How to git gud wit women

‘Life’s Game’ will soon be for sale. As I’m putting on the last touches I realize there is still some extra content to write. This is some of that content.

As time goes by, my charisma with women increases. Part is that women like older men, part is me racking up experience with my girl. Then again, plenty of men age with girlfriends, yet their charisma only decreases over time.

Often there’s things outside interacting with women that may increase men’s charisma, like increasing their happiness, strength or testosterone. But, if you want to be a good golfer, your main focus should be to practice golf. So it is with women.

There’s 2 big secrets to gittin gud wit women.

The first is, quite stupidly, to look at women with nonjudgmental eyes. Observe women as they are, not as you think they are. This is the number 1 mistake men make: they have an idealized image of how a women should be and never change this, instead forcing women to fit their image. CRIMESTOP plays an important role in this. For instance, I have long accepted that women purposely misbehave and yearn to be corrected, if need be with open palm. Similarly, I have accepted that women need love from unapologetic men, love for which no permission is asked, which is given without explanation because you sense it makes women happy.

CRIMESTOP prevents men from accepting these simple truths; they will tell themselves all kinds of nonsense such as ‘my girl is not like that’ or ‘only damaged women are like that’, which is opposite from the truth because their girl is like that and they are damaging their girl by wanting her to be someone she is not. Of course, with open eyes truth can always be steadily observed and so we see these men are inevitably rewarded with unhappy women and no sex.

CRIMESTOP indoctrinates men to think it is normal and healthy when their women is away for 50-hour workweeks, just as CRIMESTOP indoctrinates their women to think babies will kill them, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In order to git gud wit women, must drop the CRIMESTOP filter, must trust your own eyes and learn to see what is in front of you.

Second is passing shit-tests. Wait I had a meme for this…

there it is

Women are wired to cause trouble. It’s just what they do. But the beautiful thing is that women cause trouble because they want you to solve it, and indeed will love you if you solve it. They are causing trouble to test you. Hence, shit-tests.

There is no quick guide to mastering shit-tests. Passing them is a matter of open eyes and practice; shit-tests are valuable lessons about life. The best secret I can give about shit-tests is that they are the easiest to pass if you follow the Fight Club rule: only when you are prepared to let everything go, are you free to do anything.

Women are experts in designing shit-tests, as well as in hiding the nature of their shit-tests. Even I am sometimes still surprised by a sneaky shit-test. But, with practice, the majority of shit-tests can easily be recognized.  Markers tend to be:

  • she suddenly changes her opinion (several times)
    • you fail the test if you change your opinion every time she changes hers. Stick to your guns and you will pass.
  • her mood suddenly changes (e.g. she is angry out of nowhere)
    • you fail the test if you try to appease her. Ask yourself: is there a good reason for her mood change, or is she acting like a child? If she is acting like a child, which she is apt to do, tell her so, and you will pass. 
  • she makes a decision she knows is yours to make, not hers
    • you fail the test if you go along and say ‘of course honey’, especially if the decision is different from what you originally wanted to do. If you decide differently, do so and tell her. She will cause a ruckus (women love the occasional fight, give it to them) but stick to your guns and in the end you will pass. 

That kind of stuff. It’s really all around us. It’s of course also the main reason women in the work office tend to be insufferable, for they will set up shit-tests that are impossible to pass: in your house you are the biggest alpha, in the office there is always a bigger alpha she’ll run to. But, in your house you can be the biggest alpha.

Every playa knows the easiest way to seduce a woman is to solicit her shit-tests and pass them. Hence peacocking: attract attention, attract shit-tests. Pass the shit-tests, observe legs opening. It’s a simple, effective formula. That’s why loud and obnoxious guys tend to do well with women: they attract shit-tests.

Of course the shit-testing doesn’t stop after seduction. Your woman will test you ’til death do you apart. I think of it as my girl’s way to keep me sharp.

7 thoughts on “How to git gud wit women

  1. Legit you posted this as I requested something of the course. The sync is real. I agree that it’s good to see a woman as the thing that will keep you sharp, and that’s an interesting thought of attracting shit tests to build attraction. Some of the shit I’ve seen women do is outright insane though I’m like no I think I’ll pass on this one. Maybe in another age I could beat her into compliance but with daddy law on her side it’s a risk that can really hurt you if it goes badly.

    What’s a good manifesto on peacocking without turning into a dancing monkey? All the game I’ve seen was from guys like rsd acting like degenerates to get attention. I feel like I’m really good at conversation in general like I can get the laughs pretty well, people seem like they like me if I give them the time of day and they give me the same back, unless they have some sort of significant mental illness. The onus is always on the woman to give me something to work with, unless I’m to expect all of the women by default including my friend’s women want my dick but I just have to hack their brains with peacocking.

    1. > What’s a good manifesto on peacocking without turning into a dancing monkey?

      Giving tailored advice on the internet is hard. Some people overdo the peacocking, some underdo it.

      Experiment with different things. See what feels good. You want clothes that fit well and express your personality. Girls want to look at you and immediately be able to peg you as an archetype: mysterious lone wolf or adventurous big mouth guy or whatever.

      For example, I’ll wear a suit with leather gloves on one day, yellow pants and a shirt with semi-naked women the other day. That’s what feels good for me.

    2. Accept that you are a dancing monkey.

      But the dance you must dance, that your audience demands, and is very willing to suspend disbelief over, is that you are not a dancing monkey.

      Nothing looks stupid and gay, if the guy wearing acts like he might punch out someone who calls it stupid and gay.

    3. > Maybe in another age I could beat her into compliance but with daddy law on her side it’s a risk that can really hurt you if it goes badly.

      There is no alternative to victory. You will be convicted of domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and all that stuff for being beta, not for actually doing it.

  2. I have a better idea: let’s get together, impose top dow, open patriarchy. Make all men structurally “alpha” (whatever that means), ditch the clever jedi mind tricks and openly rule. It’s easier and better that way. Guys, let’s have the courage to do this.

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