Not the capitalists.

This has been quite a hot topic of debate lately.

While we wait for The Holy One to give us His verdict on His Three Lettered Domain (Praise Be Upon The Three Letters), I will give my take.

There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. Same goes for the free market. The free market exists, to claim otherwise is Marxist nonsense.

When I cannot fix a leak myself, I call a plumber. The plumber comes and fixes the problem, and I pay him. I hire the plumber because I freely choose to do so. That is the free market.

The way the free market operates from the plumber’s perspective is best described by Nassim Taleb in Antifragility. He talks about cab drivers; he says, a cab driver lives everyday in uncertainty, for he does not know when he will have customers. But, because he delivers a service people want and are free to purchase, he turns profit. He thrives in chaos, despite not knowing who his customers will be in a year from now. That is the free market. It works just the same for the owner of a cab as it does for the CEO of a cab company, for the CEO equally does not know who his customers will be in a year.

This positive uncertainty is what makes it impossible for capitalists to collectively obstruct the free market, for each capitalist wants the market to be free.

Of course, the free market can be gamed, and we will talk about that now, but just because it can be gamed does not mean it is not real. It is like saying cuttlefish don’t have aggressive mating rituals because some cuttlefish disguise themselves as females and so bypass the fighting. No, the fighting rituals are real, and the MtF-trans cuttlefish is a scammer.

In the not-so-free markets, it is similarly obvious when people are scamming. By far the biggest scammer of them all is the state, which simultaneously acts as our church. It’s simplest tactic is its most effective: force you to buy their services. Don’t want health insurance? Tough luck, mandatory. Don’t want to pay the new, even higher taxes? Not gonna fly buddy. You don’t have a choice, and if you think their services are crap, which I’m pretty sure you think, tough luck. You’re gonna pay for them and you’re gonna be grateful.

That behavior, that thuggish stationary bandit behavior, is very typical of our states.

So it is not capitalists pozzing the nation, it is a religiously motivated state that is pozzing the nation, and holding a gun to the head of capitalists to participate in the pozzing.

To claim otherwise, to say that the Bourgeoisie are still oppressing the Proletariat, well, it is Marxist. Was Marxist 100 years ago, is still Marxist today.

Then, to dislike capitalists is a slightly different story. I get the anonymity, the hate. Just because they’re rich does not mean they’re good people. Often, they seem like assholes with money. No one likes an asshole with money.

But, it’s like, everyone has shortcomings. Just because I dislike soybois does not mean I will take away their soy food. Why would I??

People envy the rich and want to take their money. That’s fair, but be honest about what motivates you: envy. Nothing wrong with envy, it’s a very basic human emotion, but don’t turn it into more than it is.

Incidentally we’ve seemed to have finally lost Heartiste on this matter as well. Heartiste says that Cortez’ idea to tax the rich 70% is worth stealing. It is not. It is the classic Boromir mistake: ‘the Ring is too powerful a weapon, we must use it for ourselves!’

Honestly, if I made good money, and I’d get to keep only $300.000 of every $1.000.000 I made, I’d be pissed. That’d be unfair, like an annual robbery.

Even if a billionaire spends all his money funding evil, it will completely pale in comparison to the evil a religious state can achieve with just a fracture of that money. That’s why leftists love socialism: it harms, creates chaos. Such measures always end in more knocked-over apple carts. To think one can use such chaos for good is the Boromir mistake.

I guess, in conclusion, that the capitalists, if anything, are actually pretty fragile. Consider Bezos’ divorce: does it really look like he is in control?

11 thoughts on “Not the capitalists.

  1. Talking about “the state” shifts the blame away from persons,i.e. our rulers.

    Maybe there shows your soft spot about women again. Whenever I have to pay taxes, I cleary see Merkel’s face and am reminded of what she is doing with the money. Paying taxes never was fun, but believe me, it got worse in the last few years – and that had nothing to do with the percentage she takes.

    Talk about capitalism, free markets, communism increasingly seems to be beside the point. Philosophies about how to organize a white society. I’d like to have that problem. The problem of the 21st century is how to get there and how to survive in a multiethic society until we do. I’d trade Merkel’s Germany for the DDR any day.

    1. If she throws away 10% of your income, is not fun, but if she throws away 70% of your income, is extremely not fun.

      We need to talk about capitalism because it turns out to be a prime parasitical latching-on point for entryists.

      ‘hellow fellow reactionary, I hate the poz as much as you do. Hang the capitalists!’

      Need to keep these people out, need to call them out. In order to survive a multiethnic society, need to build a healthy immune system that allows us to cooperate without commies entrying us into oblivion with their ‘fellow reactionary’ spiel.

      1. “If she throws away 10% of your income, is not fun, but if she throws away 70% of your income, is extremely not fun.”

        That’s true in peace times. In war, if it is a war you support with your life, you’ll gladly pay 70%.

        1. Can’t imagine what war. More likely I’d be thinking the state was waging war with me, which it probably is.

          10% tax in peacetime (the feudal tenth) is plenty. 25% in wartime is the absolute upper limit.

          Now, I don’t blame states for taxing beyond 25% since the strong do what they will, but does not mean I have to like it.

  2. Of course, the free market can be gamed, and we will talk about that now, but just because it can be gamed does not mean it is not real. It is like saying cuttlefish don’t have aggressive mating rituals because some cuttlefish disguise themselves as females and so bypass the fighting. No, the fighting rituals are real, and the MtF-trans cuttlefish is a scammer.

    Lovely. Darwinpunk is the future of Reaction. Our parables have tentacles!

  3. Capitalism creates a shitty culture and shitty people and shitty society. Not right away, but it does do that. Advertising creates shitty habits and capitalism helps the indulgence of those habits, creating weak, stupid people. Other than that, everything Alf says is correct, but the cultural aspect is far more important than anything else.

    1. Not seeing it.

      The Netherlands in the 17th century allowed capitalism free reign, and it produced the best architecture we have up to date.

      The Netherlands in the 20th century increasingly disallowed capitalism free reign, and things have gotten increasingly uglier.

      1. It’s not just that capitalism is suppressed, it’s also that the Cathedral just flat out hates beauty and wants to be ugly. So all the approved architects from the approved colleges are trained in sophisticated ugliness, and it is terribly low status to call out this ugliness much as it is terribly low status to point out that fine art and art music have been utterly rotten for generations, resulting in both state projects and privately funded developments being ugly, because fashion > ideas > guns.

        As the High Inquisitor says, the prog aesthetic has hit the wall, whether in high culture, literature, movies, comedy, everything, they’ve run out of cool. Almost anything taking its place would be an improvement, but to do so must present itself as utterly self confident, self sufficient, and raising the middle finger to the regnant left. This is what Bronze Age Pervert is trying to do, making beauty cool again. Like Beau Brummel against the Regency aesthetic and George IV, he’s trying to ignite a preference cascade where more and more of the coolest and most interesting people, disgusted by globohomo “culture”, start poasting in POWERFUK bronze age english, working on physique, reading Plutarch, and so on. #HandsomeThursdays may defeat the Shoggoth after all!

    2. Was not capitalists that abolished apprenticeship and marriage.

      Shitty workmanship is the result of the collapse of apprenticeship.

      The family did not collapse because of microwave ovens and female employment. It collapsed marital debt was redefined as marital rape and the authority of the husband redefined as domestic abuse.

      As for taxing the rich, observe the effect of the Trump tax cuts. The debt to GDP ratio suddenly stopped deteriorating, and the condition of the working poor substantially improved. This shows that existing tax rates are or were well above the Laffer limit.

      Further evidence that tax rates in democracy are far above the laffer limit: Secure monarchies like Dubai have very low tax rates. Since their policies reflect the interests of Kings, aristocrats, tribesmen, and clerics their policies are presumably revenue maximizing.

    1. National socialism is last century’s leftism. Socialism always falls apart when you run out of other people’s money, as happened with Hitler.

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