Killing your heroes

Part of growing up is killing your heroes; a child after all processes adult behavior through a magical lens, and a good portion of that magic is bound to be incorrect.

At the same time, the sense of youth should not be lost. The point of killing your heroes is not to create conflict; it is to create conflict in order to heal, to grow.

Heroes are human, they have flaws. That’s just human nature. At the same time, hero stories spread best when they seem almost or completely supernatural. Jesus in his time struck a very good balance between displaying humanity and being God’ literal son.

My original heroes are the Manosphere guys. That doesn’t just include a few bloggers, it included a community of men. A very interesting community. The Manosphere internet red-pilled me.

But, need to kill some manosphere heroes.

Uncle Roosh – is uncle Roosh. Good guy. I dislike his choice to remain a bachelor, but otherwise uncle Roosh is a shining beacon of intellectual honesty.

Rollo Tomassi – smart man. His book The Rational Male remains one of the best on female behavior. Rollo is good at what he does: excellent branding, selling a specific product (male/female dynamics) and reaching a large audience of men without triggering too many alarm bells. I do think his work has become stale. That’s the risk of sticking to one specific product. Gotta be like Madonna and keep reinventing yourself. The idea of the feminine imperative acting as a collective consciousness is great, but gets worn-out: yes, women share some sort of sisterhood based on a shared interpretation of the world, but at the same time they are at war with one another. Observe chaste women vs sluts, pretty vs ugly women, old vs young women. Women bitch about women all the time. In truth the feminine imperative is co-opted by the political establishment, the bioleninist coalition, which is what makes it really bad. It is a political thing. But Rollo won’t touch that. For which, honestly, one cannot blame the man too much. But needs to be said.

Heartiste – already covered that ground.

Nick Krauser – same bachelor comment as with Roosh, but knowing Krauser was burned pretty hard by the blue pill I have more sympathy. I actually have no bad things to say about him. Thought he was cool back in the day, still think he is cool now. He did like Madonna.

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