Toxic Masculinity

Just wanted to give this some attention: the American Psychological Association releases guidelines on dealing with Toxic Masculinity in boys and men, of which the main thrust is… Well, as they themselves say:

“The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.”

This valuable information will be taught to university psychology girls around the West, for which they only need to pay a huge sack of debt. In return our gals get to preach to beta men that their wives left them because they weren’t nice enough, as well as possibly getting fucked by criminal men who laugh at their their clown world theory.

Such a strange world.

Anyway. Time for a joke.

Jordan Peterson, Nicolas Taleb and a male SJW are sitting in bar.

‘Have you heard about this new legislation?’ says the SJW. ‘Toxic Masculinity is now an official disorder.’

‘Yes it’s ridiculous’ responds Jordan Peterson. ‘Absolutely ridiculous. Let boys be boys, I say. That is of course, unless they flirt with women. Flirting is absolutely forbidden because it could be mis-interpreted as sexual assault and every woman’s story of sexual assault should be believed. But otherwise, ridiculous!’

‘Nonsense!’ says Nassim Taleb. ‘The legislation is ridiculous but for completely different reasons. You see, ‘masculinity’ is actually a pseudoscientific swindle which at best only explains 13% of men’s behavior. How can you base policy on something you can’t measure!’

‘You’re both wrong’, says the male SJW. ‘In fact you’re both obviously toxic men and you will be shot by death squad at dawn, as will the teller of this joke, for assuming my gender.’

10 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity

  1. Sitting by myself, door closed, I read this article and decided, for the benefit of all readers, to do an immediate test right this minute of how women react to toxic masculinity. Opened door. My girl was watching television with her mother and her sister. Punched her playfully on the jaw, no reason, no explanation, no warmup. Not very hard, playfully, but hard enough to hurt a little bit. The reaction of all three of them showed that they found this mighty hot. Turned around, closed door, typed this up.

    Maybe you need a certain amount of charisma to make this work. I don’t know. Works for me. Always has. Maybe a hard punch would not have worked. I don’t know. Never punched a woman the way I would a man.

    1. lol, quality science.

      I suppose I cannot stay behind. I will conduct the same experiment when I get the chance and post results.

    2. Experiment conducted.

      I punched my girl playfully on the cheek, no reason, no explanation, no warmup. Enough to hurt a little.

      … She started crying. Did not expect. I blame the hormones. I hugged her for a few minutes, it was OK afterwards.

      I might have imagined it, but she seemed nicer for the remainder of the day. An hour after the punch she asked me why I punched her. I said ‘no reason’. She did not inquire further.

      An hour after that, she brought me lemonade. She then kissed me on the cheek and punched me on the other, enough to hurt a little. I think she was very satisfied with this retaliation. I thought it was funny too.

  2. Read the article. I can distill it to one sentence: “If boys were taught to be women instead of men, all our problems would be solved.”

    When you need 14 years to draft guidelines (intended to solve every problem in the progressive portfolio), it’s a sign you are full of shit.

  3. I myself body straddle women with my legs while I am making out with them. I straddle them hard enough to be uncomfortable, but not knocking them out unconscious. On some occasions, I have also applied a scissor/lock to their necks and heads while kissing them. Not as hard as when I am grappling with men, mind you, where I am looking for them to tap out and submit.

    I have not had a single woman ask me to stop. Ever! Never happened! It is only when I ask them about it that they say,

    “It was a bit wierd, but it was okay , I guess.”
    ” That was new. No one’s ever done it.”
    ” I’m still making up my mind about it.”

    And you should see the change in their body language and facial features when I actually ask them. Their body language says, “Why do you ask, you asshole.” It’s as if I have robbed them of something while asking. So do it, but don’t ask how it felt. Ever!

    And oh, yeah! The hottest sex results after I do this to them. Something in them does not like t admit that they love it love it love it!

      1. It’s men who have a stronger claim to be special snowflakes, if at all there is such a thing. Nature after all experiments with men in it’s quest for creating the perfect species. Women? They are all the same. Nature would not risk experimenting with them and prefers a greater uniformity there.

        Nobody corrects women when they make stupid statements like, “Every woman is different and unique” because they want to fuck ’em as Comedian Bill Burr puts it so eloquently.

      2. To elaborate further on my previous point. While I have found real, noticeable differences between men of different races, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Latin Americans & Middle Easterners, I find the women of different races and cultures to be quite similar. You know one or two of a single race, you can model the rest with sufficient accuracy. If that was not the case, pick up artistry would not be thing.

        1. There is more variety among males because male genetics requires risk taking to thrive.

          At the same time I find females to be enjoyable unique and special, it’s just that their uniqueness is confined to a smaller spectrum.

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