The RedWhite pill

black white chick

We sell the RedWhite pill.

We live the Red pill life, meaning we see women as they are, not as others tell us what they are, or what our cowardice makes us pretend they are. We laugh or feel sorry for blue pill men such as Ben Shapiro, who try their utmost best to treat women like men and are baffled when these women don’t give them the time of day. We, meanwhile, know: nice guys finish last, a bit of assholery goes a long way. The red pill gets you laid.

We are wary of purple pill merchants, such as Jordan Peterson: men who pretend to know the red pill secrets of women, but actually sell blue pills coated with some red paint. They loudly proclaim to know how to interact with women, but when push comes to shove, you will observe their women treating them with the disrespect they deserve.

Only the red pill makes women blossom into the beautiful creatures they can be. Whenever you hear a woman singing a love song from the heart, rest assured: she sings it for a red pill man.

So we are greatly fond of the red pill. But, we do not think all red pills are equal. We prefer our red pill mixed with a white one: the white pill standing for optimism, hope and happiness.

Too often red pill men turn to the black pill: nihilism and detached cynicism. It is an understandable step, for if you have been lied to about women, what other lies have you been told? What hope is there for a world that has so much evil? How can women be so goddamn cruel?

But giving in to such dark temptations is not our way. When the red pill is fully digested, it makes you love women for the same traits you previously hated. I interact with a fair deal of women in my daily life, and I enjoy pleasant relations with all of them. I am dominant and demanding, but also fair and understanding. Because of the red pill, I understand what makes women happy and I give it to them. In return, they treat me like a high-status man and act to please me. It is a happy balance, one I could have never made without the red and white pill.

The RedWhite pill eventually leads a man to monogamy: to own one woman and build a family with her. That is the way things should be, what our brains have been optimally wired for. There are many different ways to go about life, but deviations from your role as family patriarch are taken at your own risk, and are deviations for a reason.

There is no such thing as enjoying the decline by poolside. It is a rationalization a man tells himself when he has swallowed too many black pills. The decline sucks. End of story. But to build something within that decline, something that defies that decline… Now that is enjoyment. And to build such a thing with a woman: that is the RedWhite pill.

9 thoughts on “The RedWhite pill

  1. Mixing red and white yields pink; so why not go for a “Pink Pill”? Vaginas of fertile-age women are usually pink, so that’s a point in favor of that color. Now, you may contend that pink is often associated with homosexuality, but it need not necessarily be. Relevant:

    Then again, a red-white pill can also work – if you’re into Levsinex, Cefadroxil Hemihydrate, Durabac, and many others.

    1. pink pill is for women that frequent red pill reddit. honestly some of the mental retardation i’ve read on there is horrifying. even when given red pills most of them still act like their iq is under 50.

      1. Women simultaneously know and don’t know the red pill, in that they see the whole world from a red pill perspective but are incapable of understanding that they do so. So

  2. Even harder when there are far too many men and not enough women, because of peace and immigration. Brenton shouldn’t have shot that one chick.

    1. It’s the way I see it too is too many men and not enough women. Tattoed fatties don’t exactly count as women nor do skinny chicks who’ve been bulldozed by 30+ guys by age 25. It’s unsavory the idea of being monogamous to a second hand toilet. I don’t care how valuable or high how status she thinks she is, she’s worth nothing unless her behavior is on point with no coercion from me whatsoever.

  3. What exactly makes a woman happy? The only relationships I’ve been with has been where the woman is basically needs to be constantly degraded and put down and abused etc. I don’t want to turn into my father, I don’t want to be mentally unstable and take all my problems out on her. That sort of roller coaster ride is pure misery though I guess most women in their boredom get off on it. I can’t have the red white pill unless the woman I am with prefers a peaceful life, and I’m not interested in such a woman who had to learn to prefer a peaceful life after going through miles of cock and heartbreak, that’s more of a concession on her part than a choice or preference. I don’t want to become my father, he’s not a happy man nor a particularly respectable one, nor do I want to have to snap at a woman for every little thing like him just to keep a dumb bitch in line, it’s ridiculous to be expected to have to put up with such nonsense. Maybe when I’m in an mdma induced haze sure everything a woman does including resistance is cute and endearing, but I can’t be in that sort of euphoric state all the time, or am I expected to become so?

    Is there something I’m missing? From what I’ve seen, most women prefer unstable “dominance” aka a brute shouting orders, most of which are going to lead both of them down. I was always under the impression that a real leader takes care of his people. Or is it that western woman has been so decimated and degraded that she can only respond to that sort of degeneracy being her opposite reciprocal. If a nerve is deadened then it certainly needs a lot more force applied to it to feel anything.

    1. Hard to give advice over the internet.

      On one hand, if you attract unstable women, probably something in your vibe is unstable. What that is, I can not tell from here. Requires introspection.

      On the other hand, few good women left. Pretty much any women over 25 is damaged goods. But, good women exist, I can tell because I have found one. Gotta look for them though. Countryside girls are best. Before my current girl, my main girl was a sweet Frysian girl who really wanted to be mine. I dumped her because I sensed sth was off. In retrospect I realize that what turned me off was the fact that she slept with me on our first date, signalling she had been with a bunch of other men. My current girl only slept with me after 4 dates, despite considerable pressure on my part. That’s good girl behavior.

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