Too young, too early

So far I have sold exactly 0 a few ebooks.

Not that I am overly sad. Do not get me wrong dear reader; if you don’t feel like buying, that’s the end of the story. I appreciate the honest feedback.

But it does force me to take a step back and analyze what I’ve been mulling over for a longer while now: Jimianity is not really picking up steam.

Well it is, it quite obviously is, but it is going slow, much slower than I think Jim would like as well. What gives?

Solving problem number one is obvious: we should stop going all-in with Trump. Trump is not going to solve our problems. I love the guy, but if anything he confirms our diagnosis is correct: there is indeed a Cathedral in power and it is too deeply entrenched for one business mogul to take down. Need to bring a religion to a religious fight and Trump is fresh out.

To be fair, I completely get the idea of pushing for a Trump coup. People tend to underestimate the extent to which reality can be ‘pushed’ into existence; the right kind of frame at the right time can work like magic. Meme a coup hard enough and it just might happen. Just ask the left, whose favorite strategy is claiming that victory is just around the corner, victory is inevitable at this point, in fact we have already won!

But we have tried with Trump, and uncle Trump himself has tried, but it’s just not enough. The orange man will forever hold a special place in my heart, but it’s time to move on.

What other problems do we have? It is fair to consider our product. Is it good enough? Is Jim worthy enough of a man to follow? I have thought this over and gave special attention to my doubts. What are Jim’s weaknesses? The most glaring one is that he is too humble. Jesus was pretty clear: ‘follow me or go to hell.’ Well he packaged it a bit nicer, but he pretty obviously established himself as prophet, as the Son of God. Makes it easy for disciples to sell Christianity: ‘who is Jesus? Oh no one… JUST THE SON OF GOD.’

But, I do not think that is a problem. Truth is our strength, and to pretend to be something we are not is probably not the way. Besides, Jim pretty adamantly insists things are going to hell if we do not at the very least listen to his ideas.

This similarly answers the question whether we need more rituals or symbols or story. Jesus’ story wasn’t that long, but it was enough. If you give people a shared identity to communicate within, that is all you need. We have that shared identity. The symbolism, rituals and stories will follow.

Then, what is the problem?

Part is uncertainty. But uncertainty is just part of life.

The biggest part is patience. Lots and lots of patience. See, I have made several short-term pitches, but I am not selling. People are sort of interested in what I have to say in a ‘lol whats he up to this time’ kind of way, but few are buying.

I think that on the buyer’s side the biggest reason for this is: ‘I don’t need you.’ Westerners are still doing relatively well, they are still entertained, they still have houses, still have games, porn, internet escape, family, friends whatever whatever. Yes people complain, but they always complain. Despite their complaints, they still have a roof above their head, they still have bread and games. Even NEETs find a strange sense of hope and solace on the internet. How am I suppose to sell them anything?

Second, from my own point of view, what the hell do I have to offer? I am the proud proprietor of one of five only interesting blogs on the internet, but why should anyone give a fuck? I am too young, too vulnerable. Not to forget, I have wasted many years on progressive nonsense. Not too many, but enough that I am already glad to be standing on my own two feet, let alone tell others how to live their lives.


Unless Jim wants to argue, I think Jimianity for the most part is done. Just needs more time… Time for normies to experience how shitty things can really get, time for me to do some other stuff. Don’t worry, there will still be content, for I’ve already started on a second book — this time it will be 100% original content, groundbreaking stuff, special price for you friend.

Oh and I’ll be posting stuff on the Garden of the Internet from now on. Pains me to say goodbye to AlfaNL (it will stay up for a while at least), but it is time to rip off the band-aid. Must be like Madonna!

16 thoughts on “Too young, too early

  1. I am going to buy your book as soon as I get access to my bitcoins, which are currently very much offline in a place that is very far away.

    And then I will issue a review of it, that may juice your sales to the low single digits.

  2. “Too young, too early”

    Maybe, but usually you look back and see it was exactly what was needed at the time.

    Best wishes man.

  3. As to your book. I didn’t buy it because I have no bitcoins, don’t know how to buy any or pay with them. Also I don’t have an ebook reader, so I’d have to read the book on a PC which will also give me access to your website where the content of your book is available. I can read Dutch, so the English translation of old posts wasn’t enough to make me invest the time of learning about bit coins. Did you consider going to Vox Day’s Castallia house for marketing your second book?

    As to Jimianity. The number of people you can convert via written text is very limited. Most people lack the intelligence, the patience and the mindset necessary for even following a longer text. There is a reason why advertisers use very short texts. In oder to reach a broader audience, we have to do something else. Talking to people in real live is the only option I see. It works, has worked before. Priests are the people who all study the same texts and then preach to the masses Jim gave us the book. Now he needs his apostles and a clergy to spread the work – by talking person to person.

    You think Jimianity doesn’t spread because Westerners are still doing too well. Maybe that is part of the explanation, but in matters of religious faith material well-being (or lack of it) isn’t all that important. I think Jimianity doesn’t spread faster because most Westerners believe in democracy, equality and feminism. They came to that faith because they stopped believing in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and then went looking for something else to believe.

    Faith in the unholy trinity of democracy, equality and feminism is dying in the West, but slowly. Faith in equality is most tested and the easiest to attack. People are increasingly ready for something new. The significant number of Western converts to Islam shows that.

    1. I like Vox Day so I might consider it.

      You are correct about the limitations of text.

      Our explanations for the slow spread are the same. Since we are doing relatively well, we do not feel the need to reconsider our faith. And even if we are not doing so well and reconsidering our faith, we still have enough wiggle room to turn to purple pill prophets who comfort us just barely enough as to stop us from considering the very radical ideas these dark internet men propose.

      I think the point needs to be shown, not told. The unholy trinity leads to suffering, stupidity and inability to hold together a family. Let them experience it. Meanwhile I’ll be at home raising a family, kissing my girl on the forehead.

      1. Do that-and make it large family. Might be another explanation why the spread seems so slow. The faithful are busy with their babies. Only those without small children have time for anything besides work and family.

  4. I would buy your book but not with bitcoins. Your problem is not the book. It’s your chosen medium of exchange.

  5. Jimianity is not really picking up steam.

    Oh, gee, a blogger who does little but traffic in logical fallacies and overheated rhetoric, whose main goal seems to be normalizing seducing teenage girls and defending anti-White Jews and Israel while lying about 911 truthers isn’t gaining much ground among anyone except for the aptly-named “Jewish Pedophile?”

    And I didn’t even need to read any “old books” to figure that out, either.

  6. I don’t have any bitcoins, but will get around to it.

    Also, Alf, my comments on Garden of the Internet seem to be going to spam.

  7. There is no stronger force than conformity. The mainstream masses may be morons, but stupidity has a kind of hideous strength.

  8. Alf, we moeten ontmoeten. Mail naar mijn spam adres: vetr vik ing apen staart hotmail punt com. Alles aan elkaar.

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