Yes well what did you expect

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If you party in someone else’s garden, you play by someone else’s rules. And we know the progressive rulebook: unrestricted hatred of beauty, elegance and everything needed for prosperity.

So, who is still surprised about Twitter having the fun sucked out of it? Not me. Who is still surprised about Trump cucking out? Well me a little bit, in that I had hoped he would have gone out with more of a bang, instead of this whimper, but otherwise not really. Trump has changed into NPC Trump. It was the most probable outcome.

But we should not act completely surprised, as if this is a gross betrayal and omg I can’t even. It’s just the logical outcome when one man goes up against a system of which the course is already decided. It’s like the Titanic elected a new captain after the iceberg was hit whose campaign slogan was: Fix That Hole! Only of course it turns out that the hole is way too big to fix and that the Titanic will sink anyway, just with a captain who is slightly more realistic about the situation.

Seems to me that a government, like fire, always chooses the path of the least resistance. Whenever conflict arises, it is suppressed, and only when it can really not be ignored, the most minor possible concession will be made, which will suppress the conflict for little while longer, and then a new small concession will be made, and a new one, and a new one… Until the concessions no longer work and the system of government collapses.

It is like evolution: we can see how a giraffe’s laryngeal nerve is meters long while it could be only centimeters, but the giraffe’s DNA can not fix it, for it only operates on the base of small concessions, the small concession being that the laryngeal nerve grew along with the giraffe’s neck. Either the giraffe sucks it up, or he will have to do without his majestic giraffe voice.

Now the giraffe is unaware of his predicament, but hoomans are pretty smart. We are aware: Moldbug stated that democracy was a cancer patient beyond saving, and all the events of the past years have confirmed his diagnosis. Now, since this cancer patient, after its death, will lead us to a situation resembling France in 1793 or Russia in 1917, Jim, being the ever sensible man, hopes for a true king to halt the madness, much like Napoleon halted the madness of 1793’s France, and Stalin halted the madness of Russia’s 1917. Jim hoped this man might be Trump.

I hoped so too. But, in accordance with society choosing the path of the least resistance, such a king will not rise until after we experience some of the same madness as France’s reign of terror and Russia’s white terror. Trump is far too early to garner support for, what in the eyes of the normie elite, must seem like the draconian extremist measures we of the dark enlightenment propose he make. We say: ‘lol beat ur wife shell  be happy’, the normie elite says: ‘lol wtf Id rathr divrce.’ And so it goes.

So, even if Trump wanted to preemptively end the madness, he will not get the support he’d need, because people don’t think ten steps ahead, instead barely thinking one step ahead. That’s the bad news.

Of course the good news is that we are thinking and talking about this. Lefties communicate in the language of power distribution, righties communicate in the language of truth — the free anonymous internet favors righties. Here, we talk and think freely. Lefties don’t do that and don’t get it. All a lefty reading my blog understands is how I rank on the power scale; he does not get the meaning behind my words, only the power. Essentially, he does not even register my posts, just the amount of comments each post receives.

But a righty understands. We speak a common language. We see what is happening and we can discuss and plan ahead. I’m just gonna come out and say it: Trump is not the true king. He is too old, too invested in the belief that a few small concessions will save America. He is an absolute madman, but not the true king. So, we have an open position: who wants to be true king? Who wants to enforce the next series of concessions? Paging Bronze Age Pervert…Well, paging any righty with posters of Bolsonaro, Duterte and Putin in his bedroom.

But also paging righties in general: we are still living in an age of general prosperity. Despite what righty twitter has you believe about clown world, and yes it is a clown world, airplanes still fly, supermarkets are still stocked with food, and you can still say politically-incorrect stuff to your friends without having you and your entire family executed. Enjoy these last throes of prosperity.

Now, there is another thing. We have talked about the true king to stop the leftist madness: the Cromwell, the Stalin, the Napoleon, the Deng Xiaoping. But often these men can only halt the madness, not completely reverse it. It is my belief that, for a true reversal, one needs the vision of a religion, of a prophet. Charles the Great left a legacy for a century, Jesus Christ left a legacy for two millenia. Religion scales much better across time. I have repeatedly hailed Jim as such a prophet. But Jim, being the ever-humble man, rather stays within Christian framework rather than proclaim himself to be the next Jesus.

Perhaps this is enough. Perhaps Jim’s ideas are, by their own merit, wholesome enough to serve as the blueprint for the coming centuries. But I’m not sure. I think people need faith, they need something to believe in, something they can pour their whole heart into. When my in-law grandmother talks of Jesus, you should see the love in her eyes. She truly loves Jesus, even though the man has been dead for 2000 years. A prophet needs to inspire that kind of love.

But to do so, a prophet needs to take great amounts of risk, at no guarantee that he might succeed. How to accomplish this, I am not completely sure. But that is the current situation we are in.

Also, a final note: I will get to work on fixing Garden of the Internet, mainly to sell more books and earn e-bucks. I have lost everything I wrote there, which is frustrating, but that’s the way things go sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Yes well what did you expect

  1. Trump is not the true king. He is too old, too invested in the belief that a few small concessions will save America. He is an absolute madman, but not the true king.

    I’ve said since the beginning that I believe Trump is Caesar – the last man who believes in the old system and believes that a few fixes will get it working again.

    After Trump no one will be able to believe that the system is salvageable.

    1. was caesar a good man who was betrayed by jealous politicians? They framed him as a madman who needed to be stopped, and a devious actor.

  2. Steve, your are mistaking Sulla for Caesar. The sad thing is Trump doesn’t even attempt to be a Sulla. Sulla would have drained the Swamp by killing every swamp creature – and then the swamp would reform within a few years. Sulla also lacked the vision to create something new, but at least he had the stomach to make a serious attempt at saving the republic.

    Alf, there are two different types to stop leftist madness. Your examples (Stalin,Napoleon, etc.) are people who ruled within the leftist power structure. They stopped the madness by stomping hard on those even more to the left, As you wrote, it is probably to early for that.

    People like Franco or Pinochet also stopped the leftist madness of their time and place. They violently opposed a left government. That is different from a left government that stops the madness by killing a left opposition. As long as Trump is in power it is too early for a civil war (no matter how much he cucks), but a rightwing candiate narrowly lossing to a Clinton-like candiate in 2020 or 2024 might create a Franco in the USA. In France, the time is almost ripe for a Pinochet.

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