Staying a step ahead


I will try to put a thought into words that I have been mulling over for a while.

What is the Right?

The Right is playing life by the rules. the Right is honor, loyalty, respect. A rightist participates in commonly understood rituals: the mating ritual, the territorial ritual, the hierarchy ritual. Perhaps he does not always win, but he always shoots straight, and even if he does not always win, he wins often enough for rightism to be one of two most viable strategies for survival and reproduction. A rightist builds a family like a bird builds a nest.

What is the Left?

The Left is playing life by breaking the rules. The left is deceit, lies and betrayal. A leftist sees a rightist participating in all these rituals and thinks to himself: ‘what a sucker. Does he not know you can game the system to you advantage?’ And the leftist proceeds to do exactly that.

Truth is, any system can be gamed to your advantage. Everything has weaknesses. It is a truth of life that it is better to be an unstoppable force than an immovable object, for it is harder to stop an unstoppable force than it is to move an immovable object. Attack trumps defense, because defense has to sit in place and wait, while offense has initiative and may attack from any angle. So, if the Right tends to play defense while the Left plays offense, well, it explains a lot about the past 200 years.

Lefties have a minor obsession with incest, in that they love to highlight how rednecks marry their nieces. I initially brushed this off as prog propaganda, but there is something to it. Rightists do have a slight tendency for mating with genetically closer relatives. Just take a look at royal families throughout history. Both William I and William III married their cousins. Why?

It ties into the defense/offense story. If you play defense, if you want to be left alone, you probably want to avoid taking too much genetic risk. Strangers are genetic risk — who knows what DNA a stranger brings to the table. You are introducing unknown variables, and rightists don’t like unknown variables. Better to stick with the gene pool you know and trust.

Of course, taking this logic to the extreme, you would be cloning yourself. You’d be static. Static is an immovable object. There is a reason nature forces us to mate with a female as opposed to cloning ourselves: genetic diversity is adaptive. Lefties are correct to boast that extreme inbreeding produces dysfunction. All that leftists are saying, in essence, is that rightists, when left alone, will build a giant castle which they try to freeze in time, and that if righties reserve the right to build silly static castles, lefties reserve the right to tear them down. What goes up, must go down.

Leftists are, and I mean this completely neutral, like funghi. Remember those biology classes with pictures of the ‘Circle of Life’? When life dies, its remains are digested and processed by funghi. That’s leftism. It is evil up close, but sensible from far away.

Thus, there can be no equality between leftists and rightists. It is not in their nature to cooperate. Well, it is in the nature of rightists to cooperate, but it is in the nature of leftists to defect. This tends to be a hard point for rightists to understand, but let me spell it out clearly: leftists might as well come from a different planet. They do not understand you, they do not know why you think what you think nor why you do what you do. Just does not compute. In the leftist’s mind, you are a bit of a sucker, a goody two shoes, the most attentive boy in class who always sits in the front and sucks up to teacher. Sure, he will pretend to understand you, because he knows being on good terms with a sucker has its advantages, but he simply cannot really understand you as much as a bicycle cannot understand a TV. The wiring is different.

The only way leftists and rightists communicate on the same level is through power. Everyone understands power. The one thing leftists respect in a rightist is power. Power means life, means growth. Means a castle that is not static. Means the leftist has no business meddling. You don’t converse with a leftist through words, you converse with a leftist through power.

All this leads me to conclude that for the right to become top dog, it must stop being static. Conservativism is literally a synonym for static: it represents everything that is wrong with the Right. Lefties love conservatism because a thing that does not move will always eventually succumb to attack.

No my friends, to actually stay ahead of leftists, one needs to keep creating. One needs to build something new. By building new stuff, you fend off leftists who are less inclined to take it down (‘what is this new thing? What are its weaknesses? Wait it is changing. Hm this is too difficult better scam a sucker instead. I wonder what Trump is up to…’). Whatever the opposite is of decadence, that is what a rightist needs to do if he wants to thrive.

By the way, while we are on the subject, I fully endorse Spandrell’s opinion on Trump. Trump has fallen into the rightist trap: instead of building something new, he tried to conserve the America of his youth. Very sad. But, I console myself with the fact that even at my most hopeful, I was pretty level-headed:

If [Trump] abides by the rules, he will be Reagan. Which is not bad, but not that great. We will still be in the same mess 8 years from now. Probably closer to civil war.

Yep, but when Reagan was Reagan it was still cool to be Reagan. Times have changed.

So, time for something new.

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