Dat gym and high T lifestyle

I realized I’ve never posted about my gym habits.

I’ve been lifting for about 15 years now. Love it. My best habit. I currently visit the gym about 3-4 times a week for 75 minutes: 2 days to the gym, 2 days rest.

There is a learning curve involved: learning about muscle groups, different exercises, diet, work-out schemes, hypertrophy etcetera etcetera. While I am no expert, I’ve learned a thing or two about working out.

I do rope skipping as warm-up.

Compound exercises are best exercises. Compound = big lifting. Think squats, deadlift, benchpress and overhead presses. Mark Rippletoe’s Starting Strength was my bible for a couple of years.

Here’s my current stats on compound exercises, everything in kg (x2,2 for lbs):

Squats: 9x body weight, 8x20kg, 7×40, 6×60, 6×70, 6×70, 6×72.5, 6×72.5
Bench press: 9×20, 8×40, 7×60, 6×62.5, 6×65, 6×65, 6×65
Deadlift: 9×40, 8×50, 7×60, 6×70, 6×75, 6×75, 6×75
Overhead press: 9×15, 8×20, 7×25, 6×30, 6×35, 6×35, 6×35

The gym aficionado will notice: not extremely high weights. What can I say, I’m a skinny guy, although less skinny because of the gym. Without lifting I’m about 69 kgs, currently I am at 75 kgs, which in large part is because of Weight Gain shakes.

I do a bunch of other exercises including pull-ups, but the 4 compound exercises are my core and I structure everything else around it.

Because I am skinny I must also do plenty of isolated exercises for upper arms, underarms and neck, otherwise I look out of proportion.

People say: isn’t lifting just the same thing over and over? Well, sort of, although I try not to get stuck in a rut. I alternate exercises, try different things, lift with different people, that sort of thing.

Lifting has a ridiculous amount of advantages. Besides the obvious ones, looking good, feeling strong, having energy, there’s also hidden advantages.

Lifting is, besides steroids (which I now know is the same thing as TRT), the most effective way to raise your testosterone. And a man with raised testosterone is just not the same as a man with lower testosterone; it is the difference between the Eternal Virgin and Chad. You notice the effect in many ways: mechanically you walk more upright, you raise your neck, you rest your arms in a wider pose. You are more alpha — not only do you know you can beat up most guys in a 1v1 (thus also the appeal of martial arts) but you wouldn’t mind getting in a fight just to prove it, which is an immense departure from the ‘I can’t get into a fight, think of the medical bill!’ virginal mindset.

Women, incidentally, love high T men. Something about being a rough gruff man allows women to role-play their feminine side to the max, which they love.

Related to this is my personal finding that it is much more natural to be high T without jacking off than with jacking off, which is a bit counterintuitive because high T increases your sex drive. I think it goes back to monkey tribes, where the alpha male saw no need to jack off because he would ejaculate in a female anyway, whereas the beta male had to jack off in order to lower sexual aggression and not get into trouble.

So, if you have that alpha high T going on, not only do women enjoy a fair bit of sexual aggression, they are disappointed if you do not display it because you just jacked off into your sock 3 times. So I’m getting used to that.

15 thoughts on “Dat gym and high T lifestyle

  1. Poast height?

    I’m also a skinny guy. I’ve been struggling to break out of a rut (5×75 BP, 5×110 DL, 5×85 Sq [bodyweight], 5×40 OP) for a while. I’m hoping for a natural early 20s bulk spurt, but do you have any advice regarding dietary supplements, protein etc? I’m not expecting it to take me from minecraft enderman to Conan the barbarian in a month, but from your experience, is it worth getting into?

    1. 1.84 m

      Def worth getting into.

      For diet, experiment to see what works. Most dietary advice is suited for fat guys wanting to lose weight so ignore it. You want to eat a lot, but not so much that it’s no longer fun (at least that’s how it works for me). I tried proteome shakes but the truth is proteins is not the bottleneck for a skinny guy, calories is. Hence I use weight gain with good success. Also creatine helps btw.

  2. Back when I was working out more regularly – I’ve let it slide, alas – one thing I noticed was what a difference diet made. When I started eating more meat, the difference in muscle gain was noticeable within a week! I’d always just assumed the “eat muscle to gain muscle” thing was an unfounded piece of folk wisdom. Nope, it’s totally true.
    Example number 74,891,212 of old wisdom being true.
    At this point I think I’m just going to assume that whatever people believed 200 years ago was right unless I have specific and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  3. You will notice that if you do not get laid or jack off for a very long time, you will actually lose your sexual aggression. Use it or lose it mate. The trick is ti find the balance.

      1. You can experiment. Don’t jerk off and keep a watch on how aggressive you feel. If I’m not getting laid, I need to jerk off once a week to keep my aggression.

  4. Good post. I highly endorse working out. Although I must say, I am muscular and high T, have been forever, and I have not noticed girls being especially impressed with ti; most could care less really. As far as I can see they are with skinny guys, chubby guys, ugly guys, etc. Muscle and T have not been a big deal to them at all. My own personal observation.

    1. Not at all my experience.

      My experience is that girls are impressed by muscles, but they are even more impressed by high T behavior. Muscles are ‘nice’ and will get you attention, but it is the accompanied high T behavior that makes women love you. I have noticed a 180 degree change in the way women treat me and that change is in very large part sustained by my high T behavior.

      Women really have different modes of behavior around beta and alpha men and increasing your T is the easiest way to jump from beta to alpha.

      1. Alf dude, what can I say, everything you say makes total sense. And I do believe you are telling the full truth about your experience. But I must tell mine. It is strange and is totally counterintuitive, but there you go.

        I think you maybe went from no muscle/no T to muscle and T. Perhaps that is why you noticed such a sharp distinction. I have always been muscular and never had to ‘get into shape,’ so I’ve always been this way. Despite that, plus high T, plus not fapping, plus good looks and properly fitting clothes, girls have always been blasé about it. The struggle against fat slobs, ugly guys, potheads, slugs etc., has been real and difficult to overcome. I never in my life thought I’d have to compete with them, and often be passed on for them.

        Life is truly strange.

        1. Among my old school friends I have the best game, despite some of them being significantly bigger and stronger than I am. For this I fully blame their CRIMESTOP: whenever a woman misbehaves, which they often do, my friends’ CRIMESTOP will stop them from seeing the woman’s misbehavior for what it is and instead rationalize it as perfectly normal behavior.

          Women repay this behavior with pussies drier than my grandma’s skin.

          Looking good makes it easier to bait female shit-testing and high T makes it easier to pass shit-tests, but if you are not passing her shit-tests, her pussy stays as dry as my grandma’s skin.

          1. Interesting idea this CRIMESTOP. I’ve never had that issue, fro early on I noticed their deplorable behavior and never excused it. But all the other guys did, it was quite frustrating really.

    1. I guess the critique is I am not improving on weights fast enough.

      In my defense, I lost all my gains approx 18 months ago and had to start all over. Still, I will reread Starting Strength and go over the basics again.

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