Meme Society

Don’t mind me just thinking aloud…

Been trying to piece some together some thoughts on the Meme Society.

What is Meme Society?

It is the meme highway, the plug that connects with the back of your head and uploads memes. It is the amalgam of the internet, social media, the newspapers, the tv, the gaming-, clothing- and music industry. It is the way fashion spreads.

It is of course, controlled by our enemies. We are out of power, looking for ways to gain power, but the same Meme Society we seek to overtake will prevent us from doing so with every last bit of its dying breath.

As I have said before, content is downstream from power. All of the biggest meme spreading nodes are controlled and checked by that power. Since that power forbids the speaking of truth, it is impossible to grow a channel on any major platform by speaking truth. You are shut out.

So everyone big on those channels has to some extent cut a deal with the devil, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed on the platform. Thus even Pewdiepie, who is hated by every self-respecting leftist because of his Aryan physiognomy, will not save us. Pewds has made his deal with the devil, for he is at best purple pilled on the woman question. I could tell you that know this because I’ve watched videos of him saying that he is in favor of women empowerment, but I’ll tell you I know this for sure for another reason, namely that his girlfriend is covered in more than 20 tattoos:

She is a beautiful girl, but under the guise of anonymous internet honesty I will simply say: the tattoos are like a turd on an apple pie. It drops her looks by a solid 2 points.

If your woman tells you she wants tattoos, she is shit-testing you. You are supposed to tell her no, you can not have tattoos because it will make you ugly. If you are really feeling generous, maybe 1 tiny tattoo on her ankle or on the back of her neck, where it is usually covered, or perhaps she can tattoo your name on her ass. But as a rule of thumb: no tattoos. It is a sign of bad ownership.

I don’t care how much Pewdiepie will say he likes her tattoos, that she is expressing herself artistically. He lies. Tattoos make a woman ugly and both men and women know it. Hence, when she tells you she wants tattoos, she is testing to see if you stop her from getting them, and if you fail to acquiesce you fail her shit-test.

Now Pewdiepie is a cool guy otherwise and really, plenty of men fail women’s shit-tests so no reason to be too hard. But one of the most important memes we want to push is how to pass women’s shit-tests. Pewdiepie does not pass women’s shit-tests, hence allowed to stay on YouTube, hence not really /ourguy/. And of course, for the parts that he actually is /ourguy/, he is policed heavily.

This kind of policing, either by power or by content creator himself, is endemic in all of Meme Society. It is simply impossible to inject truthful memes into a mass audience, as I’m sure even Vox Day or Roosh have discovered. Of course the truth tends to get out on its own just by merit of being cool, which for example is why a song has gone viral in which Mia Khalifa, who otherwise pretends to be too cool to smell her own farts, is called exactly what she is: a lowlife whore.

But after the song is over, YouTube autoplay will continue with a rap song from a Jew and a black guy. So, even if truth in meme society is not crushed, it is contained.

Yet we of the dark enlightenment are seeking ways to spread our memes. If meme society is really shut off to us, how do we accomplish that?

Our grandest short-term plan is of course for Trump to stage a coup. Not looking so good. Even here in Europe it feels like the winds are slowly turning against the God-Emperor. I light a candle for him every night, but whether it helps remains to be seen.

Our grandest long-term plan is, contrary to leftist spinsters, to have children and populate the earth. When I met Spandrell (yeah that guy with 2.5k followers on twitter, not that I’m counting, we hang, sometimes he gets a bit clingy, but we cool), it struck me how quickly he’d assess people. When discussing men, I felt like he’d rapidly categorize them according to 3 value markers: how much money does he make, how hot is his wife, how many children does he have?

And I still think that is the most accurate, reactionary way to assess someone’s status. So opposed to leftists seeking status in the most stupid self-destructive ways, we seek status by having money, women and children. It is a much better long-term plan; even by having 2 kids you are already ahead of the average white fertility curve. So, that’s our long game.

But only playing the great-great-grandchildren game and nothing else seems weak. Can’t leave it all to them. Need to fight ourselves. That’s what we want to do, anyway. But, blocked out of Meme Society. How we fight?

I don’t have the answers, just some ideas. Good memes spread regardless of a dying breed of leftist elites stopping them. If traffic to this site, which I’ll show in the next post, are an indicator, interest is increasing. Frogtwitter seems to be doing good as well.

But is it enough? We are still far from hitting peak memetic infection rates. We need modes of entry, need ways to show people that our ways are high status and infinitely more cool than our enemies’ ways, which are old and senile and low status. To overtake Meme Society, must infect Meme Society.

5 thoughts on “Meme Society

  1. It’s all about the war of ideas, at least at this stage. “Whose ideas shall be fashionable?” is the right question to ask. Culture is downstream from power; but power is downstream from fashion. Put another way, ideas really are stronger than guns, long-run. It is clear that the Dissident Right has taken over the Internet Memeplex, or this corner of the “Meme Society” as you call it. But intellectual rigor is needed to cement our gains and expand our sphere of influence; that is the bigger project.

    In the war of ideas, it’s indispensable to convert to your side those with 145<IQ, even if your own IQ is 130 or so. Harvard can either be bulldozed, or infiltrated and subverted from within. To do the latter and recruit the academics, need to appeal to them. Meme warfare need not mean /pol/'s assorted antics, hilarious as they are – it can mean moving the OW much closer to your side. That's the heart of NRx's task, at least right now, and as our Archbishop, your job is maintaining our inner memetic cohesion, before NRx can proceed to convert outsiders to it.

    The Cathedral's days are numbered. NRx should offer the alternative. It's not yet ready, unfortunately, but we're gonna accelerate its pace of preparation, don't we? 🙂

    1. as our Archbishop


      it’s funny when other people take your larping to the next level. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing to Jim.

      It is clear that the Dissident Right has taken over the Internet Memeplex, or this corner of the “Meme Society” as you call it.

      I find it hard to pinpoint to what extent the dissident right has taken over the internet. We’re scattered, but at the same time cuck and alpha and shill and all other dissident right memes have infiltrated normie society, while leftists are still peddling muh global warming and muh diversity memes.

      It’s all about the war of ideas, at least at this stage. “Whose ideas shall be fashionable?” is the right question to ask.

      Yes there’s different battles but this is the war of fashion.

      Relating to Trump, I think the entire dissident right’s task is to make Trump fashionable. He was fashionable, but losing fashion. If Trump takes the fashion advice of Coulter, Carlson and Heartiste, he will be fashionable again.

      As for us, we have to make our beliefs work for us. For instance, we have magic and mysterious charisma that women love. If we can somehow use that to push something that is larger than life… Eh I dunno how to phrase it. I’ll know it when I see it.

      1. > . For instance, we have magic and mysterious charisma that women love. If we can somehow use that to push something that is larger than life… Eh I dunno how to phrase it. I’ll know it when I see it.

        We are cooler than they are. No one has sexual fantasies about communists.

        We are cooler than nazis for the same reason as nazis are cooler than commies.

  2. Spread memes by channels the cathedral cannot control. Stickers (see e.g. HundredHanders) and graffiti are a way of spreading memes that anyone can do at very little personal risk. For the more adventerous, banner hanging is also an option.

    And last but not least, spread memes by talking to people! Don’t expect to convince anyone, but you can spread seeds of doubt and you can ridicule status seeking progressives. It isn’t that hard, if you can stand their presence.

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