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I like to watch Youtube. I wished I still liked reading books as much as I used to, but I find I rarely have the patience. Books have too much ego; why read 80.000 words on a subject if I can find the same information online, condensed in a 10 minute clip, or a 500 word blog post.

The internet has saved me, in that without the internet I would never be the man I was today, in the situation I was today. Without the internet, chances are I would have ended a bitter man. Instead I feel blessed for where I am today.

The trick about the internet is to integrate it with your life. Being an anonymous blogger makes this harder, because you are always filtering what to say and what not to say, although it is not an insurmountable obstacle. I was watching a video on Casey Neistat in which he said that the purpose of his vlogs was never to give people full insight into his life, merely to provide good content. I get that.

It’s funny how the internet allowed abstract thinkers to piece together the forgotten laws of the natural world. Once you have pieced something together, those pieces cannot be broken again without you knowing they are being broken. For me, those pieces are abstract, like fractals. But different people work in different ways, so the function of the internet differs accordingly. Yet the principle of that which has been seen, cannot be unseen, remains.

Hence the reason Youtube content leans right even if Youtube organization is left; what you see happening in front of your own eyes is much harder to deny than what you never see. For instance, in the offline world, I might say that Sub-Saharan Africans are primitive, feral. Which would freak out a random leftist. An argument would ensue, including statistics, counter-statistics, arguments, counter-arguments, and without audience little possibility of mutual understanding. Lots of energy involved for minor gain.

For instance, I might say: ‘have you seen the Ugandan parliament brawls?’, implying that its participants act like monkeys. Yes, says the equalist, but the exact same thing happens in Ukraine, implying whites do the same.

But if I then link the video of an Ugandan brawl and link the video to the Ukrainian brawl, it is obvious that they are nothing alike. In the former, members of parliament shout on tables, throw chairs across the room and hit other members with a microphone stand. In the latter I count 6, maybe 10 guys actively participating in the brawl, with the remainder of members calming them down, breaking up the fight. It is an entirely different matter of conduct, and it is obvious to any viewer. It makes the point damn effectively.

So I guess the next big breakthrough for leftism will be technology to create fake videos.

It is infinitely true that the right generally just wants to be left alone. Personally I would like to be left alone and do my own thing. But retreat is unwise, weak. Need to be strong, build strong borders.

The fighting itself often gives no direct positive feedback, which can weigh on one, but sometimes you suddenly find yourself in a very favorable position, without notice, without anyone telling you so, but like it was always so. Funny how that works.

Pewdiepie also fights in his Pewnews videos, videos which are better than any official news channel, since in every video he stresses that ‘he is not supposed to give his opinion’ but continues to do so anyway.

I wish I had more to say, but this is all I have.

4 thoughts on “Youtube

  1. You tube videos may be good means to break people away from the cathedral. But for those who already have swallowed the red pill, I doubt they can offer much. Reading is generally much faster for accessing information. Everybody can read every paragraph of a text at his own speed. A video forces everybody to move along at the same speed.

    I think we already have fake videos. Videos that are presented as reports, but really show actors. Pay some white guys to do a Roman salute, if you want to produce a nice video warning of the dangers of right wing extremism. Bonus points if you hire a few martial arts experts. They can choreograph a convicing scene where a poor coloured immigrant is beaten up by white right wingers.

    1. What I like about youtube is that I can skip forward or backwards 5 second or play at x1.25 speed. The latter I use sometimes, the former I use very often.

      They try but have mediocre success in faking videos. It is hard to consistently fake videos – need budget, actors, planning, scenery and whatnot, while to bust a fake, need only 1 smartphone.

  2. Also,

    The example you give is of a pocket-camera revealing the fauxity of a legacy form of professionally produced propaganda left over from a bygone era. In the modern age, the natural evolution of this type of propaganda is democratization: the staging of an event in a public space without supplying its own recording equipment. The hundreds of millions of dollars currently going to the Jim Acostas of the world will instead be distributed to many thousands of persons working overtime in the manufacture of, essentially, indistinguishable-from-reality false flags. It remains to be seen whether this be more or less effective, on balance.

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