What are false prophets?

Tradition, knowledge and habits are passed down by our forefathers. Every story we know, every book we read, has been created by someone, passed onto you. A prophet is one who takes the role of forefather upon himself; he is a mentor, a fatherfigure, a guide.

Your father is the first prophet in your life; when you are young, he is your symbol of strength. He teaches you, but although he is your first and perhaps most influential teacher, he is not the last.

Unfortunately, many fathers have forsaken their role of their son’s teacher. Divorce is endemic, and any son with divorced parents knows that at some level, his father has failed. Of course it’s not just divorced fathers. For the last decades it has become fashionable for fathers to not teach their sons; best to leave that to the government! As a result, sons are put through an endless succession of half-interested teachers, professors, empty talking heads on the tv and celebrity whores (female and male). These people do not know you, have neither time nor interest to get to know you, and frankly find you annoying if you don’t shut up and listen.

It gets worse: many of these mentors are females, who are notoriously bad at teaching males. They always wind up ignoring good males, getting fucked by bad males.

It gets even worse: true mentoring is outlawed. Any sort of apprentice/mentor relation has been branded a vestige of toxic masculinity. Thus, even if a teacher wanted to teach you, he’d have to break the rules.

As you may imagine, such a society leads to an epidemic of false prophets.

Their falseness comes in two ways. The most common false prophet is the bureaucrat, who is more concerned with sucking up to his superiors than he is with teaching you. He is bland, unfair and stupid, but because of his usefulness to his superiors, the bureaucrat is most commonly put in public position of teaching authority. The bureaucrat sells nothing but tasteless blue pills.

The other type of false prophet is the false rebel, who is less common, but more dangerous. The false rebel pretends to break the rules in your favor, but in fact sucks up to his superiors as badly as the bureaucrat. Because the false rebel must publicly break rules in order to establish a rebellious image, the authorities will on the surface be angry with him, denounce him as a loose cannon. But behind the scenes, they will encourage him, because they know the false rebel is not a real rebel, not a real teacher. He is only pretending. They know that the false rebel’s ultimate loyalty lies with them, not with his pupil. Thus, in the end the false rebel will inevitably betray those he claims to teach. We call this false opposition, or selling the purple pill.

A true prophet is one who speaks truth, no matter what. A true prophet is one who is not afraid to speak up against falsehood. He is not afraid to make sacrifices for his pupils; in fact, the best prophets have always been those who were prepared to sacrifice everything in pursuit of their message. Such prophets are rare, but they exist, and throughout history their messages have always resonated strongest with us.

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