Staying lit like Notre Dame

notre dame honkler

I have ten different posts in mind, not feeling like following through on any of them, so here’s one big stream-of-consciousness post.

I’m a dad now. Little baby boy, came in at 3740 grams. Healthy, so is the mother. We’re doing things as trad as possible (home childbirth, keeping government tentacle agencies at distance, breastfeeding) and so far I’m proud. Generally being a dad is as I expected. Takes up time. Makes me… Well, ‘burgerlijk’, the Dutch would say, which is a euphemism for ‘boring’. I see it happening to myself; as a bachelor, I took all kinds of risk, said all kinds of stupid stuff. Then I entered a relation and I became a bit more reserved, more responsible. And now, I already notice myself consciously avoiding trouble. The only downside of that is that since this blog is pretty much me actively seeking trouble, my urge to write has gone down a bit. I think this is entirely natural. I do believe I have written down the most important stuff. The remainder is housekeeping, kicking the shit.

No worries though, adventurers gonna adventure. My next secret project is already underway. It shall be revealed in due time…

Mai’s baby blues surprised me, which I am told is quite normal for mothers but which we both underestimated. Pretty sure it is evolutionary, that mother right after birth has to decide whether or not to kill the baby, and that baby blues is just a giant shit-test designed to check whether her environment supports her. But I cannot complain. We’re a family now. It’s fun, challenging. The whole situation feels right, even if he’s crying right now and TAKING ME OUT OF MY GODDAMN CONCENTRATION GODDAMNIT BABY.


So, what about that Notre Dame burning down? Pretty symbolic huh. People say the left can’t meme, and it’s true that stuff from the right is infinitely more fun and creative,  but the left Power Memes, which is to say, when the left memes that the Notre Dame fire was caused by restoration work, it is accepted that the Notre Dame fire was caused by restoration work. Personally, while I do not know the exact truth, I do not buy this meme for a second: I have seen the yellow vest riots, the French demographic, the burning cars and shooting police… The Notre Dame was burned down by the left. That’s my meme. Probably not on the power level of ‘restoration accidents happen’, but what can you do.

Moving on.

I have been accused of making ‘Jimianity’ a forced meme. I thought that was funny. Of course it was forced, but that does not make it bad. Could’ve been an amazing meme. I was a bit disappointed to see Jim turn down the position, but this is fine as well. Both situations would’ve worked I think; Jim the prophet would’ve been more polarizing, more long-term less short-term, but Jim the blogger works fine. More practical. In the end it does not change that much, just a matter of frame. Whatever happens will be interesting nonetheless. Jim’s comment section now competes with Scott Alexander in activity, and Scott Alexander is big enough to feature in the New York Times.


Ah that’s better. Where were we.

Don’t have much more to say. Some final disjointed thoughts.

The distribution of beta vs alpha males is something I still wonder about. It’s about 90 : 10, in males as well, e.g. a male tends to act beta 90% of the time, alpha 10% of the time. Now, we are all descended from killer apes, and we’ve been through genetic bottlenecks as well, so I’d expect males to be more alpha. But, they’re not. They’re more beta — apparently, to be a follower is the Nash equilibrium. To communicate is more important than to dominate.

It reminds me of this docu on a guy doing a Robinson Crusoe for 300 days. His biggest problem was not the weather, lack of food nor mosquitoes…. It was loneliness. He felt extremely alone, so much that he does not want to repeat the experiment. This makes perfect sense – man is a social animal. The most recent thousands of years of evolution have not served primarily for us to deal with materials, it has served primarily for us to deal with other humans, who form our only competition at the top of the food pyramid. It is ingrained in our nature to communicate and impress others. Take that away and we sense something is wrong. This is something the hermit will always have to deal with.

This news is good for reactionaries looking to make a change — if most men are betas, if alpha males love having betas around… It is win-win, right? Just need to swat away these damn commies…

OK that’s enough for now. I’m off.

10 thoughts on “Staying lit like Notre Dame

  1. Congratulations! Your first contribution against the Great Exchange.

    Equilibrium is a concept. It is very rare that an equilibrium can be directly observed (basically only when nothing is happening). Maybe you oberserve in your time and place a 90:10 distribution of betas:alphas, but why do think that this particular distribution is an equilibrium?

    Isn’t the world changing rapidly where you live? It sure does where I live. Read an old book or watch an old movie (not in colour). Would you still observe a 90:10 distribution? Whatever you standard for alpha is, I expect that a much higher percentage of European men from 100 years ago would qualify.

    My personal theory is that contemporary men are less alpha than men of the generations before for several reasons. Smaller families caused more men to grow up without sisters. Those men more readily believed that females were thinking just like males.

    Another reason is the present signaling spiral. After a while the equality signaling lead to a major delusion about women.

    1. Yes, our environment greatly suppresses male testosterone. Yet, I do not think we are that different from 100 years ago, certainly not from 50 years ago.

      My standard for alpha is for a man to challenge the supreme progressive alpha, to say ‘fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ to our alpha priesthood. Few men do it. Well that’s not entirely fair: privately they are always critical of aspects our alpha priesthood. But they are so deeply saturated in priesthood culture that they act in accordance with alpha priesthood without being aware of it. And that part, the acting in line with alpha priesthood without being aware of it, that I find beta.

      I do not think this was that different 100 years ago. Froude comes to mind. Froude came across to me like a high-functioning beta: very proud of this British empire of which he was a part, saddened to see it crumble. My guess is, if an average contemporary male switched places with Froude, that male would exhibit the same pride as Froude did, while Froude in this age would exhibit the same passiveness as that contemporary male does.

      1. “My standard for alpha is for a man to challenge the supreme progressive alpha, to say ‘fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’ to our alpha priesthood.”

        OK, by that standard not much has changed. The percentage of right-wing dissidents might be the same as 100 years ago. However, your standard is rather intellectual and basically describes a man right-wing dissidents will accept as a leader. This standard does not directetly affect how attractive a man will be perceived by a woman.

        I assume that male-female relationships changed a lot in the last 100 years or so and that males treat females very differently nowadays. Husbands beating their wives appear to be more rare than 100 years ago. Divorce rates are up, births out of wedlock are up. Age of marriage is up. There were laws that wifes had to obey their husbands. it was practically impossible for a non-married couple to rent a house and cohabit.

        There are no eye-witnesses around to tell us how male-female relations changed, but the legal and social frame did change a lot. From this I conclude that the typical male and female behaviors also changed a lot.

        I’d say alpha is not taking shit from anyone, especially not from a woman, not trying to please women, but rather expecting them to please you. I’m sure a lot changed in that respect.

        And even if they had the same percentage of alphas a 100 or even 50 years ago (which I truly don’t believe), they sure had fewer soyboys.

  2. However, your standard is rather intellectual and basically describes a man right-wing dissidents will accept as a leader.

    It is intellectual, but not necessarily right-wing. There’s left-wing dissidents as well, but mostly normie-alphas who don’t care about the priesthood, but these are mostly thugs and criminals, well-adapted normie-alphas are exceedingly rare.

    They are exceedingly rare is because our priesthood demands white men to behave like betas towards women. It’s one of the commandments: treat women like your equal, e.g. treat them like you are beta.

    And with the priesthood swallowing everything around it, like the blob in Akira , simply not much room for non-criminal normie alphas to be alpha.

    Consider one Dutch politician who hit his wife: fired, spit-on, expelled. Being alpha around women is outlawed, so only outlaws can be alpha.

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