Everyone’s feeling it now

The mood on YouTube:

“Even on Fiverr you can get banned nowadays. I guess Fiverr is owned by the same people that own everything else” *raises eyebrows at camera.*

I remember seeing things 15 years ago that were completely opposite to what everyone told me I saw. I distinctly remember concluding, approximately 5 years ago, that if either the world was crazy or I was, I guess it had to be the world because I did not want to lose my sanity. Then I found NRx and it turned out the world was a little crazy after all. Then, and I remember this moment very distinctly, immigration suddenly became a mass normie issue — something NRx had exactly predicted would happen suddenly had happened. I felt an immense wave of vindication at the time: holy shit, I’m really not crazy, the world is.

Fast forward to today and it is hardly a secret anymore that the world has gone crazy. It’s everywhere now: you tried to not be interested in politics, but politics has become interested in you. They’re everywhere: at your work, on your internet, in your hobbies, in your family, in your money… There is no escaping it. Which again, we predicted would happen: as chaos escalates, repressive terror escalates with it, which escalates chaos, which escalates repressive terror, etcetera… The leftist singularity approaches.

Now you might say: alf, cool story bro, love how you were into dissident rightism before anyone else, you fucking hipster, but why dwell on it?

I dwell on it because I like doing my told-you-so-dance, thank you very much.

But I also dwell on it, because the combination of accurate prediction -which is hard- and mass dissatisfaction turns into momentum, which means an important thing: we will have a window of opportunity.

That’s right, we will have our chance. I am convinced of this, because where I used to think the elite had their hands on the ropes too strongly, I now think they have lost control. The holiness spirals have become too much, to the point where they can’t even keep the population doped with games (which they can’t help but ruin) and entertainment (which they can’t help but ruin). It is like with the French revolution: no one can say it was a ploy by the elite to amass more power, because near the end of the revolution the elite had its head guillotined off.

We are heading (heh) towards the same point, which inevitably means that at some time someone will step in and says: enough is enough, for which the population will be eternally grateful. So, we have a window of opportunity.

Of course, the question is, who is this ‘we’? My political allegiance is pretty obvious: I’m on team Jim first, team NRx second, team Alt-Right third. Which is to say, if we want to get it exactly right, must go with Jimianity. But you have to be practical, so might be necessary to expand to NRx, but you have to be even more practical, so might be necessary to expand to Alt-Right, but you might have to be even more practical and expand to the boomer right but at some point you’re going to have lost what you were aiming for in the first place and at that point I’m out. So in practice it is always tougher and messier than in theory.

But I do believe the window of opportunity does not exclude me prematurely. I used to think Jim was too optimistic on Trump’s coup, and he probably was, but I get the need to push for a coup. We must prepare for the worst case scenario, which is hundreds of years of darkness following the end of democracy, but we must also fight for the best case scenario, which is a coup within our lifetime followed by the first American king, be it Trump or someone else.

While this political corner of the internet has always been small, it has been growing relatively explosively. And while we have many enemies, I notice we have many friends, even if they are observing us in silence, disinclined to speak in fear of revealing their hand. I believe there is a silent majority on our side, if not a literal majority in bodies, a majority in capable men. I hope we can put it to use.


6 thoughts on “Everyone’s feeling it now

  1. The money quote:
    I used to think the elite had their hands on the ropes too strongly, I now think they have lost control. The holiness spirals have become too much, to the point where they can’t even keep the population doped.
    The holiness spiral really has gotten completely out of their control. Lots has been said about this, but part of it is the Law of Unintended Consequences, Hayekian distributed knowledge, and the sheer impossibility of “planning” something like a planet of 8 billion people. Luckily, our enemies are for ideological reasons utterly unable to understand all this.

    1. And even if they’d understand it, utterly unable to stop it.

      In this sense, pushing for a coup is not only a good idea, it is quite important, because the alternative will a lot of sorrow and bloodshed.

  2. We are very far from everyone feeling it. A famous dude with a YouTube channel does. At any rate, I looked into this Google trying to screw with Breitbart case as a case study. First, it seemed like lower-ranking employees pulling Google into an SJW direction and the management, like Lakusta or Gray seems to be more into appeasing them than into actually leading this leftwards march. Then I searched all the names mentioned in that article. Most people could not be found at all, on places like Twitter. It seems they are not particularly famous people. I found Tim Chevalier, who identifies as trans, queer and disabled, had quit Google and is suing them for not being SJW enough. I also found Pierre Fite-Georgel on Twitter. He is retweeting stuff like a https://www.wired.com/story/google-walkout-just-latest-sign-tech-worker-unrest/ which is Google employees protesting because Google is not SJW enough for them.

    In short my view is that the leftwards ratchet is not driven by the top elites, like Google managers, but educated young elites in junior jobs and the managers mostly just try to appease them.

    This, perhaps, is part of what you mean under elites losing control – not only that a lot of people are moving to the Right but also a lot of people moving to the Far Left and turn the ratchet faster and want to boil the frog faster than the elites want it to happen.

    1. Not just semi-famous dude, everyone watching youtube.

      consider the like/dislike ratio of YouTube rewind, which officially is YouTube HQ paying yearly homage to its creators and viewers:

      YouTube rewind shows us an entertainment industry that is pozzed beyond saving, that has lost connection with its creators, that actively hates its fans.

      They are ruining entertainment and even those that try to ignore it find it is harder and harder to ignore.

  3. Sure, the cathedral will not last. The cult of progressivism will die. As you say, this implies
    a window of opportunity. But the situation in the US is very different from Europe. In the US, the right (in whatever shade) is the only alternative to the cathedral. In Western-Europe, there is also Islam.

    So maybe a coup will avoid a lot of bloodshed in the US, but I do not see how a timely coup could save Europe from bloodshed of epic proportions.

    1. We shall have to deal with Islam at some point and it will not be peacefully.

      But I believe we can deal with Islam. Demographics are not as bad as some make it out, even if future projections are every bit as bad as some make it out to be. A timely coup would minimize bloodshed.

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