Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Is looking to be the future for leftism. Brown Bernie.

I wanted to say Ocasio-Cortez is a dumb broad, but she’s not. She’s not exceedingly intelligent, but she’s not dumb. She is however extremely try-hard. She’s that new co-worker at the office who really wants everyone to like her and acts obnoxiously dramatic to make sure you know just how fun she is to hang with.

Usually it is a matter of weeks before such a girl learns her place, stops being try-hard and partakes in the girl gossip mill. So far not the case with Cortez.

Instead of people telling her she’s try-hard, they tell her she’s awesome amazing grrrrl power. This feedback loop makes her a walking cringefest. High on her own supply.

Of course, such things do not last. Obama aged 16 years during his presidency and he took it relatively well. Cortez, once she stops being able to yell whatever she feels like without consequence, will take it even harder. Women in politics tend to take things harder.

I don’t personally hate the women in politics. I have a soft spot for Angela Merkel. I feel like I could talk with her. But man does she look tired. Big bags under her eyes, likely crying more often than she should… Every time I see her, I just want to hug her and tell her it’s okay, that I know she did what she thought was right. It’s just that, sometimes, doing what you think is right does not turn out to be right. I hope she retreats from politics and lives her old age in peace.

Even Hillary I have some empathy for, if the littlest, because if one woman looks like she’d carve up a man’s balls while whispering in his ears how much she loves him it’s Hillary. But a woman’s a woman; she is Bill’s, and Bill, funny man he may be, brought out the worst in her, and she in return brought out the worst in him.

Bottomline is, females make terrible leaders. Notable exceptions are when they are owned by a good man, as for instance Margaret Thatcher. But even then, why not cut out the middle man and put the good man himself in charge?

As for Ocasio-Cortez, she is undoubtedly turned on by Donald Trump, as all female politicians are. Perhaps we will be lucky and she will be seduced by a shitlord who turns her Trumpist overnight. But more likely, she will keep spouting socialist clichés and do hipster social media stuff until she wins the presidential run in 2024, triggering the 21st century American version of the French guillotine revolution.

9 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  1. The truly evil always believe to be doing the right thing. Those who know they are doing wrong at least have some rudiments of conscience.

    I think you are too generous with your empathy.

    1. Maybe. I have a soft spot for women. A woman’s had to have really bad track record for me to hate her or be repulsed by her.

      Hillary does fit that bill. So does Judith Sargentini, so does Jian Qing. They’re bad people. But they’re still women. It’s like, what did you expect them to do once you handed them power?

      1. “It’s like, what did you expect them to do once you handed them power?”

        I don’t understand your point. I expect evil persons to do evil when they have the opportunity do so. That’s why I consider them evil.

        Who else is there to hate but the evil? If an evil person acts as expected that is no reason to stop hating.

        1. Besides our enemies’ actual strength, they enjoy the power of their perceived strength. We should take that away.

          With women this is easy, because women are weak. I love them for their weakness. They are like children acting evil. Sure, a child can be evil, but still a child.

  2. AOC 2024. Count on it. What comes next, I can’t say, but I wouldn’t bet on a revolution. Things can get a lot worse for a lot longer.

  3. Cortez wins 2024 you say? Okay, I better start stocking up on the PopCorn, Queso, Nachos, Beer, buy a nice barcaLounger, get a flat screen TV(Revolution gonna to be televised, No?). This is gonna to be fun as my Persian colleagues like to say .

    Wait, what does Jim say?

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