Well, so much for the promise of typing posts at a less frantic pace. Shuddup. I’m sorry OK. I’ll get there. It’s just that we’re building a religion here. It takes time. It’s like building a wall: every new post is a brick. Turns out I need more bricks.

It is of course pertinent to keep one’s feet on the ground: a religion for who? Currently a very small circle, to be sure. At this point Lena Dunham has more followers than us. And let’s be realistic: maybe it will stay that way. Maybe we are doomed to LARP forever, or at some point be honest with ourselves and accept that it’s just not gonna work out and move on to something else. Spandrel in this sense once again proves he is a smart man: he knows we need a new religion, he knows we are creating that new religion, but he will not commit to it before he knows the religion can actually gain some traction. What he lacks in blind faith, he makes up for in healthy skepticism.

Luckily, I am a man of blind faith. For me it does not matter if one person believes it or a million do: if it is true, it is true. And what we have so far is true.

But, we are human, so we are prone to be impatient. We want our faith to spread, for we see the imminent danger the West is in and we know our ways will allow humans to cooperate and stop that danger. But here we must be honest with ourselves: it is not really happening. We see a lot of change, sure, but mostly it is bad change. Trump, for one, is stuck. The bureaucracy won’t budge. Trump couldn’t pull off a coup if he wanted to. The dissident right is stuck as well: 100 voices, 200 opinions. Capitalists are stuck as well: the leftist takeover is nearing completion and Google is quite possibly more evil than USG.

This is not to say there is no hope at all; quite the contrary, I see our memes spreading on a very deep level. The mass media hypnosis machine is stumbling over its own stories, which gives people a moment pause to question what they thought they knew for sure. But it is slow, very slow. It is way too slow to curb democratic state cancers, who in their death fall will take with them as much as they can. We must face it: we simply have too many enemies in too many high places. The West will crash, we will lose this battle. So I will henceforth stop partaking in the culture war.

Not to worry though.

Christianity was a post fallen empire religion too. Whether we can attain that same level of success remains to be seen, but the parallels are obvious: everything sucks, but join us and things are cool again. Our niche is quite simple: it’s not that you get to choose whether or not to share our beliefs, it’s that the chaos around you heavily incentivizes you to share our beliefs. Join us or die, which is all the more persuasive because we’re not the ones trying to kill you.

This in effect will also test our resolve: is the way we describe the world correct? Can we make it work in our favor? If not, then too bad and we’ll have to wait for another prophet. But I believe it is. Of course I do.

Hence, we should not persuade people by shouting at them, we should persuade people by showing them how blissful living in liberty is. Imagine Jesus walking on water, reaching out his hand to a drowning sailor. If Jesus were not walking on water, if the sailor were not drowning, would the sailor have taken Jesus’ hand? Both must be in place for a religion to spread. Currently the sailor is simply not drowning enough (just wait till things get really bad) and currently we’re not exactly walking on water — we’re keyboard warriors hiding behind VPN’s shouting our opinions online.

So, we require patience. We know the truth. Ought to make it work for us, instead of trying to make it work for others.

6 thoughts on “Patience

  1. The religion of Israel was a post fallen civilization religion if, as seems likely, the Admonitions of Ipuwer refer to events happening at the time the scroll was written, the events reported in Exodus were in substantial part based on those events, and the burning of the Canaanite cities shown by archaeology is the same burning reported in the Book of Joshua.

    Ipuwer says civilization was collapsing, and the ashes of the cities were the ashes of a civilization that had collapsed.

  2. > We know the truth. Ought to make it work for us, instead of trying to make it work for others.

    The truth works for me. I hear it is working for you also.

    Girls like bad men and rebels. We are definitely rebels, and what progressives call bad is apt to attract females, regardless of their theoretical progressivism.

    1. Yes offline the truth is working for me pretty well.

      But online it is harder. The anonymity is a big restriction. It is an admission of our low status. Although you have admittedly turned it into a cool story.

      Also, I have been spending too much time observing the culture war. If you follow Twitter, there’s enough good guys there to lure you into you a false sense of hope. But 90% of it is marketing.

      I think that’s fine if you want to be fashionable. But, it’s not for me. If on Twitter I said what I needed to say in order to be fashionable, I’d be banned in a day, like you were. It is once again a reminder of my low internet status.

      Still, want to be fashionable. Just need to recalibrate, think more longterm. Avoid platforms that hate us and want us dead.

  3. For me the only remaining hope is the Singularity. It may involve cryonics since technological progress is very slow.

  4. You are almost as pessimistic as Spandrell. Eastern Europe seems to be doing fine. Salvini is cool, closing the ports and all that (although I’m still waiting for the deportations). Yellow vest protests in France, Bolsonaro in Brasil….

    Maybe that is too little and too late, but there are signs of hope that you didn’t mention.

    I agree with Jim’s teaching and appreciate your effort, but selling a new Religion is very difficult. It might be easier to sell it as reformed Christianity. In doing so you could draw a lot from the old Testament. I’m not aware of any part of Jim’s teaching that contradicts the bible as it was interpreted 400 or 1000 years ago..

    1. It is reformed Christianity. A continuation of the OT / NT, no contradiction.

      The only contradiction, or rather, minor rectification, is that Jim does not believe Jesus literally came back to life after the crucifixion. While old school Christians might take issue with this, I think that rectification is necessary for adaption to a post-industrial society.

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