Part XIII – Roadblock


They stopped only for gas, drinks, snacks and peeing. The latter only in secluded parking spots – Barron did not want to risk being spotted by security cameras. Rudi also avoided turnpikes which were apt to register their plate numbers. Barron thought that was clever and picked Rudi’s brain on more secret service stuff.

– ‘Can they spy on us with satellites?’
‘They used to. Satellite technology at its peak was pretty good at recognizing humans from above, but satellite maintenance has been lacking for the past decade or so. Perhaps 1 in 10 CIA satellites is operable, if even that, and they’ll lose you as soon as you change hats. Which I do recommend.’
– ‘Why shouldn’t they follow me to Hungary?’
‘They probably will, but Orban is one of those men who has made it his life mission to crap in the faces of the globalists. Secret service networks have their claws all around the West, but in Hungary less so. All other countries between England and Saudi Arabia are dangerous though. Even the Turkish dictator Erdogan may betray you in exchange for political favors. Although some countries like…’

Rudi stopped talking as a red message flashed in his forward window: “STOPPEN SIE DAS AUTO AN DER NÄCHSTEN AUSFAHRT—- PULL OVER YOUR CAR AT THE NEXT EXIT”

Behind them a police car shortly sounded its alarm.

‘Shit’ said Rudi.
– ‘You think they’re looking for us?’
‘They couldn’t. How could they possibly know where we are? It’s probably just a routine check’ Barron wasn’t sure he agreed. Rudi pulled over the car at the next exit.

There were multiple police cars waiting for them, inspecting multiple civilian cars.

‘See?’ Said Rudi. ‘Just stay calm, we’ll be OK.’ A cop from the car behind them walked up to the car and signaled Rudi to get out. Barron looked around at the other cars. Something felt very wrong… He had that same feeling as in London, when Nigel Farage opened the door with a forced smile… But a feeling was only a feeling, right? Maybe he was being paranoid?

The cop asked Rudi for his papers which Rudi promptly handed over. Barron noticed the cop, a gigantic man with thick black beard, had a white earpiece. Was it strange for a cop to have an earpiece? Back home it would be, but perhaps Europeans did things differently… He looked closer at the closest civilian car being inspected.

The cop, having gone through the papers, asked Rudi to perform an breathe alcohol test, which Rudi promptly did. Barron looked at the civilians. They seemed to be doing routine checks… Yet, there was this undeniable feeling of danger encroaching on him… But this was just a random, ordinary check, wasn’t it…?

Suddenly, it came to Barron in a flash. It wasn’t just the cop who had an earpiece. The civilians. Had. Earpieces. Time slowed down to a single heartbeat: this was a set-up. They somehow found him. They found him. These were fake civilians. Probably fake police. Holy shit. Barron’s body froze in utter fear.

‘Danke, in ordnung. Sie möchen weiter fahren’ the cop handed Rudi back his papers and signaled that they were free to go. In slow motion, Barron saw Rudi turning around, entering the car. Rudi must’ve seen the absolute fear in Barron’s eyes, for he froze in place, a millisecond. What he would have done after that, Barron would never know. A gunshot sounded, and Rudi fell to his knees as a bloodstain formed on the chest of his white dress shirt.


2 thoughts on “Part XIII – Roadblock

  1. Good! Better than the episode with Farage. The PM of Great Britain with nothing better than a few antifa thugs to commit an assassination had a comic element, but did not feel credible. This is much more plausible .

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