Part XI – Politics politics


‘That I would ever give Barron Trump a ride across the Netherlands!’ Thierry’s eyes twinkled as he moved his hands to the violin music. ‘Ah, to escort Donald Trump’s son while Bach plays in the background. Dreams really come true!’ Barron knew Baudet a little from TV. They also met once in the white house, shortly. He remembered Baudet as an intellectual man, and a fan of his father’s.

Thierry continued: ‘I understand you are heading for a certain country to retain a certain… Orb, is it not?’ Barron was shocked. ‘How do you know?’
– ‘Word gets around. Well to be honest I was not entirely sure until your response, which confirms my suspicion. I have been asked to get you as close to Saudi Arabia as possible and I know of only one object you’d find there that would help your father.’
‘Do you believe the orb can heal my father?’
Baudet let out a long ‘eeehhhh’, followed by: ‘honestly, I’m not one for voodoo and magic. But people I respect tell me the orb of Covfefe has certain… Powers… Which our scientists cannot explain. So, who knows. But do tell me, how has your journey been so far?’
Something told Barron he could, to some extent, trust this man. He sighed. ‘You’re not the only one who knows what I am doing. I was almost arrested in London.’
– ‘wait, that affair with Farage and Khan… That was you?’
Barron nodded. Thierry squinted.
– ‘Oh my. I thought that was weird. So it’s quite the diplomatic scandal… Arresting political opponents, apprehending the son of the American president…
‘it gets worse. I was never supposed to be in England. They shot down my plane.’
Thierry was shocked. ‘Nooo they couldn’t… They did?’ Barron affirmed they did.
‘Well…’ Thierry said as he rubbed his chin, ‘things are even worse than I thought. Although I should not be so surprised… Things have been escalating since your father did a step back. I’ve noticed the EU commissars being a lot more confident lately, more scheming than usual going on. They are planning something. I guess they really are scared that you’ll save your dad. With him out of the way, there will be nothing to stop them from appointing a sock puppet president to rule over America and the EU alike.’

Barron did not like to be reminded of his father’s situation. He switched subjects.

‘How’re things in the Netherlands?’
– ‘Rough. No doubt you’ve heard of Brussel’s latest legislation; they are getting very close to passing a law making it illegal to leave the EU. And, well, with the EU army funded and the Dutch army unfunded… This country could very well face EU occupation, which among other things means the end of my career.’
‘Why don’t you leave the EU before the legislation is passed?’
– ‘I’d wish. We’re completely stuck; if you thought your father had it rough with two parties, imagine how I’m dealing with 17 parties. It’s impossible to get anything done. For instance, we tried very hard to organize a national referendum on leaving the EU, like the Brits did, but referenda were outlawed before I got in office, and no matter how hard I try to get them back, I am blocked.’
‘That’s rough.’
– ‘There is some hope. When I campaign and talk to the people, many agree that things have gone too far, prices are up too high and the commissars in the EU are sucking us dry. The assassination attempt on Sinterklaas by radical leftists made a lot people angry.’
– ‘Sinterklaas. Ah never mind, it’s a Dutch thing. Anyways, plenty of support in the streets. But in the office, much more huddled voices. Politicians choose the side of the strong horse, and with your father’s state being what it is, they’re not so sure who the strong horse is anymore.’

Realizing his mistake, Thierry quickly added: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be insensitive. It must be hard for you.’
‘It’s OK. I’m used to people talking about my father.’ They both smiled.


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