If there is one thing the children of modernity are blamed for, it is passiveness. We drown ourselves in video games, mindless entertainment, porn. We do not know how to maintain a car, how to build a shed, how to raise children. ‘Nietzsche’, the accusation goes, ‘turns in his grave.’

Well, OK. Sure, we’re not striving to become übermenschen. I’ll grant that. Then again, I have to meet the first generation who did strive to become übermenschen.

In fact, I believe passiveness is an entirely rational and human response. Passiveness saves energy, prevents doing unnecessary shit, prevents doing stupid shit.

‘But alf, raising kids is neither unnecessary nor stupid!’

Who decided that? Fuck you.

… I’m sorry for saying fuck you. I got emotional for a second.

See, peer pressure only works when incentives are lined up correctly: you pressure me into having kids because it will raise your status and it will raise my status, and we’ll all be happier. But that’s not how it works in modern times. Not only will nobody care for me having kids, I am in fact pressured into renting my house, leasing a car and handing over any hypothetical kids to the state apparatus. Not only that; my woman is encouraged to chastise me for every sliver of weakness I show and leave me for her personal trainer, taking with her the kids and half of what little I own the moment she is unhaaaaappy.

But wait, there’s more!

I actually did put in the work. I finished school, I have the diplomas, I worked my ass off for a nice career. And guess what — nobody cared. I was not awarded any status. In fact I was told that I was evil for being white and male and heterosexual, and the only thing I was given was a big sack of debt and some silly diploma which I ripped into tips to roll joints with. I trusted the system and because of it I was abused like Jimmy Savile abused young boys. I was, in short, punished for being active.

So hence my fuck you for accusing me of being passive.

At least in video games I am rewarded for putting in work.
At least in mindless entertainment I enjoy myself.
At least in porn I get to see pretty naked women without being #metoo’d.


… But of course, escaping from reality does not make one happy either.

So, we need to correct our reactive passiveness, find a new balance.

We need little to correct our useful passiveness, meant for relaxation, thinking and enjoyment of life. Personally, I like music, meditating, watching online videos and the occasional video game. If you like video games, there’s no reason not to play them — people who claim otherwise are self-appointed martyrs who hate fun.

We do however need to correct for useless passiveness, for the passiveness of the prisoner. What do?

A pretty good answer is to treat life as a video game. Beware, for the game is rigged against you! Do not play by the rules that the authorities tell you, for that is what got you to be passive in the first place: deep down you already knew the game was rigged against you, which is why you stopped participating. So, need to figure out a way to play the game that is not rigged against you, or rigged against you as little as possible.

How you play the game differently is up to you. I have my ideas, but they are hard to put correctly into words, apt to come out garbled. But I will try anyway. I feel like there’s two things that need to happen.

First is disconnecting from bad coping behaviors, for behind many of these coping behaviors hide people that hate you, that want to see you weak. The alcohol salesmen has nothing to gain from a sober customer. Too much TV melts your brain, makes you believe being cucked is the only way to live. As for porn, I like the story that when the Jews conquered parts of Palestine, first thing they did was broadcast porn to all their new subjects. Get ’em docile and obedient.

But in honesty, to break with bad behaviors is not remotely as important as the second thing that needs to happen: to live in line with your purpose. I apologize for not being able to express that sentiment in a less gay manner, but that’s what it is. You need to find your purpose. This is personal, but it can in large parts be generalized among men. I will not repeat in what manner I think it can be generalized, for I have repeated this too often already.

That’s my thoughts on the rational choice of passiveness, and the way to overcome it should you so choose.


10 thoughts on “Passiveness

  1. Maybe it is time for a post on game and marriage:

    All women need and want a man who might beat them, and who might kill them for infidelity, probably would kill them for taking his children away

    Some women, a minority, but a substantial minority, need to be actually beaten, and are just not going to be happy if it does not actually happen once in a while. And if they don’t get it, will escalate the provocation till they do get it. You need to respond to the provocation in a calm and controlled manner, even if inwardly you are far from calm.

    Of course you should never mark a woman, nor cause her an injury, nor strike her face except carefully and lightly with an open and soft palm, but you can inflict a great deal of pain by whacking her bare backside with a stick without leaving any mark that lasts more than a couple of minutes. Indeed, using a stick of moderate size correctly on the correct part of the body, it is quite difficult to leave a lasting mark.

      1. Well, if you control your woman, you have covered most of the Problems. Your children will grow up in a Family – they won’t need much else. You don’t have to be an expert on raising children, they’ll grow anyway. You don’t have to know how to build a shed or repair a car. There are experts who will do that for you.

        If you controll your woman and have a skill to earn a living, all is well. If you have managed that, you’ll be better off learning to fight than learning how to build a shed or repair a car.

        1. True, even if I personally am a control freak who likes to build his own sheds, repair his own car.

          I’d still be interested in hearing opinions on being a trad dad though, e.g. on how to tactically avoid the worst of public systems.

      2. I now realize you are asking about physical discipline of children. I spanked one boy once. I never had any reason to think about the issue, because physical discipline was clearly unnecessary and inappropriate, except the one time it was clearly necessary and appropriate.

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