or a theatre and happy to have survived, tiresome things like sex aren’t even on the horizon. Having kids is very much like war every minute every day.”

I refuse to live like that.

It is often said that to effectively resist power, need a religious community. Look at Islam, they’re doing pretty good! Yes, it’s true. But a successful religion cannot be established pre-story, if that makes sense. You can not say: ‘this is now a religion’, and expect the designation of words to have any sticking power. It is only after the story that people may or may not say: well, that was pretty powerful. As much as Scientology kicked the IRS to the curb, in the end L Ron Hubbard still goes down in history as a talented conman.

So, building a religion is harder than I initially thought. For the most part out of my control. We shall leave the religion building at rest for now.

But, while the state is powerful in its steamroller mode, it seems to be generally quite incompetent. Government tentacles, especially in the Netherlands, are everywhere, but it seems able to repel them. Well, except for taxes. But I pay my taxes, and so far find it doable to prevent myself being raped by other state tentacles. There’s enough breathing space still. So I do not necessarily need a new religion. Let us not let the perfect get in the way of the good.

So, lets embark on this adventure then, and see how we can successfully defect from the right. I think it is mostly an offline adventure, but I will try to keep writing posts at least semi-regularly.

12 thoughts on “Defecting from the right

  1. I don’t know where you were looking for fellow defectors, but it shouldn’t be hard to find other defectors who are not leftists. Wilders has a party, Baudet has a party. There has to be a group in any town. Maybe there are some generation indentitaire in your city. Go to one of the meetings of either group. They will be happy to meet another defector, chances are you’ll like it.

    Of course, money is not our elites primary concern – holines is. Money is a means, not an end. So I don’t think there ever has been an elite primarily concerned with money. A member of the elite has more than enough money. If not, not a member of the elite.

    Your darkly enlighted friend is very strange; I doubt he is enlighted. He goes to the theatre? I would be hard pressed to find a bunch of more radical holier-than-thou globalist leftists than in my city’s theatre. Where I live, theatre is not pleasant for a man who does not believe in the cathedral.

    To resist power, you need power. A religious community is a source of power. It is not the only one. The primary advantage is higher mutual trust and support. Other sources of power, e.g. a political party, a (biker) gang, a profitable business or a large (extended) family, might also work. The risk of defectors is higher, but as long as we don’t know how to start a religion, these other options might be the best we can do.

    1. Well it was a friend of a darkly enlightened friend, but indeed, probably not so darkly enlightened himself.

      Thereโ€™s plenty of dissidents, but I am a perfectionist. Most dissidents get things wrong; they get parts right, but they get other parts wrong. I know plenty fellow defectors, but everyone defects in their own way. So, I shall do the same.

  2. You cant create a new religion without the means to apply industrial levels of violence, successfully.

  3. Pray for outrages if you want change. Can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since a reasonably big terror attack.

    1. There have been many, many terror attacks since 9/11, but none of its perpetrators were very smart, as arab IQ tends not to be very smart. Say what you will of Osama Bin Laden, he was exceptionally smart for a Muhammedan.

  4. Prepositions are sort of arbitrary, but “FROM the left/right” confused me because my first assumption would be that someone who defects from the left ends up on the right, while someone who defects from the right ends up on the left.

    But someone might defect in a leftward or rightward direction, through the left-hand or right-hand door, FROM which he might then have passed in defecting … and yet, viewed from within, while he’s still in the process of defecting, he’s defecting TOWARD one of those doors and therefore might be described as defecting TO the left or right.

    I guess this is an annoying comment and has annoyed you.

    1. I thought that would be confusing, that’s why I clarified at the start.

      For a while it was a meme in the blogosphere that it was OK to criticize allies from the right, e.g. criticize nazis because they are leftist. In the same spirit I write here: I defect on the mainstream by veering right.

      Defecting TO to the right is perhaps less confusing, but I like it my way.

  5. Brilliant post. This in particular is a gem:

    See, the thing is this. Because I am a hundred percent Jimian in my relation, I have established peace in the war of the sexes. But, because I am at peace with my woman, I am at war with the state, because everything I do in order to establish peace with my woman enrages the state.

    As far as the “defecting from the left” perspective – it’s pretty clear that this is going to cause the new right to fail. “Focus on the evil corporations that want new markets and more labor and the state will leave you alone” is going to be a siren song – especially when a bunch of even the dissidents believe that corps are pushing to the left in some kind of convoluted Rube Goldberg plan to make more profit from gays because they spend more of their income.

  6. taking the temperature rectally will make your son gay ?? ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
    hahahahaha omg nowadays with the internet, any monkey can write anything…
    take care when you be 50 yo! doctor will check your prostate man ! you will be infected with the Gay Virus!

    1. Figures that line made someone somewhere feel superior. What can I say. The thing about paranoia is that itโ€™s better to have a few false positives than to have even one false negative. Ask Stalin.

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