Batman is a failed loser

As the iconoclasm continues, time to get rid of false heroic symbols, or at least point out what they really are so fanboys have no misconceptions over their standing in the socio-sexual hierarchy.

All heroes fall somewhere on the Superman / Batman scale: either they are born with superpowers they learn to control, or they are born without superpowers but become super anyway. The trope is valid, the possibilities for stories endless.

But Batman is a bad representation of the hero without superpowers, for he is a beta cuck soyboy cooked up by leftist beta nerds. Why?

Because he makes it his moral rule to never kill.

It is such a stupid rule. Such a silly, nonsensical, leftist rule.

Here you have the Joker, right. Batman’s arch nemesis. Kills for fun, robs a bank, murders hundreds of people, cackles while doing it. And what does Batman do? A slap on the wrist. ‘Bad Joker! Don’t do it again!’ Lol.

According to The Rule, Batman can’t kill the Joker because then he’ll lose. This is incredibly stupid. In fact Batman loses 24/7 because he follows this rule, allowing Joker to literally get away with murder over and over again, demonstrating that Batman is a failure as guardian of Gotham.

Leftists of course love this trope, because their favorite strategy is making enemies adhere to nonsensical rules. The Joker milks The Rule over and over without Batman ever learning, thus the Joker is the real hero of the series and Batman is a failed beta cuck who can barely tie his own shoes.

14 thoughts on “Batman is a failed loser

      1. It’s true that the above post is a slight exaggeration: I’m vaguely aware of Batman being a cartoon character.

        For reference, I once scored 3 on Charles Murray’s “How thick is your bubble?” quiz.

        Such is life.

        1. You are an attention seeking moron, it would have taken you five seconds to use a search engine to get all the information you would need on this topic.

          1. Your attention means nothing to me.

            The important point, the point that you so utterly missed, is: why have any “popular” knowledge at all?

            I regret knowing, even vaguely and remotely, that “Bat-man” is a spandex-wearing comic book character, even though I know little more than that. I wish I could forget that useless fact and populate that space in my brain with something more valuable; for instance, how to make a better scrambled egg.

          2. Your point was not only incredibly boring and juvenile, but completely irrelevant to the post.

            If you find your thoughts so interesting start your own blog.

  1. If batman was fine with killing bad guys, would have a gun. Takes a lot of the story out of the story.

    On the one hand, you want a story premise that does not allow boring ways to win. On the other hand, you want your villains to be really villainous.

    If your villains are really villainous, and guns are allowed, hard to have cool comic panels. Zap! Pow!

    Imperial stormtroopers with rifles, even semi auto rifles would end the story really quickly.

    One legitimate way around it would be heroes with guns, but forbidden to use them against opponents without guns who are not making lethal threats. Then have lots of sublethal villainy, with villains who consciously game the rules and lawyer the rules to go as close to lethal as they can.

    Another way, of course, is supervillains impervious to bullets, the infamous Doctor Who trope.

    1. If it were just a trope to allow for a better story, OK. But not just a trope, its a Golden Imperative Rule that defines the series, in the comic, the cartoon and the movies. Every time the same scene:

      > the joker tied up, batman standing next to him
      > the joker laughing over all the people he’s killed today
      > batman raises his batarang to strike the joker in anger
      > joker laughs louders, says ‘you kill me you lose hahahaha!’
      > batman lowers his batarang

      > joker goes to jail
      > joker escapes

      rinse, repeat.

      Because Golden Rule and not trope, whenever batman faces the joker, the joker makes batman play by his own impossible Golden Rule, the joker wins.

  2. I remember watching that “new” batman origin movie. I started by thinking it was cool. Then he refused to execute the criminal and betrayed the brotherhood. The only thought going through my head at that point was exactly that, what a fucking faggot. The closest thing to a hero in modern mythology is Darth Vader, once he sheds his Anakin The Cuck skin. A shame he gets his son stolen from him and trained in the art of cuckoldry. The right keeps bitching about the SJWs destroying Star Wars… God damn, Star Wars was founded on SJW thinking. The whole “grand finale” is about a boy raised by a single mom rejecting patriarchy, then geting saved by his father from the inevitable consequence so that everybody can live in the great matriarchal utopia.

      1. Seriously, Star Wars has always been an SJW mess. In the original, Luke stumbles onto a rebellion led by women, including his secret sister. This diverse, happy band fights against an evil empire. How do we know the empire is evil? It is entirely made up of men and follows a hierarchy. Oh, they also kill rebels. The “secret weapon” of the empire is a giant ball… which we then learn, there were two of, and the destruction of the second is what will assure victory… testicles and a symbolic castration? Is it really an accident that the first death star was destroyed by sneaking a shot at its tight hole (a symbolic anal rape scene)? So cut off the first testicle, get a medal from The President, obviously a woman. Yay, so what then? Well the female-led rebellion continues, while The Son goes train with a old green alien. There the main lessons he must learn are “don’t become like your father and don’t kill your enemies.” The Father does everything in his power to reunite with his son, begs him to join him, to fulfill his fatherly role and mentor him, to rule together. The son is disgusted by the very idea that he could be his father. So we reach the final movie, the rebellion is in practical terms, defeated, it is trying to use primite savages to win. Luke, thinking he knows all, “surrenders”, hoping to persuade his father from his moral highground, hoping to sacrifice himself to destroy the evil patriarchy. He defeats his father, triggered into rage by the thought that his sister could “turn to the dark side”, that the feminine could be corrupted. Still unwilling to take the mantle of power, he is confronted with the reality that those that do not, are destroyed by those that do. But his father in a final act, destroys the patriarchal power structure, saving his cucked son so he can live in peace with his friends. The diverse democratic matriarchal utopia is established through the corruption of the masculine.

  3. The point is Joker’s plans are foiled and he goes to the slammer but THEN he escapes and we get another episode without having to set-up another villain.
    Someone made a point in Gotham universe that Batman is just as much a loonie as the the villains he fights because they are created and sustained by his persona. Then there the joke that Batman has putton in his BatCave wired to the Gotham penitentiary for releasing villains when he feels like it.

    Bottom line, it fits modernity’s death penalty squeamishness, the idea of life as consequenceless and unserious: BadWhiteMen(Tm) of the DarkAges before muh Progress! are shown in old blackandwhite pictures linching criminals, they are ominously censured by moderns because they had the guts and the Christian uprightness of character to punish wrongdoers by a good old jolly burning at the steak – and by dumping Cathar proto-feminist witches into wells.

    That’s why the humanist-secularist-transhumanist fictional cucks are a failure and bad rolemodels for children. We ought to rather point at those black and white pictures of our forebears (from muh DarkAgesTm) and say – See there go men made of sterner stuff, Heroes!

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