The solution

The mid-term elections are a bit of a disappointment, but nothing we shouldn’t have expected. After all, the left has dominated Western politics for the past 2 centuries, it would have been silly to expect them to fold like a card house in the face of one strong challenger. The mid-terms have clarified the battle lines drawn in the sand, is all. Trump is  here to stay for a while longer, but so is the permanent government.

So, the question arises: what next? There is an answer to this question, and it integrates the war of the sexes, politics and religion.

Trump remains president by the strength of his personality, but he cannot rule without the mandate of heaven. Who gives the mandate of heaven? Priests. There are priests who support Trump, but they are anonymous, scattered, and out of power. The priests who are in power, the professors, journalists, career politicians, all loudly oppose Trump, and will keep opposing him. Every step Trump undertakes, the mandate of heaven will counter. If Trump wins the presidential election, the mandate of heaven will push back in congress elections. If Trump sends soldiers to the border, the mandate of heaven will send women into the army. If Trump builds a wall, the mandate of heaven will recruit illegals to vote against the wall. They are stuck, until one party escalates thus that things spiral out of control.

The solution for this is to conquer the mandate of heaven for ourselves. We must vest control of the good and evil, and re-define good to once again mean good, re-define evil to once again mean evil. We must become the moral victors.


To conquer the mandate of heaven, must cooperate as a large group. Cooperation on grand scale is difficult, the most difficult problem we face. Man is wolf to other man. We need a rallying point, something everyone can get behind and agree upon in order to cooperate, without violating natural law of men being wolf to other men. This has been done in the past, is in fact being done in the present, by those currently wielding the mandate of heaven. It is called religion.

Religion binds people on a large scale, creates a collective identity, a shared language through which allies may speak freely with each oher. Our enemies employ the religion of progressivism; a peculiar mix of race-focused Marxism, or Bioleninism. In their religion, equality is God, meaning everyone above average is evil, meaning everyone who is good at something is evil, meaning white heterosexual men are evil.

We all see the madness this leads to, and we all scoff at it. But we can not seem to stop it, instead restraining ourselves to those typical disapproving remarks men make in private to one another to show that they are above the crazy. But their scoffing does not turn the tide. This is because we need to fight fire with fire, which we are currently not.

In order to fight fire with fire, need our own religion.

What is the most central core of a religion? It is the prophet. Religion is imitation of, and rallying around, a prophet, a visionary. By sticking to one prophet, one man, we agree upon a common language, a common set of rules men agree upon, in spite of their differences. If one man declares himself to be the moral victor, and enough men respect this man declaring himself to be the moral victor, in time we will take control of the mandate of heaven.

Obviously, this man is Jim.

Jim is a prophet of the modern age, the age of science, meaning he does not engage in miracles as did Jesus Christ. This is not a problem, because just as humanity evolves, so does religion, and perhaps Jim will be found to have retroactively performed miracles anyway. What is important is that he is an avatar to believe in, a symbol to rally around.

By following Jimianity we give ourselves a weapon our current enemies cannot defeat. We attack them from too many angles.

First, Jimianity gives the mandate of heaven to Trump, or in the post-Trump era, warriors like Trump which will surely arise, as we see in Brazil, in the Philippines, in Hungary.

Second, we give ourselves a defense against false prophets, entryists who are already trying to infiltrate the right in order to co-opt and destroy it.

But also, we bestow upon ourselves the mandate of  heaven; Jimianity gives us reason to ignore the media, ignore the universities, ignore warmism, to ignore all the silly shit we complain about in private. Instead, we focus on what is important: to build, to conquer, to defend our territory, to own our women and have children. While our current priest class signals status by ruining their children and self-destructing, we signal status by having families and building lasting alliances. In the long run, this will give us the advantage.

With Jimianity on our side, we will once again have God on our side. Such hope gives us the power and reason to resist whatever temptations our enemies throw at us in hope of sedating us; such as excessive porn, internet, gaming, or drug use. When man tumbles into a dark hole, it is a consequence of being pummeled into submission by the mandate of heaven that declares that man to be evil, but with the mandate of heaven on our side, we have no reason to retreat out of reality.

Thus, we have both a short-term and a long-term strategy. I will always hope Trump will crown himself God-Emperor, but I am prepared for, and not scared of, the worst-case scenario, e.g. chaos, uncertainty or some kind of civil war. I know that while my enemies are filled with hate and unruly women, I will be enjoying my life with a happy wife.

We fight, not just over the course of months, but over the course of decades, even centuries. And Jimianity is the singular most effective weapon we will have.

foghorn leghorn

5 thoughts on “The solution

  1. Just recently discovered this blog, finding it very interesting. I’m glad to hear a Dutchman’s opinion, a very rare thing in the Anglosphere.

  2. The Bible says ‘beware of false prophets’.

    Jim’s a flake, an actor, a plant, his mission, like that of Moldjoobug, to keep men from finding their only means of salvation.

    Sad, idiots like you are so gullible, hence the West is lost, serve it right too.

  3. Jim will never do this. Why? Because Jim is a blogger. Prophets speak, and inspire men to action by themselves displaying the Mandate of Heaven. You cannot simply MAKE a religion. Your prophet must speak and be seen to speak and be responded to in real time, through things that are entirely beyond the verbal. Writing is not enough. Whatever IT is, prophets need to have IT.
    Tell Jim to get on a webcam; then tell him to set up a speech. We’ll see if he’s got IT from that.

    1. Almost no Christian has seen Jesus in the flesh, yet followers of Christ they are. Stories told by others suffice. A religion can be made that way, is in fact constantly made that way.

      That said, the webcam has a much larger immediate impact than the written word. But Jim has for whatever reason chosen the blog format, and I respect that.

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