Baudet’s trials continue

Have I written on the Dutch senate election outcome? I don’t think I have.

I’ve written about Thierry Baudet though. You know, the guy in the upper right.

Well, he won big time. Pretty awesome. He still needs a big victory in the house of representatives election, and even if he wins there, Dutch splinterization politics means he’ll continue to have a rough time. A 30% voting block is worth exactly that in Dutch politics: 30%. Baudet got 17%, and that already is very impressive.

But otherwise, very cool. Something is definitely cooking. Baudet is hot. He is cool. Not over-top-Pim-Fortuyn-cool, but pretty cool. A sympathetic snob. Smart guy, too. Check out this interview. Therein Mr. Baudet says “We represent a political philosophy that is fundamentally opposed to the principles of the French Revolution”. Has Baudet read Moldbug? I would not put it past him.

But of course, action begats reaction. The left is sizing Baudet up. Emotions are riled, shit-tests are thrown. A university priest tweeted: ‘Where is Volkert?’ referring to the murderer of Pim Fortuyn. He was temporarily suspended. An activist chanted: ‘When I say Thierry, you say poof’ and her squatter friends proceeded to do so.

Then there’s the politicians. Power in the Netherlands resides, insofar not entirely in the faceless bureaucracy, in a big clique of politicians dividing jobs. Experience in the government and the Second Chamber is the baptism of fire. If a politician does well there, e.g. does not step on too many toes, does as told, he/she is in. From there on, it’s a job carousel: this guy gets to be mayor, that guy gets to be head of a major advice organ, small bonus here, small favor there, oh and have I told you about this spot opening up in Brussels which I think would really be in your alley…? Everything is divided. It’s a big tent and at the top there’s plenty to get around. But of course, the system demands tranquility, does not like the boat being rocked. Which is exactly what Thierry does.

So, in the daily Second Chamber debates, the carousel politicians desperately try to mitigate him as a risk: the left does so by doing what they always do, namely lying and hoping for a murder (the stick), and the cuck-right does so by promising Thierry untold power and opportunity if he is just willing to… sell-out (the carrot).

To some extent, Thierry shows willingness. Nexit is no longer a hard campaigning point. Naturally I don’t like that: smells like sell-out. But otherwise Thierry keeps his head upright: on climate tax, on immigration and on general pride in the West, he sticks to his guns. So, pretty good.

Now, another shit-test has arrived. A highly placed FvD man, Henk Otten, has given an interview to the NRC, the Dutch New York Times. The headline says it all: SECOND MAN FVD SAYS THIERRY BAUDET PULLS PARTY TOO FAR RIGHT.

To address the obvious lie first: Henk Otten is not the second man, Theo Hiddema is. Theo is great. I’ve wrote about Theo before.

The gist of the article is obvious: it is the umptieth hit piece on Thierry Baudet, but this time with an inside confidant pissing on him. They did the same thing with Wilders all the time. Sow dissent in the party. Obvious question: why did this guy allow himself to be interviewed by journalists who hate his boss’ guts? Obvious answer: stupidity and ego. Even though his interviewer literally calls him fat and makes it entirely obvious he is only being interviewed in order to get to Baudet, something which Henk Otten even laments halfway through the article, our friend Henk cannot stop himself: the party is exploding, and Henk wants a piece of the attention.

Now, I am not privvy to the inner workings of the FvD, but seems to me that such behavior cannot be tolerated. Whatever Henk’s previous usefulness, a guy who unironically praises Donna Zuckerberg’s feminism has no place in a rightist party. Whether Henk needs to go or needs to be reprimanded, I don’t know, but I’d lean towards a nice promotion to flyer distribution manager. We’ll see how Thierry deals with it.

6 thoughts on “Baudet’s trials continue

  1. Dealing with people like Henk is very difficult. Expulsion from a party is hard, and -even if successfull- slow as the expelled can appeal to courts. Reprimands are often ineffective. The best to hope for is probably that Henk looses whatever office he has in the party at the next inner party election.

    Stupid people with ego and a belief in feminism are an all too common problem, even in rightist parties. Keeping them busy with flyer distribution and other jobs where they can’t do much harm, might be the best solution. I have no better idea.

    If Henk is part of a faction that thinks Donna Zuckerberg’s feminism is great, the problem is more severe.

    1. “Have you read the piece in [other leftist newspaper] on Donna Zuckerberg? I thought that was a very good piece. She writes about how extreme rightists use classicism to justify their beliefs.” – Henk Otten in the interview.

      Of course, Henk also warns for Baudet not to talk too much with strange philosophers such as yours truly.

      Dude is a shill from head to toe.

  2. Has that Baudet guy called for a total immigration stop, migrant departure incentives, and abolition of political asylum?

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