Fear in the Eyes of the Elite


Something interesting happened last week.

Just a day after the NZ shooting, a shooting happened in the Netherlands. Incomparable in terms of victims: the shooter, a Turkish immigrant, killed three people in a tram in Utrecht. But if you listened to the media that day it would have felt as if the shooting was three times as bad as the NZ shooting. Utrecht was shut down for the day. All political and governmental events were shut down. Level 5 National Threat was declared – the highest level. For two days every important person was in deep mourning — how horrible! How terrible! My god the humanity!

This completely over the top response puzzled me, still puzzles me a bit. Seems to me this sort of shooting is inevitable: you invite termites into your house, you shouldn’t complain when they eat the furniture. But that is exactly what happened: not only did our elite complain, they seemed genuinely baffled and horrified by the shooting. How strange.

So, here’s what I think is going on. One, it is a cover-up. Of course it’s a cover-up: the shooter was a typical immigrant with typical immigrant beliefs; here he is, years before the shooting, telling a reporter she is a slut. Also he was a drug dealer with an extensive crime record, including drunk driving. Islam gonna Islam.

Part of the loud lamentation is to drown out all these critical noises: ‘how dare you politicize what has happened! Don’t you have any respect for the victims! Let us mourn them today and forget this whole thing happened tomorrow.’

But this does not cover it all. If the outcries were purely strategic, they would not have felt so… Panicky. The response was not just crocodile tears, it was genuine fear. Where does this fear come from?

Part is that the elite fears losing control, and that such an event is a premonition of just how badly they will lose control. Fear of immigration is a very hot topic in Europe, reflected in the exit polls of the very recent senate elections: Dutch Trumpist Thierry Baudet skyrocketed from 0/75 seats to 10/75 seats, crowning him the second biggest party in the Netherlands. The ruling coalition, meanwhile, has lost its majority.

But again, this only partly explains the palpable panic felt on the day Gökmen Tanis killed three people. The ruling elite still sit pretty firmly in their seats. Nexit is years away still, especially with Brexit turning out to be such a clusterfuck. And, the leftist singularity has not yet spiraled out of control as badly in the US.

So what is going on? Here’s what I think: it’s the emancipation.

Women are ruled by fear. The point of the patriarchy is to calm down women’s fears: ‘don’t worry babe, it’s OK, we got this.’ Such an assurance is the only thing that calms a woman down. But without patriarchy, with forced equality and thus without such assurances, women’s fear start to consume everything. Government and healthcare becomes a giant exercise in risk-mitigation. The slightest storm becomes a Level Red Natural Disaster, and, of course, a man with a gun becomes a Killing Machine for which it is justified to shut down an entire country. Overreacting? Well of course, that’s the whole point of what women do! But the men are powerless to stop it, because to do so would require telling women they are overreacting and that would be horribly sexist. So, the men play along. Sad.

It goes without saying that a society that is so swayed back and forth by the mass hysteria of its women is not one that will last the ages, but, I said it anyway.

8 thoughts on “Fear in the Eyes of the Elite

  1. If I understand correctly, this was the first act of Muslim terrorism in the Netherlands. The reaction in the Netherlands surprises me. The reaction in Germany to the first acts of Muslim terrorism was different. By and large the offical reaction back then was “isolated event, very unlikely to repeat, no big deal”.

    Why the difference? Perhaps the elections?

    Anyway, I don’t understand why you think it is sad that men played along in the female overreaction. Frankly, I’d do the same. Let them panic and close the borders, stop all non-European immigration. Fine by me, go ahead. If they panic a bit more and call for deportation of all Muslims or demand to get rid of them by other means – why should I protest?

    Very few people can be convinced by reason. Emotion is much more effective to persuade people. Fear is a strong emotion. So I think this fear is very good news.

    If there is really fear things might change. But is it simply fear of well paid people loosing their jobs and status? Or is it fear that they might get killed?

    1. Probably the election, but mostly mass hysteria.

      Female fear does not predate the closing of borders and the deportation of Muslims — it predates submission. Fear gets panties wet for invaders. On the current path, this will happen.

      The justified hope is that men like us will eventually have enough of this nonsense, step in and put an end to it.

      1. Well, I’d say submission has already happened and we are now reaching the stage where people realize that submission does not make them safe. This might cause some to reconsider.

        Men like us stepping in and putting an end to it? I don’t know how to do that. I’m not in the military and I’d be very surprised if you are pursuing a military career.

        1. Not yet; our state religion is still of the opinion that Islam, rightly interpreted, is actually progressivism. But women are starting to realize that Islam disagrees.

          It is hard to say how men like us will put an end to it. Predicting the future is hard. Generally, I am of the opinion that things will get a lot worse before we can actually fix it. I do believe they will get a lot worse; our democratic, non-patriarchal and monetary institutions are too unstable. So I’m thinking long-term: when things collapse, the men still standing can end it. The future belongs to those who show up.

          This also resembles the Jim model of infinite leftist singularity in finite time: chaos and misery! Doom for all. From the rubble of civilization, something new will arise.

          But, who knows if thing will really turn out that bad. Jim obviously still has some faith in Trump, thus diminishing his predictions of DOOM a bit. And perhaps things will stabilize at some point. The French and the Russians experienced full leftist singularity, but perhaps the West will not.

          But again, currently my money is on full collapse. Meaning our grandchildren can step in simply because they exist.

          1. The propaganda I’m hearing is that Muslim immigrants will soon become progressive feminist democrats, if we continue fullfilling their demands, and that Islam is the religion of peace. To me that sounds like submission.

            I see your point that we are heading for collapse. I’m still hoping that collapse can be avoived, precisely because our democratic, non-patriarchal and monetary institutions are so unstable. Many police and military officers are very unhappy with the present course to disaster. Of course, a putsch is difficult and any rank above captain is awarded only to those that are convinced progressives or fake it convincingly. Still I think there is hope, armed men have steped in before. Can’t imagine anybody else who could step in.

            Anyway rebuilding from the rubble is not stepping in and putting an end to the present madness and that is how I understood your earlier reply.

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