While the garden is in maintenance…

Might as well drop a note and say what’s up.

Here’s a thought.

The hype game these days is Fortnite, a Battle Royale shooter game. A hundred people drop in one island with weapons. The ring in which people move gets smaller and smaller. Last man standing wins. Fortnite is as popular now as the Pokemon was in my time. If that is too grand a claim, perhaps better to say that BR games (PUBG, Fornite, Apex Legends) are as popular today as Pokemon was in my day.

So I was thinking: what does the popularity of a game say about a generation?

Pokemon people want to explore, discover the world. Gotta catch ’em all! Which fits the millenial ‘I’ve traveled through Asia for six months’ attitude.

BR people, however, want to survive in a shrinking circle. I mean… Lol. The metaphor for the shrinking circle as the downfall of Western civilisation just seems kinda obvious.

Pokemon is a game for an r-selected world, Batte Royal is for a K-selected world. Millenials still trusted the adult world, Gen Z isn’t so sure.

But who knows. Maybe I’m reading into it too much. At any rate, it is pretty amazing how far games have come.

17 thoughts on “While the garden is in maintenance…

    1. Been a while since I read cons anon, but pretty sure that r selected is spreading as quick as possible in an overabundant resource environment (pokemon) while K selected is defensing territory in a scarce resource environment (battle royale).

      1. From my understanding of R vs K is it’s differences in mating strategies. K selection is high investment in a few offspring like nuclear family, while R selection is low investment with many offspring old school spray and pray impregnate as many woman as possible and hopefully never see or hear from them again since your job impregnating her is done. K selection is in theory epieugenics, you have a few children and devote time energy and resources into their proper development, with K selection being randomness or in our society dysgenic, no care given for their development or the quality or genetic fitness of the woman bearing them, and in this society of degeneracy and mind control they’re sure to become another statistic in the ghetto.

        I would assume that in a scarce resource environment R selection would become more prevalent, like in a ghetto with a lot of single mothers impregnated by men who fuck and run because they can’t exactly afford to stick around and raise kids, let alone want to in the first place. K selection is what in theory happens in a prosperous civilization where cooperate/cooperate is more or less the norm, both men and women hold up their end of the deal and everyone gives something while also receiving something in return.

        What you really point out though is the differences in mentality of the people and the games. One is exploratory, creative and open minded, while the other seems fear based and restricted. If people are fearful they sure as hell won’t be interested in exploring new horizons let alone catching them all or going to the pokemon league, they’ll be interested more in scrounging up scraps hoping to make it through to the next day which is what these battle royal games embody as there’s no “tomorrow” in these sorts of games.

        1. R selection is adaptive in a plentiful resource environment: the bottleneck here is the quickness of reproduction, not resource acquisition. As the environment grows more scarce, K selection prevails, because closer knit families and loyalty allows for better resource acquisition as well as defence against leeches.

          The ghetto is a bad example because it is state subsidized, so not that r. Africa is perhaps a better example, but the people there behave pretty r-selected despite relative scarceness, so it goes to show the limits of the theory.

          1. From what I understand parts of Africa are also pretty dependent on western donations from pathological virtue signalers who wanna feel like they aren’t pieces of shit. I would assume R selection is exactly what happens in resource scarce environments tbh, defect/defect mentality where everyone out for themselves, for today, never thinking about tomorrow. Close knit families are stronger yes but it takes certain kinds of minds, male minds, who also are willing to work together with other men, to preserve their resources. It’s only something that men who aren’t slaves to their animal brain would do and that is not a common thing especially these days. The limits of your theory is assuming that K selection is on equal terms with R selection and simply are different responses to different situations, when in reality one is based on older human mental firmware while the other is based on newer(neocortex). The people with functioning neocortex will lean towards K selection. The west issue is they’re raised a bunch of fat entitled princesses with their feminism and their no fault divorce etc, so while it appears that the west had plentiful resources in reality they are pretty scarce. A half decent woman to start a family with, and finding other families of similar mind to build alliances with and strong tribes/nations, is scarce as fuck and people are very mistrustful of each other for this very reason. The west is a society of masks, people pretend to be higher minded than they really are just look at all the retards that went to college and came out robots with massive egos.

            K selection prevails can only be considered a genetic anomaly if not the mysterious hand of god moving select individuals into the “right” direction. Animals do not do K selection by and large, so the only humans to do it themselves would have to have had some sort of awakening of their conscious mind and able to think logically, think about causes and their effects and act accordingly. Most people don’t even like hearing the idea that actions have consequences and that they have direct control over these consequences through their actions.

      2. Oh, I see. I was thrown off by ‘not trusting the adult world’ (low parental investment), and the fact that a ‘Battle Royale’ for survival is almost literally what the offspring of r-selected species do. Even if they don’t actually fight and eat each other (though sand tiger shark embryos do), the biggest competitor for a young r-selected creature is his brothers and peers.

        1. R and k theory has a little bit of horoscope theory so I am not surprised.

          Currently I am playing a bit of Apex Legends. Feels K selected: small teams of three players, cooperation is rewarded, the fittest survives. Very Darwinian.

          The point about r-selection rivaly among siblings is a good one.

          1. >2019
            >Every game looks like an A Wyatt Mann cartoon
            >Shoot, gas women and minorities to your heart’s content
            I should download Apex

          2. K selection is about cooperation though, not competition. Everyone gets a piece if they work towards building the house or whatever. It would make more sense to consider R selection that apex game, it’s small wolf packs killing each other for scraps of meat or territory or whatever else. Even in people who are R selected types, they still have their small group of friends, their wolf pack that they go hunting with. If anything they tend to be the ones with the groups so tight knit as to ignore each others criminal behavior, because in a scarcity based environment you take what you can get and put up with their behavior because it’s better than dying alone, they have the assumption that if you ditch your pack you’ll get picked off by the next pack that finds you on principle, because everyone else is as hostile as you are. K type environments are built off of expanding your territory to the point where there is no competition left or no major threats, and in times of peace and prosperity you don’t have to worry so much about being cheated or killed by your neighbor, since there’s enough for everyone.

            It makes me think how western civilization is ultimately built on a pyramid of lies, we have a lot of skeletons in our closet that everyone just tries their best to ignore, but you can’t ignore it and the shit happening today is a consequence of trying to. Most people aren’t intelligent enough for a civilized society. If they were they wouldn’t need laws telling them not to kill or steal or commit fraud etc. A civilized society is based in anarchy, when man does not need laws or attack dogs threatening imprisonment for not being a “good boy”. Christianity tried to teach a bunch of illiterate farmers who were barely a step above barbarians core concepts of universal moral laws that govern reality, but we seem to have not done a very good job applying it properly. I can blame the religion itself in part for having so many fairy tales rather than just getting straight to the point, but I can likewise blame the people on the receiving end for needing campfire stories for any shred of information to stick in their heads. The results are clear though, on the average, humanity is not ready.

          3. The results are clear though, on the average, humanity is not ready.

            When I look at the stuff we invented, we seem pretty ready. Christianity did not fail, quite the contrary: it was very successful. Things have just changed too quickly and now we are scrambling to find a new balance. But in the grand scheme of things, I am white pretty white pilled.

  1. I was born in 1989 here in EE, never heard of pokemon until recent mobile app. Most popular game here was fps “counter strike”..

  2. I understand your point. Reminds me of how zombies suddendly become a literary fad. You know those stories where a man or a small group is suddenly surrounded by a large group of technically human beings they can’t talk to and who want to kill them?

    Markedly different from the vampire novels they were selling before.

    The mob of foreigners (zombies) or the eternal childless consumer (vampire). Maybe it is a generational thing, maybe changing tastes are simply an effect of changing living condidition.

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