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Everyone’s feeling it now

The mood on YouTube:

“Even on Fiverr you can get banned nowadays. I guess Fiverr is owned by the same people that own everything else” *raises eyebrows at camera.*

I remember seeing things 15 years ago that were completely opposite to what everyone told me I saw. I distinctly remember concluding, approximately 5 years ago, that if either the world was crazy or I was, I guess it had to be the world because I did not want to lose my sanity. Then I found NRx and it turned out the world was a little crazy after all. Then, and I remember this moment very distinctly, immigration suddenly became a mass normie issue — something NRx had exactly predicted would happen suddenly had happened. I felt an immense wave of vindication at the time: holy shit, I’m really not crazy, the world is.

Fast forward to today and it is hardly a secret anymore that the world has gone crazy. It’s everywhere now: you tried to not be interested in politics, but politics has become interested in you. They’re everywhere: at your work, on your internet, in your hobbies, in your family, in your money… There is no escaping it. Which again, we predicted would happen: as chaos escalates, repressive terror escalates with it, which escalates chaos, which escalates repressive terror, etcetera… The leftist singularity approaches.

Now you might say: alf, cool story bro, love how you were into dissident rightism before anyone else, you fucking hipster, but why dwell on it?

I dwell on it because I like doing my told-you-so-dance, thank you very much.

But I also dwell on it, because the combination of accurate prediction -which is hard- and mass dissatisfaction turns into momentum, which means an important thing: we will have a window of opportunity.

That’s right, we will have our chance. I am convinced of this, because where I used to think the elite had their hands on the ropes too strongly, I now think they have lost control. The holiness spirals have become too much, to the point where they can’t even keep the population doped with games (which they can’t help but ruin) and entertainment (which they can’t help but ruin). It is like with the French revolution: no one can say it was a ploy by the elite to amass more power, because near the end of the revolution the elite had its head guillotined off.

We are heading (heh) towards the same point, which inevitably means that at some time someone will step in and says: enough is enough, for which the population will be eternally grateful. So, we have a window of opportunity.

Of course, the question is, who is this ‘we’? My political allegiance is pretty obvious: I’m on team Jim first, team NRx second, team Alt-Right third. Which is to say, if we want to get it exactly right, must go with Jimianity. But you have to be practical, so might be necessary to expand to NRx, but you have to be even more practical, so might be necessary to expand to Alt-Right, but you might have to be even more practical and expand to the boomer right but at some point you’re going to have lost what you were aiming for in the first place and at that point I’m out. So in practice it is always tougher and messier than in theory.

But I do believe the window of opportunity does not exclude me prematurely. I used to think Jim was too optimistic on Trump’s coup, and he probably was, but I get the need to push for a coup. We must prepare for the worst case scenario, which is hundreds of years of darkness following the end of democracy, but we must also fight for the best case scenario, which is a coup within our lifetime followed by the first American king, be it Trump or someone else.

While this political corner of the internet has always been small, it has been growing relatively explosively. And while we have many enemies, I notice we have many friends, even if they are observing us in silence, disinclined to speak in fear of revealing their hand. I believe there is a silent majority on our side, if not a literal majority in bodies, a majority in capable men. I hope we can put it to use.



Classical music and Tool

A while ago I got into a fight with some wise men. The fight was about music.

‘Obviously,’ they said, ‘classical music is the music of the huwhite man.’ To which I replied: ‘I think classical music is overrated. In fact, I think Tool is just as good as classical music, if not better.’ Naturally, shock and horror followed, and after being ridiculed for my bad taste in music I went with the Trump defense and informed them that I have great taste in music, the best. I still stand behind that defense. I have great taste in music, just great.

Classical music isn’t bad. It’s actually pretty good. Better than most pop music made nowadays. But classical music is… I dunno… Music from a dead era. It doesn’t ‘fit’ in our modern society. It’s out of sync.

I like classical music from Vivaldi and Debussy, whose pieces I can accurately attribute to their unique styles. I also like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, but in my mind they are so alike that I don’t know which song belongs to which artist. Für Elise is by Mozart right?

(I’m not kidding.)

The big advantage classical music has over its modern successor is that in the period of classical music, the patriarchy was alive, kicking and proud. All the instruments were played by white men, the music was played by white men, the orchestras were directed by white men… All the music of that era has a quality of mass cooperation, of harmony and pride that has since been lost. Radio music is almost without exception music of pain, music that signals frustration or escapism or failure or just plain bullshit. So in that sense I like classical music. I often prefer classical music radio to other radio.

But classical music is also a product of its time. It gets old, boring. There is a staccato quality to classical music that has always kept me from really enjoying it the way I enjoy some obscure modern music. The instruments are too recognizable. At a certain point I know all the sounds a violin or a piano can make. I want to hear something new. New music has all kinds of surprising sounds which classical music does not offer.

Of course, conservatory students instinctively know this, which is why they’re so unhappy. It’s similar to guys investing hours to learn the electrical guitar only to later learn that rock music died a while ago.

As society changes, so does our art change. Just because society is changing for the worse does not mean we can copy-paste old music and call it a day. More specifically: it may be better to copy-paste old music than listen to top 50 music, but it is still a sub-optimal solution. We want new 21st century music that is on par with what classical music was to a 17th century crowd.

We have that music, if you look for it. It represents the current peak of humanity, even if that peak is a lesser peak than in the time of Mozart.

What do you mean by peak?

Classical societies functioned better. They had better Assabiyah. Assabiyah is a vague term, but it is easily observed: average socio-economic position has worsened. I know this because I observe crappy socio-economic positions around me: even for all traditional high-status socio-economic positions such as lawyer, doctor and pilot, socio-economic position has worsened over the years. A doctor 50 years ago walked around with straight back, had pride, a doctor nowadays is bent under the weight of bureaucratic tape and fear of patient lawsuits. I know it used to be better because everywhere around me I see memories of such times, most notably in architecture.

As is often said, our ancestors have invented electricity, industry and mass transportation, but we don’t really know what to do with it. We are squandering it.

So it makes sense that classical music, like classical architecture, is better than its modern counterpart. But I don’t live in a Parthenon. I live in a place which has been so thoroughly infected with leftism eating in-groups that there are few in-groups left.

(Boomers don’t get this; they act as if we are still one big in-group and their boomer money shields them from learning the real score, which millenials know: everyone is in competition with everyone.)

Luckily, music can be made in a much smaller group than architecture. Hence, the existence of good contemporary music.

As said, my nomination for Peak Modern Music goes to Tool. I’m bad at labeling music like hipsters do, but I guess the were an LA based progressive rock band with some metal. I was really into them as a teenager and I still sort of am. All music gets old, I try not to listen to the same songs too often.

But yeah, Tool. I feel silly explaining why I like them, I know the wise men didn’t like me more for explaining my reasons. I guess… Their music is leftism at its peak, at its best; Tool’s music is about conflict, finding harmony in conflict, but in the end only conflict. It’s about schisms, about unresolved desire for unity or enlightenment that is never achieved, or only grasped temporarily, then lost. You could say that is a metaphor for life and perhaps that is how Maynard/the band intend it, but its more about leftism, but that’s OK, because in the end that is what 20th century Western society was, after all. Take the prophet hate in Eulogy: it is directed at Jesus, and implicitly towards all forms of religion. So, leftist boilerplate you’d say.

But at the same time Eulogy could just be about false prophets. It’s never specifically progressive music, it’s timeless leftist music.

All the instruments in Tool are in harmony with one another, the same kind of harmony an orchestra was able to pull off in the time of classical music, harmony which is now lost on a larger scale and thus confined to small groups of people.

So that’s my case for Tool.

Part XIV – A tough pickle


‘RUDI!’ The word had left his lips before Barron consciously registered what happened. He lunged forwards, but Rudi pushed him back, coughing up blood as he did. Inspecting his bloodied hand and shirt, Rudi realized what had happened, realized he had made a fatal mistake. There was only one thing left for him to do. Looking Barron in the eyes, he dropped the keys in the front seat. He shifted backwards, gritted his teeth, balled his hands into a fist and with a loud scream turned around to punch his attacker in the face while at the same time closing the front door.

His attacker simply grabbed and stopped Rudi’s fist mid-air. The man then raised his pistol to Rudi’s face and calmly pulled the trigger. That ended Rudi’s battle scream.

Barron shook off his paralysis, lunged forward and with a press on the car key button locked all the doors. The man outside gave an amused smile as he heard the sound of the door locks sinking down.
‘You think that will save you boy? It is over.’
He raised the pistol through the window, aimed it at Barron. Another gunshot.

Barron slowly opened his eyes and inspected himself; no wounds. He was still alive? He was still alive!

Outside, the man tapped on the window with the back of his gun. ‘Hm. Bulletproof glass. Did not expect that. No matter.’ He took a few steps back and aimed the gun at where he knew the tank was. ‘It’s still over boy.’ He shot once… Twice…

An exploding car filled the exit with deafening noise and searing heat. But it was not Barron’s car that exploded – it was a police car. Car sirens blared, smoke flared up and those that were not hit by the explosion ran the hide behind cars, at which point a second car blew up, this time an undercover civilian vehicle. Big Man did not hide, but looked around to see what the hell was going on. What happened next, Barron would not have believed it if he wasn’t there to witness it.

From the other side of the exit, over the top of a low hill, came flying with roaring engine sound a black and red Ford Mustang. Well, flying for 2 seconds or so, before it hit the ground and drove towards Barron’s car at alarming speed. Meanwhile, a third car blew up. Just as Barron thought the car was going to crash into him, it braked and made a 180 degrees’ spin turn so that not only Big Man had to jump to avoid getting hit, but the car stopped right next to Barron. The front door opened. Barron did not hesitate for a second, unlocked his door and jumped into the Mustang.

‘Good. Close the door’, a voice with an Australian accent bellowed. As Barron did so, tires screeched and the car sped off. The police and civilian squad behind them had partly recovered from the chaos and shot bullets in the direction of the car.
The man laughed. ‘Don’t worry, it’ll take more than bullets to get through this baby.’
Barron took a look at his savior, and was quite surprised to see a bald fat man behind the steering wheel, wearing nothing but a blue bathrobe and a pair of slippers. Barron couldn’t tell, but really hoped the man at least wore underwear.

The car roared towards the same exit Barron had earlier entered from the other side when Rudi was still alive, and even more adrenaline pumped through Barron’s blood as he realized that they were going to drive in the wrong direction of the highway traffic.