If happy, don’t depend on unhappy

Mindlessly zapping through YouTube I watched a few minutes of this video essay on Amazon. Its content is standard leftist boilerplate: Amazon bad, Amazon evil, yay New York for booing Amazon away.

The premise in all these anti-Amazon arguments is: ‘Amazon used the free market to become a monopoly, monopolies are bad, therefore the state must interfere in the free market.’

This of course is Marxist history; it is a lie re-imagining capitalists as the ruling class, instead of the priesthood being the ruling class. The lie is intended to mask the actual feelings of the maker of the video, namely hatred and envy of Bezos’ success, and its purpose is to incite a mob against Amazon, which he hates and envies.

There is no such thing as a secure capitalist monopoly, for any free market monopoly is dependent upon its customers. Contrary to a state, which may force its inhabitants to be their customer at gunpoint, corporations cannot force their customers to do anything. Amazon thrives because it makes itself useful to customers. When it stops making itself useful, it loses its monopoly. Our video maker tell us that Amazon is tricking consumers into buying their stuff, but this is a patronizing lie that both undermines the impressiveness of Amazon’s business model and shows contempt for its customers, who our video maker views as stupid children.

Amazon has the biggest market share because it has the biggest customer base. If it loses its customer base, it loses its monopoly. That’s all there is to it.

Thus, there is absolutely no need to interfere in Amazon’s business plans — let them have their monopoly and let us see how long they can keep it.

But of course, that’s just like my opinion. The lefty’s envy of Amazon is too strong for him to listen to me anyway. So, whatever. Best of luck to mr Bezos. Hey, at least your ex-wife didn’t screw you over too badly, huh!

Anyway I wanted to write some cheesy stuff about happiness, so I’ll do that.

Happiness is reactionary, in that everything that makes Gnon smile is what makes a man smile: territory, money, hobbies, enjoyable work, a beautiful woman, some kids… The traditional stuff. But many people don’t touch the traditional stuff with a 2 meter pole. Very politically sensitive. I think, being happy has always been a tricky question, and perhaps at the best of times only about half the population could pull it off. But nowadays, most people are decidedly unhappy. It’s sad, but it’s a fact.

The problem with unhappy people is that they drag everyone down to their level. I am unhappy? You must be unhappy too! It is a monkey power move. That’s why work becomes such a drag when your colleagues, or god forbid, your boss, is not satisfied with his or her life. They inflict their unhappiness on you, for your happiness is an insult to their unhappiness.

Thing is, it is entirely possible to deal with these people. I deal with plenty of unhappy people, and I get along pretty well with them. But you can’t be dependent on them. You have to be sure you need them less than they need you. I personally am very happy with my life as it is right now. But I have definitely noticed not everyone is happy for you: you attract envious eyes. People want to bring you down, just to prove life is just as miserable as they experience it.

So, the #1 rule is always: if you want to be happy, don’t be dependent on unhappy people. Call me an asshole, but I’ve cut out unhappy people from my life, or at the very least distanced myself from them. Even close family: did not care. Very glad I’ve done so. There’s just no meaningful talking with unhappy people. They always drag you down.

Wait, let me rephrase that… You can meaningfully talk with unhappy people… But it needs to happen in the context of you being the dancing monkey who has the frame and who gets to keep the frame. It’s like unhappy people shit-test you, and you need to be able to pass the shit-test. Defend your territory, yo.

7 thoughts on “If happy, don’t depend on unhappy

  1. People who find your site via Jim’s are unlikely to be Happy Guys Happiness-Cleansing Unhappy Losers.

  2. Well, no offfence intended, but I’d take, say, a Schopenhauer anyday over guys deriving their self-worth from how they score with women (and how smart they are!) and rubbing this under people’s noses. And they don’t even know Latin, let alone Greek. Some also tend to take the socio-sexual hierarchy stuff very, very seriously, which seems like quackery on the level of Freud’s psychoanalysis. But to each his own.

    I best fit in with Nicolás Gómez Dávila’s reactionary thinking, a great man, a faithful Catholic who only had disgust for the modern world. Unfortunately, his works have yet to be translated completely into English.

    He mostly wrote aphorisms, about 10.000-13.000. A few (some are my translation from the German, into which his work has been completely translated) regarding sexuality and demographics:

    Eugenics appals those who fear its judgment.

    No beneficiary of slaves is supporter of birth control.

    Depopulate and reforest — first civilizing rule.

    The two most pressing problems of the contemporary world: demographic expansion and genetic deterioration are unsolvable.
    Liberal principles prevent the solution of the first, egalitarian ones that of the second.

    “To be useful to society” is the ambition, or excuse, of a prostitute.

    Sexual promiscuity is the tip society pays in order to appease its slaves.

    Sex does not solve even sexual problems.

    Modern society is abolishing prostitution through promiscuity.

    When the modern consciousness suspends its economic routines, it only oscillates between political anguish and sexual obsession.

    The problem is not sexual repression, nor sexual liberation, but sex.

    The 19th century did not live with more anguish because of its sexual repression than the 20
    th century with its sexual liberation.
    Identical obsession, even when the symptoms are the opposite.

    PS: re. Suicide: is actually reasonable iff an atheist (of the pessimist-realist bent) and your life kind of sucks, especially if the suckage is genetically based that cannot be improved much: ugly, loser, hunchback, mentally ill, averagely intelligent w/o any deep original thoughts, bottom of society — whatever, applies all to me, I only live due to my Christian faith, basically out of duty. Which actually has made me way ‘happier’ or ‘joyful’ than I was when I was still an unbeliever — not all, but most of the time.

    My thinking as an atheist was: I either have to be a genius or I have to kill myself, because I could not imagine living an average life. After all, I’ll die anyway, and if I don’t have anything great to add — even if, in the long run, it really does not matter — why not simply exit, then?

    When I realized that I was mediocre, I hanged myself at the age of twenty-three, but obviously survived; was hospitalized, have to take medication since. Several years later I had a born-again experience, which turned my atheistic worldview upside down. And now I guess I just have to endure this life. Besides Gómez Dávila, Christians dear to my heart are Pascal and, especially, Kierkegaard.

    1. Schopenhauer, though he made many solid points, was cucked by the Enlightenment and consequently failed to start a family.

      Of course men derive self-worth from their capability to sleep with women. Duh! This is why men with children and pretty wives are high-status: their self-worth is derived from an entirely accurate estimation of their capabilities.

      Why should you either be a genius or kill yourself? Makes no sense to me. Genetically speaken, I am above average, but not as much as my association with some very brilliant people on the internet would lead you to believe. I am in many ways, dreadfully stupid. So what?

      I know many people who feel much superior to me when I tell them I play an hour of video games every day. ‘Pah, don’t you aspire to greatness?’ I see them wanting to say. Nah man, I just wanna have a good time.

      Few get this.

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