Baudet dealing like a champ

Too early to say too much on the issue, but since the Henk ‘Judas’ Otten interview the following has happened:

– Baudet was  unaware of the interview. Henk Otten spoke with the enemy media behind his back.

– Baudet was not happy. He tweeted that Otten was no longer a member of the lower chamber, although he would keep his position in the upper chamber. Otten made a statement that this decision was made without his consent.

– Theo Hiddema, Baudet’s real #2, made an appearance on Pauw, which is the Dutch Stephen Colbert, but more leftist Dutch, which is to say: a talkshow that has the pretense of intellectualism but is mostly snarky leftism. Theo had fire applied to his feet, but he held his ground like a madman; among others explaining that, of course, Henk Otten had to give up his position in the lower chamber, that this was decided long ago, that everybody knew about this, and that it was silly to make a fuss of it. Theo Hiddema was so charismatic that he made it sound like absolutely nothing was going on. Great stuff.

Theo did let it shine through that Baudet was not charmed with Otten’s performance. Great. Henk Otten, previously a member of Pim Fortuyn’s party, is an opportunist. Now, there is nothing wrong with opportunists, you’re going to attract them one way or the other, but the moment they stick a knife in your back like Henk ‘praise Donna Zuckerberg’ Otten, they got to go. Baudet has two years to go until the next big election cycle; I hope he gets his back office in order before then.

2 thoughts on “Baudet dealing like a champ

  1. I assume that lower and upper chamber refer to the bicameral parliament of the Netherlands. If that is correct, I’m surprised that they could purge Henk from the lower chamber.

    Usually members of parliament can’t be removed by their party because membership is personal (maybe this is different in the Netherlands, I couldn’t find a definite answer on the web). That means Henk had to be talked into giving up his seat.

    This is impressive. I suggests staggering eloquence or serious arm-twisting ability.

    1. Nah apparently its simply the rules that you cannot be an active member of both parties, so it’s all according to protocol. But, Otten’s response to his public removal from the lower chamber tell me he is feeling some heat.

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