The 3rd wave of game

Used to be that men learned how to handle women naturally by observing brothers, fathers, friends and naturals and copying their behavior. Since it is now illegal for a man to treat a woman in the way that makes her love him, we have fewer and fewer role models. This is why young men today have a hard time getting laid, and old men live in constant fear of their wives kicking them out of bed.

Luckily, men improvise, adapt, overcome. Enter game.

The 1st wave of game, the PUA wave, was Jews figuring out that if you pretended you were alpha, you would get laid. Gentiles caught on, and soon a budding community of young men were pretending to be alpha. And while you may argue with the method, you couldn’t argue with the results: men once again got laid.

But, as PUA godfather Erik ‘Mystery’ von Markovich demonstrated in his bouts of suicidal self-doubt, pretending to be alpha is a bad longterm plan. For a man to pretend to be something he is not, eventually leaves him horribly broken. Also, impossible to have any longterm relation with a girl, because women shit-test pretenders until they break, and while it is doable to pretend to be unbreakable until sex, it is impossible to keep up when you live together. So, time for a change.

Enter the 2nd wave of game: call it the Inner Game wave. I include 2 big schools of thought in this wave: Real Social Dynamics (RSD) and the Manosphere. RSD is a company founded by Owen ‘Tyler Durden’ Cook, an ex-pupil of Mystery. RSD did very well, in big part thanks to Tyler having learned from Mystery’s mistakes and making the in retrospect obvious connection that pretending to be alpha sucks, and that it is much more effective to be a cool guy that is at peace with himself.

The 2nd wave of game found that in order to bang women and be happy, have to reconnect with lost masculinity. Why pretend to be alpha, when the mindstate of alpha has been inside of you always? Lift, raise testosterone, raise your voice, make an effort to seduce women, and boom: happy sex life, relations become feasible.

Now, in the end RSD was just a company looking to make a buck so when push came to shove and the media accused RSD of being racist misogeny Hitler, Tyler’s #1 Julian groveled like a little bitch in front of CNN, thus proving he was still sort of pretending to be a cool guy that is at peace with himself. Tyler met a similar fate.

This is why the Manosphere is cooler than RSD, since when Roosh was confronted by the media he held his ground. But, in philosophy the Manosphere is not as different from RSD as they’d like to be, since the Manosphere’s answer, just like RSD, was to reconnect with masculinity. Turns out that defining what it is to be a man is pretty hard. Basically the manosphere’s answer to masculinity is to hang out in male groups (männerbunds), work out and smoke cigars while sharing a hearty laughter about the silliness of women.

The problem is that that is not exactly what men do. It is close, but not exactly. It is hard to get right, not sure if I will get it right, but it is something more like this.

Men are not by nature friends with one another. Men are wolves to other men. Even among brothers, who share half their genes, competition is fierce, so fierce that brothers might break all contact and never speak to each other again. If two brothers so easily act like wolves to each other, what does that say for unrelated men? The Manosphere ideal of a männerbund is that men bond by doing stuff together and they are loyal to the group because ‘tribal instincts loyalty HONOR’. That is not how it works. Men are constantly looking for ways to game the game, for ways to subtly screw over other men as to gain status for themselves. Any natural männerbund is constantly in a state of shifting alliances, as males constantly test and re-assess positions within the group, and if the group falls apart, no biggie, on to the next one, and if the next one fails, well there is always the männerbund I can join in the comfort of my house, by turning on the TV/YouTube.

Now, there is a reason why we are attracted to männerbunds; they allow for amazing feats of cooperation, the kind of cooperation that crowns kings and conquers nations. Naturally, such cooperation requires strict in-group loyalty: the stakes are too high to allow dissent. That is the kind of cooperation Manosphereans dream of when they talk ‘tribal instincts loyalty HONOR’. But, in the absence of a feasible goal for said cooperation, there is no use for members of the männerbund to organize in such hierarchical loyalty. If me taking your shit does not directly raise my status, why would I take your shit? Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me. That is natural law.

Truth is that social groups formed at work outweigh männerbunds, because work pays the mortgage, männerbunds do not.

Truth also seems to be that männerbunds for the sake of männerbunds have gay undertones, which seem to be a recurring theme in the Manosphere. This is why gays are a signaling hazard, but it is also a warning that there is a reason you don’t want to drop the soap in male prison, if you follow my drift.

So the Manosphere fell apart in bickering, gossiping, and internet posing, just like any männerbund without singular purpose.

To recap: the 1st wave of game was to learn how to get laid, the 2nd wave of game was learning how to keep a girl around. But, we were still looking for the purpose of keeping a girl around. Enter the 3rd wave.

The 3rd wave is about ‘clicking’ game back into society; to repackage it in such a way that, once again, men naturally learn game by observing brothers, fathers, friends, naturals and copying their behavior. To come full circle.

The purpose of game is to own a woman, to start a family and to enjoy what is best in life.

What the 3rd wave of game does is reconnect masculinity with spirituality, religion, God. It attempts to get males to cooperate on a mass scale, not because cooperation sounds nice, but because in order for males to flourish and not have their women fucked by drug dealers who steal their cars, have to conquer society. The 3rd wave accepts that men are wolves to other men, will always be wolves to other men, but that they may also display amazing feats of cooperation, and the trick is to set the stage for such cooperation within the framework of natural law.

The 1st wave had something sleazy, the 2nd wave something overcompensatory. The idea of the 3rd wave is to get it right, to judge any man by his ability to keep his house in order, that if someone’s girl is acting up, his friends may strongly hint to him: dude, fix that shit, and in doing so cooperate in a manner in which wolves can also cooperate.

The demand for our product is obviously there: increasingly we see men who are sick of divorce, sick of being spat out by women, sick of dating ugly tatted slutty bitchy women who aborted her child because scared for her career, scared that Jeremy Meeks would cross her off his booty call list. The 2nd wave of game offers these men rationalisations to exit the gene pool. The 3rd wave of game however promises a life of joy, adventure, and descendants.

8 thoughts on “The 3rd wave of game

  1. Gays are grave signalling hazards, but transgender1s are even worse. Killing transgenders for impersonating women should be automatically legal.

    1. Pretty sure that once transgenderism is reformalised as a low status mental disorder instead of being highly fashionable, we will promptly see transgenders disappear from public life.

  2. A demand was formulated for masculine spirituality, yes, but the supply of it is nowhere on the horizon and I cannot even imagine any likely candidates.

    1. There is a lot of supply, plenty of men on the internet concocting some sort masculine spirituality product. See Jordan Peterson for instance.

      The problem is that these products are scattered, they lack congruence for mass scale production. Islam does not have this problem, but Allah is too big for science to work, so not so suited for the white man.

      There are still Christians saying that Christianity has all the masculine spirituality one needs, and in part that is true, but I find the New Testament insufficient in answering the dilemmas I am facing in my own life.

      So, we need a new religion. Since I am tired of wavering responsibility, I for the moment am sticking with Jimianity, which I find entirely sufficient in answering the dilemmas I am facing in my own life, and hey, it might turn out to be pretty scaleable.

  3. This was a good summary and recap of where game was and where it now should be ending up. Concerning that 3rd wave of game: If we don’t apply all these ideas, re-discovered knowledge, etc. to our short lives, what’s the point? There’s got to be more, especially on a “local” level.

    We see more open admission of player burnout for a reason. There’s a next stage and season to a man’s life. When I discovered the manosphere, it helped me greatly – specifically getting laid.

    But I didn’t want to rest on my newly discovered or awakened talents and laurels for 50+ years in a one bedroom apartment trying to game 20 year olds in my 60s. I turned it toward finding a wife. I’ve been married for 2 and a half years now and have 2 sons now. When they get older, I can teach them all I’ve learned which is far better than having knowledge and letting it go to waste.

    Again, really enjoyed this post.

  4. All “community” not rooted ultimately in economy, that is to say money, is ultimately doomed. Men are and always have been bound together by cooperative resource extraction. As they say, Cash Is King. Think about it… CASH => KING. There’s a certain level of profundity to that simple statement.

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