In war, propaganda is prioritized over truth

Recently there have been two attacks: A man named Cesar Sayoc was arrested for sending fluke bombs to prominent democrats, and a man named Robert Bowers was arrested for killing 11 people in a synagogue during a shooting spree.

Are these attacks real, or are they staged?

Truth is, to paraphrase my favorite female politician: it does not matter so much. We are way past the point of individual actions leading to outcomes undesired by either side. In war, every man bite dog moment by necessity is used as a means of propaganda. There is too little time to get to the bottom of everything, too many snitches and plants and fakes messing up route of information. Much more important is to maintain frame, maintain morale, maintain momentum, maintain productive energy.

For instance, even though I am not 100% sure know whether David Duke and Richard Spencer are shills, the laws of war demand that I out-group them preventively because they give me enough reason to suspect they are shills. I do not have the luxury of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Similarly, Sayoc and Bowers; if I do not call them out as plants, leftists will point at them and say ‘look they are so evil, we must purge Gab’, which they promptly did anyway.

The natural Schelling point of either side becomes to assume bad intent at all times. That is war. If want to win a war, must prioritize propaganda over truth.

‘But alf, what if the propaganda is obviously fake?’ This has never stopped leftists, in fact lies are the driving force behind all their propaganda. And for good reason. Propaganda works, even if obviously fake, because the winning party decides what is true and what is false, and propaganda helps to win. Consider Baghdad Bob, who was ridiculed during the Iraqi war for his insistence that American soldiers were kept at bay and committing mass suicide. He was of course only ridiculed because his side lost, for when Hussein’s department was saying those exact same things 15 years earlier about Kuwaiti soldiers, no one laughed, instead many Iraqis nodded along, because at that time they were still winning.

There is a Dutch way to say this which I can only sort-of translate: in war, it is more important to be given right than to be right (in oorlog is het belangrijker gelijk te krijgen dan gelijk te hebben).

Personally, I do not know 100% certain whether Sayoc and Bowers are real or fake. As war escalates, reliable information is harder to find. Seems to me that Sayoc is fake and Bowers is real, though Bowers was probably encouraged to do violence by feds. But again; my judgement is not 100% certain, more like 75% certain.

Again, does not matter too much: when uncle Roosh tweets that Bowers is a fake, I will like and retweet him just as much, because if I am too truthful my enemies will memory-hole Sayoc and scream Bowers over and over. If I don’t propagandize, my enemies will.

There is no civil debate on the shutting down of Gab, not even the pretense of it. When Stormfront was shut down, there was the tiniest veneer of pretense that it was only to target neonazis, a pretense I never believed, but a pretense nonetheless. With Gab, it is obvious that their primary target is not neonazis, it is rightists. With Stormfront I had no affiliation, but on Gab, I had an account. War has come another degree closer. Who is next? It might very well be Heartiste. After that, it might very well be me.

We are at war. I have said before that war is upon us, and it has started. It is not the kind of war where men in military uniforms shoot bullets and kill peple, although that is part of it, at the edges of the West. It is mostly 4th generation kind of warfare, where the lines between civilians, combatants, politicians and internet trolls is blurred.

In many places, the right is doing great, in fact absolutely amazing to what we thought possible 10 years ago. Trump keeps on winning. Bolsanero is now president of Brazil. While the left holy spirals further out of control, the wave of right-wing populism keeps on rising.

But the left has decades of experience with ruling. They have institutions. They are coming to realize that a major, if not the biggest part of their sudden switch in fortune, is the free internet. Thanks to the internet every civilian at some level knows what is going on. The leftist priestly class relied on media brainwashing to instill its religion among the people, but this has been bypassed by the internet. The memes are on our side. Thanks to the internet every youngster now knows: the left is not cool, the right is.

Now we see the left responding; first slow, testing the waters, getting their shit together. But, judging from the speed with which Gab was attacked from all sides; by their payment company, their hosting company and their domain company, the left is getting better at it. Now, for all the #winning the right has been doing so far, the question remains: can we still win if the left wins complete control over the internet?

5 thoughts on “In war, propaganda is prioritized over truth

  1. Working on a solution. With names as well as money on the blockchain, and the association between names and network addresses flood filled on the blockchain network, though not on the blockchain, names cannot be seized.

    But it will not be ready for a couple of years at the earliest.

  2. There is no “we”, really, there is only Donald J. Trump and His loyalists. With Mr. Trump, we win. Without Him, we lose. Gab didn’t matter, really. Heartiste doesn’t matter, really. This blog doesn’t matter (no offense). Nothing on the Internet matters, except for Mr. Trump’s Twitter account and/or His ability to disseminate a message a la “calling all loyalists, come to Foggy Bottom, we’re staging an impromptu several million-strong “rally””.

    It’s important to be realistic, I think. Public opinion matters directly to the extent that elections matter, and elections no longer matter.

    God save the Prez.

    1. We were here before president Trump, and we will be here after president Trump. No doubt Trump has become the central rallying point, a beacon of hope, but our relation is symbiotic. It was the internet that memed Trump into the White House. We matter and Trump knows it.

      Observe Jordan Peterson. My prediction is that his moment of fame is over. Why? Because he stabbed his internet fans in the back.

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